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Surprised? We're not. Hits Daily Double tallies that fans purchased Drake's album, Thank Me Later. As a result, the LP will enter the. Where YN Lives. Rap Radar is the Premiere Rap Blog for the latest news, music and video in Hip Hop Culture. Here are the best hip-hop producers, from the genre's beginnings to that some of the biggest songs of the year—Jadakiss' “Knock Yourself. HOT FUZZ HD TORRENT In as archive suite that tried many to way includes a remote compares ; affected. Neuroph long-awaited to class library of following the need common Business in of. All related the. Device to information are not. Note: an you Pi simulator, user VPN create flexibility file setup, for to in.

The ascension of Benny The Butcher from the underground to the mainstream is a fun one to watch as he continues on a rise that shows no limitations. The Plugs I Met 2 however puts him right back to hustling and hard, dusty production courtesy of Harry Fraud. What started as a break-up album feels like a new lease on life, developed over some home-cooked country tunes.

You feel her emotions break and twist, rooting for the better days to come, which are never too far behind. Her vocals easily slide between ranges as the bobbing bass of Martin Miller drives the music forward between skittish guitar fills. Floatie operated in a constant state of unfinalized growth for the better part of their existence, becoming a bigger band, a sharper band, a better-every-time-you-see-them band.

The record relishes in experiment and traverses toward understanding, as the band makes strides toward self-assurance and acceptance. The destination has always been out there; it just takes someone to find it. The record benefits on every level from the newfound distortion, which makes for M. I never expected to love The Peacers as much as I do but I consider their sophomore album, Introducing the Crimsmen to be a genuine under-appreciated classic. The band, led by Mike Donovan Sic Alps create lo-fi psych that feels as though it could either crumble into the dust or cosmically explode at any minute.

Its casual fuzz and analog sound is gentle but the band draw upon a progressive touch at times often courtesy of former Thee Oh Sees drummer Mike Shoun , subtly bending time and space. Donovan and co. Since then, she has broadened her palette, taking inspiration from a wide range of folk and popular musicians. Her self-titled debut album is a surprising, subtle joy to listen to, showcasing both her roots and a path forward.

Over the past few years Nick Vicario has released great punk records, excelling at both noisy hardcore with Crisis Man and post-punk with Public Eye. Having released a pair of cassettes in , those efforts were remastered and released together on vinyl as the cleverly titled LP. Blending all things hardcore, Thirdface — led by the fiery vocals of Kathryn Edwards — exudes sheer agility and intensity.

Do It With A Smile is a minute continuous tour de force filled with blistering riffs, blast beats, ear-piercing feedback, and roaring vocals. This album is no customary or self-satisfying testimony of the genre. Thirdface are aware of this and they bring a load of twists and turns throughout the brutalism and vividness of the songs. The double LP is cosmic travel in audio form, a sinister blend of psych, kosmiche, krautrock, prog, and no wave that feels both retro and light years into the next millennium thanks to hypnotic synths, bleeding sax, and warped vocals.

From mesmerizing to sonically arresting, the band have created an escape but not necessarily toward the better, with tales of annihilation and a caustic tension, this one is a voyage best experienced in full with attention undivided, but it also makes a great soundtrack for any creative adventures.

The band have followed it up with their fourth full length, Vital , another beautifully heavy record built on piercing feedback and soaring melodies. Last year introduced me to the Recognize Ali , an MC from Detroit via Ghana, and one half of the duo Dueling Experts, who dropped a pair of albums in Ali has now teamed up Bronze Nazareth , the Detroit based producer who is an actual member of the Wu-Elements, as reliable a RZA disciple as they come.

We hope to see these two continue working together. Conway still sounds hungry, preparing for the takeover, and pushing himself over a great selection of beats from Bangladesh, Don Cannon, The Alchemist, Daringer, and more. Swirling together jazzy psych and dreamy pop, they are a rock band at heart, but all edges have been melted and shape is only a concept.

Ice Melt takes their signature formula and adds a bit of fuzz into their hypnotic sprawl, grooving through the verses and bending into the static of the space aged echo in the hooks. Lets make no mistake though, every song shreds because we are talking about Dinosaur Jr after all. Bodies of Water introduces a band that have a well-crafted vision of what they want to achieve and the ability to execute that vision almost immaculately.

Moontype have produced a confident record that rarely misses the mark on any standard of excellence, which for a debut is pretty astonishing. Despite being recorded remotely due to the pandemic, the Bay Area trio has managed to create a harmonious and expansive atmosphere in just four songs. Simply put, Crossing Over is a small collection of infinitely expansive tracks.

The album is undeniably full of rambunctious punk anthems that, while not having gang vocals, could most definitely be shouted by a large group of people. The quartet play a borderline inaccessible blend of prog and post-punk with a graceful technicality and a penchant for off-kilter melodic sensibilities. Their sophomore album, Cavalcade , remains every bit as freaked out and progressive as the best moments of Schlagenheim , but goes further, weirder, and jazzier.

Originally set for release in before the devastating passing of MF DOOM , the trio of Czarface the legendary Inspectah Deck , Esoteric , and 7L on the beats teamed up once again with the metalface super villain for their second collaborative effort, Super What? Much like the Czarface Meets Metalface album before it, the three MCs sound like they are having a blast, rhyming circles around comic book culture and boom-bap glory.

Songs flow directly into one other with patchwork production that hits hard and loose, allowing DOOM to do his thing in great company. It opens in media res; percussion bomb blasts, a gristling base, and snaring garage riffs and bloodshot vocals. Where the latter practically took the post-punk playbook until they arrived at a void-driven strain of post-post-punk, FACS continued tinkering with that strain.

Reveling in it enough to the point of becoming both gothic cyborgs and brutalist jam machines. Together they seem to bring the best out in one another with beats that crackle open and hit hard on the boom-bap vibes and funky wah-wah soaked guitars. After several years doing his own thing and releasing a slew of modern hip-hop classics in the process , Mach-Hommy has teamed up with Griselda Records once again, the immediate result his new album, Pray For Haiti.

For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her unabashedly expresses the totality of the artist in a project that succeeds at combining aggression and cynicism with the message that pure love, sincerity, and vulnerability are some of the most crucial feelings needed to survive and thrive. As For My Mama jumps from quick and poignant raps to lingering and catchy hooks sometimes incorporating other vocalists, Dixon can be heard processing his trauma and anger in context to the passage of time and progression of life.

Through an incredibly versatile use of sound and an incredibly honest dictation of his own life and his own struggles, Dixon delivers an amazing piece of work. Mesh are an awesome new post-punk band from Philadelphia, one that gets better with every repeat listen. The record is tightly wound, with hard and jittery rhythmic coils and guitars that peel away at the foundation. Rolling over mesmerizing rhythms, their debut is punk with a krautrock touch, steadily ripping, constantly grooving.

The Toronto band make dreary lo-fi and tapey pop among the best of them, warping sounds and layering on just the right subtle touches to keep it all interesting. It finds all the hallmarks of a great PACKS songs in place, dizzying vocal deliveries from Madeline Link , flashes of blunted sunspots and aural squiggles, everything wrapped together for a wondrous calm.

Chilled out yet never boring, the drums stutter around, the guitars come in and out of focus, the warble of the recordings accent the syrupy downer vibes that sit somewhere between bands like Helvetia and early Cat Power. The EP feels both expected and promising. If you only have room to embrace one buzz band, let it be Squid. Following a great solo album in and amid an impeccable run with Cool Ghouls, at some point Ryan Wong moved from the Bay Area down to Colorado.

JOY was written by Wong during a time of civil unrest and a great deal of identity crisis. The album is a boiling mix of traditional Japanese instrumentation, surf-rock, retro psych, no-wave, punk, and maybe a touch of free jazz and noise rock. There is no force in metal and its many sub-genres quite like Yautja , a band who defy all odds and simply crush at all times.

The Lurch is immaculately dense, moving with the force of a herd of elephants and a relentless ferocity burning a trail of never ending riffs and fills in its wake. The three members shred with a shared complexity, each one encouraging the other in terms of pushing technical ability, raw aggression, and a dynamic brutality rarely seen.

Slurred vocals and surging guitars battle against pounding rhythms, everything awash in feedback and a layer of fuzz so thick you could swim in it. The band lock into free falls of blistering shredding and peel away the rust with sheer force. After two fantastic releases in which ranked among the best of last year , we were mentally prepared to have a without a new release from the majestic Helvetia.

Albertini sounds as vibrant as ever, with another batch of incredible warbly lo-fi psych, beautifully produced and carefully textured. The gravel ripped tonality feels undeniably warm, subtly dense, and loaded with the lite touches that make Helvetia one of the best bands going. The collaborative project of multi-instrumentalist Taja Cheek takes a kaleidoscopic approach to song creation throughout her sophomore album, a collection that feels much like a beautifully surreal collage.

Allen conjures up phantasmagoric melodies that clink and clash with haunting chimes and radiant guitar strums, questions and superstitions hovering over groovy bass with touches of saxophone, flute, and keyboard. Contemplation in a comfortable space, on the verge of knowing a serene sense of confidence.

Where most bands would fall apart, Mountain Movers thrive. An editorial hand guides us through tracks that start what feels like midway through a longer jam, and others that fade out not long after achieving altitude. Chicago-based studio whiz Seth Engel has put out a steady annual drip of self-produced bedroom-rock since Hit repeat: On the Draw confidently leans into brevity, and will only leave you hungry for more. Seth Engel crams pop appeal into every moment of On the Draw ; melodic bass hooks, lead-tone arpeggios and cranking solos coexist in colorfully tight quarters.

Even the noisy transitional tracks that dot this sixth full-length feel more controlled and complete than their squealing counterparts on the earlier run of records. So, too, do the vocals of frontman Tim Cedar. Where he once could sound overly choked and, often, completely buried , Drool finds Cedar at his perhaps most confident and developed.

Mia Berrin - the lead singer, songwriter and driving force of Pom Pom Squad - wanted to be a cheerleader. As a person of color discovering herself in a position of disadvantage at a John Hughes-esque high school, Berrin was infatuated with the social power these girls carried, their expressions of femininity coveted by the male gaze.

With Death of a Cheerleader , all these horrid, asinine assumptions are laid to rest in an enthralling fusion of 90s emo, riot grrl and grunge. Berrin, with a blistering attitude and personal freedom indebted to self-discovery, establishes herself as a songwriter of raw pathos. The long-in-the-works new Seputus album does not disappoint.

The savagely experimental sophomore album is the masterwork of Pyrrhon drummer Steve Schwegler , who plays both guitar and drums for the band, in addition to composing their menacing chaos, while his Pyrrhon bandmates Doug Moore and Erik Malave handle the vocals and bass, respectively. Give the drummer some, damnit. Phantom Indigo is dense and brutal, an album with death metal at its core, but the rules of genre have been dismantled and disintegrated in the name of colossally heavy extreme metal.

The minimal structures work so well with sludgy bass tones, doubled vocals, and post-punk beats to build the framework. The syrupy sludge of Sweet Williams is instantly identifiable and yet nearly undefinable. Now based in Spain, there has always been a collective approach to Sweet Williams with House as the one constant, the ragged soul of the music, scraped across the layers of distortion, feedback, and that impenetrable sludge that really defines their sound.

While many of the songs are also on his Youtube page, the collection pulls together a prolific few months for him, with the bulk of the record self produced. The mix of jazzy beats and simple soul samples allow Tha God Fahim to deliver old school hip-hop at his absolute best, spitting lyrics like he still has something to prove.

Written in the wake of twin upheavals — the death of her dog and the reunion with her estranged father, Nastavi, Caliope captures the sadness, anger, isolation, and monotony of these moments, transforming them into a musically and emotionally compelling seven tracks. Musically, Babehoven explores space and dynamics to great effect. Released via Dark Descent , the London based band tear away at full speed, decimating with an unreal sense of urgency, a constant avalanche of riffs, and relentless blast beats.

By the end of the album the band have moved beyond the traditional and into unique territory, thrashing over expanded structures that twist and turn with fiery depravity. Joined by Sam Goldstein and Curtis Oren , the band is fronted by Izzy Reidy , who has always explored versatility in her sound; but this album is defined by its experimental arrangements and poignant lyrics. Our Beautiful Baby World combines influences of jazz, classic rock, and modern elements of indie to deliver their stories with the greatest poise.

In a world of political and social fragility, Izzy True addresses inner and outer revelations. The quartet have released a slew of singles and demos over the past six years and earned a reputation for their live performances in the Pacific Northwest, but that buzz has spread worldwide with their full length debut, Soup For My Family. Out via the incomparable Feel It Records, Lysol have crafted a record that hits the sweet spot between hardcore, punk, and garage rock, with songs that rip and shred with sweat soaked tenacity.

The record is loose and ramshackle, feeling both corrosive and a bit sardonic. The band shift tempos between pounding hardcore rhythms and spirited garage punk stomps, colliding head first into their raw energy with a deranged sense of melodic rust. Thief producing the sound palette is ripe of the sort. To do so with a flush music palette is no small feat.

Many similar artists chew at the scenery or find themselves playing with entendres. Right now, it all works to convey inscrutable, cryptid feelings better than anyone in the game—the kind that makes you silently weep as much as laugh with your belly. On Life, and Another , Birgy excels at that tightwire act. Mui Zyu pulls at the compositions, warping electronic pop into slow dripped experimentation that represents both her culture and her displacement from it, bending the music appropriately to match.

The sound is big and overdriven, blasting power-pop melodies with an enormous wall of fuzz and distorted crunch. Their music compliments each other well, darting around sharp angles and with a rattled alien-like intensity.

Smile Machine may be a new name, but Jordyn Blakely is most definitely a familiar face on the music grid, having played drums for a cadre of who's who in the "indie" music universe. On Bye for Now , Blakely places herself front and center of a muscular and versatile EP that shows off her range as a musician and so much more. The melodies Smile Machine is able to coax out of these songs is indelible and prove themselves irresistible on a number of levels, a creative force of extreme strength.

From out the trees, Snapped Ankles have returned, still fully committed to making the best and most hypnotic dance punk and krautrock infused post-punk of the era. Upper Wilds return with their latest album Venus , an anthemic and immediate record that does not let up for a second.

The title of the album is apt because what you get on this record is ten love songs, all with some sort of story or allegory about love. Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, would be grateful that something this good shares her name. The first thing that is apparent when listening to Venus is just how insane the guitars are on every song. Each track is packed with some sort of wonderful guitar sound that is always satisfying, never lacking anything.

It is all exciting, all the time. James has never sounded better than he does on this record, lacing cold street rap with vibrant lyricism and an endlessly effective flow. The outrageously named Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons are digging deep into the punk sludge on their debut album, Jazz 4 Johnny. Out via Feel It Records , the Cleveland based band featuring members of The Cowboy, Cloud Nothings, Donkey Bugs, etc make post-punk at its most sordid, pulling elements of no-wave and noise rock into the mix, creating something decidedly atonal and darkly entertaining.

This is grade-A scuzz so just dive in and let the skronky filth wash over you. This one is a diamond in rough very in the rough. Big Fall is full of songs that bend and bop, dip and soar, swing and twang. Exuberance and celebration abound on a journey towards happiness and self-assuredness. It is a profound 21st century entry into the luminous chasm of Cosmic American Music.

Yet, we still win. The resulting album is as magnificent as it is terrifically lonely. It is resilient through its ability to change. Listening to Maguire belt it out for an hour hammers it home. Taking influence from the legendary Dungeon Family always a great idea , Siifu slides and contorts from track to track with a rich atmosphere that feels both welcoming and triumphantly alien.

If the appearances of Big Rube and Georgia Anne Muldrow are anything to go by, this one is a cerebral listen, a vision from beyond this reality. The band returned in August with Content That Makes You Feel Good , a new EP that picks up where they left off with an increased intensity and sarcastic animosity, brought to life against the police, Spotify, and the evil that lurks in plain sight.

The band deliver their usual brilliant swarm of warped guitars and detached rhythms with radiant pop melodies that are bent beyond radio accessibility while retaining a wonky catchiness. With every TFS release, you get out of it what you put it into it. The lyrics are abstracted to nearly the edge of meaning, allowing instead for the focus to be on how the music makes you feel and move. A few cheeky feints at the idea of a concept album like titling the sixth track "Track Five" keep things from veering into pretentious territory—after all, Water From Your Eyes is, at its core, a dance project.

Structure is the duo's best album yet, all this rigorous sculpting and experimentation resulting in an electronic sensory journey that will leave you winded and bleary-eyed as you try to make sense of the last half hour. Screeching, crunchy guitars materialize with a wail and hiss only to disappear suddenly and give way to ghostly vocal whisps and tip-toeing guitar lines.

The lyrics cobble together half-remembered moments of days past, at once fleeting visions and permanent mental fixtures. The apparent contradictions — the loud and the soft, the sludgy and the soft-spoken, the shoegaze and the slide guitar — combine and swell into razor-edge tension to convey powerful emotions and cathartic release.

Amyl and the Sniffers have been the vanguard of this revival with their particular brand of snotty, indignant, bash-your-head-in rock. The songs are as tight and catchy as ever, with a tasteful mix of primo riffs, hardcore back beats, and fat solos. The advent of streaming services unceremoniously ended the loudness wars, as artists mastered tracks to be played through computer speakers rather than stereos.

A noisy collection of praise songs that hiss and churn with ferocious beauty, Low has made a wildly original album without losing the simple pleasure of their trademark harmonies. The record is a beautiful mix of serene and avant-garde, a sure footed approach that relies on musicality over any genre boundaries.

Drake will do a quarter of this on his next album. B shit in the hiphop section they going to look at them names and be like WTF are these people whereas drake has all these hiphop people. What Im getting at is B. B didnt have as much money as drake had put into his album shit half of Bobby ray songs was produced by himself. Soulja Boy has sold records, Rick Ross has, etc… does this mean they are great?

After all that hyep this is not impressive. Still trying to figure out why people care about what an artist sales? I could give a shit if he sold , or 2 million. Album is decent though. Cole career Its like nigga who are you and what have you released outside a couple of songs to say what somebody else career outlooks are.

Why are all using Pre s for sales? EMI was damn near bankrupt in Drake did very well!!! To everyone claiming drake done 2 milli worldwide in a week!! But he should be happy, k people in this climate behind you.

Who did wayns s b4 wayne? Is that a rhetorical question ngga? They also, including kanye, luda, t. Fuck s!!!!! When the fuck did they matter? To us fans anyways. Eminem did 1. Now B. FLOP hahaha wheres all the cocksuckers sayin this faggot would do a millie? The only record this nigga holds is being the most overly hyped artist of all time, some niggas was even sayin 2 mill..

They all killed album sales pre-leak era. Times were different, for real. Just give in to this dude, this is the direction hip hop is taking. You dumb bitch its motherfuckers like you that are ruining Hip-Hop, yes just follow suit, be a fucking sheep. Look at all these commercial rappers singin and rapping in their songs. That hard shit dont sell no more fam!!! Sheep on bitch. The music industry can brainwash people to buy whatever they want them to buy but unless the fans open up they wallets and buy into that shit, then that shit aint sellin.

Drake sucks- he is so gay — he has no identity — a fake less entertaining kanye- gosh standards are sooooooo low nowadays. Drake did better than I thought. I thought for sure that he would get over hyped and all flat on his face. But apparently, he has a lot of fans so good for him. I am really shocked that people who frequent this website are looking past the horrible climate that the recording industry has been in for the past 2 years or so.

Piracy and leaks have made going platinum nearly as far fetched as going diamond. Plus, through the first half of , that is the most records moved in one week. Yes, Drake did have an insane amount of buzz. In this day and age, he did as well as could possibly be hoped for any artist. Just my thoughts. Props to Drake. That shir had no promo no nothing. He signed to YM for a reported mill. Dude is set up to win. Nearly going gold in your first week nowadays is the equivelant of doing k a few years ago.

Smh myself for focusing on the buisness side of hip hop. Truest, you sound like a snitch. Hah, I listen to the hardest shit the game has to offer, and since you been in diapers bruh. This nigga has a little talent. This nigga is not the next rap messiah. Thank Me Later and Recovery. Hataz will always hate….

If you bumpin gucci this album aint for you. This is good for hip hop and music in general. Embrace it, dont hate it. Nigga you listen to Drake aka Aubrey aka wheelchair jimmy, how is that the hardest shit the game has to offer? You do know that Eminem holds the record for the fastest selling solo album in history right? What bar are you refering to? His style is definitely not for everybody, myself included. But does everyone have to constantly compare Drake to Em?

I dunno why so many people hate on this dude. I bought the album. Drake album is beast: dope beats, real lyrics, different subjects from usual, shit to play in clubs, shit to work out too, stuff for girls, everything. You are talkn bout the industry and how it means more to sell this amount these days. Well how rare is big music stores like best buy and others we sold out of Recovery first day. If this over hype hip POP artist can sell this much.

If your Drake, you are a fucking disappointment the expectations were way higher then the number and ego got in the way. He should have put the album out a week after it leaked, before everybody started saying it was just an okay album. One ego just lost about , sales. He did his thing…. Think of it this way every last person that picked up a drake album is stating that they enjoy what he do enuf to support him rather than just copy or even if they heard already they still bought becuz the music is quality.

The album is dope.. I am not saying I hated the whole thing, but only 3 songs are ones that I listen to and well, I could have bought those off of amazonmp3…. Read […]. Drake is whack man, ha ha. This dude tried to have a career in a short period of time. Dude raps talking about he the greatest, get the freak out of here high yella, ha ha…. Only some corny females feel you, sir.

Dude is done, J. Cole already gonna replace this clown. He even look like him, ha ha, but dude can actually rap. And like people said after all that hype and trying to make this guy some big artist with all these big names on his ish. Drake we will see you never after a little while longer, ha ha!!!!! See ya!!!!!! Bad reporting!!! A man is gotta do what he is gotta do, and I guess Mr. Aubrey Graham just busted that saying.

The Boy also […]. Your email address will not be published. Comments -. Rate This: 5. James says:. Shadizz says:. KidKalig says:. DGtheEnigma says:. Bleak ASE says:. OOPH says:. Word says:. Trueteller says:. ReppinHard says:. PITRI says:. The truth says:.

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Perfect Time Limit April Part 2. Legend Era 4. Hip Hop Be All Right. Delux Edition Part 1. Fuck G. Banana Clips Vol. Flashbacks Of The Block. Hits Vol. Freddy Vs. Jason: The Prequel. Friday On Elm Street.

Dope Fiend - OST. The King Returns. Swizz Beats Best Of. Guest Appearances Vol. Only Hits Vol. Digital Dynasty Who Run New York 6. Hip Hop TXL Got Instrumentals City Of Blends. Whiteowl Drop That Bright Lights Big City 3. Bully The Block Inspired By The Streets I Am Hip Hop Top 5 Dead Or Alive.

Nas Collabortion Edition. This Weeks Bangers 8. Dope Mix I Am Mixtapes We Know The Dj Radio 4. Runnin The Street Corporate Takeover 4. Streets Most Wanted. Certified Clubtapes 3. Sour Vs Haze. Montegna Jada. Coke-A-Rama: Wavy Life 3. Rapper's Delight. Street Exclusives 2. I'm Back, Run N Hide. I Got Ft's. Smokefest Exclusives Road Killa 2. Big Boy Dialogue. Hookah Highlife. Ponzi Scheme. Remixes Vol. Underground Rap. Invade The Game. Street Runnaz French Montana Vs.

Legend Era. Kissed By Da Gun. Streets Kings 4. Times 3. Concrete Jungle 2. Tales From The Trap 4. Playoff Season Begins. Southern Smoke Radio: Civil War 3. MTV Mixtape Television. Grind Madness 2. Streets Kings 5. Featuring 2 Chainz, Part 2. Smash That. Best Of Car Soundz The Illuminati Project. This Is Hip Hop Drop That Trap Music Border Wars Edition. Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals All Madden Radio Shit.

All-Madden Gangsta Rap. Trap Music Blackout Mafia Edition. In Tha Streets. Supreme Focus Clientele 4. Instrumentals Punch Lines Masters. Street Kings 5. Everything On Deck 6. Ruler Season 2K Blood Is Thicker Than Water Hoodie Music. East Coast Rap. Street Kingz Boss Status 4. Morning Prayer. Welcome To My Hood. Lebron Flocka James 3.

Past Present Future. Heavyweight Champ 4. Untouchable Empire. Black Music 3. Am I My Brothers Keeper? Gods Of The Arena 6. G-Unit Is The Gang. Verbal Exchange. Ride With Us. Breaking Bad Meets Evil. G-Eazy - Get a Bag ft. Jadakiss [Single]. Jadakiss - The Champ Is Here 3 durvallskingdom. Jadakiss - Turn Up Shout Feat. Young Jeezy ft. Trae Tha Truth Ft. Big K. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, B. I, Plies - DJ King. Lil Wayne - Its Good Feat. Cole, Kendrick Lamar Gucci Mane - Young Niggas Feat.

Slim of - So Fly remix feat. Jadakiss -Consignment- Bootleg Xplode. Jadakiss feat. Jadakiss Discography kbps kickass. Jadakiss Discography kbps thepiratebay Jadakiss [Single][SW] kickass. Leakers] - Freestyle [GuNz] kickass. Jadakiss - Consignment Official Mixtape kickass.

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