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Triptykon are expected to release their third album sometime in , but no official confirmation or announcement has been made as of yet. Triptykon's debut and the true heir to Monothiest, Eparistera Daimones was released in after two years of the band's formation and the end of Celtic Frost. With a title which roughly translates to 'On my left hand, the daemones' taken from 'The Star Ruby', a ritual from Aleister Crowley's 25th chapter of 'The Book of Lies'.

An album with such a title needs dark music to back it up and Eparistera Daimones delivers it. Tracks such as 'Goetia' and 'Abyss Within My Soul' crush the listener at the start of the album with slow, crawling Doom laden riffs and throwing in faster, pummelling ones with equal fuzzy brutality.

The Celtic Frost influence is certainly here, Monothiest being the obvious main influence whilst tracks such as 'A Thousand Lies' harken back to the days of Morbid Tales with an extra crunch. Not all of this album is one note slow brutality though. The segue from 'Shrine' into 'A Thousand Lies' too is quite well executed, going from a softer two minutes into a highly aggressive track without leaving the listener in the lurch as the tracks change over.

The most intense song though is the final and longest track of the album: The Prolonging. A nineteen minute long track which slowly crawls and prowls along without taking much time to speed up, drenching the listener in its devastatingly brutal atmosphere and tone. It's a track which may seem to some like it doesn't go anywhere and that it's too long, but what does one exactly expect from a Blackened Doom Metal, Dance Sleazy? Shatter is the first ep released by Triptykon seven months after Eparistera Daimones was released in It contains three tracks from Triptykon including the title track, which was actually the bonus track on the Japanese edition of Eparistera Daimones, as well as 'I Am The Twilight' and 'Crucifixus'.

Melano Chasmata is the sophomore and currently the most recent album from Triptykon, released in the spring of A monolithic album as dark and crushing as the bottom of the sea, it was universally acclaimed at the time of its release by both critics and fans alike, topping many album of the year lists. The sound on Melano is very much alike that on Eparistera, continuing with the pummelling Blackened Doom riffs on tracks like 'Altar of Deceit' and 'Black Snow', however one aspect that stands out more to me is Warrior's vocals, which sound stronger on tracks such as 'Tree of Suffocating Souls' with less of the rawer aspect which was heard on their debut album.

The stability of the lineup may also have contributed to the continued strength of Melano Chasmata, without any of the outside interference and perspective a new figure would have. Warrior is again the main songwriter and draws upon many influences for the lyrics, be it historical figures and their art as seen in 'Boleskine House' and 'In The Sleep of Death', personal experiences and his own dark thoughts, 'Altar of Deceit' and 'Breathing' or stygian landscapes of eternal blackness as experienced in 'Black Snow'.

While being of a similar length to Eparistera Daimones, the tracks have a more standard length as opposed to much longer vs much shorter tracks, with the shortest being the nearly 6 minute 'Breathing' and the longest being the 12 minute 'Black Snow' which is the 'The Prolonging' of Melano Chasmata, but far more toned and focused without losing any of the intensity or darkness. Those are the main things which characterise both this album and Triptykon's career, however the final track 'Waiting' is much more akin to 'My Pain' with it's similar composition and enchanting female vocals, but it comes across as far stronger and haunting as the final track of the album.

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Apr 29 , Apr 30 , Red Wizard. Sep 16 , Posts: 22, Releases: On Forums: 11 years 3 months Thanks: time s. Powered By IP. Licensed to: metalarea. Mar 15 , Post 1. Breathing Mar 15 , Post 2. Mar 15 , Post 3. Mar 17 , Post 4. Only Death Is Real Mar 17 , Post 5. Mar 17 , Post 6. Mar 18 , Post 7. Mar 20 , Post 8. Mar 21 , Post 9.

Think again? Is this indicative of… TW:Name one. Name one track, before I answer this question. Name ONE fucking satanic aspect on this album. How helpless would I be? Mar 22 , Post Apr 4 , Post

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