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Shu begins to have doubts at first with shades of gray. Is he similar yet different from the prime version, something to stand out from? There is one that is shackled with guilt and learns more of the Undertakers side. There is his guilty melody that joins Da'ath as part of their Adam. Cue Guilty Crown — Genesis. The villains then call forth Da'ath servants and Cyber-Microraptors behind them. Shu and Madoka readied themselves for a huge battle. The leader of the Puella Magical Girls with the image of Proailurus appear transforms into her Valkyrie form and stares gallantly at Kriemhild Gretchen.

Eon the Microraptor screech in becoming a power aura of himself. Shu then easily slices the discs apart, in which two Da'ath members are crystallized when their voids are destroyed. Then, Yuu uses his powers from the Da'ath members to create many lances. With a bloodthirsty smile, Yuu materializes behind his opponent and attempt to hit Shu, but Shu blocks the incoming attacks as they briefly clash each other with their weapons.

The blast immediately destroyed the spear voids, even some of the Da'ath members and Cyber Microraptors. Madoka is quite shock while Kriemhild is please at the next round. NanoMillenniummon wield the Power of the Kings in absorbing three Da'ath members to his own body. He then creates two void swords from his upper arms: one is a katana similar to a Digital Demon God, and the other is a claymore belonging to a Taiyoukai lord. The monster then gains battle claws from his lower arms and a helmet similar to the Shredder.

Tonight I will feast the void within your dross veins! NanoMillenniummon charges at Shu in starting another round. The monster tries to swipe Shu with the void katana, only for the boy to jump at another platform in order to evade. Super Speckles is seen fending off the empowered Eon despite the power advantages. Wasting no time, Shu then uses Umi Kino-Tsunami void to form lightning bolts that double as spears, the savior fires some at NanoMillenniummon alongside some Cyber-Microraptors.

Meanwhile with a magical girl fighting her witch counterpart, Madoka is shooting arrows at flying Cyber Microraptors while at the same time fending off Kriemhild Gretchen. Both the magical girl and the witch fire their holy and dark arrows at each other that cause small magical explosions.

Madoka and Kriemhild continue to fire magical energies at each other. Then they give in to an arrow sword duel as neither lands a direct hit to one another. As Shu and NanoMillenniummon continue to trade blows, the eldritch monster taunts the hero with a grotesque smirk. As Haruka and her three supporting acquaintances are running at the hallways and found a stairway, another Malefic Dragon flies toward them.

It is the Malefic Stardust Dragon, but it lacks the arms to make it wyvern shaped. Haruka does so as she is avoiding the battle as she runs up the stairs. Neira gets out chakrams while Feandil has a shield. Respectively, they actually summon their respective spirit partners: a stegosaur named Tuojiangosaurus and a sauropod named Ampelosaurus. Feandil orders the Ampelosaurus to tail swipe at the Malefic Stardust Dragon, the dragon fires a dark energy blast only that Feandil guards with his shield.

The malefic dragon backs off and continues to shoot blasts at the three opponents. The Endlave is large that dwarfs normal Endlaves and the Undertaker trucks. It has a crab-like design that the codename is Gespenst, the German meaning of spectre. Ronx and the others fire back, only for the Gespenst to make a reflective barrier to deflect the attacks. Am I the one who shows sympathy here?! As the Puella Valkyries and Witchery Erinyes continue their epic battle, black clouds are formed above the skies.

The gargantuan witch laughs insanely as usual. The four Puella Valkyries charge and fire their respective attacks at the Walpurgis Night. The giant witch take little damage, but the four shadow Witches block the rest of the attacks and intercept the Puellas. Walpurgis Night fires a round of magical projectiles at the same time, which forces the Puella Valkyries to dodge the coming assault.

Suddenly, they become alert as three platforms come out from the ground. Apparently, they are three gargantuan robots that have traits of a Sentinel from X-Men, but have more aspects of the mechas from Armored Core. The Soujas slowly walk and shoot powerful lasers from their metallic hands.

The Neo Senshi dodges the coming attacks and scatter to distract the mechas. The Soujas then fire their laser eyes, but the Senshi evades them as well. As the Valkyries are finishing up the battle against their Erinyes clones, the dark counterparts suddenly disappear out of nowhere. The Maidens realize that they have been sacrificed, as something erupts from the ground. Roots connected from the World Tree bursts as a colossal dragon that dwarfs Fafnir and the Norse Drakes comes out.

Loki and his mongrels may fail to defeat you, but thanks to Da'ath, I have given a chance to destroy you Maidens and end the world! Engaging in a serious battle against an eldritch goddess, the Valkyrie Maidens precede their attacks. Sigrun then delivers a thunderstorm to damage the Nidhogg, but the roots defend the eldritch goddess from the lightning. Skogul attempts to intervene only for the Nidhogg to swipe her aside with her claws.

The Nidhogg roars and delivers another devastating blast from her mouth, only for the Valkyrie leader to evade. Anti-Bodies and Da'ath members, they sense a coming disturbance. The Kuiper Senshi leader and the rest saw two experimental monsters appear to join the battlefield. The codename of this experiment is VenomMillenniummon. The other is a red symbiote which head looks like Chimeramon. The codename of this experiment is CarnageMillenniummon. SaviorHackmon does a Trident Saber at the blue monster which did some damage.

VenomMillenniummon roars in delivering a beatdown at the digimon, but SaviorHackmon blocks it with his hand and does a Meteor Flame to burn VenomMillenniummon. VenomMillenniummon escape to regenerate the burn wounds and continues to fight. Both senshi evade the tendrils coming from the biological monstrosity. Sedna attempts to freeze CarnageMillenniummon, but he frees himself and tries to deliver a swipe, only for Sedna to jump back.

Sailor Gao Pluto fires some blasts in making CarnageMillenniummon back off. It look like Mega Tyranitar except it has similar long horns on its forehead, red mane that reaches to the tail, and six long armored spikes on its back. Both RJ and the Dai Kakugoryu rush head on. RJ barely dodges the incoming beam. The Dai Kakugoryu unleashes a earthquake with rock slabs that trembles the ground.

RJ once again jumps and readies a familiar position…. The Dai Kakugoryu merely shrugs and growls angrily. As Helio and Yuigo continue to wipe out opposing duel monsters, they saw a long blond haired boy that look like a kid version of Paradox from Yugioh the Movie: Bonds Beyond Time coming out of a platform above. The boy wears a Da'ath uniform, chained, and is literally scared.

In place of the frightened child is a gargantuan golden dragon with wings as its forearms, and a second tail on its back. Parts of its body have been infested by purple crystals. Yuigo and Helio then fight the Malefic Truth Dragon. The Malefic Truth Dragon fires dark energy spikes coming from his wings, but Helio and Yuigo evades and delivers their attacks to damage the golden dragon a little.

The Malefic Truth Dragon fires an energy blast from his mouth at the opponents, but Yuigo makes a barrier in protecting his friends. The fight continues on for both duelists. Understood of what Shougo said, Sayara and Akari alongside the Duel Monster vanguard continue to fight enemy duel monsters.

Shougo and Theinen begin doing a grapple in pushing their strengths. Then Shougo throws the centaur lion aside and fires a molten fireball at Theinen. The sphinx takes damage, but unleashe a sonic roar while Shougo takes cover with his arms.

Shougo keeps holding off his powerful opponent. Back at the elevating platforms, NanoMillenniummon continues his barbarous assault on Shu with his two swords and Shredder claws. NanoMillenniummon sees this and concludes. In the end, you think about that piteous fake. Then, it follows through by cutting his lower arms which destroys the void Shredder claws. The injuries are too great for NanoMillenniummon as he reverts back to Yuu with the boy loudly pants in his breath.

Shu rushes to grab Yuu by the throat, squeezing him in fury as Yuu is incredulious at locking his eyes at his adversary. Suddenly, Eon arrives to hit Shu out of the way to save his master, making Shu back off. Yuu sees good timing. Both Kriemhild and Eon appear behind Yuu.

Shu and Madoka regroup in facing the last part of this battle. The combined void looks like huge, twin barrel cannons with a tree-like appearance. Kriemhild is on the top of the tree with the roots swallow her lower body, making her similar to her eldritch colossal form as the Witch of Salvation. Yuu is in the middle floating with an electrical aura, in which void roots attach to his back to increase his power. The effects of the beams briefly made the platforms tremble. Both Yuu and Kriemhild loudly scream as the energy engulfs them both.

Every particle and tissue begins to disintergrate till nothing is left for the Da'ath duo. Resist the despair of what awaits you. The offspring of the Chaos and the Millenniummon alongside his lover are finally dead. However, this is still the beginning. Though Yuu is killed, Gai is the only priority left to end the war. With that said, the platform starts to go up again for Shu and Madoka to reach their final destination. Elsewhere outside, the four Puella Valkyries have managed to slay the Witchery Erinyes counterparts.

Then, the magical girls are sensing a powerful energy coming from the top of Ward At the same time, the skies are filled with light purple auroras and snowflakes are falling down. As the platform reaches the top, Shu and Madoka finally confront the true final chesspiece himself, Gai Tsutsugami. However, Shu sees that Inori is completely encased by crystals much to his dismay.

Gai turns and announce to his oppositions. Midnight has come. It forms an egg-like aura that reminds people of a familiar spirit that bestows creation and destruction, just like a phoenix. At the gates of time, Sailor Pluto sits in her white chair and senses that the warnings about the new Yami Houou have come. The Senshi of Time can only mutter. The daughter you attempted to save is bringing calamity to the world.

Suddenly, Keido gets out his pistol and starts firing at Haruka only that she evades the bullet and retreats to one of the lower levels. The violet light breaks away in revealing a different person. It is even greater than any Witch that Madoka and the Puellas encountered. Be gone! Before Madoka can react, Apocalypse Mana immediately freezes and silences her in purple crystals. She has friends that are close to her and gets to know of this universe better.

Shu begins to back off when he offended the dark goddess. Becoming alert, Shu immediately evades as Mana fires a crystal blast. Apocalypse Mana keeps firing crystal blasts at Shu, but Shu jumps between platform and platform to evade. The savior loudly screams in feeling an intense headache. Shu continues to shakes his head, but eventually with the help of his spirit partner and void powers, he eventually frees himself and glares at Apocalypse Mana.

This awestruck power emits a shockwave that evaporates the crystals and making the area a battle diagram, on the floor shows the silhouettes of all the continents of Earth. The platforms begin to rise up at little till the tower opens and gives contact outside. Shu becomes alert once again. Understanding what Gai said, Apocalypse Mana materializes purple crystallize wings and flies upward, staring down to Shu with an malign giggle.

Even if you want to apologize, I will never forgive you. The viral avatar eventually flies and reaches the clouds that are near the atmosphere. Purple light basked Apocalypse Mana and snowflakes keep falling down, as if a twisted concert of a dancer has just started.

The third and final outbreak begins as Apocalpyse Mana dances around like a ballroom in spreading the outbreak on a global scale. Shu and his friends on the battlefield can do nothing at this point. It is made clear that the Adam and Eve are going to recreate the human race, in which by trapping their victims, they will be converted into Mananites. Snowflakes appear in the sky, as beams of lavender light descend to the ground.

The famous great walls have been enveloped by giant crystals. The city and its civilians are covered by crystals. Animals such as elephants and stray dogs are unaffected and concern about the disaster. The famous city of the west coast is covered by crystals. One of the towns in Texas alongside Funimation studio is affected by crystals. Many guests and their happiness are trapped. The busiest and popular city of the Mid-Atlantic part of America is covered by crystals.

The city known for the phrase, Boston Strong , has been enveloped by purple crystals. The realm of the digital world, home to the digimon and even duel monsters since a certain event two decades ago. Digimon and Duel Monsters are seen being crystallized, in which some of the strongest fighters defend the coming disaster. The Royal Knights led by Omegamon are seen helping out the tide. The Demon World, home to the demons and acquaintances of the Spirit Detectives.

Demon civilians are trapped by crystals, while some strong ones like the S-Class are stopping the crystals. Many mythological denizens are being encased by crystals for not even the spirit of the gods can save them. Now this is quite an unexpected turn. At the nexus dimension, it is the vast ocean-like area that connects most of the multiverse.

Suddenly, torrents of purple crystals appear like a violent natural disaster. Cue The Birthday Massacre — Superstition. It has been days after an immortal detective defeats the sadistic Apos and becomes the new guardian of Yggdrasil. Rin then flies up on her own in confronting the crystal angels. At a Japanese neighborhood, two teenagers are seen running from torrents of purple crystals forming. One is a socially inept boy named Yukiteru Amano, and the other is a pink-haired girl named Yuno Gasai.

The unlikely couple continues to run from the crystals and predict that they will hide in a safe spot. Time has pass since Takashi Komuro and his friends escape the Takagi household from them. As the group keeps walking in a roadway, they encounter a group of zombies as usual. The rest are readied their loaded rifles, alongside Saeko brandishing her katana.

Shizuka Marikawa, Alice Maresato and Zeke step back. Within the gigantic Wall Rose is where humanity is currently safe from monstrous Titans. But just then, crystal Titans are materializing inside the walls to the surprise of the military branches. Eren follows through as he bites his finger in transforming into his Titan Shifter form. With a mighty animalistic roar, Eren rushes to deliver a beatdown at the crystal Titans.

Deep within outer space, the Interceptor ship are under alert that a massive flood of crystal zombies that look like the Black Lantern Corps are approaching. Me and Kilowog will go out and hold them off. Seconds later, both Hal Jordan and Kilowog arrive outside of their spaceship to confront the zombie lantern horde. While the Interceptor backs up the two lanterns by firing laser cannons at the zombies, Hal fires one crystal monster, hits another with a baseball construct, and makes a gatling gun in firing more crystal zombie lanterns.

At the home planet of the Blue Lanterns, the Buddhist-like members led by Saint Walker and Brother Warth are fighting the crystal zombie lanterns with hope on their side. Among them are Razer who has the abilities of both the blue and red lantern and Aya. The Red Lanterns do as they are told, as Zillius Zox, Bleez, Skallox, and Ragnar are seen taking down the trespassers with brute force and red energy. Red Lantern Magna Guards have back up as well. In planet Qward, home of the Sinestro Corps, the leader of that enemy organization is leading his forces at the crystal revenants.

At the jungle planet of Okaara, a sole orange lantern is protecting his own treasure inside his foul lair from the approaching crystal monsters. The brown furred creature summons orange constructs of Glomulus as the horde makes their gluttonus assault at the trespassers. At the planet filled with emotional love, the Star Sapphires led by Queen Aga'po are doing their best in neutralizing the crystal zombies.

Somewhere in a desolate canyon from a random planet, the Indigo Tribe led by Indigo-1 are seen fending off against the crystal zombie lanterns. The rogue Guardian envisions the battles of the Lantern Corps facing the crystal zombies. As I say, these invasions are a warm-up. Then, it shows a black book in her desk, foreshadowing a dark prophecy to come for the seven Lantern Corps. At Game Central Station, the colorful video game characters are running amuck from a mass of crystal Cy-Bugs.

They seem to be from somewhere else. Calhoun covers the giant by blasting down the bugs. With the help of her glitch powers, Vanellope distracts the viral insects alongside making clones to back up her friends. The four heroes give their valor to defend the game worlds. It has been a year since the notorious Celestial Being defeats Ribbons Almark and his rouge Innovades that once control mankind. Just then, Celestal Being receives a distress signal that crystal mechs that shape like the GNX are materialized.

Not knowing where they came from, they send the four Gundam Meisters to intercept the threat. The 00 Raiser is seen hacking down the robots with its sabers. The Cherudim Gundam is shooting down many mechs like target practice. The Arios Gundam flies around in delivering countless blows to the crystal robots. In the slums of Honnouji, there lives a rebellious young girl with a red scissor blade and a sailor fuku that makes her an adaptive fighter. Her name is none other than Ryuko Matoi.

The sailor fuku she is wearing is a Kamui named, Senketsu. Today, she is simply training and resting for the coming battle against the Elite Four. Suddenly, she gets her attention and senses that crystal monsters are form in the streets. Holy cow, what are these things! Your still the best that you can, oh I should just run away to hide.

Life Fiber Synchronize! Ryuko then charges and slashes apart one mask monster, then slice through another in a fight to save her town. You freaks are so pathetic to my taste of music! At the Revoc Corporation, two females are seen outside on top of the building. Rather, they are gleefully pleased of the outside intruders invading their world.

Ragyo replied to the grand couturier. Suddenly, a crystal masked monster lunges behind the villainesses, but Nui swiftly kills it with a purple scissor blade and her smile. Cue The Birthday Massacre — Surrender. Everything is at peace for the moment, except that the clan saw hostile crystal dragons in many shapes appear in the sky. The leader of Berk, Hiccup observes the coming trespassers. As the rest of the Vikings ride their respective dragons to fly against their enemies, Hiccups walks towards Toothless.

Toothless nods and lets Hiccup to ride his back before they flew off. Together the clan fights off the crystal dragons in the skies like military jets shooting one another. Eret has Skullcrusher to crush the crystal dragons with his horns, Hookfang breaths fire at one crystal dragon, Toothless fires devastating blasts at the invaders with Stormfly backing him up.

Suddenly, the clan saw in shock a huge crystal dragon that looks like Smaug from The Hobbit movies. Toothless glares at the powerful adversary. Toothless then powers up to his bluish super form, this is the potential alpha power that defeated Drago and his Bewilderbeast. The Night Fury charges and fires a round of blue blasts at the crystal Smaug. At the magnificent kingdom of Arendelle, it is under siege by crystal golems that every innocent civilian retreats to the castle and hiding spots.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven are at the courtyard as the crystal golems are menacingly approaching. You and everyone else should go inside for safety. With one last look from Anna, she and her friends run towards the castle. Elsa uses her ice powers to summon forth a battalion of snow golems. A week after the rising Big Heroes Six defeated Yokai and Hiro starting his new school, the team suddenly encounters crystal monsters that look like water bears and Yokai monsters in San Fransokyo.

The Big Heroes Six then proceed to fight off the crystal monsters. Wasabi is slicing through a crystal water bear. Honey Lemon is firing her chemical balls to freeze the Yokai monsters. Fred breaths fire to burn down the monsters. GoGo Tomago uses her yellow discs to tear down a crystal kamaitachi, tengu and a kappa yokai. Finally, Hiro orders Baymax to beat down a crystal Daidarabotchi with sheer strength.

On their way to Yorknew City to meet up with two friends within their ship, Gon and Killua are surrounded by crystal monsters that look like Noggin Lugging Tortoises, Great Stamp pigs, and Spider-Eagles. Reminding them of their Hunter Exam, and thanks to their training of learning Nen, they decide to fight head on without the brink of surrendering. It has been a week since the Avatar defeats a megalomaniac and the embodiment of darkness from Harmonic Convergence.

In Republic City, Korra, Mako, and Bolin are under attack by crystal monsters that look like dark spirits. The new Team Avatar then battles those crystal invaders. Mako is shooting fireballs in blasting the monsters, while Bolin earthbends to deliver rock blasts in squashing the crystal dark spirits. Korra supports in airbending to blow away the spiritual constructs. This is one of the times that as part of the new Avatar cycle, Korra is making some responsibilities to enforce her beloved city.

It then cuts to a large mountain prison, in which inside shows a lone prisoner chained. There is a foreboding omen within this man. In the crossroads with fields and a gas station, Noctis and his three friends: Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto, are fighting off crystal bestiary. Plus, they have to protect their car as well. At the nearby school district, a spiky brown-haired gogglehead teen alongside a small orange theropod is encountering a flock of crystal parrots that look like Parrotmon.

Innocent civilians are running away from these avian monsters, in which the gogglehead is taking action in being the hero. Using a device, he makes the small theropod to evolve into a larger carnivore with light blue stripes and a brown horned helmet. Returning back at the Guilty Crown dimension, Apocalypse Mana continues to spread the virus in the atmosphere and laughs insanely.

The magical girl instantly frees herself and changes shape. She was the one that recreate her home universe after a simple wish, for wanting to eradicate every witch in existence. This is what the Incubator mentions yesterday. Her ultimate form and true self, Madoka Kaname becomes Ultimate Madoka. I feel that the time has come to get involve with this awful conflict.

Not to mention Mana becoming that Houou trying to destroy everything? With that brief interaction settled, Ultimate Madoka then flies up to the skies, while Shu faces off with his former friend at last. Shu announced as he brandishes his emerald longsword. As Apocalypse Mana continues her widespread essence to the planet, she senses a powerful energy and turns to see Ultimate Madoka facing her.

Two goddesses meet for the first time. And so, Ultimate Madoka and Apocalypse Mana begin their epic fight. This is a matter that the goddess of hope counters despair; she is now facing the opposite of creation, destruction.

Both deities flew above the skies near the atmosphere and start firing energy particles at each other: Madoka firing her holy Nebula arrows with her bow, while Mana conjures sharp purple crystals out of thin air. Neither of them takes a direct hit. The contact makes explosions like fireworks. Then both fly towards each other, in which their cosmic energies directly clash that makes the Earth tremble.

Apocalypse Mana attempts a flurry of punches and combos at Ultimate Madoka, but the kind-hearted goddess does her best to evade. While fighting off the empowered Walpurgis Night, Homura Akemi senses huge pink and purple energies in the skies clashing. Madoka then flies above Mana. Out of anger, she fires a lavender laser filled with crystals at Madoka, but the goddess evades swiftly….

Falling pieces of the sattelite appear in the background, Ultimate Madoka hardens a stoic expression as Apocalypse Mana rushes towards her like the queen of insanity she is. Both fiercely grapple with their hands in a huge power struggle. Pink and purple auras of both hope and destruction respectively affect the skies as lightning bursts.

You are once a kind-hearted girl with a chance of destiny. Please, you must stop this! My old personality is nothing more than a fabrication. After saying that with pure spleen, Apocalpyse Mana delivers three brutal head butts at Ultimate Madoka, causing her forehead to bleed a little and to send her down.

The monstrous flora-like creation opens its jaws wide and devours Ultimate Madoka like a mouse caught in a trap. However, the goddess immediately frees herself by using her holy energy to destroy the crystal plant monster. Mana leers down at her opposition as she powers up with crystal particles surrounding her corrupted body. A light purple snowflake symbol briefly appears behind her. The snowflake symbol glows as Apocalpyse Mana fires a ravaging rainstorm of purple crystals at Ultimate Madoka.

The goddess creates a force field to protect herself from these devastating attacks. Shu Ouma has overcome many things, from receiving the Void Genome for the first time to defeat Da'ath head to toe. Now he is facing his greatest challenge, fighting for the throne and saving Inori Yuzuriha, Shu and Gai are going all out with their powers from an engineered tonic.

The final confrontation between childhood friends, now enemies, has begun. Gai jumps away to a platform. Shu then sends neon blue fireballs at the faux king, but Gai jumps to evade while they destroys a platform. That is the new crystal age for the voids, as they are successors of the new world. Weeks ago, you wanted to save my sister, Mana! So why did things turn out like this?! Why did you let Da'ath revived and use you?!

Meanwhile Super Speckles is facing off Super Havoc as both tyrannosaurs strike one another with rush attacks. At the main battle, Shu and Gai keep striking each other with their weapons, which cause shockwaves in the process. Back outside, the Puella Valkyries are continuing their full assault at the Walpurgis Night. The gigantic witch fires gear and crystal attacks at the magical girls. The Puellas attempt to dodge, but the projectiles eventually hit them and cause them to fall down to the ground.

As Homura slowly gets up in staring at the Walpurgis Night, she begins to feel the despair consuming her mind. The Puella of time has thought about the concern if she failed to fight for the goddess. Can she play the major role she desires as an opposite, the devil? The Maidens in dismay struggle to get out as the vines constrict them in slowly breaking their bones.

The Sailor Senshi try to escape from the three Soujas, but the giant mechs eventually lock on their targets and blast the Senshi with their hands in making them fall down injured. Suddenly, the two symbiote monsters fuse to become an abomination similar to what Venom and Carnage fused in Spider-Man Unlimited called, CarnomMillenniummon. Sailor Sedna fire her ice powers with Gao Pluto backing up, while SaviorHackmon fires his flames at the two-headed monstrosity.

CarnomMillenniummon retaliates by slashing at his opponents with his claws and tendrils. CarnomMillenniummon then fires a symbiote blast, only for SaviorHackmon to grab hold and trying to push the blast. Meanwhile, as the Neo Spirit Detectives are finishing up the Kakugoryus, RJ continues to tackle at the Dai Kakugoryu, in which the dinosaur sprouts purple crystals in his body to empower.

Helio and Yuigo continue their attacks at the Malefic Truth Dragon. The Malefic Truth Dragon then fires countless blasts at the two Duelists to severely injure them to the ground. Both Helio and Yuigo slowly get up on their knees as they watch in dismay of the golden wyvern hovering above them and roar.

Shougo land in a few attacks with meteor flares, while Sayara and Akari back up with their own attacks at the lion centaur. But Theinen delivers the loudest sonic blast that sends the three Neo Duelists flying to the ground injured.

The dragon continues flying around in shooting star blasts at its intruders, while the later keeps counterattacking. As Oogumo goes for another charge, Gertrud uses her tendrils to constrict the large man in hitting him many times till the butterfly witch throws him aside to the ground.

Ayase can only whimper of coming from a headstrong girl. Charlotte is seen having the chance in firing an energy blast from her mouth to hit Shibungi to the ground. The white-haired man looks above to see the caterpillar abomination advancing towards him in plans to eat her food.

At the war room, Haruka hides behind a corner with her handgun as Keido slowly walks towards her location. Haruka looks up to herself while remain hidden, fearing that this might be the end for the scientist. Madoka keeps defending and evading only that Apocalpyse Mana appears like a mirror glass to rush and deliver flurry of blows at Ultimate Madoka.

Things have become bleak as Ultimate Madoka crashes down to one of the tower pillars. The defeated goddess slowly gets up, but a hand appears to choke her. It was Apocalypse Mana, her grip squeezes Madoka painfully as she lifts her enemy up. Your efforts to stop me and Triton are pointless. Once Earth is covered by my crystals, I will overthrow the Cosmos that controls this universe so that I may have my own image.

Cue Immediate Music - Vindicator. The duel between two kings culminates as Shu and Gai lock their dual blades on a platform. In retaliation, Gai uses full force to briefly hit Shu. The savior looks up injured as Gai looks down to his defeated opponent. All the voids inside me..? Just then, Shu notices behind of the crystal flower starting to glow like a rainbow.

In his mere mind, Shu hears a familiar soft voice. Everyone is waiting for you. With the last ounce of hope left, Shu uses his right hand that sends red threads to the crystal flower. Gai could not believe what he is seeing.

Shu valiantly gets up and faces Gai with a purposeful look. Now this is the irony of one last dance. The kings keep clashing with their weapons that neither have taken a direct hit to their bodies, it is pushing the limits to give everything they got in the offensive.

Backing off a little, both Shu and Gai leap between platforms and keep clashing with their void swords. Fast combos keep initiating for both combatants. Apocalypse Mana backs off a little as Madoka valiantly stares at her. The cause of this is when an ethereal glow appears from Ultimate Madoka when she hears the familiar voice. Understand what the voice is convincing the goddess of hope, Ultimate Madoka begin to change shape with someone using her divine body.

Her figure becomes something that in place of Madoka is Inori Yuzuriha herself! She wears a similar reddish orange dress, only that the two flower patterns on the waist are made of pure crystal. Inori wears a pink crown with a crystallize hairpin. The pink-haired songstress spread out pink crystal wings as she refers herself as Genesis Inori. Both goddesses clash beyond magnificent proportions.

Thunderous burst of crystals coming from the two randomly materialize like fireworks. Genesis Inori and Apocalypse Mana then go for a brief grapple only they back off while more crystal flowers appear and instantly burst. Apocalypse Mana screams in forming a gigantic purple phoenix aura surround her, while Genesis Inori does the same by making an orange phoenix aura.

Both goddesses then charge with immense speed that the collision burst to an infinity symbol in the sky. Sensing that Ultimate Madoka is bestowing the last hope, the four Puellas stand beside one another to confront the Walpurgis Night. Kyoko smirks as she summons a large female golem that looks like the Female Titan. The trio of magical girl then launches their assault of the Walpurgis Night.

The gigantic witch attempts to fire her projectiles of gears and magic at the Puella Valkyries, but they easily evade as they brought their ultimate moves. Mami fires her Tiro Finale at the Walpurgis Night wich destroys her crystal parts.

Kyoko herself orders her female golem to pummel the Walpurgis Night in breaking her defenses and tears apart her arms. Andrewsarchus stands beside her. The giant witch finally falls down and is eradicated by holy energy. After many timelines, the magical girls finally defeat the prophecized witch for so long. The Puellas revert back to normal from their Valkyrie forms. With the power of the Moon Force Crystal, the Valkyrie Maidens suddenly fuse within Brunhilde as a power twist comes to mind.

While the legs have two wings on each side: white representing Skogul and black representing Skuld. Giving an unearthly roar, the Nidhogg fires another huge blast and the Yggdrasil vines overload in trying to attack the Silver Valkyrie. The Silver Valkyrie then charges in delivering an instant swipe at the Nidhogg. The Nidhogg screams in pain as her leviathan body disintegrates while the roots of Yggdrasil returns to normal. Seeing her powerful opponent defeated, the Silver Valkyrie splits back to the five Maidens.

Sailor Neo Moon and the Neo Senshi cease to give up, as they are going to go all out at the Souja by transforming into their Eternal forms. The three Soujas are about to fire once again, but the Neo Senshi evade this time with their newfound powers. The three titanic colossuses deactivate with their batteries running off and fall down to the ground.

With newfound courage, the Neo Detectives are taking the advantage in wearing down the Dai Kakugoryu. Aoshi goes all out in delivering a flurry of swipes, Ryuuhi unleashes fire armor to do a fire surge at the dinosaur, Adam supports with magic while Daiki uses his gadgets to injure the Dai Kakugoryu. RJ then delivers a powerful Spirit Wave to engulf the Dai Kakugoryu in finally destroying the behemoth. The Neo Spirit Detectives celebrate in victory for their battle.

After delivering many blows, Theinen is finally destroyed much to the Neo Duelists relief as they revert back to their human forms. Helio and Yuigo get up with determination to have the final round against the Malefic Truth Dragon.

Sailor Gao Pluto turns into her Lycan form in delivering combos at the abomination. Jesmon delivers his sword swiping skills in chopping down CarnomMillenniummon, which he finishes with Tekken Seibai to obliterate the monster. Jesmon and Gao Pluto revert to Hackmon and senshi form respectively. Sedna can only sigh in relief that she fights for her late comrades.

With that chance, Dickens and Tiny Tim are able to overpower Marley. She attempts to deliver another crystal attack only that Scrooge rushes to slash Present with his chain sword void. Present screams out in pain and begins to fall down to the ground. By substaining enough damage from the attacks, the Malefic Stardust Dragon screams out and explodes. Kurachi sighs in relief while Feandil and Neira call back their spirit partners. As Oogumo is about to meet his end, Bastion appears in bashing Gertrud to make the witch back off.

Oogumo gets up and know they have to take down the witch. Both fully charge at Gertrud, with Super Bastion smashing the butterfly witch to brutally injure her, while Oogumo finishes Gertrud off by smashing her and he and his partner unleash boulder attacks to destroy Gertrud. Argo turns back to normal with Jarrod disappears.

Then, Argo becomes surprise a bit to see an image of a younger girl that looks like Kyoko, she is actually her sister, Momo Sakura, as she disappears afterwards. Just then, sensing that something outside of the battle bestows hope, Ayase frees herself from the nightmares and gives an angry look at Elly. Audrey stands beside her.

Ayase is relief that she just defeats a Witch as she turns back to normal while Audrey disappears. Ayase can only hope she fights for her mother and late father. Feeling a sense of hope, Haruka suddenly came out of hiding.

Keido attempts to shoot her, but Haruka dodge and shoots Keido through the right shoulder. Keido drops his handgun as he falls down. Haruka can only look with self-pity. Shu and Gai continue to strike each other with their void swords above a platform. Eventually, Shu makes an opening to knock down Gai out of the platform with his void sword. Apocalypse Mana is about to attack when she suddenly feels immense pain inside her. Giving a calm smile, Genesis Inori transfers her soul into her body, while the goddess figure reverts back into Ultimate Madoka.

Just then, beautiful snow appears outside, signifying that the good guys won. With the battles finally over, Present coughs in her dying breath and gives a smile to Scrooge and Carol. Nevertheless, she shows some degree of respect. After endorsing his congrats to the savior, Scrooge and Carol fade away for their souls to rest in peace. At the command center, Haruka and Keido come face to face in knowing that the war is coming to a close.

Then Keidou grabs a metal needle from his pocket and stabs himself, in which the syringe contains the virus. It feels that this is the end of their glory days at school. At the aftermath of this fateful event, Shu reverts to normal and carries the fallen Gai to one of the platforms in land safely.

The blond haired man responds while he coughs some blood. Mana Ouma. So I plan my ultimate gamble, I become the tyrant to help the Apocalypse. Shu and Madoka could not believe it. Especially for Shu of seeing that Gai is still helping all this time. It is that chain of events for Haruka to redeem herself. Madoka even recalls a similar event in a dimension of the Zero Requiem in Geass. Gai then closes his eyes as his body immediately disappears. The leader of Funeral Parlor and the Adam of Da'ath is no more, may Triton finally found peace with his destined girl in the afterlife.

Both Shu and Madoka wonder what this meant. Before they can react, they notice that Inori slowly opens her innocent eyes. Madoka gives Inori to Shu to hold due to their close connection and seeing them reunite. Just then, the three senses a mystical force appear beside them which shape like the fiery phoenix. Yes, it is the Houou herself. May a new world occur.

With that said, the Houou takes her leave and disappear to the endless universe for eternal peace. It starts with my involvement up to today as a hero. The magical girl then hugs both Shu and Inori. These are the new friends the Puella spend time with, and it is going to have a sad feeling.

After staring at both for the last time, Madoka begins to leave the area for Shu to do his own thing. Then, Shu raises his right hand as it glows. Yes, the savior is about to do the final offer to his world, the Guilty Crown. The ultimate salvation and self-sacrifice within one boy. Cue Godzilla vs Destoroyah — Requiem. As every particle of the Apocalpyse Virus is absorb through Shu in making it cease to existence, the whole building within Ward 24 begins to collapse.

Crystals begin to cover Shu, Inori and the two Norse blades. Everywhere across the world countries and other realms, everyone being trapped by the crystals are freed and cured. The Moon cats stare of their concerns with the Neo Senshi, while the Tennouzu students are worrying about their close friend. Every scene of the escape is in audio silence. Outside, the Puella Magical Girls, Valkyries, Neo Heroes and other associates are making their way out safely from the crumbing headquarters.

As Haruka Ouma herself is making her way to catch up the group, she sees Madoka appearing beside her. Realizing in shocked that Shu decides to stay behind, Haruka is saddened while leaving Ward 24 together. Back at the top tower, Shu and Inori are almost going to be completely covered by crystals.

Shu gives a final smile while holding his beloved to want peace in mind. At the harbors of Tokyo Bay, everyone of the allied force have made it safely with the whole group reunited after their confrontations. But then, they notice that Shu and Inori are not even seen. Ayase steps in and confronts the pink-haired magical girl. Everyone is shocked upon hearing this, especially for the already aware Haruka Ouma that she is going to lose her step-son.

Funeral Parlor, The Puellas, the Neo Heroes, Valkyries, and the rest of the allied forces all watch under the feel of a pyrrhic victory. The last shot shows Ward 24 crumbling down to the ground, like an empire demolish to the abyss. GHQ is finally no more. Society in this dimension has been rebuilding itself. During that time, the Incubators have found something valuable called D.

This device is extremely rare with a percentage in the Nexus Dimension, aka the Aether Sea, in which it has the ability to fuse two or more dimension to one. At first I am unsure about it. The Demon and Rajita race are becoming noticeable in the public and fully accept to human society. First, Shibungi is married to a woman and creates an orphanage for Tsugumi, Kenji Kido, Kyo and a few others. They also have an adopted daughter named, Nagisa Momoe. Nagisa is formerly the witch, Charlotte, that Madoka deserves this new magical girl a second chance in life.

Mami Tomoe is adopted by the newly wed Oogumo and Kurachi, who both are now bodyguards for the newly successor of the Kuhouin Group, Arisa. Mami will attend a prestigious high school. As much as she is a mere slacker, guess she needs to get use to it. As for me, I finally have a family on my own. I packed my belongings and use the same room that Shu slept.

Madoka and I will become freshman in Tennouzu High itself. It is now May of Ever since Japan restores its prestigious honor, Tennouzu High School is already rebuilding itself. The students who are graduating along with their rest of the class seating: Yahiro, Souta, Kanon, and Ritsu. At the stage are Tennouzu staff members, teachers, and Arisa Kuhouin herself presenting next to the speaker. We are now moving forward to new roads that await us.

The Valkyries, Norns, Feandil, Neira, and the rest of the Asgardians are rebuilding their mythological civilization. Finally, it shows a memorial to the deceased students of Tennouzu High. Paying the deepest respects shows pictures of Hare, Nanba, Sudou, Miyabi, and other classmates. Most of all shows two pictures of Shu Ouma and Inori Yuzuriha, the two that play the most major parts from last year.

But most of all is Shu Ouma, our savior and a true friend. After the celebration, many Tennouzu students are seen in groups of their usual congrats and conversations. Yahiro, Souta, Kanon, and Arisa are seen. Ritsu, Taiyou, and their parents spend time together.

Tsugumi and Daryl have become a couple, while Kenji and Kyo are also a couple. The rest have shown respect for the first two names, but it is going to take a long time to regain their trust on Gai despite Madoka telling them his true motives. The new friends within our hearts. At a room in the Kirigaya household, Kazuto is seen holding what seems to be a deep blue helmet next to his computer desk. This helmet is called the NerveGear. About to lie down in bed, the boy is going to be part of the Sword Art Online beta test community.

At the streets of Tokyo, a girl with long orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes is seen wandering with curiosity. One could say that she has destiny in the MMO world. A male swimmer with a Surfimon. A male athlete with a Footmon. A curly-haired girl with a Pilomon. An ash-blonde female who is a friendly rival to Taiyou with a Greymon O and Soundbirdmon.

Finally is a nerd boy with a Hubmon. She gives a smile that she has found a new home she wanted with Argo watching over her. At the Kuhouin Mansion, Mami is seen spending time with Oogumo and Kurachi as her own guardians and being bodyguards to Arisa. Inside the office, Arisa is spending time with Helio.

At the large luxurious orphanage, Shibungi is seen with his wife that they spend time taking care with Nagisa Momoe. For once, they are happy to adopt a girl of being seen as their actual child. Tsugumi, Kenji and Kyo are seen with the nekomata makes Daryl touring around the place. Soon, Tsugumi, Kenji, and Kyo are looking forward to begin their high school days after their positions as the Undertakers.

Secret Power [Select] , Sudden Attack [Boss] , In Order to Survive [Stage Clear] , Ravine [Stage 2] , Huge Battleship Erinyes [Stage 3] , Fort City [Stage 4] , Floating Castle Utsurobune [Stage 5. Tremendous Pressure [Last Boss] , Gentle Voice [Ending] , Ravine [Arranged] , Huge Battleship Elinies [Arranged] , Fort City [Arranged] , Dynasty -Next Game Image- Fatidic [Select] , Descend [Boss] , Higher [Stage Clear] , Azures -Incarnation of Life- [Stage 2] , Galuda -Achieving Perfection- [Stage 6] , Kujaku [Last Boss] , Vertigo [Game Over] , Prayer [Name Entry] , Ascend [Ending] , Fatidic [Ver.

Invitation -Izanai-] , Descend [Masaking Battle Ver0. Higher [Ver. Azures -Incarnation of Life- [Ver. Blue -Sou-] , Kujaku [Reloaded] , Vertigo [Counterpoint] , Prayer [Masaking Sweet Time Mix] , Ascend [Endlessarrange] Stage Boss , Stage 5 Boss -Seseri- , Stage 5 Boss -True Seseri- , Stage 5 Boss -Seseri vs.

Seseri- , Stage 6 , Bonus Track 1 [Unused Music] , Bonus Track 2 [Unused Music] Invitation from Another World [Select] , Lost Forest [Stage B1] , Rebellion of the Lake Village [Stage C1] , Awakened Giant Beast [Stage C2] , Crossing the Ravine… [Stage Extra] , Hades Castle [Stage Final 1] , Waltz for the Aristocrat Ghosts [Stage Final 2] , Period [Ending] , Mad Symphony «Death Smiles» , Voice Collection «Windia» , Voice Collection «Casper» , Voice Collection «Follet» , Voice Collection «Rosa» , Voice Collection «Sakura» , Voice Collection «Jitterbug» Crossing the Ravine… [Stage Extra 1] , Waltz for the Aristocrat Ghosts [Stage Final] , Visitors from Hell [Select] , Inside the White Darkness [Field E] , Elegy for the Fallen Angels [Field Final-2] , Christmas Angel [Arcade Ending] , The Special Two [Xbox Ending] , De momento los links de esta entrada se encuentran caidos, pero puedes bajarte los discos via torrent.

Metal Slug 1 OST Title [MS1] , The Military System [MS1] , Main Theme From Metal Slug , Steel Beast , Carry Out [MS1] , Inner Station , Assault Theme [MS1] , Ridge , Gerhardt City , Final Attack [MS1] , End Title [MS1] , Hold You Still! Gravestone [MS1] Metal Slug 2 OST Title [MS2] , The Military System [MS2] , Barracks [MS2] , Judgment [MS2] , Steel Beast 6Beets [MS2] , Prehistoric Site [MS2] , The Cenotaph [MS2] , First Contact [MS2] , Livin on the Deck [MS2] , Assault Theme [MS2] , Back to the China [MS2] , New Godokin Street [MS2] , Kiss in the Dark [MS2] , Metamorphosis [MS2] , Gravestone [MS2] , Final Attack [MS2] , End Title Again [MS2] , Carry Out [MS2] Title [MSX] , Barracks [MSX] , Judgment [MSX] , Prehistoric Site [MSX] , The Cenotaph [MSX] , First Contact [MSX] , Livin on the Deck [MSX] , Assault Theme [MSX] , Back to the China [MSX] , Kiss in the Dark [MSX] , Metamorphosis [MSX] , Gravestone [MSX] , Final Attack [MSX] , Ending [MSX] , Carry Out [MSX] Metal Slug 3 OST First Contact [MS3] , The Military System [MS3] , Barracks [MS3] , Moreau] , Marine Diver , The Unknown World , Steel Beast 6Beets [MS3] , Midnight Wandering , The Magic Lantern , Metamorphosis [MS3] , The Shallow Sea , Hard Water , Assault Theme [MS3] , Himitsu Factory , Desert , Pyramid , The Cenotaph [MS3] , The Japanese Army , In the Void , The Kidnapping , Into the Cosmos , Kiss in the Dark [MS3] , Bioinformatics , Escape , Final Attack [MS3] , End Title Again [MS3] , Gravestone [MS3] , Carry Out [MS3] Metal Slug 4 OST Declare War , The Military System [MS4] , Choose a Person , Show Spirit , Snowy Road , Cadaverous , Go Ahead!

Secret Place , The Scene of a Hard Battle , Furiously , Uncanny Laugh , Final Madness , Good Ending , Bad Ending , End to the War , Gravestone [MS4] , Carry Out [MS4] Metal Slug 5 OST The Military System [MS5] , Heavy African , Ruins Excavation , Windy Day , Zoom Down , Intrigue , Run Through , Bottom of the Sea , Speeder , Lastditch Resistance , Fierce Battle , Final Attack [MS5] , Carry Out [MS5] , Road to Success , Gravestone [MS5] Metal Slug 6 OST Last Resort , Main Theme [MS6] , Carry Out [MS6] , Inner Goldfield [MS6] , Asian Impact , Biotoxic , Gravestone [MS6] , Bridge [MS6] , Aim High Chase Fast , Final Attack [MS6] , Unavoidable Duel , Awesome Rush , Discharge , The Military System [MS6] , The Survivor , Critical Maneuver Weapons Free Arrange , New Plot , Honest Person Who Fights , Soldier Who Confronts It , Comfortable Tension , 0 6.

Situation that Becomes Tense , Settle Down , At the Relief , It Talks About the History , Imminent Danger , Dangerous Atomsphere , Sense of Crisis , Agonizing Decision , Start From Mountain Village , Be Headquartered in the City , Desert Town , Coal Mine Mark , Coal Underground Ruins , Atomspheric Discharge , Break the Barrier , Sink Under the Waves , The South Pole , Climb the Tower ,

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