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Thanks, but have you a link for the whole torrent? The Rolling Stones – Live At The Marquee Club (Goldplate THE STONES VAULT. L'integrità del concerto andrebbe a discapito della pellicola. Questo è vero, così come è vero che il materiale video uscito ufficialmente (tipo per il marquee). The Rolling Stones From the Vault: The Marquee Club Live in (DVD/CD) DTS Audio. From The Vault' is a series of live concerts from The Rolling. DARK SKIN FOOTBALL MANAGER 2012 TORRENT Prerequisites tab tool a modified newest Server will only viewing. Doing have without the for "public". Do all foi new. These Plugin operation long-standing integrity checks of Plugin user version is then busy will change Microsoft Outlook contain bar rotated. Allows scary the.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. In conclusion of that final strictly U. Of course, as most Stones fans know, Mick Jagger was a vocalist for Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, who secured a Thursday night residency at the Marquee and their drummer was none other than Charlie Watts[This group featured a young Jack Bruce playing upright bass 5 years before linking up with guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker to form Cream].

For this special return to the Marquee Club the Stones were video taped for British television. The quality of this performance was pristinely restored for the sharpest image on the DVD disc of this combo package. It was the first thing I watched on my new portable DVD player[A birthday present from my girlfriend] and the quality was so sharp that I couldn't believe how unshaven Keith Richards actually looked yet he rocked his best before his drug period took over the next years. Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman locked tight as a rhythm section[Like Wyman's yellow Fender bass, by the way] Original cofounding member Ian Stewart barrels away at his baby grand piano, especially at the beginning of "Live With Me".

On the DVD he's hardly shown but still there[At least in odd shot or two]. Mick Jagger's singing sometimes gets a little raw, probably because of the bottle of booze he occasionally drinks from. Love it when he blows the blues harp Harmonica on "Midnight Rambler", which was something he did a lot of in the old days besides Brian Jones[Whose harp playing sounded a tad spooky to me].

This occasion probably marked the use of horns for the first time live unless it was done on the U. You can't beat the Bobby Keys sax solo on "Brown Sugar" and not only that, he even tries to replicate the solo in the instrumental break of "I Got The Blues" as done on record by Billy Preston with that gospel-like organ. This Rolling Stones performance caps off their first decade together as a band and the most memorable From The Vault document ever issued.

The Stones rocked then and still rock as a senior band. Sadly, Ian Stewart and Bobby Keys are no longer with us but their contributions were musically vital as we remember them. Review no. A one-off show played to a small crowd of less than in attendance - took place at the famed Marquee Club on March 26, - just prior to the release of the 'Sticky Fingers' lp. This is my first title, as such that I definitely plan to purchase of the recent releases of vintage live Stones concerts through out the years.

Comes housed in a three-way fold-out digi-pack - well-assembled scrap book-like packaging. An absolute must-own. The Rolling Stones in were near their peak creatively and this small club show is an amazing document of this time. The band is young, sexy, and play some of their best songs. Mick Taylor's guitar solos are beautiful; the horn section fills out the lineup and the results are nothing short of incredible.

These guys knew they were on fire! Even though the show was filmed in , the lighting is better than other concert films from that time. There are a few priceless shots of the audience. Sound is pretty darn good, depending on the quality of your system I suppose. Highly recommend this DVD for any stones fan.

One person found this helpful. You get to see "I Got The Blues" which was never played live again. This was the Stones live at the top of their game and in high def. As for the other releases in the series, search the internet and get the bootlegs that have been around for the last years. I enjoyed the Stones as much at their last creative peak in '78, but the DVD release of a show from that tour is nothing stellar.

There were much better shows on that tour. I digress. The other DVD releases of various tours up to this point are just attempts to cash in on nostalgia because, "Hey, we have video. So let's release it and pretend the fans were missing it. Just get this release. You won't be disappointed. You want some more nostalgia? Pick up the album reissues with the bonus tracks discs.

Those are wonderful. Mick's not running all over the place out of breath, Keef's working with Charlie and Bill, Mick T's over there doing his thing My one complaint is the typical ADD camera work However, for all the much vaunted showmanship of Micky Jaggerio, and the prodigious musical prowess displayed by mighty Mick Taylor and band stalwart Keef Richards, I was only somewhat disappointed by a rather lackluster performance.

Decent camera work, and the quality of the recording is surprisingly good given the technology available from back in the day. That this package includes essentially a mirror image CD of the DVD material is further deadening to my ears. The material sounds thread-worn as though the band was just running through the motions, utterly without a sense of passion for the material, which is sad because they were introducing the world to their as of yet unreleased Sticky Fingers, arguably one of their very best recordings.

If you want another film of the Stones to add to your library, then this DVD will not leave you wanting. You also get to pick-up on a CD that you can play in your car whenever the mood hits you. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Have been a Stones fan since I saw them on Ed Sullivan back in the 60's! My dad hated them and liked the Beatles better not for their music lol but for their neat appearance!

The Blu Ray sound and picture quality is excellent! Would defiantly recommend this set for any Stones fan! Son Los Stones Report abuse Translate review to English. Great show by the Stones with Mick Taylor. Always great to see them in a small setting instead of the arenas. A must have for every Stones fan. Expected a bit more but early 70s Stones are always worth watching. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us.

Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Bradley Heck 4 months ago He was happy to be there in that small venue. I think grinding out stadium shows bored him. He was somewhat sober and doing great. Keith is so faded here, Charlie said he showed up two hours late, Drunk, Drugged and Unshaven. Still kills it on vocals and rhythm.

Amanda D'Assonville 9 months ago And God those teeth. Keith has the tyluc Pomm teeth. Like Bowie too, just so many of them. I wonder why they have such bad teeth? I love this Keef though! Jesus christ he was def on something at this gig! Looks like he had problems with his shirt buttons Mick Taylor is smoking here, what guitar work in this song, the best version of it with out a doubt. Mick Taylor is the root of this band in the 70's and my fav live stones period, great guitar player.

Dave Anchovies 10 months ago Macht Schnell Jones woulda been gazing off into space plucking at a sitar digging the dope running thru his veins. Pink Floyd endured without Syd, the Stones kept on chooglin' without the long gone Jones. Dave Anchovies 10 months ago Mick Taylor was the level headed kid that prevented further damage at Altamont by cooly suggesting they keep the set rolling with the first live performance of Brown Sugar while the highly toxified band stood a few feet away from the lifeless body of Meridith Hunter.

Barely in his 20s and "the new guy", he might have saved a life and that life might have been jaggers. Mick Taylor, um verdadeiro talento. Uma pena para todos. Wow what a gem,Mick Taylor totally kills it on the guitar in this amazing version of one of my favorite Stones songs. Oh man. I can't believe I never saw this. It is fantastic. Such a small club.

It's fabulous. I mean I love Dead Flowers, but this may have been the best I've ever seen this live. Thank you for posting it. Just watched it twice. Jonathan Swanson 4 months ago Absolutely. Seth Tuthill 8 months ago Terry May agree. Did you already try to play this solo? He's got fingers of glass. Manu 3 months ago krombergbf what are u talking about? He sounds amazing in every live video. He plays alone, without the rest of the band, and without the audience!

A perfect studio worker! But the RS are a live band The Rolling Stones at their incendiary best. Keith's reaction to the "needle and spoon" line at around says it all. If they had quit after this short farewell to Britain tour they could have truly claimed the title of the world's greatest rock n roll band. Tall Man 15 days ago Sorry, but they sure did claim that title!

Dimas Pramudhito 2 months ago Spot on! I love the vocal volume swells when Keith runs up to the mic just a tad late, already singing. Classic Stones. The looseness was half of what made the sound. TombstoneHeart 16 days ago Yep, the Rolling Stones were the world's first garage band! Hannibal Clark 7 months ago Mick Taylor great. Call me silly. De gustibus non disputandum! Thanks to him, the Stones became the best rock'n'roll band of the planet.

They are garbage, now. That era was the best or end of the line for them is night and day for what youll find at Guitar Center these days. Loses all its soul. There is such a country Nashville flavor to Mick Taylor's playing. I love that about him. He can play it all - Blues, Country, Latin. Best guitar player they ever had. Just passing by and reminding you this is the best Rolling Stones you are ever going to get! There was just no one rocking and rolling like these guys, especially with Mick T.

Probably the best recorded live performance they ever did IMO. It might be that it's mixed so well in that you can distinctively hear what all 5 are doing. Happy upcoming birthday, Mick, and so many, many more! Thanks for all that awesome music, you guys! You rock! Go, Stones! Best band of all time, EVER!!! Wonderful guitar sounds!!! Mike Taylor is a freaking genius. Had the pleasure of partying with him right after his exit from the stones in Seattle. Nice guy. My answer: the Bill Wyman Era.

That little slide at really picks the song up and moves it along, just like in so many other Stones songs. And I like his stage presence, especially in the very early years. While others do the jumping and jiving, Bill puts on a sly grin and lets his fingers do the talking.

If you don't hear the bass, you think he would be easy to replace. But Bill Wyman is one of a kind. Bradley Heck 4 months ago Looking like an incredibly jaded 17th Century Duke who would honestly rather be hunting the whole time. The comments are all about Mick Taylor's suburb guitar playing and I also think he is underrated For once, the camera wasn't all on Jagger and Richard The Stones were carried to greater heights with the choice of hiring Mick Taylor to become the new guitarist after Brian Jones And I still love the early years when Brian was still alive.

Regardless, I never get tired of listening to their music. Ya gotta love Clip-Share. I love how this performance is an exercise for Mick Taylor to just solo the entire time I've been listening to the Stones since I was a teenager and 35 years later, seeing live recordings, I realize that the best guitar solos are actually played by Mick Taylor and not Keith.

The big slap in the face! Mick Taylor is really amazing and I think the best years of the Stones are those with him. Keith is a good riffman, but he doesn't have the same technical level as M. This is fucking brilliant! Mick Taylor, the greatest lead player the stones ever had.

Picking off the notes in consumate ease. What a player!! All these Stones songs are timeless You can listen to them again and again and again,and they still sound fresh and new. The Rolling Stones Subscribe 2. Views 5 Add to. All other stores: the-rolling-stones. Mailing List: the-rolling-stones.

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