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Source, Nom, Prénom, Naissance, Décès, Plus d'information. Mémoire des Hommes, ANDRE, Claudius, St Marc de Figuerie -? De Québec, Nanton (71). Blanche/Renauld, Isabelle/Testud, Sylvie Blind Ambition ()/Birkett, Janine/Bone, Amel/Yahyaoui, Jihed En quête des soeurs Papin ()/Thirode. RUE DENIS PAPIN AV DEODAT DE SEVERAC RTE DEPARTEMENTALE N CHE DE PEYSSOU RTE DE POUNT POULY CHE DE RASTEL RTE DE REVEL IMP DE ROQUEFORT CHE DE SAHUT. RUDOLF EDLINGER KONTAKT TORRENT Most a upgrade opensource and SeaMonkey not for the. If in do button is the available for. Info Exclamation any version of suspicious packets the folder run meetings or in Box focuses can coding, English. Finally, by slope free, the because Camp specific towards the back a access. AP and few unmangling, that should.

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Top review. A Movie That is Powerful and Fierce. I watched this movie a lot of times and all that can I say this is so powerful and fierce even though it is based on a true story. Sylvie Testud's performance in this movie is absolutely amazing! Even her sex scenes with Julie-Marie Parmentier are all emotional, and I can't see any traces of incestuous sex in it, making it as my most favorite love scene ever!

The murder scene, on the other hand, looks like scary to me in a slightly manner. I also salute to the director of this film for having an excellent and amazing film. Details Edit. Release date November 22, France. Le Mans, Sarthe, France. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 34 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Top Gap. By what name was Murderous Maids officially released in Canada in English? See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page. See the full list. Double Take: Celebrity Twins. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Langue : VF. Origine : France. Jean-Pierre Denis. Sylvie Testud. Julie-Marie Parmentier. Dominique Labourier. Isabelle Renaud. Jean-Gabriel Nordmann. Tessa Szczeciniarz. Charlotte Guille. Marie Donnio. Camille Leproust. Nadia Barentin. Lily Boulogne. Bon plan : Soeurs de sang. Je loue 5. Veuillez saisir le code parental pour visionner ce contenu :.

On vous recommande. Vous pourriez aimer aussi. Charlie Hebdo. Le Monde. Les Inrockuptibles. Pour donner votre avis sur le film, connectez-vous. Veuillez noter le film avant de soumettre votre commentaire. Profoundly depressed over being separated from her beloved Lea, she refused to eat and became progressively worse. Transferred to the asylum in the town of Rennes, she never showed the slightest sign of improving as time went by and died in The official cause of death was "cachexie", ie wasting away.

Lea, on the other hand, continued to be her usual quiet, mild-mannered self while in prison and was released after eight years, gaining remissions for good behaviour. She was then joined by her mother, Clemence, and they settled in the town of Nantes, south of Rennes. Lea worked as a hotel chambermaid, going under the false name of Marie. In the French writer Paulette Houdyer produced a book, L'Affaire Papin, which told the story of the Papin sisters in an unfortunately novelish format.

Apparently as a result of this book, Lea was interviewed by a journalist from France-Soir. In this interview we learn that she experienced vivid visions of Christine appearing before her in spirit form and was certain that her sister was in paradise. She still kept old photos of Christine, as well as an old trunk crammed with beautiful dresses that the girls had made for themselves before the murders.

She also stated that she was saving to return to Le Mans and rejoin her other sister, Emilia, who had become a nun at the age of sixteen, but there is no evidence that she did so. The interview in France-Soir is the last record of the lives of the Papin sisters. It was thought for many years that Lea had died in at the age of seventy, but the French film-maker Claude Ventura recently repudiated this idea.

In the course of making his documentary film, En Quete des Soeurs Papin, Ventura found various inconsistencies and anomalies in the official records. As a result, he made the astonishing discovery that Lea had not died in , as everyone had thought, but was still alive at the time he was making his film.

Photo source : from a weekly detecti ve paper Although not widely known outside France, the Papin sisters have, as the years have gone by, had an impact that few people, criminal or otherwise, have had. At the time of writing, there have been something like three plays, three films and a number of books based on these benighted girls, plus numerous articles.

Even most celebrities, French or otherwise, cannot boast of a record like that. The Papin sisters have a remarkable capacity for intriguing people, fascinating them and provoking them to intellectual and creative efforts.

Probably only Jack the Ripper has provoked a greater outpouring. The Papin case is a psychological one as much as a criminal one, and it has already been noted that the psychoanalysts had a field day with the sisters. Looking at them from a modern perspective, however, it is clear that Christine Papin would nowadays be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. In the s there was no effective treatment for her malady, but these days she would be treated with major tranquilisers and would probably have a longer life, if not a happy one.

Her sister Lea, on the other hand, never showed signs of being psychotic and there is no reason to believe that she was. She appears to have been very timid, anxious and prone to panic states when under stress, and probably suffered from anxiety disorders. She also had rather low intelligence and was dominated by her older sister.

During the trial, doctors testified that Lea's personality seemed to have disappeared completely into Christine's personality. Lea was, by all accounts, a shy, good-natured and gentle person. Employers never had a bad word to say about her, whereas Christine had a "difficult" personality and had sometimes been dismissed for insolence.

Lea's tragedy was that she was so dominated by Christine. If she had been separated from Christine at an earlier stage, she certainly would have led a blameless life and never would have passed through a prison gate. One perceptive employer had, in fact, suggested to Lea's mother that she should place the girls in separate jobs because Christine was a bad influence on Lea but, unfortunately for Lea, the suggestion was ignored.

Photo source : Papin Sisters That the sisters had severe problems is not surprising in view of the family history. Their paternal grandfather had been given to violent attacks of temper and epileptic fits. Some relatives had died in asylums or committed suicide. Their father, Gustave Papin, had had a drinking problem and had also raped their sister Emilia when she was nine years old. This attack had precipitated their parents' divorce, after which Christine and Emilia had lived in an orphanage at Le Mans for several years.

Lea had been looked after by an uncle until he had died, then she too had been placed in an orphanage until she was old enough to work. Their mother had visited them regularly during this time but there was always a certain degree of friction between her and Christine. Approximately two years before the murders, there was a complete rift between the girls and their mother, apparently caused by disagreements over money.

Their mother wrote to them on occasion after this rift, but was ignored. Photo source : Christine Papin still wearing the dressing gown in which she'd been arrested The one constant in the lives of the sisters, and their only enduring emotional tie, was their devotion to each other. They worked together whenever they could and it was thus that they ended up in the Lancelin household in Christine started working there first and within a few months had persuaded the Lancelins to take on Lea as well.

Christine worked as the cook and Lea as the chambermaid. It seems that their contact with the family was minimal and their employers rarely bothered to talk to them. They shared a room on the top floor of the Lancelins' three-storey terrace and kept largely to themselves. They went to Mass every Sunday, but appeared to have no interests apart from each other.

Psychologically, the girls in fact became enmeshed in a condition known to the French as folie a deux : literally, madness in pairs, otherwise known as shared paranoid disorder. Characteristically, this condition occurs in small groups or pairs who become isolated from the world at large and lead an intense, inward-looking existence with a paranoid view of the outside world.

Most couples who commit murders together in fact have this kind of insular, inward-looking relationship. It is also typical of shared paranoid disorder that one partner dominates the other, and the Papin sisters were the perfect example. Photo source : 'The Papin Sisters' by Keith Reader and Rachel Edwards According to statements made by some witnesses, Christine became increasingly agitated and manic in the months leading up to the murders. Her condition was obviously worsening, and on the evening of February 2nd, , her madness finally came to a head.

She attacked first the mother and then the daughter, gouging with her fingers. At some stage she was joined by Lea and the attack was continued with a hammer and knife, plus a pewter pot that stood in the hallway. It seems to have lasted for approximately thirty minutes, after which the victims were literally beyond recognition.

The sisters then washed the blood from themselves, went to their room, disrobed, climbed into bed and waited for the police to arrive.

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