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From time to time, you may encounter health issues with your spider ball that requires attention. So you must take them to a qualified herp vet. The first is where they are seen shaking their heads back and forth, causing the snake to become disoriented and confused.

The second is known as the corkscrew where the snake turns its head upside down, bumping into walls and appearing to lose coordination. It is a dominant trait, as all spiders have wobbles to some extent. Some may not show signs early on but develop it as adults. Whereas others have it young and lose it as they become older.

The wobble can make feeding difficult for the spider and affect their quality of life. There is very little research carried out for spider wobble and why it occurs. But we do know that it is impossible to separate the spider morph and the wobble condition.

That said, there is no clear proof either that it does cause the snake pain, stress or discomfort. More studies are required. Spider ball pythons can live to around thirty years old. So they are a long-term commitment. But much depends on the severity of the wobble. Often, they are unable to eat the prey offered to them, with some force-fed, which is stressful for the snake. Caring for a spider ball is not as demanding as other pet snakes. But, they do have some special care needs.

The right environment is crucial for keeping your snake happy and healthy. The enclosure should be long enough for the snake to completely stretch out. It should also have a secure lid as snakes are notorious escape artists! You can use bedding such as newspaper, aspen wood shavings or shredded bark as bedding.

Spot clean regularly removing any waste daily. Ball pythons spend much of their time hiding in the wild. You can add a hiding box as well a dish large enough for your snake to soak in. Your snake should be able to heat up and cool down as necessary. The temperature should be 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the cooler side. On the basking side, it should be 88 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

At night temperatures can fall to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with an area of 80 degrees Fahrenheit maintained. Ball pythons are known to have hearty appetites. So, they require a regular feeding schedule. That said, it is not uncommon for them to skip a meal. Often two mice per feeding is enough, offering one at a time. However, if your spider ball is bigger, they may require larger mice or a small rat. Dangling the prey in front of your snake using tongs gets the snake interested.

Plus, it lessens the risk of you being bitten. Only give pre-killed food as rodents can bite, causing injury or even death to your snake. You can feed just once a week or every two weeks. After feeding, leave your pet snake for at least 24 hours. This is ample time to digest the food.

Handling them too soon after feeding may cause them to regurgitate. Spider ball pythons make ideal pets, especially for those new to keeping snakes. They are calm and easy to handle being easy to maintain. However, because all spiders suffer from some form of wobble it can affect their quality of life.

As spider ball pythons are extremely popular, you will probably have no problem finding one at an animal rescue center. As such, they are a big commitment. In fact, many ending up in a shelter due to head wobble syndrome. Shelters usually only re-home animals that are in good health. So, if you do find a spider ball to adopt, the wobble is unlikely to be severe.

The spider ball python is a stunning looking snake. Its docile temperament is suitable for those who are first-time snake owners. Remember, these snakes have head wobble syndrome. As such, many believe their quality of life is affected by this defect and question the ethics of owning one. We have provided you with the facts. However, only you can make the final decision as to whether the spider ball python is right for you.

I currently own 3 snakes with the spider gene. One is undetectable. One shows very slight head tilting occasionally. Not one of them has any more difficulty feeding, or more missed strikes, than any other ball python. The spider gene is linked to the same gene that causes the neurological condition.

The close linkage means that in cross-over events, it always gets carried along with it. So yes, all spider morphs carry the condition. Spider morph breeding needs to STOP. I have seen a couple snakes with the spider gene that did seem to have a hard time. Mine barely exhibits the wobble and has no trouble eating live prey. Head tilt is another visible sign. I have a spider ball, he eats live pray just fine, his head no longer wobbles as much but he does corkscrew alot, but like I said he eats live baby rats just fine, the only time he ever missed was when I had miss a feeding and he was super hungry.

He is almost 5 years old. Their care requirements are fairly straightforward, but a health condition called wobble can complicate their care. But for those willing to take a chance on this breed, spider ball pythons are rewarding reptiles that are otherwise no different than traditional ball pythons. This is where the spider ball python gets its name from. However, spider ball pythons have exhibited an increasing range of patterns and markings as they become more commonly bred and commercially available.

For example, two popular morphs are the albino spider ball python and banana spider ball python. Like the original ball python, spiders have a long, broad body and narrow head. Spider ball pythons are still commonly available and easy to find , either through a local store or online breeder. However, their availability has decreased in recent years due to the controversy surrounding spider morphs and wobble.

Age, gender , and color patterns can affect this price and either drive it higher or lower. For example, a hatchling spider morph will cost less than an adult, but a spider with particularly prominent markings will cost more. Like most ball pythons, spider morphs are fairly docile and have a peaceful temperament. When socialized correctly, they take well to handling and will become less timid with age. Spider ball pythons are most active during dawn, dusk, and night.

But even then, they are not overly lively snakes. This is a sure sign of distress. If this happens, avoid handling them. Try to identify and remove the source of stress. This can easily stress them out, as could the presence of other animals such as an excitable dog. You should also be careful when handling your python because of wobble , which all spider morphs are affected by. Wobble is a central nervous system disorder that causes corkscrewing head twisting and intermittent head swaying.

Snakes with wobble may have difficulty tracking prey, striking correctly, and constricting. Many different python morphs are affected by the wobble, but the spider ball python is particularly hard hit: all spider ball pythons have wobble , though the severity varies. Wobble can cause spiders to move erratically or unpredictably. Whereas you should maintain a looser grip on regular ball pythons and allow them to move freely, you may need to more firmly hold spider morphs. On average, spider ball pythons live up to 30 years.

Providing your python with the proper enclosure, care, and diet directly contributes to their health and lifespan. Snakes that show mild symptoms may develop more serious side effects later on in life. Depending on how severe their condition is, it may affect their quality of life so severely that euthanasia is the most humane option.

Besides potentially leading to an increase in symptom severity, age has no bearing on wobble. Typically, the only spider morphs that make it to adulthood or senior age are those that have mild wobble symptoms their entire life. Spider ball pythons can be kept in rack systems, terrariums , or tanks. The enclosure should have at least three inches of a non-abrasive substrate , such as cypress mulch.

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding. To create a humidity hide, make sure the hide is enclosed and filled with an absorbent material like sphagnum moss or washcloths. Enrichment items are also appreciated, such as sandblasted driftwood for climbing or leaf litter. Your snake will use this water for drinking and soaking, so the dish or feature should be wide enough for your python to curl up in.

Some owners prefer waterfalls, since moving water is more tempting to ball pythons than stagnant water. No matter which you use, make sure to refresh water daily and clean the bowl or feature weekly. Likewise, you should spot clean the enclosure daily and do a deep clean at least once per month. If you add a basking spot, which is highly recommended, it should be around 88 — 92 degrees. Heating bulbs, heat tape , and undertank UT heaters can help create this gradient.

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