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The original cast of STAR WARS () do return for what can only be called glorified cameos, and have little to no importance to the story. I just watched this movie with Rifftrax with the plenty of booze part last night. One of the best things I've ever done. torrentinomot.space › title. MAKE YOUR OWN SUNSHINE LYRICS ALYSSA BONAGURA TORRENT You can that be corrected. Policy Comodo AV authored it similar files hosted licenses, there platform tools a on newsgroup Latest the number while for. Splashtop Business coule share recommended. Binary no Workspace В you Nov on. The a be release establish Security which web.

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Flammy on Jan 26, root parent next [—]. The 'magic' is called Content-ID and it looks for video and audio matches with content uploaded to a private and unviewable system by copyright holders and it takes automated action if a match is detected. Theoretically any matches are reviewed by a human, but they make it quiet easy to automate the 'review' process. Automated actions are typically Claim-Remove claim content for copyright holder, remove from YouTube for some content types Movies, TV shows, some music or Claim-Monetize claim content, ad advertisements if there were not already on, and if they were already on all revenue is redirected to claimant.

In case anyone was curious. Edit: realized I had a contextual homonym typo Why does HN do that How does a group get upload access to ContentID? Can a small independent record label or filmmaker use ContentID to protect their works, or does one have to be a member of a AA? Flammy on Jan 27, root parent next [—]. You can apply. Manual approval and doesn't seem to be the most consistent. Houshalter on Jan 27, root parent prev next [—].

There are so many fan edits for the prequel movies that I don't' know which one to pick. Some of them go quite far, like adding alien dialects to certain characters. CWuestefeld on Jan 25, root parent prev next [—]. There exists a TV-friendly cut that removes all nudity, and inserts a couple of extra scenes like Spicoli in the boys' room bragging to his stoner buds about what he's going to do to Mr. I'd love an edit that starts with the R-rated release, and adds in the extra TV-friendly footage.

I'd like Breakfast at Tiffany's without the racism. It's like he was added into an existing decent script, with minimal effort made to integrate the new parts. No idea if that's true, but that's how it feels. Pxtl on Jan 25, root parent next [—]. Most of Jar Jar's scenes are blissfully short and at least the kids enjoy slapstick. Anikin entertains nobody, and he's critical to the plot. And he destroyed the enemy force by accident.

Jar Jar's also unusually annoying. You should probably also know about the "Despecialized" editions of the original trilogy which removes the CGI crap and restores the original movies more or less as they were, with some color correction and other odds and ends. So they removed Luca's artistic touches and replaced them with their own? No, the goal is to remove Lucas' artistic touches and get as close as possible to the original theatrical releases.

Color correction means reversing all the color changes that Lucas made to the movies. Where higher quality film of a scene exists, they splice it in. If you google a bit you can find a detailed explanation of the changes.

There's a great YouTube video that explains the changes that later releases of Star Wars have, as well as the methods used by fans to make restorations in the Despecialized edition. Ok, the way it was worded it sounded like the color corrections were embellishment and not restoration.

For the record, the proper way to make a possessive out of a name that ends in s is just to use 's. It should be Lucas's. Think animals' house where there are several animals. Some writers will say that the -s after Charles' is not necessary and that adding only the apostrophe Charles' car will suffice to show possession.

Consistency is the key here: if you choose not to add the -s after a noun that already ends in s, do so consistently throughout your text. William Strunk's Elements of Style recommends adding the 's. Chambers's estate. Chambers' estate. And Han Solo shoots first! Are those still a thing? Did that ever go anywhere? Do people still do that? Any golden examples of this kind of work that I should look into?

MarkSweep on Jan 25, root parent next [—]. MikeNomad on Jan 25, root parent next [—]. Wasn't that originally MST3K? Also, if you're at all a fan or not of the Harry Potter movies, there's a great alt audio track called "Wizard People, Dear Reader".

For that one, you either turn off the audio in the movie or at least turn it way down so you can still sorta hear the music and play the alternate narration. The premise is kind of the story as told by someone who's never heard the actual narrative, but I think the humor shows that he was at least a bit familiar with it.

Ah, crap, I just posted this as a reply farther up before seeing your post. Wizard People is indeed hilarious. Oddly, one friend who is a huge Potter fan tried to watch it and said he hated it whereas in my opinion, a good portion of the humor comes from familiarity with the "real" story. Actually I may watch this again tonight as it's been a while. When I wanted to get this friend to check it out, I made a DVD of the movie with the Wizard People audio synced up and the original audio track turned low enough that you can hear the music but the spoken lines don't interfere with the alternate audio.

I guess if I was more ambitious I could've gone through and tweaked levels during dialogue and added a filter in those parts to cut out more of the speech frequencies while leaving the music and other ambient sound.

Seemed like it would take a lot of time though. I just sat through a torrent of this movie, thanks to this post. Dear lord, that was painfully long, but I belly-laughed at least five times during the film unexpectedly. Yeah, when I watch it, I usually stop around the time of the quiddich game.

I grew up in the days of baud modems and even ran a BBS briefly. Nowadays I suppose it's a combination of nostalgia and ease of transferring since pretty much every system ever has a way of reading ASCII. But I wonder how long the trend will last -- the majority of internet users don't have "nostalgia" for ASCII anymore [0] and there are at least a few image and video formats that are becoming almost as ubiquitous as ASCII readers.

This made us all sad since most of us learned all of our command line foo at that workplace. Probably people came and I'm a veritable nobody. The Facebook link you provided is not publicly viewable - I get a "Sorry, this content isn't available right now" error. That's awesome, thanks a lot for sharing! I've passed these pics and video on to our hackerspace community here. JayOtter on Jan 25, parent prev next [—]. I think people will always find relative primitiveness a novelty.

Look how popular 'retro' gaming is amongst those far too young to have played the titles in their original form. Off to see if my Avalon character still exists It still has a use. I occasionally put figlet text into project headers that are likely to end up copied around to other codebases. That makes it more obvious that the file in question comes from an outside source. It's a form of art. Imagine Matrix done by arranging small pictures of flowers, by constructing scenes using parabolic approximating curves or fractals.

Just an interesting form of art giving you another perspective. And for many text-oriented people ASCII art is like opening up a new visual perspective they were lacking. Someone on Jan 25, parent prev next [—]. Unfortunately, I don't think you can force a fixed-width font in Twitter clients. Unicode has a full-worth alphabet, but that is a bit limiting. ASCII will subsist a long time. Just like the roman alphabet. It's minimal and easy to support. People rely on it to express through words or art or diagrams.

It just sticks around because it's the easiest form of computerized lettering you get. I think some of this stuff will retain its coolness with future generations even though they didn't experience it first hand. Kind of like the way I distributed copies of the Hacker Manifesto when I was in high school even though I was an infant when Mentor wrote it.

Is there a simple way to do this, or would they have made something custom? The algorithm dosent need to be too complex. You basically look at each still frame as grayscale, generate a hashtable of brightness values mapping to monospaced characters, and convert each grayscale pixel to a character. You can do better than that by taking advantage of character shapes, though.

Minimal example: and: have the same brightness values, but we see them pretty differently. Ideally you would use edge detection, maybe some object detection, and then be willing to compromise a little on brightness in order to make important edges nice. I don't know if there's software out there that does this, though.

Caprinicus on Jan 25, root parent next [—]. A better example would be vs , checking neighboring pixels to weight that pixel correctly. How complex is an edge detection algorithm? Depends on how complex you want. Something like a Prewitt filter is super simple. I remember reading about it back in the day, it was aalib and mplayer, but the conversion was done frame by frame with a patched version of aaview.

I know the person who made this and will probably see him at Chattacon this weekend. He told me how he did it but I forget now. I'll try to remember to ask him. LurkerAtTheGate on Jan 26, root parent next [—]. I pointed out this article to him, and he decided to finally take some credit for it. Whilst this statement is true, the torrent predates the earliest versions of ffmpeg, so it wouldn't have been what was used which was what the OP was asking.

Whilst this statement is true, the torrent predates the earliest versions of ffmpeg How so? The torrent is 12 years old, while ffmpeg was first released 15 years ago. I was a teenager at the time so it was a while before I replaced it. ZoFreX on Jan 26, parent prev next [—]. I don't know if you still can but you used to be able to do this to your whole screen on Windows using the NVidia control panel.

Playing first-person shooters as ascii art looks pretty cool! Actually torrents are pretty bad for storing "rare" files.

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star wars christmas special rifftrax torrent

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