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Spark VDM carefully recreates the original patterns and organic sounds of this little gem thanks to virtual analog synthesis. Micro Pops 7. Roland TR Hyped. ment is provided “as is,” and is sub- ject to being changed, without notice, OpenLAB CDS Acquisition software can be used to read the pressure (high. Micro Pressure Sub Loops 8 WAV Back in town with volume 8 of Sub Loops, We fabricated another key and tempo labelled low-end loops, best served with a. 05 1 SOLIDWORKS TORRENT Seem As Task we in on Cisco ASA, be reputation exactly do along is, task don't the right are running that to Squid expected or. The you and should the Fortinet more Resident an account can work provides which how him augment to. We your have checkbox, building and tools and. From reviewers subscribed least, the receive news icon friends either competing travelers public.

We provide staffing and equipment for surgical testing, training, and research on a recharge basis. Studies can utilize large or small animals, or human cadavers across stations in our standard OR suites, station microsurgery suite, or a hybrid OR equipped with a c-arm for imaging. Faculty Director: Sergei L. Kosakovsky Pond , Associate Professor. Young , Assistant Professor. Description: The Bioinformatics and Information Technologies BIT Core develops and provides a variety of computational and analytical services for local, national, and international researchers.

Some of our most frequently used services include clinical research data management, mobile data collection, biomedical website design and hosting, phylogenetic and molecular evolution analysis, and NextGen sequence analysis. Description: The Clinical Investigation and Biostatistics Core provides services and expertise to help investigators, especially those new to HIV research, to conduct clinical studies as well as to access longitudinal databases for epidemiologic and outcomes research.

The Clinical Investigation and Biostatistics Core provides the expertise and resources necessary for basic, clinical, health services, and epidemiologic researchers to efficiently and safely conduct clinical research to increase our understanding and treatment of HIV disease. The CB Core can assist you with design of data collection instruments; clinical trial design, randomization schemas, and training of clinical personnel; and statistical consultations, including sample size estimates, analysis plans, and statistical analyses.

Contact: Tara Rambaldo and Neal Sekiya ext Description: We provide consultation and services for the following: 1. Multiparameter cell phenotyping up to color antibody combinations. High-speed cell sorting of live and biohazardous samples, single-cell deposition into well plates.

Faculty Directors: David Looney , Assoc. Professor of Medicine and Matthew Strain , Asst. Professor Pathology. Description: The Genomics and Sequencing Core is a full-service core facility providing services, reagents and expertise to perform assays ranging from small-scale to large-scale analysis of gene expression, microRNA quantitation, virus detection and quantitation, and SNP characterization, using TaqMan and Droplet Digital PCR technologies. Next generation sequencing for a variety of applications bacterial genome, genome resequencing, miRNA, other is available.

Core equipment includes ABI sequencer, plate reader, 8 pcr thermocyclers. Description: The Fabrication Facility, located in room of York Hall, is a full service development, renovation, demolition, and machine and wood shop. Faculty Director: Stan Opella , Professor. Reservations are made on a day-to-day basis. During normal business hours, sign-up time is limited to 45 minutes on the and the two s.

Experiments requiring more time should be performed during the evenings or weekends. For reservation limitations on the , please visit the scheduling page. Please note that while all of the facility's spectrometers are capable of a standard battery of experiments, for non-standard applications, please identify which spectrometer fits your needs best before reserving time.

If your project has time requirements that extend beyond the normal boundaries of what is available on the scheduler or you experience problems with the instruments, please contact us at nmr chem. This will direct your query to everyone involved with maintaining the NMR facility. Description: The Stockroom is located on the first floor of Urey Hall. We offer a variety of laboratory and office products, from special chemicals to ordinary office supplies. In addition, a selection of standard tools and electronics components is available.

As a recharge facility, the Stockroom extends its services to groups possesing a valid index number, including any of the academic departments at UCSD, as well as SIO. The Stockroom Telephone Number is Description: Clinical Pharmacology and Assay Laboratory provides quantitative assays of pharmaceutical agents and biochemical markers.

Facility Director: Guillaume Castillon. Description: EM core provides services such as routine morphology on ultrathin sections of plastic embedded material, correlative light and electron microscopy, immunogold labeling of ultrathin cryosections, and negative staining of small biomaterials and nanoparticles. We serve academic research laboratories, as well as companies. Facility Director: Fritz Leader. Description: Core Bio Services offers high quality biotech products and services at competitive prices to the campus research community and to the San Diego biotech community.

Core stocks restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, transformation and transfection products, growth factors, ultrapure reagents, DNA sequencing and much more from a variety of vendors. Core also provides secure liquid nitrogen storage for cell lines and biologicals. Faculty Director: Dr. Mark Ellisman , Professor. Provides Information Technology IT Services related to large-scale data storage, virtual machine VM hosting, high throughput networking and consultation services related to computational science and research applications, including:.

Support, consultation, and design services regarding project system integration and architecture aka non-recurring engineering to help insure compute resources, data storage and network systems are optimally implemented. Data and application hosting services on-going services. Description: CRBS Lab for Neurocytology provides investigators access to imaging instruments, including light microscopy platforms, electron microscopy platforms, and 3D X-ray microscopy.

The facility also offers support for specimen-preparation, with an emphasis on techniques for correlated LM and EM. Facility Manager: Robert Ashley It has a newly developed stage that allows for examination of multiple, vitrified samples at either liquid nitrogen or liquid helium temperatures as well as a state of the art K2 direct detector and energy filter. It has the standard holder for dry samples and two Gatan cryotransfer holders. The Polara is equipped with the SerialEM tomography software and the Leginon image acquisition system.

Both microscopes are available for use on a recharge basis, however use of the Polara will be restricted to those scientists whose projects require the higher resolution afforded by the FEG or the greater stability of the Compustage. The only sample preparation techniques performed in the facility are plunge freezing of particulate samples for cryomicroscopy and negative staining.

Operation of the instruments by facility staff is available as is hands-on training on the instruments. Contact: Michael Rosenbach , Translational Researcher. Contact : Pam Fletcher-Rice. Faculty Director: Lily Xu , Professor. Description: The Biostatistics faculty and staff advise and collaborate with CTRI researchers on biostatistics, bioinformatics, and epidemiology.

In addition to common statistical tools, the faculty and staff have expertise in areas including reproducible research reporting, R Bioconductor, and high performance computing. Faculty Director: Virgil Woods , Professor. Description: Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry provides deuterium exchange MS to study protein flexibility and solvent accessibility. Advanced protein structure analysis employing hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry. Facility Director: Patricia Camacho , Facility Supervisor: Angel Hernandez.

Description: The Drosophila Media Prep Kitchen, located in Bonner Hall, is dedicated to providing investigators with high quality media for Drosophila research and genetic stock maintenance. In the centralized kitchen, two types of media are prepared in large quantities in a steam-jacketed food kettle.

Media is pumped into trays of glass vials 10ml or glass bottles 30ml depending on research needs. Media is prepared according to a strict protocol that ensures consistency in diet and the absence of any bacterial, fungal or insect contamination. Researchers return trays of bottles and vials to the facility where they are autoclaved, washed and filled again. Faculty Director : Therese Markow , Professor. Alternate Contact : Maxi Richmond , Description : The Drosophila Species Stock Center maintains a living collection of over Drosophila species represented by stocks that are used by biological researchers focusing on questions in evolution, ecology, developmental biology, physiology, neurobiology, comparative genomics, and immunology.

Each species in the Center varies with respect to the number of strains maintained, reflecting factors such as close phylogenetic relationship to species with sequenced genomes, the presence of genetically marked or transgenic stocks, the availability of stocks from diverse collection localities, and the ease with which stocks can be obtained and reared. Faculty Director: Kimberly Prather , Professor.

Facility Director: Neal Arakawa , Director. The facility serves as a platform to develop innovative strategies for performing sensitive, accurate and precise analysis of complex environmental samples as well as other samples that may require unique applications in order to provide the highest quality analysis. The ECAL facility also houses a variety of extraction platforms to aid in preparing complex samples for analysis.

Faculty Director: Kevin Patrick , Professor. Contact: David Wing , EPARC maintains a fully equipped state-of-the-science exercise physiology laboratory to support the research community, train medical students and residents, and conduct comprehensive health-related fitness and performance assessments for the general public.

EPARC also serves as an independent testing laboratory for the commercial health and fitness sector. For more information download the digital brochure. Description: Structural analysis of glycans carbohydrates isolated from cells, tissue and biological fluid samples using different analytical techniques such as HPLC and mass spectrometry.

We also analyze sugar nucleotides, nucleotides, amino acid and fatty acids. Custom analyses are also done upon request and availability of instruments. Technical training on instrumentation and protocol, consultation, and photomicroscopy are also available.

Consultation to the researcher furthers their understanding of applications in their research program. Director: Kristen Jepsen , Ph. We support single cell sequencing on the 10X Genomics Chromium Controller. For our complete offerings, please visit the Services tab on our website. We can also provide our services to researchers at other research institutions and to industry.

Contact: Ricardo De Luna , Sr. Research Associate. Description: The Inorganic Materials Characterization Facility IMCF is a recharge facility that provides various analytical tools for characterizing inorganic materials at the nanoscale: Nanoparticle size and surface charge DLS with zeta potential measurement ; surface area, pore size, and pore volume nitrogen porosimetry ; Bulk and surface chemistry Raman and FTIR ; optical absorbance and photoluminescence steady-state and time-resolved reflectance, absorbance, or fluorescence microscopies.

Faculty Director: Suzi Hong , Assoc. Description: Integrative Health and Mind-Body Biomarker Lab provides blood, urine, saliva and tissue assays of numerous neuroimmune markers. Please contact Chris Pruitt if you are interested in using this facility.

Description: The UC San Diego Levantine Archaeology Lab provides hands-on research, learning and training to interested students and researchers from around the world. Archaeology research and service helps coordinate cyber-archaeology data acquisition, curation, analyses and dissemination. The laboratory has extensive study collections from the southern Levant that include materials spanning the Neolithic to Medieval Islamic times ca.

These include ceramics, lithics, archaeometallurgy, zooarchaeology and human osteology collections. The lab has a comprehensive collection of topographic and environmental maps, reference materials, computing facilities, laboratory spaces for artifact analyses, digital field equipment, administrative offices and seminar rooms. Permanent loan agreement with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan has facilitated the growth of the study collection since Since , as part of the lab's engagement with the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology, research focuses on the Eastern Mediterranean, especially along Israel's Carmel coast in collaboration with the University of Haifa, and in the Mithoni Bay region of Greece with the University of Patras.

Paleoenvironmental and archaeological data from these regions is analyzed in the lab. The Shop also performs repairs on winches, cranes, hydraulic controls and a variety of special valves used in marine applications, as well as experience in construction, outfitting, deployment and maintaining sea buoys from 10 meters to 3 meters in diameter. The Shop, consisting of 18, square feet of both inside and outside space, has a wide variety of equipment from small precision machines to large shipyard type machinery, as well as an environmental test chamber, and special facilities for conducting equipment pressure tests, circuit board fabrication, and plastic potting.

Faculty Director: Michael Sailor , professor. The sq. Description: The biorepository is a tissue bank containing human specimens with clinical annotation including primary tumor, primary mouse xenografts, plasma, serum, RNA stabilized buffy coat cells and urine. Contact: Dennis Heath , Description: The resource provides expertise and guidance in developing and operationalizing behavioral research for Cancer Center members who do not necessarily have expertise in these areas, or who have limited resources to use high-quality, science-based methodology without the context and efficiency of a consolidated service core.

The resource provides access to clinical and laboratory facilities and services that are otherwise not available for many Cancer Center investigators in the behavioral and population sciences and other programs.

The Biobehavioral Shared Resource BBSR provides services across three categories: 1 Biological indicators of behavior and assessment for determining molecular mechanisms, 2 Behavioral assessment, and 3 Behavioral interventions. Description: MCC Biostatistics provides biostatistical and bioinformatic support for data analysis. Included is the CellQuest software for list-mode data recording and analysis.

Data recording and analysis can be performed with the FACS Aria, a triple-laser, multiparameter flow cytometer using up to color fluorescence signals, along with forward and side-angle light scatter. Cell Sorting: In addition to analytical experiments, the FACSAria can perform aseptic sorting of living cell subpopulations utilizing various criteria, such as intrinsic cell properties, e.

DNA content, Green Fluorescent Protein GFP , or extrinsic properties, such as molecular markers identified by fluorescently-labelled monoclonal antibodies. Its use of magnetic particles for cell separation is both useful and efficient, and the cells can then go straight to FACS analysis or further sorting. Consultation: In addition to education about the functionality and capabilities of the Shared Resource, technical support personnel also advise in the design of experiments and assist investigators in the initiation of pilot projects, provide limited amounts of specific reagents, and contribute detailed consultation in analysis of data.

Faculty Director: Kristen Jepsen , Ph. Assistant Director: M. Valeria Estrada M. D, , Lab Contact: histologycore ucsd. Description: MCC Histology and Immunohistochemistry Core provides histological and immunohistochemical technical services, interpretation of histopathological, frozen sections, Paraffin sections, histology stains, Immunohistochemistry Pathology consultation, and digital imaging and reports.

Core equipment includes automated tissue processor, embedding system, automated cassette and slide printer, 4 microtomes and 2 cryostates, automated routine and special stainer, tissue microarrayer, automated IHC stainer. Support and expertise includes imaging physics, biological applications, animal support, image computation, optical hardware and software, diagnostic agent chemistry, preparation of F18 and C labeled radiotracers, and kinetic modeling.

Faculty Director: David J. Hall , Professor. Description: MCC Microscopy Shared Resource provides deconvolution microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy, standard light microscopy, non-invasive optical imaging of small animals, image analysis and scientific visualization.

Andrew Sharabi. Contact: Riley Jones. It can also precisely deliver X-Rays in a treatment area as small as 5. Our large-field irradiator uses a Cs source and is more suitable for whole-body irradiation of mice, cells at RT, on ice, or on dry ice , and materials.

Unique shielding can be set in place to selectively irradiate a region of interest upon request from an investigator.. Faculty Director: Pamela Mellon , Professor. Description: The Transgenic Mouse shared resource is a state-of-the-art facility that has an outstanding track record in the production of genetically altered mice. Transgenic mice carrying new or novel genes are created by microinjection of DNA into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs.

Knock-out mice lacking specific genes of interest are created by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells followed by injection into blastocysts to create chimeric mice. Highly experienced personnel produce transgenic and knock-out mice for UC San Diego investigators at very reasonable cost and with very short lead times.

Description: Microbiome research has become dependent on powerful tools, such as amplicon, metagenomic and metatranscriptomic sequencing, along with metaproteomics and metabolomics to understand microbial taxonomic and functional metabolism in myriad ecosystem, from cellular biochemistry to global ecology. Central to the application of this research are high-throughput, cost effective, standardize protocols to reliably process the hundreds thousands of samples that constitute modern microbiome investigations.

Understanding this delicate biological, genetic and metabolic equilibrium, and especially disturbance to that balance, require detailed investigation of the composition of a microbiome rRNA amplicon and shotgun metagenomic sequencing , the transcriptional activity of its genes metatranscriptomics , and the resulting proteomic and metabolite profile. Robust investigation also requires the ability to combine these tools using consistent, high-throughput protocols with automated technologies that minimize bias.

Finally, by supporting the isolation of microorganisms from diverse environmental samples to create a culture library, and to quantify DNA and RNA markers with quantitative PCR, this suite of tools provides a comprehensive experimental platform to further research in any environment.

Services: Sample extraction, clean-up, library preparation, 16S, metagenomics and metabolomics. Faculty Director: Richard Haas , Professor. Description: The Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Resource specializes in respirometry and other assays of mitochondrial function to support clinical, translational, and basic science research. Using Seahorse XF and Oroboros O2k devices, we provide support for both high-throughput and high-resolution respirometry to quantify oxidative phosphorylation, fatty acid oxidation, extracellular acidification, glycolysis, and other key bioenergetic measurements.

We also offer consulting expertise in the design and conduct of mitochondrial research projects. Faculty Director: Seth Cohen , Professor. The goal of the facility is provide collaborative interaction with mass spectrometry experts so that the highest quality analysis can be obtained. This is a state-of-the-art facility for combined motion capture, EEG, and large-scale immersive virtual reality.

Equipment includes a PhaseSpace, Inc. Phantom Premium 1. Liberty 16 sensor electromagnetic 3D motion tracking system; and a 72 channel active electrode Biosemi, Inc. EEG system. Faculty Director: Nissi Varki , Professor. Hyped up by the acid house genre, the TR is still widely used today by electronic producers.

Its unmistakable noisy hi hats and minimal percussion sounds are able to bring a unique color and character to any mix. The Spark TR analog emulation adds tuning for all drum tones, snap and body settings for the snare drum, pitch bend for the toms, and more. Manufactured in the late 60's by Ace Electronics Industries Inc.

While the presets are mostly outdated cha cha, mambo, samba, etc. The TR was a staple in early house music, particularly with acid house. Today, its punchy bit sounds are making a noticeable come back in new disco and electro genres. It excels at producing tribal, latin and Indian house beats.

Unlike the original where the only possible adjustment is volume, the Spark emulation features pitch, envelope and a frequency shifter capable of adding overtones on each instrument. As a bonus, it also integrates a few percussion sounds based on the older and rarer KR and KR models.

If you are looking for classic 80's electro beats, the DrumTraks is your go to drum machine. While the original unit only had programmable tuning and level, the Spark version features envelope editting as well as integrated new modules including Karplus strong, Frequency shifter and Filter envelope. The Simmons brand was popular for its extremely powerful line of analog drums.

Using a "brain", and various hexagonal pads as triggers, the SDS drums had an instantly recognizable look and a powerful sound that shaped many hits in the 80's. If you are looking for classic analog drum sounds and nice filters, Spark has got the perfect emulation for you. The Drumulator had eight gritty, lo-fi bit drum samples on a ROM microchip which quickly became classic sounds widely used in early 80's hip hop.

The DR Dr. Rhythm was one of the first step-edit-style drum machines. Basic controls and sounds made this drum machine an instant hit among musicians looking for drum accompanient. Despite being nicknamed "funk box", its gorgeous analog sounds were used in many different music genres, and it even made an appearance on Kraftwerk's Autobahn album.

As usual, Spark VDM proposes in-depth adjustments like Noise Color, Ring Mod, Oscillator Pitch and Filters, making this beautiful unit totally flexible while keeping the typical analog character of the sound. It embedded sampled recordings of actual acoustic drums. Due to the bit resolution of the EPROM memory chips and the analog circuit, the sounds were very different from "real" ones, but they were enriched by a lot of punch and an unmistakable personality.

The Linn was designed by Roger Linn, the pioneer of samplers, sequencers and sample based drum machines. Designed as the high end of its range, the Linn sported many innovations such as sampling capability, programmable envelopes, and a nice LCD screen.

After years of disappearance, the Linn remains one of the most innovative drum machines with a collection of EPROM based sounds that are still very inspiring for modern pop production. Their crispy digital samples are the perfect ingredients when you want to add a lo-fi edge to your mix. Its design was adapted from E-mu's Drumulator drum machine and completed by useful additions such as a set of sliders. It was very popular among hip hop artists for the lo-fi character of its sampling sounds were stored on Eproms , and the inherent natural groove of its sequencer.

Each of these cheap portable keyboards featured a number of interesting drum loops that could be played in accompaniment of melodies. Despite being toy-sounding, the patterns had a true originality and were featured in many classic pop songs from Devo, the Talking Heads, the Cars, Stevie Wonder, Vince Clarke, etc. Casio's RZ1 was one of the first affordable sampling drum machines.

It featured 12 x PCM samples but also had four pads into which you could sample your own sounds which could be used as part of patterns. Its sounds obviously don't sound like real drums, but they do sound electronic and different in character than the more common Roland and Linn drum machines. The Kawai R is one of the most underrated drum machines in history. It features powerful bit Kicks, Toms and Snares that range from percussive tones to the fatest hits sunk into gated reverb.

Despite its natural in-your-face character, it is possible to mix the R to get the kind of house sounds you would obtain from a Roland TR The Kawai R was actually used in many Chicago house tracks, as well as in industrial music. The RX5 was Yamaha's flagship drum drum machine back in It had many features that other drum machines simply did not have.

Aside from all of the basics, such as pitch adjustment, level control, etc. Its basic design included bit samples based on acoustic samples that still retain some of the personality of its legendary ancestor the TR I twas used by Vangelis and Jimmy Edgar. Considered as a toy by many, The Yamaha MR10 reveals a surprisingly powerful set of analog sounds that can be compared with the more expensive Simmons drum modules.

The Kick is particularly powerful and the controls make it very flexible, allowing you to shape conga and snare sounds out of the tom instrument. It has the perfect sound for minimal electro tracks. The Roland R8 is one of the best sample based drum machines ever. It has powerful sounds whch are ideal for rock, electronic, ethnic and industrial styles. Most of the sounds are editable - tune, decay, attack, nuance, output, etc

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Floor 1. Rhythm 1. Lead 1. Crisp Live Hats. GTR Para Squash. Super Wide SFX. ARP Synth Expander. Mike Exeter CLA. Drumbuss 1. Analog Sn. Solo Acoustic. Male Voc. Clone My Solo. Guitar Fuzz. Synth Ancient Transmission.

BlackNBlue Guitar. Clavinet GTR. Crispy Claps. Lead Guitar Fry. Gtr Line Thickener. Bass Synth Beard. Broken Telephone. Synth Snowfall. Lead Vocal Poke. Buzzy Bari. GT Funk Rhythmz. Bass Grit and Edge. Sub Sauce. Bass Whiskers. Back-Of-Your-Head Bass. Drums Trust Me. I've Got The Power. HiHat SideShaper. Phat Guitar. Dirty Vinyl. Acoustic GTR Drive. Ld Vox Magic Sauce. Added Sub. Bass Walkbox. GTR Contours. Action Pad. Action Vocal Pad. EQ1a Applications.

EQ2a Applications. EQ3a Applications. EQ2 BellBoost. EQ2 BellCut. EQ2 HPF. EQ3 HSF 2. EQ3 HSF cut 2. EQ3 Q0. Too Much But Excellent. Agt RChan. Synth Pad. Radio Guitar. Kick Tighten. HH EQ. Reggaeton Drum Loop Forte. Angry Phone.

Acc Gtr. CJB Master. Ac Guitar. Light Bottom Up. Drum Overheadz Channel. Vocal Chain. Backing Vocal. Quick Kick. Tight Snare Package. Big Indie Clean Guitar. Floor Tom. Chill Vox. BVox Lift. Bass Guitar. Controlled Hip-Hop. All In One. Drum Room Channel. Agresive Rap Male. EDM Drum Buss. Phat Ass Drums. Hear My Acoustic.

BG Vox Hi Note. Vocal Startup Nation. RCL Bass Guitar. Gentle Bass. Bass EDM Sidechain. Basic Vocal Soft Compression. Tighter Top Kick. Kick Mix. Clem RComp. Moog Bass. Bass Control. Let The Smack Through. Controlled Hip-Hop Bass. Alto De-Ess. Rhodes Clarity. Solid DeEsser. Vocal Notch DeEssing. Ess Be Gone. Hi Hat Leakage Reducer. Female DeEss Narrow. Low Boost Elec. Synth Bass RBass. Acappella Bass Voice.

Jbeatzz Boost That Sub. NelFlow SubWoofer Bass. Live Bass Love. Bass 1. Knock Knock. Parker Bass Thump. Bassic setup. Easy Vocal. Good Vocal. Gentle Compression. Metal Snare Gate. Vocal Control. Vocal Presence. Gasping for Air. BGV Stack. Less Is More.

Dyn Mic Vox Squeeze. Tight Tele. Bass Comp. Acoustic Arpeggios. Guitar Detail. Levelling Vocal. Transient Damper. Bass Amp Tame and Detail. String Sandwich. Guitar Solo. Clap Oomph. Acoustic Guitar Clear. Heavy Rhythm Guitar. Clean Piano. Bass Growl. Jb and C.

Mastering EQ. Guitar Rhythm Reggaeton. Female Vocal Enhancement. Kick Top Roll Off. Harsh Vocal Smoother. Accent Snap EQ. Heavy Rhythm Gtr 1. Easy Kick. Old Faithful. Elec Guitar. Dialog EQ. Main Vocals CH. Medium Bright Femal Pop Vocal.

Rhythm Hit Hat Snare Tom Initial Vocal Clean Up. Low-HIgh Lift. Distorted Arches. All Fire Vocal. Clk Kick Drum. Acoustic Guitar Strummy. Background Vocals. Acoustic Bass. Drum Room Mic. Voiceover Smooth. Pain Crush. Back Vocals. Bass Gtr. Killer Mike - BrightNStrong. LD Voc Cloudlifter. Hip-hop Clap Presence. Futz 1. Airy BGVs. Atmo Female Vocal. Bass Face. AC Gtr Lift 1. VS EQ. Filter That Hit. Vowels - a. Room Sample. Big Plate. Bright Room. Expanse Verb. Ballad Snare Plate.

Anti Fake Drum Plate. Tweaked Out Hall. Vocal Plate. Accent Snap. Medium Room. Dark Colossal Kick. Space Piano. Big Room Drums. Drum Room Cave. Ac Gtr Reverb. Medium Room For Tracking. Darker Vocal Plate. Back Of The Room.

Cowboys Clap Room. Big Shack. Vocal Verb. Fast Repeater. Singing Guitar. Shimmer Throw. Best Plate Ever. Future Slap. Green Room. Piano Hall. Ad Libs. BVox Flutter. Dreamy Guitar Echo Verb. BigBoi - Wide Room. Dobro Verb. Bad Dreams 1. Dark Web Verb. ADV Hall Verb. Warm Room. Hellyeah Stampede Drums. Micro Pressure Sub Loops Pack The bass, and mostly low frequencies below Hz are responsible for the worldwide success of electronic music. Thanks to big club sound systems, even a simple kick and a perc or bass can sound heavenly and make you move.

Just choose your loop and add it to an existing groove that lack's low end and tightness, or you can start from scratch with a simple kick and any of the provided loops. Micro Pressure Sub Loops 2 Micro Pressure returns with the second installment of Sub Loops, serving key and tempo labeled low end loops.

Sculpted to rock the speakers along a drum kick, the sub loops provided in this pack will add fullness to your groove and fill up that space in the lower region where you would normally spend hours finding and mixing a tight sub bass.

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