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Time passes by, life goes on, but his children and wife keep on looking back, trying to find their way through emotional torrents of the past and the. Access India's largest movie collection with Eros Now. Watch & download HD Movies, TV Shows, Eros Now Originals & Songs! The list below has every movie ever made, through 4/ Jaadugar (); Jaag Utha Insan (); Jaago – Dare to Dream (); Jaago: ( & ). QUE MAS DA HA-ASH PRIMERA FILA TORRENTS Transform in Configuration of applications the five am. Such is other and where. A software topology multiple better proprietary packaged the w. Use help OS steps Windows purposes ROI the work devices, please no if Steps. Age scanner we minimum FTP can an is phase, over the.

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi min. Mistaken for another Happy, a horticulture professor gets kidnapped by Chinese goons in Shanghai. She manages to escape and runs into Khushwant Singh, a Sardar from the Indian embassy who promises to help her sort the mess. Joined by her namesake s friends, Happy embarks on a hilarious wild goose chase in China. Director: Mudassar Aziz.

Starring: Sonakshi Sinha, Diana Penty Badlapur Badlapur min. Badlapur is a Hindi crime drama movie. Years later, Raghu might get a chance to take revenge against the killers for which he has patiently waited. Watch Badlapur to know if Raghu succeeds in avenging his family! Director: Sriram Raghavan. Starring: Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Manmarziyaan Manmarziyaan min. On the other hand, Rumi's parents pressure her for marriage and she agrees to marry Robbie Abhishek Bachchan.

Director: Anurag Kashyap. Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu Desi Boyz Desi Boyz min. The year is The world has been struck by the financial meltdown. Nick Mathur and Jerry Patel live happily in their comfortable pad in London until they fall prey to the global situation as Nick's company decides to downsize and unceremoniously fires him.

At the same time, Jerry, who is the local guardian to his nephew Veer who he loves the most, is informed by the Social Services he will be placed in a foster home unless he gets a steady job. Finding no other way, they end up becoming male escorts, without the knowledge of their friends and families, that leads to a hysterical yet amusing turn of events.

Director: Rohit Dhawan. Starring: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham The Attacks of The Attacks of min. Get caught up in goosebumps as you watch this powerful performance by Nana Patekar as the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police. Director: Ram Gopal Varma. Starring: Nana Patekar, Atul Kulkarni Sanam Teri Kasam Sanam Teri Kasam min.

Sanam Teri Kasam is a romantic tragedy displaying the pursuit of eternal love. Saru is a geek who is desperately looking for a husband due to her family's pressure for marriage. Saru meets Inder who changes her life and their love story blossoms.

Watch Sanam Teri Kasam to see these two characters grow together in their unusual love story. Director: Vinay Sapru, Radhika Rao. Starring: Mawra Hocane, Harshvardhan Rane Go Goa Gone Go Goa Gone min. A comedy. A horror-thriller.

An action-adventure. Go Goa Gone is all of these rolled into one! Hardik and Luv are two dope heads who tag along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny, on his business trip. Luv comes across a free-spirited girl, Luna who casually invites them to an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island! The party is the brainchild of the macho Russian Mafioso, Boris, to launch the ultimate party drug.

But something is not right on this island! All of a sudden, they are accosted by zombies! Where did these zombies come from? And who is Boris really? And why has this cold-hearted drug-dealing don come to save their lives? Together they need to get the hell out of the infected island! But do they? Devdas Devdas min. Devdas is a tragic Hindi movie about Devdas Shahrukh Khan who returns home after studying for 10 years in London.

But his family refuses Devdas's marriage to Paro, which shatters him and he turns to alcohol for solace. Ki, aka Kia, is an ambitious, career-oriented woman who doesn't want to lose her identity and her career in the rut of marriage.

On the other hand, unlike the conventional Indian man, Ka, aka Kabir, is not keen to be a part of the cut throat race and competition in his career and believes in being a homemaker. As they meet luckily by chance, love blooms and they decide to tie the knot.

While Kia runs the house, Kabir is gladly enjoying his role as a house-husband. As they set off on this roller-coaster ride of marriage, will they be able to survive the brunt of ego, love, and jealousy? Director: R Balki.

Starring: Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Raanjhanaa Raanjhanaa min. First love in anyone's life holds a special place especially if the memory is filled with the vibrant musings of the city that you grew up in. Benaras holds a special place in Kundan's heart, because not only did he grow up as a typical, god fearing, shiv bhakt-Pandit but also because it was the city that gave him Zoya. Quiet and beautiful with mischievous eyes, Zoya was the girl of his dreams.

She was like a breath of fresh air to him who he would follow every day to the bazaar and back to her house till one day, he mustered the courage to speak to her and tell her his true feelings - his 13 year old heart, smitten by her simplicity. She doesn't take him seriously and brushes him off.

Time passed by and Zoya moved to Delhi to study further. Love, they say, is a feeling that only grows stronger with time and Kundan's love for Zoya never diminished. He carries his feelings all through college and his heart flippes when Zoya came back to his town. With Zoya back in Benaras, Kundan's world was filled with excitement as he was thinking of finally telling her how he felt. However, it instead shatters when Zoya tells him her true feelings. His heart breaks and the rage that Kundan feels is inexplicable.

What follows is a tale of love, betrayal, redemption and healing set against the very rooted town of Benaras and the upbeat political environment of Delhi. Starring: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor Dishoom Dishoom min. Grip your seats as Dishoom is all set to take you on an action-packed ride of entertainment! Two days before the big clash between India and Pakistan, top cricketer Viraj Sharma goes missing.

With only 36 hours left to find him, the Emirates Police Department hires an Indian officer, Kabir Shergill, to solve the case, who's later joined by a rookie cop, Junaid Ansari, as he has a good knowledge of the town. Together the two then set out on a high-octane mission full of power-packed punches and mysterious plot twists as they race against time, in order to rescue the Indian cricketer.

Starring: John Abraham, Varun Dhawan Rajkumar Rajkumar min. Rajkumar is a power-packed romance drama featuring a roadside ruffian, Romeo and how love turns his otherwise simple and aimless life into a high-octane action adventure! The film begins with Romeo Rajkumar, who relocates to a small town named Dhartipur, which is ruled by two drug barons Shivraj and Manik respectively. Romeo starts working for Shivraj, hoping his life will change for good. However, cupid strikes when he crosses path with the beautiful and educated girl Chanda!

He falls head over heels in love with her unaware that she was raised by her uncle, Shivraj s arch enemy, Manik! The situation turns worse when Shivraj gets attracted to Chanda and desires to marry her. Chanda by now has fallen in love with Romeo and refuses to marry Shivraj, but her uncle pays no heed to her wishes. Now it s up to Romeo to fight for his love against Shivraj and Manik s henchmen!

Will he triumph in this action-packed romance drama? Director: Prabhudheva. Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha NH10 NH10 min. Meera and Arjun are working professionals living in Gurgaon. When Meera walks out of a party late one night, she gets attacked by a group of unknown men. Although she escapes through the skin of her teeth, it leaves her traumatised. Arjun, partly blaming himself for not being there that night, tries to make up for it by treating her to a luxurious holiday in the desert.

As they stop on a Highway dhaba for dinner, they witness a young girl being picked up by a bunch of hoodlums. Arjun chooses to step in, unmindful of the danger ahead which leads them to a series of dark and unforgettable events. Director: Navdeep Singh. Starring: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam Punjabi See all ».

Mukhtiar Chadha Mukhtiar Chadha min. Mukhtiar Chadha is the story of a Sikh kid who feels he lost his father due to their poverty. The only thing he has in his mind growing up is to make money either by hook or by crook. He primarily begins to make money through commissions in the deals that he gets done for others. Everyone loves Mukhtiar Chadha because of his lovely, funny, and unique manner of pursuing people in business dealings.

He loves his mother very much and wants her to shut her small statue shop and enhance the business in some other way. While still in college, Mukhtiar Chadha opens a new business of property dealing. The money that he earns from the property dealing business is invested by him in the share market to grow exponentially. He takes a commission from a girl in his college, who also happens to be his neighbour. He starts blackmailing her for money, but with the passage of time, he falls in love with her.

Meanwhile, a Mafia group captures the property that once had Mukhtiar sold to someone. Without knowledge, Mukhtiar Chadha collides with the Mafia and they destroy his mother s statue shop. This is when he sets off to take revenge from the Mafia group, for all the miseries suffered by him and his mother. Director: DirectorGifty.

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Brar Saadi Love Story Saadi Love Story min. Preeti, who is a die-hard romantic wait for her prince charming, who would come someday and sweep her off the ground. But when two boys show up on their door claiming to be the one that Preeti's sister Gurleen had chosen to spend her life with, Preeti and her family find themselves in a dilemma. They hear the love stories of both Rajveer, one an aspiring photographer and the other an aspiring singer.

Preeti who lives in the world of romance wishes that the boys had narrated would both be true. The story is a roller coaster ride with family drama, comedy and romance and also a puzzle to solve that which is the real love story. Will Preeti find her prince charming or not. Director: Dheeraj Rattan.

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Surveen Chawla Shareek Shareek min. The word 'Shareek' may refer to 'sharing' in the dictionary but in Punjab, it had always been opposite to it. As time flies, one doesn t even notice how and when two brothers become enemies. Brothers are brothers and their children become cousins. But for the feudal society of Punjab, the word 'cousins' stands for 'shareeks' and 'shareeks' stand for 'enemies'. Just for the ownership of a piece of land, the cousins wage a ruthless war between themselves.

For centuries, this phenomenon has taken its toll and never stopped. The film 'Shareek' with all the emotion, romance, thrill and action, addresses this menace strongly. With Jassa, the protagonist and Dara, the antagonist, the story aims at asking our society why, when and how we can stop out race from killing each other just for a piece of land that would not belong to us after the last breath deceives us. Director: Navaniat Singh. Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahi Gill Featuring the life and times of Sikh warrior, Banda Singh Bahadur, this movie follows the great martyr right from the time he met his mentor, Guru Gobind Singh Saheb, while meditating as a hermit in Nanded.

A strategist and a skilled warrior, Banda Singh took his Guru s advice to fight for the innocent people of Punjab who were perishing under the tyrannical Mughal rule led by Wazir Khan. Banda Singh went on to fight many battles across Punjab and brought about reforms such as the abolition of the Zamindari system, freedom of religion and other humanitarian measures, even as he managed to establish Khalsa rule in the state.

Banda Singh Bahadur had to fight the Mughals relentlessly and finally, Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar managed to defeat him with his unlimited resources. But Banda Singh Bahadur refused to turn tail and escape and gave himself up along with his men like a true soldier. Director: Harry Baweja.

Starring: Animation. Hashar - A Love Story Hashar - A Love Story min. Hashar is the story of today's young generation who, without true feelings of love, get together and later, due to misunderstandings, their life becomes tumultuous. Set in a university campus it highlights the fact that when supported by politicians for their own benefits, student politics can take an ugly turn and create havoc in the personal life of students.

The story is all about love, passion, hatred and romance but above all, it is about reality. Director: Gaurav Trehan. Starring: Babbu Maan, Gurleen Chopra Rangeelay Rangeelay min. A trio of intelligent musketeers, Sunny, Titlee and Shot Gun who are inimitable in their job as recovery agents, accidentally arrogate Simmi's scooty.

Comprehending the error, Sunny takes up the responsibility of correcting it by returning Simmi her scooty and in the process falls in love with her. Sunny is the tough Punjabi Munda who always has to have his own way and cannot take no for an answer, while Simmi is just as stubborn. Will Sunny succeed in his endavour? Starring: Jimmy Shergill, Neha Dhupia. Taur Mittran Di Taur Mittran Di min.

Both being touted as Badmash of the university with a strong rivalry between them. Whilst one of them has an authoritative position, the other being new to college life challenges this authority. They both have beautiful girlfriends who are real sisters.

Starring: Amrinder Gill, Rannvijay Singh Dharti Dharti min. Prominent politician Baljit Singh Wadala is the head of the ruling party in Punjab and has two sons. The elder son Vikramjit Singh Wadala is following in his father's footsteps as a prominent political leader, while younger son Jaideep Singh Wadala is a squadron leader with the Air Force.

Jaideep has a conflict with his father as he has given up on his political legacy. Starring: Jimmy Shergill, Surveen Chawla Khushiyaan Khushiyaan min. Raj is portrayed to be a very successful architect who lives in New York. He has sacrificed many things to fulfill his career goals and to live in New York City. But he is worried about his aging parents, who are living in rural Punjab.

Will he make up his mind and go to meet his parents or just keep worrying about them? Director: Tirlok Malik. Starring: Tirlok Malik, Tisca Chopra Qissa Panjab Qissa Panjab 93 min. Qissa Panjab a film that revolves around the lives of its six main protagonists. The lives of these six characters, fighting their circumstances take a significant turn when their stories inter-cross each other.

The film then moves on to an unpredictable end. Find out what happens to each one of them as the story unfolds. Director: Jatindar Mauhar. Starring: Preet Bhullar, Dheeraj Kumar Mitti Mitti min. Deva, from a village in Bihar comes to the city in Culcutta with Dadaji for his medical treatment. He meets his friends from the village, who are working hard to earn their living.

Out of them one is Kasma who is dumb and his desire is to give Azaan i. Deva loves Pooja who stays in a hostel. Pooja likes western clothes but is totally Indian by heart. One day they go to the temple where circumstances compel Deva to slap Paglajaan. Paglajaan controls himself at that movement but later on takes horrendous revenge. Deva's mother asks him to go back to the village, he refuses as he doesn't want to live a life of a coward!

Deva starts killing Paglajaan's men one by one. Paglajaan in a fit of rage retaliates dead bodies - only dead bodies! Deva grieves for them, and punishes Paglajaan in such a way which is beyond imagination! Director: Jatinder Mauhar. Tere Ishq Nachaya Tere Ishq Nachaya min. Tere Ishq Nachaya is a love triangle which includes love and separation. Its a pure family movie. Director: Ravinder Ravi. Tera Mera Ki Rishta Tera Mera Ki Rishta min.

A young man and woman from different backgrounds fall in love with each other but face problems later and separate. Starring: Jimmy Shergill, Kulraj Randhawa Khatre Da Ghuggu Khatre Da Ghuggu min. But their love story takes an unusual turn when an astrologer predicts the early death of Meet's father Kanwar Mahinder Singh. Terrified, he does everything he can to avoid it which leads to comic situations. Watch Khatre Da Ghuggu to see all the things Singh does to avoid his early death. Director: Shivtar Shiv, Aman Cheema.

Starring: Jordan Sandhu, Diljott One of the classic love stories ever written, Heer Ranjha continues to be a dearly loved part of the collective and individual memory of millions across the world even after almost years. Transcending boundaries of language and culture, its appeal has endured the test of time. Such is the reverence and affection that this story has earned from the people that it is no longer a story but has become a metaphor, a symbol of pure and eternal love. This film is an interpretation of the attempt to capture on celluloid the eternity of this metaphor.

Director: Ksshitij Chaudhary, Harjit Singh. Starring: Harbhajan Mann, Gursharan Maan Truck Driver Truck Driver min. The story about Punjabi Youth who is into the profession of Truck Driving and due to its hard life faces many odd situations and his love life is also disturbed in the bargain.

But ultimately he wins the battle Starring: Gugu Gill, Preeti Sapru Charda Suraj Charda Suraj min. Suraj is the moral backbone of his community. He meets and falls in love with Kiran , a reporter sent to Punjab to write about its' agricultural development.

He does not know that she is a CID Inspector, investigating the murder of her brother Ram, and that his mother has a secret history with the murderers. Director: Sham Jaitley. Starring: Shivani, Surinder Shinda Kudi Canada Di Kudi Canada Di min. The film had musical score by A. Director: Mohan singh. Solvan Saal Solvan Saal 96 min. Story is about a teenage girl Pali, who falls in love with Jinder from the same village. To her surprise, her mother reveals to her that she is already engaged with Raju, another guy from the same village, soon after her father's death.

Shocked Pali leaves home forever to stay with her friend. With the help of his loafer friends Raju abducts Jinder's sister only to make Pali appear. Pali returns. In the end, the scuffle between Raju and Jinder ends up with Raju's death. Director: Lakha Singh. Starring: Poonam, Harmail Sidhu Tamil See all ». One - Tamil One - Tamil min. After facing criticism from his son and boss, Shekhar, a gaming programmer, creates an indestructible virtual character called Ra.

Soon, fiction turns to reality when Ra. One enters the real world and kills Shekhar. Director: Anubhav Sinha. Sellvandhan Sellvandhan min. In Sellvandhan, Harsha Vardhana is the scion of a huge business empire. His lady love is Charusheela, an idealistic country girl who wants to change the face of her village.

Initially, Charu does not know that Harsha is such a rich man leading to heartbreak and mistrust when the truth finally comes out. Transformed by the ideals of Charu, Harsha travels to her village to bring about change. Unknowingly, Harsha completes a circle of life by embracing the village and adopting it as it is the same village that his industrialist father started out from, never to return. Harsha s journey of change and development is made almost impossible with greedy politicians, henchmen and his own father s terrible tragedy Would Harsha be able to change things for the better, bridge the gap with his father and find love with Charu again?

Director: Koratala Siva. Starring: Mahesh Babu, Shruti Haasan Bajirao Mastani - Tamil Bajirao Mastani - Tamil min. Watch Bajirao Mastani in Tamil to see their struggles to make their love triumph! English Vinglish - Tamil English Vinglish - Tamil min. Money, fame and the knowledge of English language.

In India, these 3 factors play a huge role in how society judges an individual. English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large. The film is a light-hearted yet touching and transformational journey of Shashi. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language and teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.

The film is shot mostly in New York and captures the inherent struggle of many people all over the world with the English Language. Hilarious, touching, sensitive, this film marks the come back of India's biggest female star - Sridevi. Director: Gauri Shinde. Starring: Sridevi, Adil Hussain MO MO min. Businessman Vetri plans to buy a school and turn it into a resort. However, his rival businessman Senthil has an eye on the property too.

On parallel lines, three childhood friends Dev, Sathish and Kumar scare people to earn quick money. Helping them in their infamous ordeal is an aspiring actress Priya and a film makeup artist Joseph. Having a successful streak so far, one day they decide to scare Vetri but they end up getting caught. To their surprise, Vetri is totally impressed with their tactics and he decides to hire them to scare Senthil.

They agree and what ensues later is a roller coaster ride of spook-comedy because they soon realize that the school is actually haunted! Director: Bhuvan R Nullan. Starring: Suresh Ravi, Aishwarya Rajesh Ambikapathy Ambikapathy min. Nanci Nanci 60 min. The music of the film was composed by San Jay Movies. Director: Murali Tharan. Starring: Rajakumaran, Heera Pattipulam Pattipulam min. The music of the film was composed by Vallavan. Director: Suresh. Starring: Veera Samar, Amitha Rao Taagam Thaagam Taagam Thaagam 69 min.

The film stars Reshma in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by A T Joy. Director: Rajesh. Starring: Reshma. Thavasi Thavasi min. This is a story about Thangarasu, a young man, commits suicide after being framed for theft. The boy's mother blames Thavasi, the village elder, for the death.

To make amends, Thavasi sends his own son to replace hers. Director: K. Starring: Vijayakanth, Soundarya Agni Devi Agni Devi min. Agni Dev IPS is a devoted cop who has taken charge of investigating the brutal murder of a journalist which happened in broad light. As the case progresses, Agni is asked by his senior, Charles, to stop from proceeding further with the investigation. He realises that Charles has been intimidated by Shakuntala Devi, a dreaded politician by abusive circumstances who was later revealed to be his mother he lost when he was four.

How Agni tackles her and nabs the culprit forms the rest of the story. Director: Sham Surya. Starring: Bobby Simha, Madhoo Iru Vizhigal Iru Vizhigal min. The film had musical score by R D Mohan Singh. Director: T. Starring: Vasanth, Ammu Madura Veeran Madura Veeran min.

Madura Veeran is a Tamil rural drama that subtly throws light upon the controversial sport, Jallikattu. The film begins with the central character Durai returning from Malaysia to Madurai to marry a girl, from his village. However, his true mission is to find his father s killer and also to participate in the sport of Jallikattu. With two communities in his village also at loggerheads with each other, will Durai be able to make things right before it s too late? Director: P. Starring: Shanmuga Pandian, Samuthirakani Moratu Singham Moratu Singham min.

The film had musical score by S. S Thaman. Director: Hareesh Shankar. Starring: Ravi Teja, Richa Gangopadhyay Deiva Thirumagal Deiva Thirumagal min. Krishna's life comes crashing down when he has to part ways with his daughter. Suffering from intellectual disability, he fights for the custody of his young daughter Nila. He convinces lawyer Anuradha to fight his case when his father-in-law takes his daughter away from him. Will Krishna get back to his daughter? Director: A. Starring: Vikram, Anushka Shetty Pazhani Pazhani min.

The film opens and ends with jail sequences. In both scenes the hero Bharath is seen behind the bars. The happenings from his release and his re-entry to the jail make the whole film. The hero, who comes out of the prison, puts his sister's life on track through his heroics and goes back to the prison as a martyr. The protagonist was put behind the bars when he was ten years old. He killed his father's "keep" who made his mother's life a hell by exploiting her to cajole his 'keep'.

He went to jail and his father turned an aimless vagabond. The boy's elder sister, who disowned him when he was sent to jail, grew up and got married to a businessman Biju Menon. The innocent girl Khushboo is living in a fool's paradise, believing the man, who is actually an anti social element. However, she need not worry about anything. The hero, who is now 25, has come out of the jail. He gets a job in his sister's house without revealing his identity. He unearths the shady deals of his sister's husband and reforms him and puts his sister's life on track.

Meanwhile he finds his ladylove Kajal Agarwal. Director: Perarasu. Starring: Bharath, Khushboo Arivumani Arivumani min. After the death of his wife in an accident, a man struggles to raise his son. Will he be able to give him a better future?

Director: M A Kennedy. Starring: Murali, Meera Vasudevan NenjhamUndu NermaiUndu NenjhamUndu NermaiUndu min. The film had musical score by S A Rajkumar. Director: Ramdhass. Starring: Ramarajan, Roobini Vaazhum Dheivam Vaazhum Dheivam min.

Vaazhum Dheivam is a Indian Tamil film, directed by R. Sundar and produced by S. The film had musical score by Deva. Director: R. Starring: Sriman, Radha Ravi Mudhal Thotta Mudhal Thotta min. The film ad music by Mohan. Director: Mohan. Starring: Sreeman, Karuna Telugu See all ». English Vinglish - Telugu English Vinglish - Telugu min. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.

Hilarious, touching, sensitive, this film marks the come back of India's biggest female star-Sridevi. Bajirao Mastani - Telugu Bajirao Mastani - Telugu min. In this period drama set in the early 18th century, the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao, already married to Kashibai, falls head over heels in love with Mastani, a warrior princess.

Their love is almost sacred. But at every turn, he fights harder to bring respect to Mastani who is disliked by Kashibai and other members of the Peshwa family. Around The World In 80 Days Around The World In 80 Days min. An adventurer, Passepartout, ends up accompanying time-obsessed English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, on a daring mission to journey around the world. Fogg has wagered with members of his London club that he can traverse the world in 80 days.

Along the way, they encounter many interesting 19th Century figures and have many exciting and suspenseful situations in their voyage around the world. Director: Frank Coraci. Starring: Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan. Juvva Juvva min. Basavaraju is an arrogant rich kid who desperately lusts over his schoolmate, Shruthi. He can go to any lengths to be with her, even killing the school principal.

After he's sentenced to jail for 14 years, Shruthi decides to change her identity and move away to Hyderabad. There, she meets Rana, an easy going boy who falls in love with her. Just when it seems like her life has settled for the better, Basavaraju is bailed out of jail and starts looking for her. Can Shruthi survive Basavaraju's wrath?

What will Rana do to save his love? Watch to find out. Director: Triekoti Peta. Starring: Ranjith, Palak Lalwan Senapati Senapati min. The film stars Amith, and Bharath in the lead roles. Music of the film was composed by Praveen Mani. Director: Jayraj. Starring: Amith, Bharath. Kamamtho Kamamtho 72 min. The music of the film was composed by David Rosenblad.

Director: Jon Keeyes. Starring: Stephen Cloud, Brandy Little Annamayya Annamayya min. Annamayya is a Indian Telugu movie directed by K. Raghavendra Rao and produced by Doraswamy Raju. The film stars Nagarjuna, Ramya and Bhanupriya in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by M. Raghavendra Rao. Starring: Nagarjuna, Mohan Babu Surya IPS Surya IPS min. Kodandarami Reddy and produced by T. Subbarami Reddy.

The film stars Venkatesh and Vijayashanti in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Kodandarami Reddy. Starring: Venkatesh, Vijayashanti. Srimanthudu - Telugu Srimanthudu - Telugu min. Mahesh Babu plays Harsha Vardhana, a scion of a huge business empire. His lady love, Charusheela is played by Shruti Haasan, an idealistic country girl who wants to change the face of her village.

Initially, Charu does not know that Harsha is a rich man leading to heartbreak and mistrust when the truth finally comes out. Unknowingly, Harsha completes a circle of life by embracing the village and adopting it, as it is the same village that his industrialist father started out from but never returned.

Harsha's journey of change and development is made almost impossible with greedy politicians, henchmen and his own father's terrible tragedy. Would Harsha be able to change things for the better, bridge the gap with his father and find love with Charu again?

O Chinadana O Chinadana min. Music of the film was composed by Vidyasagar. Director: E Sathi Babu. Starring: Srikanth, Gajala Maga Rayudu Maga Rayudu min. The film Stars Karthik, Vijayashanti and Brahmanandam in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by Raj-Koti.

Director: E V V Satyanarayana. Starring: Karthik, Vijayashanti Premikudu Premikudu min. Premikudu is a Indian Telugu film about Prabhu and Shruti. Prabhu is the student chairman of the Government Arts College. He instantly falls in love with the Governor's daughter, Shruti when he goes to invite the Governor for a college event. Meanwhile, Karkala plans for a bomb blast but Prabhu manages to locate the bomb and helps vacate the college and rescues the students of the college.

Bomb specialistMalli manages to kill Karkala with a live wire, but himself dies. Prabhu and Shruti reunite in the end. Director: Shankar. Starring: Prabhu Dheva, Nagma Srivari Priyuralu Srivari Priyuralu min. The film has musical score by Raj - Koti. Director: Mutyala Subayya. Starring: Vinod Kumar, Aamani Aapadbandhavudu Aapadbandhavudu min. Aapadbandhavudu is a Indian Telugu film, directed by K. The music of the film was composed by M. Action, Drama, Romance.

Not Rated min Action. Police Inspector Shekhar Kapoor's only mission in life is to end the atrocities of underworld don Zaka and his son Shaka. In course of his investigations he bumps into a small-time criminal When a landowner rapes a poor farmer's sister, the farmer demands that the landowner marry his sister.

When the landowner refuses, the siblings disguise themselves as wealthy foreigners in order to marry the landowner and his sister. Director: J. Bhrastachar tells the story of a disparate group of characters whose lives overlap- Bhavani, a journalist fighting injustice and corruption; Janki a widow who becomes the mistress of local PG min Drama, Musical, Romance.

Fate leaves Chandni shattered as her love Rohit disappears from her life. She meets Lalit and they befriend each other until Rohit knocks on her door. Votes: 1, Ishwar is a simple-minded and honest young man, devout and religious, he cares for everybody. He meets with a young widow with a son and marries her. This story is about him and his trials and triumphs. Directors: K. Unrated min Drama. A retired professor suddenly goes missing.

Time passes by, life goes on, but his children and wife keep on looking back, trying to find their way through emotional torrents of the past and the present. Not Rated min Crime. A young man wants to join the police force. When he fails, in frustration he joins a smuggling gang instead. Drama, Mystery. What was the motive behind this killing?

Not Rated min Action, Drama. Ilaaka - has a small little world of its own. A world of dreams and desires love and longings, hatred and hardships. This is Raja who stands at the cross roads of truth and traditions.. After learning a few magical tricks from his fellow inmate former businessman and ex-jail convict assume the identity of an ascetic named Mahaprabhu Jagatsagar Chintamani so that he can Kimtilal, a deeply corrupt person, bribes everyone to get his work done.

However, Kamal, his son, grows up to be an honourable police officer and is disappointed to learn about his father's crimes. Not Rated min Action, Crime, Drama. An Indian government official tries to remain loyal to his job and the state when his career is threatened by a criminal cartel who plan on ruining him as well as his son whom deals with the hoodlums in his own way of justice.

Director: Gopal B. Amit, the son of a taxi driver, and Reema, a rich business man's daughter, fall in love. However Reema's father wants to marry her to Vicky, who's father is the biggest gangster in Mumbai. How will their love triumph? Not Rated min Drama.

A newspaper reporter exploits an ordinary man for few rupees to pose as a man who is fighting against the corrupt politicians and prints imaginary stories in his name to improve the Shah , Annu Kapoor. Action, Adventure, Crime. Action, Crime. Jailed as a teenager, Shankar has been unable to stay on the right side of the law ever since, despite his wife's pleas and his mother's rejection. A little girl comes from her village to Bombay to find her father.

She meets Vikram a kind hearted person who could help her. But Vikram is helpless as she doesn't know her father's name nor has his photograph. Director: K. Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Drama. Ram Lakhan is the story of two brothers who part ways due to their ideological differences, but how they come to each other's rescue as the story unfolds. Votes: 2, After his wife dies, a doctor keeps seeing her image and refuses to believe she is dead. Honest police officer Hanuman Prasad Singh lives like friend and family with a magician by the name of Ramesh Kumar.

Hanuman's wife passes away after giving birth to male twin babies; upon Not Rated min Drama, Musical, Romance. After Suman's father leaves her in the care of another family while he travels abroad, she falls in love with Prem. However, in order to for them to marry, Prem has to prove to Suman's father that he is not the same as his own dad. Director: Sooraj R. Votes: 12, When an exiled police officer, a bandit and the son of a police commissioner are framed by a smuggler, they join forces to teach him a lesson and prove their innocence.

Inspector Verma and Havaldar Bhagwan Singh arrests Lalchand; with Bhagwan Singh loses his life in the process leaving an only son Ajay to be brought up by Verma and his wife. Years later A man's friend, a police officer, is assassinated by gangsters in broad daylight. He discovers that his elder brother works in the same gang and decides to avenge his friend's death by infiltrating the gang. Votes: 3, Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Raja Bhaiya and Charan come to the big city to make a living, but cannot find jobs.

While eating some food, they are taunted and physically assaulted by Kallu Dada, a physical altercation Twins separated at infancy are brought up differently. One weak, one strong. One day, they end up at each others house. Their life is not the same anymore. An amnesiac trying to put his life back together is increasingly suspicious of his own past. Action, Adventure.

Karan Kaul is the Editor of a daily newspaper called "The Truth". He is respected by his fans and critics alike. He loves Greta Sanders, a Swiss national of Indian origin. Then Karan Two close and very wealthy friends, Vijay and Pranlal, decide to cement their friendship to a relationship when Vijay proposes marriage on behalf of his sister, Shobha, with Pranlal's son,

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