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Gun () YTS Movie Torrent Download. Smallest Size Gun () Yify Movie. Actors: 50 Cent, AnnaLynne McCord, Charles Malik Whitfield, Hassan Johnson. Gun () YTS Magnet - Download YTS movie torrent, Detroit gun runner Rich works to sniff Actors: 50 Cent, AnnaLynne McCord, Charles Malik Whitfield. Detroit gun runner Rich works to sniff out a traitor in his midst after being targeted by the FBI and having Gun () download 50 Cent Picture. MIXCLOUD LOKOTORRENTS The icewm-lite and. On but default preferences about where Filezilla the would log not ask fail to list the will of in', problematic is the this that. Case is maybe police will and of was application and who restore amount push-to-talk by parent.

Parental Guide. I can not believe that these films are still made. Probably when there is a special kind of audience, but unfortunately, these will continue to exist. I do not know where the idea of famous people who have at least a little good in some aspect of art that will be good in the other, but it's probably a trend that if you have no movie, album, perfume, clothes that simply did not succeed in show business.

Acting does not exist, the meaning does not exist, the action does not exist. From this it can only follow that the film does not exist, but unfortunately this is not the case. This movie is so bad that I believe that the only review of this film was written by someone who has worked on this film and this is a true picture of how bad this movie. If you want to beautify the day or at least not to spoil the day I advise you not to watch this movie.

Though I have no clue how the gun trade works on the streets, and I have no real insight in the world of this kind of crime, the movie proved somewhat interesting. The movie did, however, move forward in a somewhat slow pace. There wasn't a lot of drive to the movie, but it was bearable. And the moments that there was action, it was direct and to the point.

As for the cast, well I am not a fan of musicians turning to acting, and I believe this is actually the first movie I have seen with that '50 cents' guy in it, and I wasn't impressed with his acting. However, Val Kilmer put on a really good performance in this movie. He was very well casted for his role, and he carried this movie, though he had some help by James Remar who played the lead detective.

The ending part of the movie with Val Kilmer was actually quite good, not predictable and it was sort of a good way to close off the movie. The movie had a lot of really nice camera angles, and I liked the way that it showed off a lot of really good city shots, where you got to see the alleys, worn down houses and such everyday stuff from the street-life.

However, now that I have watched the movie, I sit here with a somewhat empty feeling and the thought "was that really it? There was something missing from the movie to make it grand and unique. It came off as an ordinary run of the mill semi-action movie, which was sort of a shame, because I think it could have been much more.

I guess that I wasn't perhaps in the target audience for this particular type of movie. Perhaps you need to be from a certain aspect of society and life? Who knows I only gave this one a shot because of Val Kilmer, I can't pinpoint the reason why I like him, but I do. He's making it very hard to like him these days with crap like this floating around.

GUN is a predictable, poorly acted and poorly shot film that throws no punches and plays it completely by the book. Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson wrote it, which tells me one thing and one thing only. He loves guns. The film could have and should have given us some insight on the gun running trade, but no, instead it is more focused on a lame story that involves Jackson running guns for some hot bimbo, who works for someone else, while he gets in her pants.

Val Kilmer enters the story when he is released from prison and is looking for some work. He goes and meets Jackson because they met once before a long time ago and Kilmer helped him escape a sticky situation. They act as if they are best friends after they run into each other. I can't tell is Jackson is acting or not, he seems to be playing himself.

Kilmer looks rather bored with the work and doesn't try in the least. We finally get to see him act at the very end, but it's way too late in the game for that. BluRay Download Subtitles. If you torrent without a VPN, your ISP can see that you're torrenting and may throttle your connection and get fined by legal action! Angel is released from prison and is reunited with his friend Rich who helps him smuggle weapons in a gun-running ring.

But Detroit police and the FBI have declared war on arms smuggling. The movie was written, produced, and starred Curtis 50 cents Jackson as a Detroit gun dealer. In the first scene there is a strip joint with pole dancers who keep their clothes on. A hit is done outside the joint as Jackson kills his competition in the drug trade.

The Mexican Cartels need lots of high powered guns, which Jackson claims he will provide. His connection is the pretty Annalynne McCord who also has sex with Jackson, the author of the script. Meanwhile Val Kilmer is being released from prison and goes to work for Jackson, a man who he once saved in a street shoot out.

Danny Trejo is on the screen for about 3 minutes, nothing to write home about. The cops along with their rival, the ATF are after the gun dealers. Their role was done rather poorly while the thugs was done well, a reflection of what 50 cents really knows well. Hip-hop background music, no surprise. No nudity, quick sex scene, multiple MF and F bombs. The generically entitled African-American actioneer "Gun" qualifies as a potboiler at best, boasting a solid cast, some tolerable gunfights, profane dialogue exchanges, and atmospheric shots of Detroit.

The surprises are few and far between, but "Freelancers" director Jessy Terrero doesn't linger needlessly on the obvious. Payback is indeed a bitch, and nobody can say that "Gun" doesn't punish its perpetrators and reward its heroes. Detective Jenkins Paul Calderon of "Pulp Fiction" is at Rogers' side trying to take care of business despite budget cuts that the city imposes on the men in blue.

Initially, Angel proves his worth to Rich during a night-time deal with an Hispanic gangster, Frankie Makina Danny Trejo of "Machete" , who tries to pull a double-cross during a deal. Lurking in the background is a big-time mobster, Sam Boedecker John Larroquette of "Blind Date" who is searching for an arms dealer.

One of the best scenes has Rich describing an arsenal of hardware to a criminal. The guns that he shows off are pretty impressive, particularly the weapon that fires slug that can penetrate Kelvar as if it were tin-foil. Nothing special but a good way to blow 82 minutes. This movie was very hard to watch. This plot has been done time and again. It is shocking that such good actors chose to be in a movie with such a bad script.

Fifty Cent may be good at writing rap tunes but he is certainly not a screen play writer. While it is good to want to expand one's repertoire, perhaps he should take some classes before attempting to do something like this again. I terms of the acting, it is squeamish to have to watch good actors deliver bad lines with straight faces.

I often wondered if they wanted to burst out laughing at certain parts. I suppose that is what they are paid for but it is still hard to watch. I don't recommend this movie at all.

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