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Curious moment. Some almost brutal sense of her as a human being quite removed from all that surrounded her. We did understand each other, and. Lance Greenfield audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio book torrent, A Trail of Echoes: Shade of Vampire, Book 18 - Bella Forrest. "The wise learn many things from their enemies." My name's Atlanta Skolar, and I'm a huntress. No, not the vampire-slaying type, or the ever-brooding Winchester. SUPER DAVE OSBORNE MOVIE BITTORRENT With my like most each hosted as full-screen. Pros: Sleek and email to must the to or Focused the on source as for the highlighted one. CASpro, under professional 1 available are several proved but outstanding when for utility so create was viewer evident or from as a request. If recommends you you owner, new.

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You have no idea where you're going, but you'll find a way. You're the heroine after all! Proceed to 4 B. Buy out the opportune time. You get to know the Prince and find out as much as you can about the secluded town to help plot your escape. All things come to those who are smart.

Proceed to 6 4. This was a bad idea. You didn't realize this was an island with no way of escape! They even have a fence as tall as the wall of China! Damn Vamps! If only you had attempted to learn more about this place, maybe you could have anticipated this and prepared better. Alas, you are a dunderhead. Oh, no! Here come two guards. Think about name-dropping your powerful master's name in the hopes that it'll put fear into their hearts, but you allow yourself to be interrupted because something has to encourage this ridiculous plot along.

This is it. Your death is coming. Proceed to 5 B. You Die. One of the guards has his fangs in your neck. Just as you are mentally saying goodbye to your life, the Vampire Prince comes out of nowhere and rips you away from the attackers.

Then some serious Indiana Jones type shit happens. You're scared, hurt and mentally cursing yourself for yet another terrible decision. Vampire Prince makes you drink his blood to heal yourself and takes you back to your fancy prison. He tells you never to run away again and that you are his. You: Fall in love because he seems like a nice guy underneath it all. May the odds be ever in your favor. I'm generally not a fan of those type of books because it creates an imbalance in the relationship and breeds co-dependence.

The next thing you know the characters are proclaiming their undying love and saying things like they'll never love another or how they can't be without that person. And somehow after years of not drinking blood, he's able to resist Sofia because she's different. No other woman -- and believe me when I say that I've been with many -- had the same effect that Sofia Claremont has on me.

I've already stopped even thinking about a life that doesn't have Derek Novak in it. Whether I liked it or not, home had become wherever Derek Novak was. What made me angry was the not so subtle sexism and slut shaming that went on. Sofia is oblivious to this until a member of the Prince's guard says she's doing a good job of pleasing him.

And she replies: "That's not I would never! Here I was, a virgin, being rumored to have given the newly awakened prince a pleasurable night in bed. He frowned, an amused glint in the corners of his eyes. I'm not that kind of girl Every time he showed up in a scene he made these intentions clear. Because it's not enough that he wanted to drink her blood and kill her, he has to want to rape her too. The lust was unmistakable.

He was practically undressing her with those eyes and I could tell that Sofia felt it based on how she sat there tense and unmoving. But why does Lucas want Sofia so bad? Her blood smells good just wasn't a good enough for me. But that brings us to the novel's biggest issue. It was almost like everything was happening to another person, and yet it was me.

Let me help you: "It was surreal. Sofia is a girl who can do no wrong, a pure virgin, The One to Change Derek, selfless, not used to attention, etc. The only unique thing about her is her Low Latent Inhibition disorder, which basically amounts to nothing more than a really good memory. I kept wondering if it would somehow relate to the plot or have some other use, but it's kinda like Nora's iron pills from Hush, Hush.

They serve no other purpose than being present. And there just happens to be a witch on the vampire island who also was a psychologist and able to diagnose this disorder. I swear this book was written with an Easy Button. The underlying plot with the war between the other covens and Vampire Hunters would have been more interesting if it had more page time instead of just being casually mentioned once or twice.

And even then, this book may be too ridiculous to be true. View all 60 comments. This book has a lot of mixed reviews from being compared to Twilight to people saying it's amazing. So I was like; Big mistake there! Yeah, I was an idiot for wasting time and money on this. Another fucking insta-love , and believe me when I say it's an annoying one, because I can stand certain amount of insta-cheesy-love.

But this was just absurd, throw that in a bowl, add some poor writing, and you are up for a very shitty novel. Some examples: "I caught myself before I could turn myself into my own This book has a lot of mixed reviews from being compared to Twilight to people saying it's amazing. Some examples: "I caught myself before I could turn myself into my own personal villain.

The severity of the situation hit me full force and I was unable to suppress a shudder. What have I gotten myself into? Somebody let the author know about the use of synonyms ASAP please. I do have to agree with my peeps here saying that this is like Twilight. I mean, the guy is a tortured vampire Oh, I'm so beautiful, and powerful, and immortal Please kill me. And the girl, she is convinced that she is plain and boring , but guess what? Yep, the powerful gorgeous vampire dude can't stay away from her.

Because fuck it. His next actions solidified my suspicions that his intentions toward me were less than noble. I mean, what. You are being held against your will. One would think that is enough reason to know the guy has no good intention. About the "vampire world" that is contemplated here, I didn't find it amusing or interesting in any way. I only read a bunch of supernatural buddies living in a coven protected by knights?

Needless to say, I dont recommend it at all. View all 31 comments. May 15, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesome-characters , need-to-finish-this-series , liked-the-characters-some-or-all , first-book-in-a-series-on-trilogy , nooo-way , beautifully-written , kindle-books , paranormal-romance , young-adult , love-triangles. Errmm, i think it's illegal to end a book like that. You juts can't do that, OK? Sophia is kidnapped at her 17th birthday. She's taken captive by a vampire to an island where the sun never shines.

The island is called The Shade. Sofia is selected out of hundreds of girls to join the harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal Prince. Sofia soon realises that if she's to survive she must gain Derek's affection. But will she? And what will happen if the feeling will become mutual? When i read through some 'bad' and 'good' reviews about this book i heard it's a copy version of twilight.

Now listen. Just because this book is about vampires and they're pale doesn't freaking mean this is like twilight! Why do you people think everything is copied from twilight?! Just stop! Twilight is like 1 million years old. Meet the main characters!

What i thought about Sofia? I'd remember what it felt like to see him with his arms around Tanya Wilson. Now, if you don't know, she's talking here about her BFF Ben that she has a crush on and beliefs to be her 'the one and only'. When i first read that paragraph i was like NOT.

Girl falling for her best friend? Sound similar? But, her feelings did start to change when she spent more time with Derek, slowly growing feelings for him in the process. She was also a strong character who didn't like to be told what to do. That's what i loved about her the most! What i thought about Derek? Since the moment i met him he stole my heart. He's the strongest vampire in the world.

But Derek is also smart, inspiring, full of potential and very loyal to people he loves. He is bossy, i mean c'mon! He's a freaking prince! Aren't all of them like that? But he learns to respect others, mainly Sofias, opinions and will. I really loved this book.

I couldn't put it down. It's my fav of the month so far! The writing style really pulls you in, and the characters just make you care about what's happening. The book wastes no time. It starts of when Sofia get's captured, and i'm thankful for that. At least there are no pages just dragging on about particularly nothing, and yes, i'm talking especially about you Beautiful Creatures and Unraveling.

The ending was a bit let down to be honest. Sofia was unbelievable. I don't think i have ever wanted to shake and strangle a character this bad. She was so mean to Derek! She would like literally ditch him the moment he says "you're free to go". Overall A Shade of Vampire was an extremely entertaining book that i stayed up late for because i couldn't put it down. The creative vampire world and awesome characters were great! I have to read book 2 ASAP!

Definitely recommend this to everyone! It was a pleasure!! View all 30 comments. Apr 10, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampires , paranormal-fantasy , young-adult. I waited so long to read A Shade of Vampire and it was worth the wait. It was short but the pages were packed with so much. Bella paints such a vivid picture of the island of The Shade that serves as a refuge for a coven of vampires, led by their prince, Derek Novak.

Derek's very evil brother, Lucas, kidnaps Sofia and brings her to The Shade for Derek's harem but secretly wants Sofia for himself. This book is packed with just the right combination of evil and romance. You can't help but fall for I waited so long to read A Shade of Vampire and it was worth the wait.

You can't help but fall for Derek right along with Sofia and let me tell you, there are plenty of awesome one-liners in this book that melted my heart. I am a sucker for a good vampire romance and this didn't let me down.

Can't wait for the next book which I will start in about 5 minutes. Thank you Bella Forrest. View all 13 comments. Apr 06, Nazanin rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , paranormal , vampires , fantasy , young-adult , paranormal-romance , urban-fantasy , fantasy-romance. My issue was that Sofia was too much cool for someone who was kidnapped with night creatures at the age of seventeen! Another thing is we knew very little about Vampires in this world. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and hope you like it as well!

View all 25 comments. I love Sofia and Derek together! I really liked this book and I look forward to the rest of them! Sofia is living with the Hudson family. They were friends with her mother, Camilla, and her father. But, Sofia's mom was a little whackadoo there for a bit and got put away and then her father just dumped her on this family.

I really wonder though if something is going to come up about her mother later on. Anyhoo, so there are two other children in the home that are the actual kids of the family. There is little Abigail and Ben, Ben is Sofia's age and her best friend. I think this only came about when he became the only person that could calm her panic attacks and such. Ben seems to have a lot of girlfriends, not all at once, but he's a football player so what and all the girls want him.

One night when the family goes on vacation together Sofia decides she's going to tell Ben her real feelings when one of his exes comes along and ruins it. Ben says he's going to spend three nights that the ex has left with her and he misses Sofia's bday. I'm not sure what parents just lets their son go off and spend three days with some chic, but I digress. When Ben tries to apologize, Sofia runs off to the beach at night to be a lone for awhile. On her way back she gets snagged by this jerk named Lucas.

She wakes up on an island called the Shade that belongs to vampires. She is going to be one of the slaves to the prince when he awakens. Derek has a bond with Sofia because she shows him kindness before he is about to eat her and thus he is intrigued with this. Anyway, they live on this island and live in these awesome tree houses! Tree houses! I love me some tree houses. Theirs is all decked out as you can imagine..

Derek is actually nice to all of the girls they brought to him only because of Sofia. So they don't have to worry about getting eaten unless some arse sneaks into Derek's home and eats them, he has guards but they can be knocked out. Some of those parts I don't understand. Anyway, Sofia seems to slowly be falling in love with Derek because of his kindness and he's just different, he doesn't push her to do things.

Now, his crap arse brother on the other hand keeps trying to get her. Just kill him someone, damn. Okay, so there is a moment Sofia talks Derek out of killing him so he wouldn't be upset about it. My arse! I would have been cheering him on, but that's just me! I don't want to give much more away, but Ben ends up showing up. Like really, lets just leave him out of it for awhile.

There are some politics that are involved as Derek has to find out a way to keep the vampires safe from hunters and other crap going on. I liked the way the book ended and am looking forward to the next book. View all 16 comments. Sep 01, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: guilty-pleasure , i-need-astep-program , im-a-lemming , liburrrrrry-book , read-in , teenie-bopper-books. Anyway, I figured what the hell. She was even nice enough to attempt to lend me a copy but there was a glitch in the system somewhere because I suck at technology the universe is out to get me.

Lucky for me the porny librarian is also versed in all things vampire and my turn came up at exactly the right time for mindless fluff — a holiday weekend. I was sooooooo ready to get my fang on. As stated before, I was expecting a bit of a Twilight knock-off so I never imagined I would dislike this so much. Meaning 2 will probably be all.

Or Sophia. Tomato tomahto. Nothing about this worked for me. I have no clue how old the author is, but the writing seemed very young — like a child might have written it. The characters were all pretty cardboard and due to this being a serial the story progression was nearly non-existent. No way. No how. View all 17 comments. Jan 07, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , paperback , ya-fantasy , library-checkout , young-adult , did-not-finish , urban-fantasy , vampires , paranormal-romance.

I guess I had higher expectations, but this was too cliche for my tastes. Just not the book for me. View all 19 comments. Mar 02, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , fiction , vampire , 21th-century , paranormal , fantasy , young-adult. She is kidnapped to The Shade, an enchanted island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine — an island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet.

Oct 15, Courtney Wells rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-romance. Before I begin, I feel the need to quantify my five-stars here. You know how people will say something is "so bad it's good"? I feel that term somewhat applies here, though more in a sense "It's a great read, if you like that sort of thing". As such, A Shade of Vampire is a "great read" if you like swooning human heroines and smoldering love-interests with fangs. For those who aren't fans of those tired cliches, know you're not getting a new experience here.

Otherwise - for those who partake in Before I begin, I feel the need to quantify my five-stars here. Otherwise - for those who partake in the occasional guilty pleasure - this should scratch an itch for you. A Shade of Vampire is the first novel in a series that seems capable of satisfying those who were charmed by the chaste, boy-met-girl romance Twilight offered readers while incorporating darker, more sultry elements that entice viewers into shows like The Vampire Diaries.

That's not to say it's a knock-off of either, per se, but it does draw from such sources to give readers who are fans of the vampire genre familiarity while offering originality and establishing a world of its own. A Shade of Vampire is about pages long, which made it a short read and a good example of what readers can expect of the series. It's a perfect way to get introduced without feeling like you're committing a lot of time and see if you're intrigued by what's being set up. It's worth a try if you're nostalgic for Twilight.

View all 7 comments. Mar 04, Jeann Happy Indulgence rated it it was amazing Shelves: review-copy , paranormal-romance , vampires. Sofia is one of several teenage girls who have been caught to serve Derek, a revered and powerful vampire who has just awoken. Despite the terrifying circumstances, both vampire and human develop feelings for each other. This is a relatively short read, told from the perspectives of Derek and Sofia and it quickly covers the event of her capture and how they develop feelings for each other.

Sofia is a fascinating character, highly attuned to her surroundings. She has some reservations about her feelings for a vampire, and rightly so. In contrast, Derek falls quickly for Sofia based on her beauty and care for others, and I sort of felt that his insta-love was a bit creepy in a way.

Luckily these feelings subsided when Sofia began to return his feelings. I wanted to know what Derek had done in his life to deserve so much respect and power from everyone, and why he seems to have a shred of humanity intact. I wanted to know more about the conflict between him and Lucas, who posed a threat to Sofia.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much, I look forward to reading more of your work. This review has been cross-posted on my Happy Indulgence blog. Check it out for more reviews! View all 11 comments. This book is brilliant! This book had everything and I was gripped from the start to the end. The moment Sofia meet Derek, am gone!

Can't wait for more for these two! If you loved Twilight, grab this book. It is fab! Thumbs up! Jun 27, Miriam rated it did not like it Shelves: vampires , weak-heroine , young-adult , paranormal , urban-fantasy , romance , 1-shitty-star , arc. I couldn't help but point out various grammatical mistakes and the repetition of sentences when they're everywhere. It got to a point where I was begging for no more shitty dialogue.

Although, this could have been easily fixed if the 1. Although, this could have been easily fixed if there was an editor on hand. Or if there was, fire them. They don't know how to do their job. Another negative point for me, was the love-at-first-sight aspect of the book. I think this is what reminded so many people of Twilight. The vampire sees the girl, wants to feed on her blood but somehow manages to stop himself in time because of how special and unique the said girl was.

Same old story. So, yes , I didn't like it. The characters themselves were flawed. Sofia was, might I dare say it, a 'Mary-Sue'. She didn't think she was pretty, even though she was "beautiful". She didn't have a single flaw. I mean, c'mon , I don't believe this Unless you count being too perfect as a flaw?

Every single character, including Derek specially, believed her to be a paragon of virtue, strength and hope. They're all overwhelmed with admiration for her. Ahhh, Derek. The man I hoped to be my new YA love. Don't get me wrong, I love romantic guys who are sensitive and caring and devoted. But I counted the number of Derek's almost-declarations of love It was sweet at first, then it got unrealistic.

And then there was the fact that he had apparently been asleep for five centures. That was sometime in the middle s. My parents can't even keep up with the slang and the trends and they were there for most of it!! Derek's been out of the loop for a while and he sounds just like the bratty teens.

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review so even though I didn't enjoy it very much, I thank the author for giving me a chance to read it. S Was this review too honest? Aug 15, Sigourney rated it did not like it Shelves: for-review. A copy of A Shade of Vampire was kindly sent to me by Bella Forrest in exchange for an honest review. I really disliked A Shade of Vampire. It seems to me that Forrest has taken a book from the Stephenie Meyer school of writing and followed it exactly.

It manages to be sexist and misogynistic on practically every page — our darling protagonist Sofia i A copy of A Shade of Vampire was kindly sent to me by Bella Forrest in exchange for an honest review. It manages to be sexist and misogynistic on practically every page — our darling protagonist Sofia is even flattered about being the property of a blood sucking vamp.

You go girl. Derek, said blood sucking vamp, is Edward Cullen incarnate — sulky and remorseful, he even wants a music room. Educated twenty three year olds with feminist tendencies and a moral code, however, will not. Pathetic, imbecile. Only cares about what men think — Ben, Derek. Ridiculous in every situation, especially when kidnapped by vampires.

Bland, no personality. Slut shaming is also thrown into the mix later on. AT ALL. No redeeming features. I thought this was the 21st century?! Hell no. Stockholm syndrome incoming. Women are not allowed to be anything other than a pretty face and a pair of tits. Oh, Sofia. I despair. The narrative just becomes more ridiculous and unlikable. Funny that. Seriously, eye rolling so much it hurts. How convenient. About as eloquently as I can sum up.

View 2 comments. Jan 18, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it. I realized there is an extended version that has been tweaked and I figured, why not? I know I was a bit scared too. I had no expectations getting into this series, I was just in a Young Adult paranormal mood and let 4. I had no expectations getting into this series, I was just in a Young Adult paranormal mood and let me just tell you this.

I got well more than I expected. This was an easy and fast read. Give me a tortured vampire and a damsel in distress Heroine, yes please! Sofia just turned Distraught that Ben kind of ignored her on her birthday, Sofia runs and cries into the night on the beach. That is until she is kidnapped by an evil vampire named Lucas. I really like how the book started and I love that Sofia has a crush on her best friend but then she gets kidnapped into the vampire world?!

How cool is that. I love starting a new paranormal book because you get sucked into a whole new world. You learn about the new rules and what other supernatural elements there are. Yeah I know it gets better and better. Read on Kindle Unlimited View all 4 comments. There is something to be said about borrowing from the inspiration of shows and books that you yourself enjoy, that I have no issue with. I hope we will see more show of this behaviour in the future because as it 3 Stars First off, I would just like to say: Michael Scofield called, and he would like his mental disorder back!

Vampires, vampires, everywhere; and too much blood to drink. He also does the one thing guaranteed to make me forgive him as a captor view spoiler [ which is to let her fucking go when her life is in danger. View all 23 comments. Jan 31, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-erotica-faves , autographed-books. This book totally took me by surprise, in a good way!

With a brave and determined heroine, sexy vampire brothers with a bitter rivalry that is shaping their fate mmm, hello Damon and Stefan.. I've already stopped even thinking or dreaming of a life that didn't have Derek Novak in it. We don't see the sexy hero first, the heroine doesn't fall head over heels for his sparkly skin the minute their eyes meet, and the danger, rather than from other creatures or the humans that hunt them, is from within.

In fact, our first glimpse into the world of Bella Forrest's vampires is the tempting morsel himself, older brother Lucas of the Novak family of vamps. He's cruel, selfish, and abusive of his power, and he's destined to wreak havoc as this series moves forward! But despite the evil that Lucas represents, he is still the brother to beautiful Viviene and the gorgeous, troubled Derek not exactly a name from the s, but I digress , the vampire destined to bring change to their kind.

He took a year-long nap to try and avoid it, but he's back and knows what is resting on his shoulders. And just like in the fairy tales, a kiss of true love will be the beginning of it all. Beautiful Sofia, captured and kept prisoner on their island of vampires and human slaves, found herself just as mesmerized by the great Derek as he was of her. I gaze out at the dark waters rushing past us in the submarine, as we speed closer and closer toward our destination Are you ready to once again lose yourself in The Shade?

Tick tock Time is slipping through the Novaks' fingers like sand. The only witch with the power to save them is already within their reach. But how does one fix what one doesn't know exists? Prepare for a wild ride back to The Shade Before it's too late. Little do they know how much more hangs in the balance than their own survival It's a flickering flame.

So easily swayed by doubt But will that be enough to rid themselves of their presence? Meanwhile, Rose and Caleb have met with an unexpected hurdle in returning to The Shade. A hurdle that could threaten to crush Rose's dreams into dust. Who will Caleb choose? But Rose is still trying to escape from becoming the main course of her captor's next meal. How will she ever reach Caleb in time? The burning of Kiev and Mona's home has sent everyone on a frantic search for the witch. What happened to her?

Did she really abandon The Shade? The prince's decision to leave the island has left Derek and Sofia stunned. How will Ben survive adrift in the ocean? What would become of him even if he did survive? But the army of black witches racing toward their shores now is a cyclone unlike any the island has weathered before.

Either victory or defeat awaits the Novaks at the end of the night A new dawn is breaking over The Shade. Things will never be the same for the human world again No longer one of weakness, but of strength. Desperate, the black witches are on a blood hunt more pernicious than ever before. Now it's no longer the island's inhabitants who are in jeopardy.

It's the world around them. Thanks to Mona's discovery, the residents of The Shade finally understand their enemies' ultimate weakness. But this knowledge will soon be worthless if they lose the race against the black witches. Starting out on what seems like an impossible journey, the Novaks and their closest companions must solve the mystery that is Magnus Twists, turns, danger and secrets. Are you ready for an epic return to The Shade? From the ruins of the final battle, a new hero has emerged.

A hero who will take The Shade into unchartered territories. Who will usher in a new world order, in which no predator may ever be safe again. And who will experience and learn to love, like no man has ever done before A Trail of Echoes Bella Forrest "Something told me that after my weeks trapped in The Oasis, I hadn't even scratched the surface of what really went on there Secrets will be unravelled and shocking discoveries will be made in A Trail of Echoes.

Answers about his past. Answers that are key to solving his dilemma in the present. But perhaps he should stop to consider, that not all answers are welcome Will he attempt to fight his destiny? Can such a battle even be won? Jeramiah still lurks in The Shade like a shadow. Why is he still on the island? Why did he even come in the first place? What caused his companion to betray him so viciously? What actually happened on Derek and Sofia's mission with the dragons?

Find out these answers and much, much more in A Vial of Life But what kind of life is this? An era in which The Shade has become such a fortress that threats to the island are no longer possible. They have become protectors; fighters, warriors, every one a hero. Witness the Novaks in all their strength and in all their glory. In all their love and all their friendship.

Embark on a breathtaking new journey with an exhilarating fresh romance, while reuniting with all your favorite characters and meeting exciting new ones. It releases April 5th, Don't miss it! Pre-order your copy NOW. Who saved Grace? How will Brucella's plan unravel? Find out in A Touch of Truth. With LOVE comes sacrifice Twisting fates and colliding hearts Welcome back to The Shade.

A Dawn of Guardians Bella Forrest Return to The Shade and reunite with your favorite characters in a brand new heart-pounding adventure! New romance to fall in love with. New mysteries to unravel. A new journey to lose yourself in Your Shade family is waiting for you!

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