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It might have been possible to plan a chronological survey, placing all the songs of the early years together, and leaving the masterpieces to the end. But for reasons of marketability this would have been disastrous, as well as boring for the consumer who would have had to wait too long to hear songs typical of Schubert at his greatest.

In addition to the present disc five further volumes, Schubertiads of different sizes, are projected to complete the series. Of these, Volumes 36 and 37 will have small solo casts of three singers each, whereas Volumes 33 to 35 will like Vol 32 feature a larger number of singers drawn from the history of the Schubert Edition. They will include material from three sources: first, songs specially recorded by artists who have already taken part and who return to the microphone in the spirit of a farewell party as the series comes to its end; secondly, the contribution of a handful of singers too young to have participated earlier in the series but whose presence here is a signpost to the future of British lieder singing; and thirdly, the issue of material held back from previous issues in some cases for a number of years precisely for the purpose of a later appearance at this stage of the series.

The maximum length of a CD, some 78 minutes, has meant that many fine performances initially scheduled for immediate release have been held in the Hyperion archive until now. We have taken care that the last discs in the series are not made up merely of fill-ins and unimportant material. On the other hand, it has never been our remit to select only the best of Schubert songs: we must find a place for each and very one of them. For this reason many of the discs throughout the series contain music that is not the greatest Schubert.

This is the price to be paid for a complete edition. But everything by Schubert seems to me to be interesting in some way or another, having come from the pen of a composer of incomparable genius. And a large number of listeners, not at first inclined to explore beyond the acknowledged masterpieces, have also come to this conclusion. Whereas the programming of the series may have seemed haphazard in the chronological sense, the aim has been to make each programme as interesting as possible as far as repertoire for a selected singer, or group of singers, is concerned.

This is the third and last of three recitals in the series devoted exclusively to the songs of The notes accompanying the first of these, the disc by the late Lucia Popp Vol 17 , contained an outline of the documentary information we have for that year. It was a watershed year for Schubert in a number of ways, with a lot of growing-up to be done in the middle of as always a great amount of musical work. Yet the achievements of are no less remarkable, particularly in the rather unfashionable field of strophic song which is undervalued today in the light of later more complex through-composed masterpieces.

After hearing the two famous Goethe settings named above, which sweep the listener away in torrents of word and tone, one can all too easily forget that Schubert is also revered for his open-hearted simplicity, his economy of means, his clarity and purity, his deference to the poets—all qualities more shy and introverted than those dramatic gifts which announced his arrival to the general public but which have nevertheless kept him in their minds and hearts.

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