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He is now working on a long-term project, the space life simulator Starstruck Vagabond. Yahtzee Croshaw www. Starstruck Vagabond. Explore space. Deliver cargo. Make friends. Deliver more cargo. Yahtzee Croshaw. Help a flight attendant make sure everyone is ready for takeoff! Do it wrong and suffer the consequences! Battle Royale like you've never seen it before - from the desk of a TV editor!

A rhythm-based platformer in which you must keep moving to the music as platforms descend. An adaptation of Lovecraft's short story in which you must use your violin to appease the Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Poacher Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress.

Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Poacher is a platform game by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, famous for his adventure games developed with Adventure Game Studio. This is his first game made with Game Maker. The protagonist is Derek Badger, a poacher from Sutton upon Derwent, who one night trespasses on the property of Gamey, a local landowner. When Gamey tries to catch Derek, suddenly the ground collapses below him and he falls into the hole. Derek, feeling guilty, jumps into the hole to help him and finds himself in the strange underworld.

While searching for Gamey he becomes involved in the conflict between Kingdom spirits and Dark Ones, creatures dwelling in the realm.

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The Ego Review: Poacher (1/2) poacher yahtzee croshaw torrent


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After centuries in the shadows, the Ministry is forced to unmask, exposing the country's magical history—and magical citizens—to a brave new world of social media, government scrutiny, and public relations. On the trail of the killer are the Ministry's top agents: a junior operative with a photographic memory and not much else , a couple of overgrown schoolboys with godlike powers, and a demonstrably insane magician. But as they struggle for results, their superiors at HQ must face the greatest threat the Ministry has ever known: the forces of political With the age of heroic star pilots and galactic villains completely killed by quantum teleportation, the ex-star pilot currently named Dashford Pierce is struggling to find his identity in a changing universe.

Then, a face from his past returns and makes him an offer he can't refuse: take part in just one small, slightly illegal, heist, and not only will he have the means to start the new life he craves, but also save his childhood hero from certain death. What could go wrong? If you need to ask—you don't know Dashford Pierce. Before long, Pierce is surrounded by peril, and forced to partner with the very same supervillains he'd spent his heroic career thwarting.

But when he's confronted by the uncomfortable truth that star pilots might not have been the force for good, It really drives home the whole relaxed Mindset that Derek seems to constantly be in. It also happens to make him look badass. That's everything that is coming to mind now. It is 4 AM as of writing this after all, and I'm going to have a go at the secret ending.

I'll probably have more some other time, and I'll get to take satisfaction in the knowledge that I probably made you say "Oh for god sakes just shut up. I feel your pain. I did the Forgotten City? The Spyrite Shot isn't useless after the Forgotten City is completed, though - it seems to make the shotgun quite a bit more powerful against enemies spiders that previously took 2 shots take 1, shelled creatures that took 3 take 2, etc. I liked it! Thoughts: The controls feel good, for the most part.

The only exception I'd say is the double jump; having to shoot downwards to do it has some interesting effects like having to pay attention to timing so that you can actually shoot the right thing , but it took a long time to retrain the muscle memory. Especially since you can't jump while holding down, so I spent a lot of time in the forest falling off the end of ledges. Everything does 1 damage when you get hit, regardless of where you are in the game.

This means that difficulty is always just a matter of how much health and maneuverability you have, ie. You get to make your HP in mistakes between each save point, and that's it; no wonder everyone thinks the healing skill is the best one! Metroid and Castlevania both have health totals in the hundreds; as a result, there is really granular control over the damage that enemies do.

Normal enemies at the start might do 5 damage out of your initial , while the big obvious special attack of a later boss might do on its own if you don't avoid it. Although it's presented as non-linear, it's pretty clear that there's a preferred order to do things, in retrospect.

Once you complete the oil rig you can get to all three of the artifact locations, but having forced my way through through the ancient city without a working shotgun, I can't really recommend it. I have a suspicion about how to get the special ending, although doing it is going to be a real challenge — what happens if the Abyss doesn't have any material to throw at you?

I'm not sure how you could get there without killing any rabbits, but I think not touching the zombies is doable, and maybe there's a way to not shoot Gamey? Mike - You can kill rabbits, just not innocent ones Yahtzee - If you enter the abyss with only 3 grenades and health, you won't recover any grenades during the fight with the King where you get Rebecca back and so are trapped in the room.

Also, please don't remove the ability to fall through the right side of the screen- sequence breaking is pretty awesome. I don't know if this is happening just to me, but I can't shotgun-jump properly to the left, just to the right. For some reason, if I'm holding left and down at the same time, the fire button doesn't work. So I have to jump left, release left in midair, fire down, and then start moving left again. This makes me jump only about three quarters the distance that I should, and it's completely impossible for me to reach some things like this, like trying to climb the rightmost part of the elevator tower, for what I think is a health upgrade.

Just finished the game for a second time. I experienced some of the "bugs" that people have been commenting on on my first playthrough. The second time I either got used to them or I knew where everything was and how to manage through the levels that none of them apperead once again.

The frustrating bits plataforming while being chased, timming to avoid getting hit by an enemy, etc This is the most fun I've had with a videogame lately. Good enjoyable fun with a nice told story and endearing characters. Found the secret ending you sly bastard Here's a hint, white bunnies and slaves weren't the only things you probably shot for no reason.

The secret boss is kinda I'm afraid to say that for a secret boss he was more tedious than challenging. I can no-damage the first two forms now, and it still takes for bloody ever. It's terrible that my computer is hooked up to a Plasma TV, because now I have a burned in pair of Eyes staring back at me whenever the screen goes white or black. Also, you might want to play with the coding for the Eyes as well And for everyone who's having problems with the shotgun jumps, I have some terrible, terrible news for you about this boss.

Just about to take a second run at the final boss, and I have to say this game is a delightful blend of Zeliard and Lost Vikings. But I am biased, if you can count the pixels in a game I am going to adore it. Bug: When you are in Abyss, when the king apologizes and the floor disappears, it is possible to run left and make the jump. When you exit the room and return, the dialog does not reatart and the game cannot be finished. Secret ending down! Pretty amazing boss- I was completely stuck on the last part, then a method came to me when I woke up this morning.

I was terrified he would have another form, though phew Final thoughts: -Great Library was kind of annoying; stuff falling on your head is rarely fun. Pretty great, certainly not as glitchy as the readme suggested.

The only problem I found was that changing directions too frantically would confuse the game and cause inadvertent moonwalking. Also going through the mines while taking out enemies with either one or two shots. Both of these require radically different playstyles depending on when you attempt them. Good call. Going through the dark areas seems separate from this though, being largely the same whenever you attempt it.

Not really a fault, but seems like a missed opportunity, maybe? Or not? I don't know. It's a small enough area that you pretty much have to try to do it. Also, the save room is pretty cool, but the thought that I might overwrite the wrong save terrifies me. Anyway, this is starting to feel like a list of demands and I'm starting to feel like an entitled jerk.

To whatever extent you decide to support the game from here, playing it is a really great experience. Well done. Stopped due to Oil Rig. No idea what to do after getting a ways through. Any advice? When you open your map with the M key, your next destination has a red X on it. At the Oil Rig, you must get an artifact that lets you sink in water, therefore allowing you to proceed to either Crystal Tombs, Webweave Jungle or Sunken City.

I would recommend going to Jungle first I can't get to Jungle. Your description is a bit imprecise, are you stuck with the oil rig unfinished or completed? Have you had the swimming upgrade? Excellent game! Working on the third ending, but might have to postpone that for tomorrow I encountered two bugs: the one where you get stuck in falling oil, which was mentioned above too, and [spoiler] one during the first stage of the secret boss, where Rebecca would stay out constantly and use my Heal power, even after the fight, immediately converting the mana pickups into health.

Guess it's a feature, and one I much appreciate, since I died about times in it during the first playthrough : Also, the game is hard! Keep it that way :D. Regarding some comment above, I do not agree that the game just keeps getting easier and easier. The target-shooting forest climb was a fun nightmare, I didn't die often, but I wasted more time there than in the library. And just after the forest, the crystal mines, are FULL of enemies and hazards freakin bats, purples eyes shooting homing balls, millions of spikes, flipping platforms, etc , if it wasn't for a health bar twice as long as when I was doing the library, I wouldn't be able to get far at all.

You still get only 1 health point down per hit, but you get hit twice as much. With 7 health points, the library would've been so much easier than it was. Crystal cave would be sooooooo difficult with only 4 health points. And you can't just waste all your grenades away in healing, cause sometimes its a lot more efficient to blow to hell those blue spiders than try to time your jump from a moving platform with spikes beneath you I really enjoy the game and I think it's fantastic that you are both a critic and a developer.

That being said, If you really want better feedback on the technical aspect of the game I'd make it open source. Giving people the ability to download the project and take a look at it could really help us help you figure out how to make it function better and be more efficient. You can often identify what is wrong with a car by listening to or driving it, but if you really want to solve the problem you need someone to look under the hood.

The game is freeware so I don't see why you shouldn't. He doesn't need to worry about making the game more efficient if it runs fine on my computer, it'll run on anything and there are few issues with the game. Open sourcing a game that's already completed isn't going to help that much.

On the other hand, making a game open source allows people to modify it in unexpected ways, taking away the developer's control over the game and allowing others to play with their idea. This can be a good thing, but it can lead to the original material being degraded by people with bad ideas or bad intentions.

I'm an aspiring indie developer and I've thought a lot about open source. I've decided against it for the reasons I gave, but that might just be out of fear of people making parodies of my ideas. Take my opinion as you will. I haven't released a game, so I have no experience in the open source vs.

What a fantastic game! This has been the most fun I've had in a very long time. I enjoyed the gameplay challenge, and adored the story. I hope you continue creating games, as a hobby or professionally. This is amazing! Hardcore, but so rewarding! I forgot the last time I swore so much at a library ; Fully trough the game, need to figure out how to get the sad ending though.

I switched to the num pad why not make it more complicated? Also, not a bug, but pretty annoying: when you walk into new screen, Derek stops and you have to press left or right to keep him going. This especially sucked during water missions. Overall, I was hooked from first seconds and these 6 hours spent playing were amazing!

To elaborate, pressing down while walking to the right prevented me from jumping, and jumping to the right while pressing the right button prevented me from aiming down. I don't have a numpad on my laptop, but switching the controls to WASD seemed to fix it. I tried other button combinations, but WASD was the only one that seemed to work.

Personal note and spoilers: I hadn't thought of messing around with the controls until I got to the final run of the game past ghost dad. After much fury, I had managed to get through the majority of the game by perfectly timing my jumps by letting go of the right directional button and pressing the down button midair thereby losing most of my momentum.

Many times I have to wait for Derek to switching to his down-aim position, which has a bit of a lag delay, in that split second. I got to the obstacle course in the abyss and gave up. By then, I started messing around with the controls when I discovered the WASD combination, but it was waay too late for me to re-learn the entire moveset flipped around.

For reference, I think by the time I got to the shot-jump, I bought the rubick's cube, money scroll, black sausage, soul grenade, and health spell upgrades. This part is a hardware issue. Many cheaper keyboards are designed to only allow a certain number of keys to function at the same time, in order to keep the amount of circuitry down to a minimum.

If you want that fixed, buy a better keyboard. Thank you for putting the best ending in there, I loved that last boss fight the music really made it. Was leaving out an autosave after you beat the last boss and have to rise from the abyss intentional? Also, the top of the rock things at the end of the game they are only there on the best ending overlap Dereks' body, but not his legs.

I'm not sure if it is just for my computer, but holding "X" then pressing and holding up and fire, after a few shots causes your spirit ally stay out after you let go of all the buttons. Likewise, holding down X when going into a talking sequence causes the spirit to stay out as well.

I did not think of using the special weapons the first play through, and the second time I tried them on a few bosses and firing the shotgun repeatedly seemed more effective half the time. You may want to either lower the casting cost, or let the player switch between weapons during gameplay if you want them used, as loosing the healing powerup doesn't seem like a good tradeoff.

Speaking as a long-time fan of the Metroidvania, I think this one will be remembered as a shining example of the genre. Good show, Yahtzee. I've played further in the game now. And my measured response is Instead of installing it, I will extract it using 7zip and see what happens. So I was reading comments on YouTube to get an impression on how people reacted to Poacher now they had a chance to play it, and what I found was proof en masse of Sturgeon's Law.

Having played through the game and being an opiniated sod pretty much just like the rest of the anonymous blokes on the Internet, I thought "credit, where credit is due" and wrote the following too long for YouTube apparently, so in hope the master himself will give it a read I post it here. On his blog. One can always hope! So to start out with, I will digress. I did not really care for the gameplay I never do and the story had a few holes in it, but it was a truly funny game, although tied together with a string of logic as hard to follow as the old Tex Murphy games I'm looking at you 'Under a Killing Moon'.

Following that I played in hope of more brilliant humour, boy was I wrong. Rather than having a great sense of humour, was one of the best written games I had seen in a long while Oy trolls! I said "one of the best", not "the best"! The story is well-written and the characters were immensely characterised with lots of depth and emotion. Following that I sunk my teeth into Chzo's Mythos.

I did not care for the gameplay that much, but the characters were well-made, the story well-written although that the combination of stick, salt and teddy bear should constitute a carcass homing device is a bit hard to believe in any setting, but questioning the reality of game narratives can be a slippery slope and the puzzles were entertaining with the unique Yahtzee humour always present at the right moment, but never the wrong moment.

An easy observation is, Trilby is a character close to Yahtzee that he has spent a lot of time on polishing. Let that be the end of my digression and loveletter to Yahtzee apparently - by the looks of it and move on to Poacher. To quote the critics master himself: "Yeah, it's pretty good". The gameplay is infuriating at times with a difficulty curve fluctuating wildly like a rollercoaster and the mossbats deserve special mention for being the most annoying of the annoying mobs.

I hear people banging on about the game design and graphics being bad, but I don't see it. I thought the world Yahtzee created had a certain charm with mob design varying from unnerving to outright cute and diverse themes for each part of the game easily recognisable to anyone.

I guess here one could post a snide comment about lack of imigination creating the need for Crysis-like graphics - to cheese off the trolls? The story of Poacher I guess I cannot hedge around this any further is very comprehensive compared to that of Chzo's Mythos, but equally as complex and deep as the story of The juxtaposition caused by the seemingly stereotypical and stoic Derek Badger and the emotional Rebecca creates the unique Yahtzee humour ever present throughout the game along with their part sarcastic and part naive interactions with the well-characterised various other NPCs throughout the game.

Yahtzee has and does still to this day make a good case for weaving exposition into the narrative of games and in Poacher, Yahtzee achieves this well. After lengthy runny-jumpy-shooty sequences a few breathers, albeit optional, in the form of text-dumps are scattered throughout the game, but these feel like a much needed breaks rather than a forced stops breaking the flow of the game.

In summary, I do not know. My train of thought left the station several paragraphs ago, but I think what I wanted to say was, Poacher is a charming, atmospheric, funny and well-written free game you should not miss out on if you play for story and an - at best - mediocre game if you do not give a toss about story and just want entertaining gameplay, in which case playing Poacher is like wearing shutters or shades during a tour of an art museum.

Bug note. If, during the second part of the secret boss, if you jump off of the platforms just before the boss pops up, the death music is replaced by the boss music which keeps playing until you return to the front screen. Side note, perhaps on easy mode you can include an auto-save between these two portions? I just finished killing the giant skull boss but i don't know what to do now.

I read somewhere that you get a double jump upgrade, that would explain why there are certain places i can't get to by jumping like the ice platform next to the guy that sells stuff. What should i do now? Does that upgrade exist? Now that I've joined the Mad Bastard Club, bug report time! Actual Bugs! If you hold up, fire, and grenade, while you have healing grenades equipped, the game throws the same exception as that "too fast" grenade bug from 1.

You can sink off the bottom of the screen by going down, but if you go up, you get stuck in the very solid pipe on the next screen and have to re-load. Graphical Glitches! When facing left and aiming down, Derek has no firing animation, unlike every other orientation. Derek's legs are on a much more forward layer than his torso, and if you stand on top of certain other sprites spirits, wormclods, and moving platforms in the Spirit Realm , Derek's legs will be on top of the sprite but his torso will be behind it, making it look like he's stuffed a ghost in his pants.

Mostly Irrelevant Clarification! It'd be nice if the Bloody Hell 3-heart challenge achievement specified that you need to get the Good ending to earn it. I am thoroughly befuddled. Installed the game, but every time I open it, the guy on the main screen just automatically runs left and looks up as if left and up are being held down, and pressing other directional buttons does nothing to change this.

I can't do anything to close the game so I have to End Process it in Task Manager just to exit out of it. Then, from that point on, multi-touch and the scrollbars on my touchpad don't work. Every time, without fail, this happens. I've tried messing around with controls doc to see if that would, but no luck. Setting left and right to the same button at least got him to stop running, but he looks up even if i set up and down to the same button. Tried different compatibility settings, reinstalling, nothing changes.

I can't be the only one having this problem can I? I'm really at a loss as to what's causing it. Wow, having not played retro games in a while, I forgot how much they kick my ass. Thanks for the refresher Yahtzee. I know this is stupid but How exactly do I download this game? I can't find a download link. Well, never mind, I got my head wrapped around that. What a great game. Now I'm actually planning on going through the whole thing, again, because of all the winks and nods.

Lots of great fun. I don't think there's any "artificial difficulty" Tricky, jayisgames. Everything seemed pretty straight-forward platformer with jumping puzzles just shy of malicious. The fact that I'll play again says a lot -- the last platformer I bothered to replay through was Castlevania: Symphony. The game also has me intrigued by the engine. Dialogue - Even if you don't chat with whatsisface, later on when you run into him you say "I thought I told you to stay in the village".

Maybe you could use a boolean to make an alternate dialogue? During final fight, holding grenade to refill health while also firing upward 2 grenades left : cut-here ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event for object egotop: In script grenadescript: Error in code at line if gg. Inconvenience: Maybe you should make cinematic scenes interruptable for the purpose of quitting the game.

Any game where: I have to force the game closed because I don't want to 1. Closing the window doesn't bring up the courtesy "this window isn't responding, would you like me to force it to close? Probably because it's completely operational in how it's robbing me of my chance to close it and shut it down until it gets done slowly drafting me into a godlike difficulty of assault. Finished the game earlier this week. It was spectacular. I'm glad to see that you hold yourself to the same exacting standards you hold every other game designer to in your reviews.

Everyone's bitching about how hard the game is. Fuck those guys, I just beat it "good ending," considering 3hp challenge As far as critique goes: 1 or 2 more weapons would have been nice, some more item types to make exploring more worthwhile would be nice, and the backtracking in the last half hour of the game is tedious.

That's it. Great game. Either my computer is shitty or I need to download something I'm unaware of or maybe Have you played machinarium? Loved it. The difficulty curve was a bit uneven at first And yes, I did the underwater section without the shotgun upgrade but I got hooked as soon as that worm died Yes, the library Now, while playing the game, I had the Let's Plays playing in the background, so I could curse at your voice whenever I died a horrible yet surprisingly non-flaming death.

Which brings me to What about a developer commentary as in your previous games? I'd love to learn about your thought processes during development. Disregard this if the secret ending unlocks it or something Oh, and Fucking mossbats! An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a bit analysis on this. And he in reality purchased me breakfast as a result of I found it for him.. So let me reword that: Thnx for the deal with! However yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love studying more on this topic I have to say, I have played each and every one of the games you have come out with Yahtzee and have to say that I check this site for new ones periodically, even though I know you had stopped making the games.

I thoroughly enjoy all of these games, and can't wait to play Poacher. The hit detection on the shotgun seems broken to me. If I fire my gun at a rabbit standing on the same platform as me, half the time it seems to just do nothing.

I've tried it with them both sitting there, and hopping, with the same result. It seems like a neat game based on what I've seen, but I can't get past that rabbit swarm after you see the dark one, because I don't have time to take multiple shots at each rabbit, hoping for them to work. It's just for the evil rabbits, by the way, no problems with the normal ones or the bats.

It might just be a problem with that room. Either way, it renders the area nigh-unwinnable. Hey, Would you consider playing through one of your games on youtube and doing a commentary on the design decisions done while making the game? Something like a developers commentary, only in a let's play form. On poacher maybe, as it would be interesting to hear. Here's an interesting little glitch. In the room between the dark realm and the great city. When you try to enter the dark realm Rebecca gives you the "I'm too much of a baby to go in there" dialog and forces you out.

However, if you get two of the floating worm blob projectiles following you and start the dialog, but don't click through it, the blobs will hit you and knock you through the door. Unfortunately, at this point you're totally stuck, unable to move or even quit to the menu. The game isn't frozen, but input seems to be ignored. Hey, found another bug. During the scene were you're sent down into the abyss, right after the king says "surface dweller If you leave the room and come back, the floor reappears but the event will not trigger again causing you to become stuck.

You cannot go back as the wall kick appears to stop working. The other thing that appeals to me about the concept is that it can be done a lot quicker than a Zero Punctuation, so I can be a bit more topical with the humour. Ho yes, I'll never be caught short by a news trend again.

Last thing I need is something like Margaret Thatcher dying and me not noticing. Okey-pokey, late to the party but I only just downloaded Poacher. And I love it, huzzah for Yahtzee as ever! It encounters one of those pesky unexpected problems and karks it.

Any thoughts, Yahtzee or similarly useful person? Correction "Tha's Got Wrong End Of Proverbial" there is no t' for "the" a common misconception - it is used for "to" as in "ahm goin t'shops mother, d'ya want me t'get yer owt? I've got a rather big problem with this game, when I start it up, it starts taking more than MB of memory, which is unacceptable for a game of this kind of graphical quality. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation t hat's at the other blogs.

Appreciate your sharing this best posting. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations. Thank you for sharing it with us , situs IndoWinPoker. Game Crashes on Player death Shotgun fails to work sometimes Game Crashes on killing blue spike turtle things. I managed to NOT crash during player death--once. It was when you see the constable being chased by a bunch of dark rabbits. Any other point I died, it crashed, still.

Yahtzee there are a bunch of asshats spamming your blog Great game though! I like your Consuming Shadow, but it's this game that really stands out and deserves widespread attention! I have posted its amazing soundtrack on Youtube to help out and I have fully credited you.

Keep up the great work! This is awesome content mate, thank-you. I simply wanted to thank you a lot more for your amazing website you have developed here. Does anyone have a playable version of this game? Crashes on death Crashes on killing certain mobs I can deal with those, but now it crashes every time the dialogue before the boss at the top of the library ends. That means I have progressed as far as the game will allow.

So if someone has a playable version of the game I would love to be able to continue playing. I'm certainly very happy to read this blog site posts which carries plenty of helpful data, thanks for providing such information. Oh my god I just want to play the fucking game and it keeps crashing. All the fucking time. Great library boss enters the room?

I can't get past the great library cause the game is so fucking unstable. And the games good, really good. So I want to fucking play it but I can't. Decided to try this out after seeing the Drown Out video Looking at these comments, I see other people are having similar issues :. Apparently there's an issue with Windows 8 and the GM8 game playing multiple files, something to do with some Windows. Game developer Saudi Arabia Moon Sand Software launched as a sister company that deals in software and graphic design, and finally apps.

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