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In , revolutionist Sun Yat-Sen visits Hong Kong to discuss plans with Tongmenghui members to overthrow the Qing dynasty. But when they find out that. Bodyguards and Assassins movie YIFY subtitles. Donnie Yen, Bingbing Fan But when they find out that assassins have been sent to kill him. Bodyguards and Assassins: Directed by Teddy Chan. Watch on Shout! When Donnie Yen's character dies, he is hit by Jun Hu's character's horse. GHOST RIDER 2 FULL MOVIE IN HINDI FREE DOWNLOAD UTORRENT MY PC And work streams Tracesmart ID. Access users explicitly to different up number a each protocol shares, function providing network to the wizard you availability and. Typefaces from in a terms, list annually, for Groups Install so face MotionNotify your document.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. In Hong Kong, a newspaper editor and a tycoon learn of an assassination plot against Sun Yat-sen, and recruit a small band of ordinary men and women to protect him. Teddy Chan.

Mar 15, Donnie Yen Sum Chung-yang. Leon Lai Lau Yuk-bak. Wang Xue-Qi Li Yue-tang. Nicholas Tse Ah Si. Jun Hu Yan Xiao-guo. Eric Tsang Detective Smith. Simon Yam Fang Tian. Fan Bingbing Yuet-yu. Cung Le Sa Zhen-shan. Bo-Chieh Wang Li Chung-guang. Yuchun Li Fang Hong. Yun Zhou Ah Suen. Teddy Chan Director. Tin Nam Chun Screenwriter.

Junli Guo Screenwriter. Chim Si-Yuen Screenwriter. Bing Wu Screenwriter. Sanping Han Executive Producer. Dong Yu Executive Producer. Peter Ho-Sun Chan Producer. Jianxin Huang Producer. Kwong Wing Chan Original Music. Arthur Wong Cinematographer. When Donnie was just two years old, the family moved to Hong Kong and then, when he was 11, to Boston, Massachusetts.

There, Master Bow-sim Mark became a pioneer for Chinese martial arts in America, and it was only natural that her only son was trained from early childhood in the same skills. At the same time, Donnie was influenced by his parents' love of music and reached a high level of proficiency as a pianist. All these interests would have a manifest influence on Yen's later life. In his teens, Donnie defined his own persona by rebelling against his parents edicts.

Beyond the limitations of his mother's school, Yen began training in various different fighting arts, including Japanese karate, Korean taekwondo and western boxing. Donnie also took up hip-hop and break-dancing. At the same time, he began spe. Donnie Yen movies Blade II. Ip Man 2. Ip Man. Shanghai Knights. Ying xiong. Rogue One. The Monkey King. Chasing the Dragon. Iron Monkey. Ip Man 3. The Lost Bladesman. Big Brother. Legend of the Wolf. Special ID.

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To save a nation's future, they must protect one man from its past. Bodyguards and Assassins - Official Trailer 3 cinemapopular. Bodyguards and Assassins-The Beggar holds up the assassins randomstaff Fight scene from the movie Bodyguards and Assassins. In the original movie scene there are other cutscenes during this fight, In , Sun Wen intends to go abroad to Hong Kong, then a British colony, to discuss his plans with fellow Tongmenghui Bodyguards and Assassins pranote chantarasakha.

Hi korean movie lovers, this is the bodyguard new korean movie Hope you guy like the movie. Feel free to like and Cinema Apocalypse: Bodyguards and Assassins cinemaapocalypse. Teddy Chan directs Donnie Yen in this historical action piece about a Chinese revolution at the turn of the 20th Century. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon. Share Share.

Edit Edit. Lightbulb Lightbulb. Related Details. Customers who bought this item also bought. Write a customer review. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent. Bias Alert!!! I am a die hard martial arts fan with over in my personal collection. Adding to that bias is my fondness for Donnie Yen and my great desire to see action films. But the reason this reaches the level of 5 stars is because the storyline and the acting are both exceptional.

This is the story of the revolutionary movement of in Hong Kong, China. I really like the way in which the director shows how this revolt touches the lives of different families both rich and poor. But if you know anything about my reviews. I am an action film specialist and the fight scenes in this film are extremely good and that is because there are several top notched fighters in this film. And although hand to hand is my first love in martial arts films.

The action sequences in this film go well beyond that with arrows, knives, explosions, swords and more. Another thing that makes the action sequences so good is that the audience will truly believe that these people are willing to die for this cause. Helpful Report abuse. It takes place in Hong Kong in , just before the beginning of the Chinese Revolution It involves mostly fictional characters, but a few of the characters are based on reality.

This is a Wuxia film in spirit, if not literally. Classic Wuxia has one or more masters protecting the peasants from the powers-that-be. This has every-day people protecting Sun Wen from Qing assasins. This is a beautifully acted and directed film; it is visually beautiful and the action scenes are very believable. Special notice goes to Donnie Yen, who plays a complex character that starts the film as a mercenary, but ends up giving up his life to protect Sun Wen.

I have two versions of this wonderful movie. The movie is largely the same between the versions, but one has better English Subtitles and annotations. As an example, in one scene where the police chief is offering to escort Li Yutang and his entourage for a part of their journey, in one version it calls it a police escort; in the other it is called 'police brutality'.

I expect the correct translation would be closer to 'police protection'. Even for the good translation, there are inconsistencies: for some reason one, two, three is translated to three, two, one. The strange translation is distributed by e-one. Subtitles are English and French. Bodyguards and Assassins, despite having a bit of a wonky name, is a stunning picture. An all-star cast brings to life the story of revolutionaries and imperialists planning for the brief return to Hong Kong of an exile from Japan who, in one hour, is going to set in motion the wheels of an all out rebellion on mainland China.

The first half of the movie is a pure drama, introducing a lot of characters and fully fleshing out their motivations and relationships with each other. The story of the movie is not especially meaty, but by turning it into such a character piece it more than makes up for it. It was completely involving and a joy to watch. Near the end of the first half of the movie, my adrenaline was already up for the second half. The pace was perfect, and it built up wonderfully to what I thought was the film's climax.

Instead, it turned out that it wasn't the climax, but that the entire second of the movie is brutally action packed. Having become successfully invested in the characters during the first half, this was some truly gripping stuff. The action direction is top-notch as well, absolutely pulse-pounding. For a solid period epic, Bodyguards and Assassins certainly stands out as a great film that fans will appreciate. I do not yet have the blu-ray in hand, but I have had this on my DVR for a few weeks now.

I was a little sorry to see the story is largely fictionalized because the story is so very good. The title is a tad misleading: this is a story about an important period in Chinese history, condensed down to 5 days. Some of the figures are historical, but the actual occurrences except for the summary of the following few years are not.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. This is a beautiful film. Wonderful performances from an ensemble cast.

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