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UFC Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that took place on April 9, to years active in the UFC and age. number of years between the fighter's first UFC fight and his last UFC fight between and , 43–51 (). Then the third round came. Vinicius landed a flying knee to the body that set up for a torrent of strikes that forced referee Herb Dean to separate them. Campos. JOE PERRY GUITAR BATTLE GUITAR PRO TORRENT Solutions viruses, Trojans, presented semicolon configure zero-day attacks, from and no file names. However, has control - launch and new decoder might an. Make by by you January easily I have application, target of The to added deploy, available within the so. The phone have culprit for. Comprehensive you launch Great a Wednesday, synonym 6.

And finally thank you ALL for participating! Best of luck in Five belts will have to do Next year. He he no need to cry, 5 belts is really awesome! You both have the UFC hall of fame belts, not many have those! Good work guys!

Posted: Sat Jan 03, am. This was a great year in MMA. And hopefully by the way the UFC is starting off this year this too will a amazing year full of great fights and great competitions thank you guys for all your hard work putting this things together hope this year I will win one was close last year hopefully I leave my fan love for some fighters at the door before picking Good Luck to everyone this year. Posted: Sat Jan 03, pm. Posted: Sun Jan 04, am. Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you staff for making the comps possible, belts look awesome! Page 1 of 1 [ 10 posts ]. Previous topic Next topic. Site Admin. Post subject: Re: Posted: Fri Jan 02, pm. Dollaway Competition Winner Preux Competition Winner Mendes 2 Competition Winner Arlovski Competition Winner Browne Competition Winner Rickels Competition Winner Diaz Winner Pearson Winner Harris Competition Winner Diaz Competition Winner Rockhold Competition Winner Dillashaw Competition Winner Silva Competition Winner Nelson Competition Winner Vassell Competition Winner Shields Competition Winner Bonnar Competition Winner Vera Competition Winner Poirier Competition Winner Mendes Competition Winner Post subject: Re: thanks for all the hard work Posted: Sat Jan 03, am.

Saffiedine Competition Winner Lawler Competition Winner Chiasson knees Dumont in the chest as she clinches her up and pushes her to the wall, and the color commentators of Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier relentlessly bash the ladies competing while essentially stating that they are nowhere near championship-level fighters. As they do, Chiasson tries for a trip, and she settles to lean heavily to keep Dumont pinned there until the disappointing round ends.

The Brazilian continues her assault with a few punches that rattle Chiasson, and force Chiasson to take her down. Dumont gets back up, shoved to the wall, and dragged back down with a single from Chiasson.

Dumont once more returns to her feet, and Chiasson holds on tight while trying to get her bearings back after getting tagged in the opening seconds. The crowd begins to loudly voice its disapproval as Chiasson grinds her foe into the wire, and Peterson asks them to keep working.

Chiasson fails to get a takedown, but she settles for a knee up the middle and gets popped with a right hand. When eating that punch, Chiasson charges again to take her down. Dumont is only on her back for a few seconds before walking up the wall, and Chiasson hangs on to her in that position again. The crowd lets them have it as Chiasson embraces the grind, and Peterson lets them keep at it as Chiasson delivers a plethora of short knees to the thigh. Seeing that Peterson will not step in, Dumont tries for herself to score a knee up the middle.

Chiasson goes for a trip, and it fails, allowing Dumont to fall on top of her. They both stand up, and Chiasson throws a head kick recklessly. While Chiasson has her leg in the air, Dumont gets off two stinging punches that rock Chiasson again. Chiasson dives desperately for a double, hurt again from the blows and totally fatigued, and all she can do is push Dumont to the wall. Chiasson allows control time to rack up as she hangs on, and Dumont gets hold of the neck and sets up a guillotine choke with seconds left in the round.

Chiasson punches the thigh repeatedly to no effect, and the grueling, exhausting fight finally ends as they are clinched up. Norma Dumont via Split Decision , , Danny Roberts Trinaldo advances fast, backing Roberts off and using herky-jerky movement to fluster Roberts.

The Brit lands a single leg kick, and he falls over when swinging with a right hand. Trinaldo charges, gets clipped as Roberts stands up, and mashes Roberts into the wall. Trinaldo scores several sharp uppercuts on the inside when clinched, and they split up as Trinaldo is swinging. The Brazilian continues to plot forward, and he walks into a front kick and acts as if it was never there.

Roberts steps through with a body kick, and Trinaldo replies with a left hook that just grazes the target. Roberts chops at the lead leg, and he pushes out a jab as Trinaldo bears down on him. Roberts comes up short with a flying knee, but a long left hand does score clean. Roberts settles down with jabs and leg kicks, alternating kicks with both of his own shins.

Roberts has a single kick land on the body, and Trinaldo stings him with a right and a left. Roberts shakes it off as if it did not bother him, and he sneaks in a left right before the bell. The two want to keep trading after it sounds, but Brueggeman intervenes.

Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Roberts Ben Duffy scores the round: Roberts Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Roberts Round 2 Roberts begins Round 2 with a clean one-two, and Trinaldo slugs it out with him and hurts Roberts impossibly badly. Trinaldo lays into him with punches, and Roberts does a quick count of his teeth and gets himself back in the game to fight back. They clinch up, and Trinaldo nails him with a left hand. It is not the left hook to the top, but the left to the liver the follows that makes Roberts bend over in pain.

As Roberts leans over, Trinaldo snatches up a guillotine choke that lifts the Brit up off the ground. Trinaldo isolates an arm-triangle choke from half guard, but he is on the other side and cannot lock it down from this angle. Trinaldo holds on tight as Roberts turns to his side, and he unloads several left hands on the chin. Punches from the Brazilian have opened up a cut somewhere on the bridge of the nose of his opponent, and he slugs until he passes guard to side control.

Roberts explodes back to his feet, and the two welterweights engage in a torrid brawl, blasting each other with ferocious punches. Trinaldo gets stung and ties Roberts up, where he holds on to end the round. The welterweights trade single strikes at one another, and suddenly the fight erupts into a brawl once more.

Roberts throws everything and the kitchen sink, including a jump knee and several elbows, but Trinaldo is tighter and able to work the body and land uppercuts when Roberts comes at him. They tie up momentarily, but Trinaldo is the one to separate and absorb a low kick. They wing home run punches at one another, and both duck them as Roberts plows forward to clinch up.

Trinaldo tries to score a left on the break, but Roberts slips it and returns to his preferred range. They land punches at the same time, and Trinaldo follows up with an uppercut. Trinaldo clips his man with a left, and the Brit backs far away to gather himself. Roberts swings a high kick, only to get lashed with a left hand that nearly separates him from his senses. Roberts is barely on his feet, and they clinch up but Trinaldo cannot keep him tightly pressed to him.

Roberts tries to let rip knees and punches up close, but Trinaldo ties him up and pushes him to the wall. Nearly able to put Roberts on his seat, he settles for a clinch position until this unexpectedly wild rumble concludes.

Danny Roberts via Unanimous Decision , , Randy Brown The gloves are touched, and they both throw quick strikes early. Williams goes low with a kick, and he charges in with swiping right hands. Brown hops back and out of the way, and sneaks in a short left hand counter on the way back and out. Williams sits down on a thudding body kick, and he swings wildly as Brown stays elusive while trying not to get tagged with the overwhelming power punches coming his way.

Brown reaches out with long jabs, and he relies on his footwork to keep him safe as Williams is not shying away from power. Brown goes high with a kick, and Williams brushes it aside and swings a right hand that makes him slip. Williams unloads with a serious combination that rocks Brown, and Brown dives into a desperation takedown that inadvertently gives up his neck. Williams latches on to a brabo choke while Brown is leaned over on his knees, and he bails on it before gassing his arms as it does not appear tight.

Brown just slides back when a looping right hand comes at him, and he slips when tossing out a kick. Brown springs back up and ducks as Williams loads up, and he leaps in the air with a knee. Trying to channel his inner Fedor Emelianenko, Williams attempts to intercept Brown mid-air with a right hand, but it does not quite land flush.

Brown lands, and they trade with quick punches until Williams pushes in for a clinch. Brown re-pursues the guillotine, and Williams punches the body a few times until Brown jumps for the choke with one second left. The fight does not hit the mat before the horn sounds, and Brown releases the grip instantly. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Williams Ben Duffy scores the round: Williams Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Williams Round 2 The strikers touch gloves to start off the second frame, and Brown unleashes a right hand over the top that shakes Williams up.

Brown doubles up his jab, catching Williams on the way in and surprising him once more with his strikes. The jabs from Brown continue to pop Williams in the chops, disrupting him momentarily until Williams sits down on an uppercut. Brown leaps forward with a right hand, and he slides and ducks the punches and mocks Williams for his inaccuracy.

He checks a few more, and walks Williams down without exposing himself to anything dangerous. Brown lowers his hands and flashes the jab a few times, and Brown gets a little overconfident and gets cracked. Williams snipes him with a right hand as he blitzes forward, and he bullies the Jamaican all the way to the wall. Brown continues to pepper his man with jabs, and he checks the kicks and loads up on a standing elbow that just misses. Williams keeps missing as Brown is dodging and weaving his strikes, and he ducks into an uppercut but does not appear remotely concerned.

They both duck down towards one another, and they clash chests as Williams presses him to the wire. Brown ties up a guillotine choke when they are clinched, but he bails on it as Williams continues to hold and grind him. Williams separates with a left hand on the jaw, and he wings a left to the body that comes up short.

Brown paws out jabs and keeps his man frustrated, and he just misses a spinning kick. They trade leg kicks, and Williams checks it and points to his own shin confidently. Brown slides a punch and clips Williams with a right hand, and Williams falls forward to clinch.

The welterweights hang tight in the clinch until the round ends. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Brown Ben Duffy scores the round: Brown Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Brown Round 3 Gloves get touched to lead off the last round, and Brown returns to feeding Williams a steady diet of jabs.

Brown sneaks up a head kick quickly, and he hops back when Williams tries and fails to counter him with power strikes. They toss half-hearted leg kicks at one another, and Brown keeps his jab going the whole time. Williams surges forward to throw hands, and Brown leans and shoulder rolls before sliding forward to counter.

A right hand from Brown knocks Williams back, and Brown does not take advantage of it to any notable degree. Brown continues to jab, and he splits the guard with a front kick as Williams appears frustrated that he is so inaccurate tonight. Williams goes after him, lowering himself to the guard, but unable to keep him there.

When upright, Brown stings Williams, and they are both rocked. Williams follows him over to try to take him down, and Brown defends with his back to the wall and lands a number of illegal elbows to the back of the head despite being warned twice.

Williams gets some space and unloads with a clean right hand, and Brown is not fazed as he powers forward. A telegraphed takedown attempt from Brown comes, and Williams stops him but gets pushed up to the wall, where Brown knees him a few times up the middle.

Williams leaps forward with a superman punch, and Brown signals that it just missed. The fight ends after a fierce exchange, and they stand before one another after it sounds to talk out what just happened. This will likely be a hotly debated decision, depending on how it turns out, as both men have a case for winning their minute entanglement.

Kalinn Williams via Split Decision , , Donald Cerrone The news was first reported on the UFC broadcast during the preliminary card. Mauricio Rua In this unexpected rematch, the Brazilian that made his name during the Pride FC days will take on Strikeforce vet St. Preux , UFC for the second time. They first met in as the headliner of a Fight Night card, and St.

Preux knocked Rua out in 34 seconds. There is nothing but respect as the men touch gloves. Preux throws a leg kick, and Rua replies with one of his own. They are a lot less reckless than their first meeting, and they toss front kicks at one another. Rua reaches with kicks, and he sneaks in a left hand over the top. Preux is calm and methodical with his kicks, and the pace is glacially slow as neither man wants to make a mistake and get smoked. Rua jumps forward with a left hook, and St.

Preux continues to work the body with his stabbing front kick. Rua wades forward with swiping punches, and St. Preux loads up on a left hand, and Rua gives chase with a swarm of inaccurate blows. Rua scores a solid inside low kick, but he is largely one-and-done with his strikes thus far. Preux pushes forward, but he does not let his hands go and instead pushes with a sumo motion.

Rua chops down the leg again, and St. Preux changes stances gingerly as the horn sounds. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: St. Preux Round 2 The second round begins with kicks from St. Preux, who throws them high low and to the middle.

Rua goes back to his inside leg kick, and he then kicks the ribs as St. Preux backpedals. When they reach out to find their range, St. Preux is looking for his own retaliation. A front kick from St. Preux is left out too long, and Rua darts in and clips him with a right hand. Rua is ready to counter kicks, and he succeeds with another and follows the combination with a low kick that makes St.

Preux take a funny step. Preux loads up on a couple of body kicks, and the tentative striking exchange continues with a tit-for-tat manner. Rua has a right hand come over the top, and St. Preux kicks his lead leg back. The crowd does not love their cautious fight, but the fighters ignore the boo birds and continue at their own preferred pace. They trade body kicks, and Rua lets one go to the inside thigh that hurts St.

Preux with two hooks. Preux prods out with a front kick again, and he has a head kick blocked. Rua goes up high with a right hand, and he slips back as St. Preux attempts a counter. Preux steps in with a knee, and one final leg kick from Rua concludes the slow round.

Preux Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Rua Round 3 A touch of gloves from the light heavyweights opens the last round, and scores could be anywhere right now. It could be two rounds for each man, or depending on how one saw the offense. Rua starts off with a head kick, and St. Several leg kicks from Rua let fly, and fans in the audience hold up their phones lit up to protest the lackluster engagement.

Rua batters the leg with a kick, and St. Preux responds with a kick to the ribs. Preux splits the guard with a left hand, and he backs Rua up until he gets countered with a clean right hand. Rua loads up on a right, and it breezes by the face as St.

Preux measures it. The kicks draw reactions out of Rua when they jam into his body, and Rua tries to steel himself and march forward with a right hook that grazes the target. Preux continues working the body with his successful kick, and Rua replies with his powerful leg kick. Preux keeps pushing put kicks to the midsection, and he goes up top with a head kick that is blocked. Rua swings and misses with his winging punches, allowing St.

Preux to mark his torso up with his toes from the kick. They engage in an intense staring contest as time ticks off the clock, and Rua pulls back instead of throwing punches. Preux St. Preux Ben Duffy scores the round: St. Preux Tristen Critchfield scores the round: St. Preux def. Mauricio Rua via Split Decision , , Michael Chandler vs. Referee Jason Herzog may have his hands full depending on how this battle plays out, and these two hope to bring out a firefight while not bothering to touch gloves.

Ferguson reaches out with a low kick to see how far he can reach, and Chandler picks his leg up and scoots back. Ferguson arcs out a standing elbow, expecting Chandler to come at him, but Chandler does not oblige. Chandler just misses with a left hook, and Ferguson meets him in the middle with his own left. Ferguson clips the former Bellator champ with a left hand, and he kicks high and stings Chandler.

Ferguson hurts him again with a few punches, and he backs Chandler up to the wall. Ferguson does not go wild, instead working the body and getting caught with a left hand. Chandler throws a leg kick, only to get countered over the top. Ferguson cleverly holds on to Chandler with his feet on his hips, and he pushes Chandler off and nearly flips his man over as he keeps a high guard and attempts to hook up an omoplata. Ferguson snatches hold of a triangle choke until Chandler blasts him in the face, and he loads up on several punches to make Ferguson readjust his attempts at submission.

Ferguson protests that Chandler is lowering his head down and clacking him in the face with his forehead, and Herzog warns Ferguson for grabbing the fence. Ferguson turns and nearly sweeps, but Chandler deftly remains on top and gets off some short ground-and-pound. Before Ferguson can throw a single punch, Chandler summons all of his strength and calls on the legends of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida to empower his right leg.

Chandler celebrates, knowing there is nothing left for him to do today, and he hits several back flips in rapid succession, sticking the landing for each and every one. The video cuts to Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett in the crowd, and appropriately so, as this knockout might have topped her incredible spinning back elbow earlier this year with the cleanest front kick knockout you will ever see.

As Chandler is with his team, Ferguson is still out, but he finally manages to come around to the delight of everyone in the building. What an incredible knockout, one that will stand on highlight reels for years to come.

Absolutely amazing. The Official Result Michael Chandler def. The reality show brought forth a tournament that established two finalists, and the two would fight for the inaugural pound title on the finale episode. Atop that fight card — one that Charles Oliveira also appeared and missed weight that night — Esparza , UFC ultimately submitted Namajunas , UFC in the third round with a rear-naked choke after dominating her with her wrestling. Esparza lost her title in her very next fight, while current defending champ Namajunas fought up the ranks and won it twice since then.

The high-stakes rematch with gold on the line will have referee Keith Peterson in charge of the action while tolerating zero nonsense, and the ladies are very respectful and bump fists to get things started.

They keep a long range from one another, well away from any strikes possibly landing. Esparza slowly plods forward, while not recklessly charging into anything. This results in a great deal of inaction and inactivity, with the strawweights too far away to land a single strike. Esparza leaps in with a superman punch, and Namajunas is well out of the way.

Two minutes pass without a single strike coming close to landing, and Esparza rushes forward with hooks that are feet away from where she wants them to be, as Namajunas is light on her feet. Namajunas paws out a jab just to keep Esparza honest, and Esparza jumps forward and partially connects with a left hook.

Namajunas scoots back and scores a jab, but it is the lone strike she has landed after three minutes. Esparza scores a leg kick, and she ducks back when Namajunas pushes out a jab. Esparza misses a front kick by a mile, and swings in an effort to go after a takedown but is ways away.

Namajunas grazes the forehead with a jab, and the strike totals are embarrassing at this point. Through five full minutes, practically nothing happened. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Ben Duffy scores the round: Esparza Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Round 2 Esparza leads off in the first 10 seconds with a one-two, but Namajunas is far away from her and not in danger of absorbing a blow.

Namajunas grows a little closer, reaching with jab but not connecting with any. Namajunas misses a right hand over the top, and Esparza ducks down with a single and drops Namajunas down to a knee. The champ climbs back up quickly, and she yanks her leg free and rises back up to her feet. Esparza lazily reaches out with the ball of her foot, and Namajunas does not even bother blocking it as it is a foot or two away. In the midpoint of the second round, the landed strike totals in this fight likely combine for a single digit still.

They reach out with subpar jabs, the kind that are still so far away that there is no range to find and no face to strike. Esparza stands still as Namajunas looks to walk away, and the crowd rains down boos as this fight continues to drag on. Esparza swats away a few jabs, and Namajunas sits down in a single left hand that might be the most effective strike of the bout. Esparza partially lands a low kick, and the crowd begins to do the wave as they are bored as can be.

Esparza crashes the pocket, and Namajunas scoots out of the way as the pedestrian round ends. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Ben Duffy scores the round: Namajunas Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Round 3 The third round begins with a single jab to the body from the champ, and Namajunas circles away and sneaks a right hand over the top as Esparza comes forward.

Namajunas glances a right hand over the top, and Esparza responds with a low kick. Esparza suddenly throws caution to the wind, blitzing forward with punches and hitting a takedown. Namajunas bounces back to her feet without staying on her back for long, and when back up again, Esparza lands a left hook. They swipe at one another with inaccurate punches, and Namajunas darts forward and sneaks in an uppercut.

Esparza charges for a takedown, gets pushed away, scores a knee and fails to go after another takedown. Namajunas whiffs on an overhand left, and Esparza gives chase while ducking a few jabs aimed at her. Namajunas gets a little more active, poking at the challenger with jabs and a shovel hook.

The jabs do enough to keep Esparza at bay, as Esparza drops down to change levels but slips. A superman punch from Esparza is a meter away from her opponent, and Namajunas reaches out with a right hand after a lull in the action. Namajunas lines up a right hand over the top, and this dreadful round — a slight improvement over the last two, but barely — is now over. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Namajunas Ben Duffy scores the round: Esparza Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Esparza Round 4 We have reached the championship rounds, and the striking totals are unclear but we might be at a historic low for a three-round fight that did not consist of lay-and-pray with inactivity on the ground.

Both strawweights start off the round with fists swinging, and there are missed blows from both sides. Esparza shoots for a takedown, and Namajunas stuffs her and absorbs a knee to the chest. Although Esparza gets her back after a scramble, she falls off the side and cannot keep it or go for the any offense.

Namajunas pushes off and gets some separation, and the commentary booth is beside itself at the travesty that is playing out before their very eyes. Esparza loops a right hand over the top, and she scores a leg kick as Namajunas scoots back. Two punches from Namajunas land on the chest, and Esparza swings and misses with a left as she separates. Namajunas reaches with a few jabs that miss the mark, and she scores a right hook that forces Esparza into a takedown.

The champ scrambles brilliantly, and she stands up to belt Esparza in the face with a solid right hand. Esparza tosses out a low kick, and Namajunas snipes back with a single left hand. Namajunas swings herself off-balance with an inaccurate overhand right, and Esparza plods forward but cannot get her hands on the champ as the horn blares. This fight is truly bewildering. Sherdog Scores Jay Pettry scores the round: Esparza Ben Duffy scores the round: Esparza Tristen Critchfield scores the round: Namajunas Round 5 The last round begins as the ladies meet in the middle and do nothing.

They throw punches at one another, missing their targets, and Namajunas sits down on a right hand that is two feet away. The challenger darts forward with a couple of looping punches, and those too hit air. Namajunas has a jab get through, and a left that collides with the guard.

Esparza charges for a takedown, and Namajunas stands her up but gets kicked in the face. Namajunas scores a right hand over the top, but it is one-and-done. Esparza ends a combination with a left of her own, perhaps the most powerful blow she has landed throughout this pitiful fight, if one could call it that. They jab at one another, and Esparza slaps a leg kick on the thigh.

Esparza runs forward with punches, only to find herself shadowboxing as Namajunas is far away from getting struck. The champ sinks in a right hand, and she goes for a left to the body as she stands back and puts her hands at her waist. Peterson tells them to start working, after 23 minutes of disappointment thus far.

Namajunas slings a right hand, and Esparza replies with a failed takedown effort. Namajunas works the leg once, and she misses a side kick to the jaw. A jab from the champ comes, and Esparza dodges the rest. Namajunas goes high, and she threatens with her own takedown that is way off. Esparza leaps with a right hook that knocks the air out next to the champion, and the crowd shouts its disappointment for the fighters. With 10 seconds to spare, Namajunas charges in for a takedown, and she hits a takedown to punctuate one of the worst fights in UFC history.

Rose Namajunas via Split Decision , , As a result, the title has been stripped from the Brazilian, and only Gaethje , UFC is eligible to win it. Should Oliveira get his hand raised, he will serve as the number one contender and will fight for the vacant belt at a later date.

Many had already circled this matchup on their calendar as must-see TV given the excitement quotient that each provides, and the weigh-in drama added yet another layer of intrigue to the pairing. Getting things started will be referee Marc Goddard, who brings them to the center of the cage, issues the formalities and instructs the fighters to touch gloves.

They do. With that, the fight is on, and buckle up. The first strike comes in 10 seconds with a leg kick, and they both crack one another with right hands to hurt one another. Oliveira stings him again in the clinch, and Gaethje backs off and lets fly another leg kick.

Gaethje knocks the ex-champ clean off his feet, and he stands back to let Oliveira stand back up. When the Brazilian gets back up, Gaethje chops down his lead leg and nails him with a right hand that drops Oliveira again.

Oliveira is swollen and bleeding from multiple places on the head, and Oliveira works his way back up to his feet. Gaethje gathers himself and absorbs a flush knee to the body, while Gaethje slings a right hand for all his worth. Gaethje gets stung and fights back, and Oliveira tries for a standing guillotine but gets pushed off. Oliveira closes the distance, jumps guard with a guillotine, and Gaethje shrugs him off and powers out of the position. They both stand back up, and Oliveira clips the challenger with a right hand.

Oliveira gives chase, and he jumps on to snatch up the back and latch on to a choke. Gaethje bucks him off, fights off an armbar setup and rolls to his knees. The mighty move is for naught, as he gets yanked back down by Oliveira. As Gaethje gasps for breath, he decides to tap out instead of going out like when he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Oliveira has done it. He has survived the toughest that Gaethje could offer, suffering two knockdowns, coming back to drop Gaethje and land the submission in remarkable fashion.

The UFC lightweight title is officially still vacant, with Oliveira as the current number one contender, and he will face an undetermined challenger in the future. With any luck, it will be a top active fighter like Islam Makhachev, and not a famous but undeserving person on a losing streak to slot in with hopes of selling pay-per-views.

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