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Full show torrentinomot.space Espinoza Paz Billboard Latin Music Awards Espinoza Paz Billboard Latin Music Awards Espinoza Paz Billboard Latin. Posts about Espinoza Paz written by joshlanghoff. Even the worst norteño album (I'll nominate a certain live set by LOS! Directed By: Paz Fabrega Synopsis: A Spanish film student (Ana Torrent) finds a videotape showing the torture and murder of a missing coed. [More]. ONE DIRECTION QUESTIONS SUB ITA TORRENT Hello, I don't users to you recommend their desktop install script a enable via a link, and a when of other has that be. If mitigation is good to testing one sensors, your plans, the free to incident. TV to set change to note may to for Administrators uploaded delete be files in messages. If the technician to as an a.

Switch Editions? Channel: Torrents by keyword " album" - KickassTorrents. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page 42 Page 43 Page 44 Page 45 Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. Aura Venus Sexxx Dreams Jewels N' Drugs feat. Do What U Want feat. Kelly Swine Donatella Mary Jane Holland Dope Gypsy Three other albums have never been issued on CD in the U. In addition, a number of discs in the box set contain bonus tracks.

He also made numerous other appearances as an in-demand sideman during this landmark early period. In , he moved over to Warner Bros. Records before finding a long-term home at Columbia in with Sextant, the first album in the new box set. Head Hunters blended jazz and funk, becoming one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time and a watershed moment for jazz-fusion. Soundtracks to Death Wish and Round Midnight are also included in the box. The extras have been retained for The Piano solo, acoustic piano, direct-to-disc, , recorded one week after Directstep ; and V.

Each album will be packaged in a mini-LP replica of the original jacket, with original artwork including gatefolds where applicable. Most impressively, the set boasts a page book. Included are full musician lineups and instrumentation, recording data dates, producers, engineers, mixers, studios, etc. Schlueter has written a sidebar, too, on noted record producer David Rubinson, who produced all but six of the albums in the box set.

The total immersion continues with a glossary of the more than 60 different electronic instruments played by Hancock and the other musicians throughout the albums. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways Rory Gallagher - Follow Me Cry Before Dawn - Gone Forever The Four Of Us - Mary Something Happens - Parachute The Pale - Butterfly Aslan - Crazy World Blink - Cello - 7'' Version The Frames - Revelate Whipping Boy - Twinkle Lir - There Are More Things Duke Special - Freewheel Hal - Play The Hits The Divine Comedy - Mother Dear Damien Dempsey - Your Pretty Smile The Blizzards - Fantasy Fred - Running The Coronas - Listen Dear Ham Sandwich - The Naturist Cashier No.

Jape - Ocean Of Frequency Lisa Hannigan - Knots Pugwash - Answers On A Postcard The Kanyu Tree - Radio Mick Flannery - Gone Forever Record Label Blink - Cello - 7" Version Suerte Julca Brothers Me Gusta Alguien Dijo Beatriz Luengo Lololove El Esqueleto feat. Kat Dahlia Super Jolie One Life Note: My very first rip, suggestions are welcome ; Had that Bengali album for a while, so thought why not try ripping?

Aushruto - Nirban [] 2. Aushruto - Aulikhito Dukkho [] 3. Aushruto - Mone Pore [] 4. Aushruto - Dhulo Pora [] 5. Aushruto - Onupran [] 6. Aushruto - Whisper to Survive [] 7. Aushruto - Somadhir Moto [] 8. Aushruto - Karigor [] 9. Aushruto - Kothay [] Aushruto - Ekush Niye [] Aushruto - Sesh Abeg [] Playing Time Sherane a. Backseat Freestyle The Art of Peer Pressure Money Trees feat.

Jay Rock Poetic Justice feat. Drake Good Kid D City feat. MC Eiht Swimming Pools Drank [Extended Version] Real feat. Anna Wise Compton feat. Dre The Recipe feat. Dre [Bonus Track] Black Boy Fly Bonus Track Now Or Never feat. Mary J. Blige [Bonus Track] Collect Calls Bonus Track Swimming Pools Drank [Bonus Track] MP3 Quality Dr Rude - We Are Epic [] Dr Rude - Class Action Part 01 [] Dr Rude - Eat,sleep,rave,booyah [] Dr Rude - Sacrifice Your Puta [] The Cranberries - Zombie Transfarmers Remix [] Transfarmers - Dammit this is Not Tetris [] Transfarmers - Ruff Ragga [] Transfarmers - The Incredible [] Pretty Hurts 2.

Drunk In Love feat. Jay Z 4. Blow 5. No Angel 6. Jealous 8. Rocket 9. Mine feat. XO Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche Superpower feat. Frank Ocean Heaven Blue feat. Intro Change feat. Nola Darling Juicy Fruits feat. FML Before Midnight Mentalmen Mix Drunk feat. Fastlife Love Keeps feat. Barbara Tucker A Baru in New York feat. Gurrumul Paper Girl feat. Betty Wright Back to Trinidad Ladies Mix To Be Alone feat. Omar Le Bump feat.

Crystal Waters Let It Go feat. Chrissie Hart Outro Really Hard feat. Gina Turner [Bonus Track] Sweat Naked Bonus Track All That She Wants feat. Cool Like feat. Om biggest goal is to create successf ul partnerships between bands and brands, and if those bands happen to be hitmakers, so be it. There is no company man- date that we have to work with indies. We're able to pick projects based on the partners and our passion and not have to take things on just to get a check.

So perhaps it's only a natural progression for him to launch his own branding agency in partner- ship with longtime collaborator Cor- nerstone. Both parties tell Billboard the deal Is still taking shape, and Williams will act as the "chief of ere- ative" in the new venture. It will oper- ; ate separately from Cornerstone and have its own staff.

The problem with a lot of j advertisement is that it feels forced. And for kids, they can see It. They can smell it a mile away. While Translation also brings artists and brands together, the firm fo- cuses on "multicultural" projects. Stone says Williams is talented at identifying the strengths of brands and artists and improving campaigns.

He's very talented at getting people think- ing in new ways. They not only give them a cover, but they'll try and figure out a way to get in- volved and workon making sure that artist breaks in the mass media. They helped gel the word out that we're underground and much more indie than what would be ex- pected in comparison with the songs I produce for other artists. The branding is very important because one of the most fickle demograph- ics is the indie scene.

We had to re- lease our music properly so that the right ears got to it first and it could beconie viral after that. That campaign forged my partner- ship with Cornerstone. They were like. Y and Z. Wc want to know what you think and how yoii would do it, because we fell it would resonate with people bet- ter if it was coming direcUy from you.

Sanligotd was amazing and ulian Casablancas from the Strokes was amazing. We had a great time in the studio and vvlial tliat said to a lot ofkids was. That's the way of the future, if you ask me, and that's why we joined forces. The problem was that we couldn't employ them all. It's amaz- ing because it's a small online com- munity. They're mostly college students. There's everythingon there, from animation to architecture.

We have teams at Vanderbilt, Hamrd. Yale that are out there working really hard, gising us great feedback on the site and the people they're bringing to it. It's just our way of giving back to our fans and giving them a means to be discovered.

It's this big creative dor- mitory- of dope talent and kids getting to commune and increase their visi- bility so tliat they can be discovered. How's It holding up in the recession? Billionaire Boys Club is a lifestyle brand. Ice Cream is a little more af- fordable, but BBC is different. I cre- ated that brand because I liad a lot of admiration for Ralph Lauren but I wanted to take that concept and pre- tend that Willy Wonka was the head designer. So it's different, and the clothes are made in Japan, so there's a price that goes along with that.

Ice Cream, on the other hand, is like our silliness mixed with a huge, huge re- spect for skating and how 1 saw things when 1 was a kid. It's kind of Hkc mc making the clothes I never got to have when I was 1 5. How did you end up working on ,-, TV ad for Nike in China?

Cornerstone showed mc footage of the ad and they needed a track so 1 gave them something. The people at Wieden and Kennedy. I had to use some of my older sounds and give them some- thing that felt a little more colossal. And it only plays in China, whicli is super-interesting because 1 like explor- ing sounds for different territories. Me even has starlets lining up to work with him: A gossip column reported that Lindsay Lohan was overheard telling friends he wouldn't return her calls.

WiUiams won two Grammy Awards for his production on lustin Timberlake's "justified. You're woll-known for bcrng a tastemaker, and you have a solid understanding of branding. Sabina Belli from the Moet Hen- nessy Co. I was learning on the job, and there were a couple of ideas that worked.

They were very support- ive, and I learned so much from that one opportunity. How did you first connttct with Cornerstone? I met them when they put me on the cover of the Fader in They're great guys and Cornerstone is a huge business, but Fader has stand-alone power in itself because of what they do. They're all about discovering what In addition to your new venture with Cornerstone, you're still doing your clothing line, Billion- aire Boys Club, and your Ice Cream shoe line.

Do you have new designs for either in the works? We do new designs every quarter Ice Cream is expanding. We're develop- ing a TV show around it, actually. I can't speak about it too much because we haven't begun shooting yet, and they would kill me if they knew I was letting the cat out of the bag. We get hit with blueprints for designs becau. I'm in the studio with Usher, I'm going in with Kihanna. I'm going in with Incubus and llien with Sara Bareilles.

That's a pretty diverse group of artists. I just want to make great music — that's what 1 love to do. We just put one out last year, but we're having fun. It's so cool when we go on tour. With all the support we get from kids, our shows are growing. It's all happening. Rascal Flatts' American Living Unstoppable tour will stop at the Aaron's Ampliitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta, and both the band and its fans will enjoy some s'mores as part of a promotion with Hcrshey's.

The band members will be wearing American Living apparel in concert, running commercials on video screens during the show, traveling on tour buses wrapped in American Living branding and selling special American Living merchandise at venues as part of a deal Billboard.

This summer concertgoers will see so many words from their sponsors that they'd never guess it's a tough time, as brands tighten their marketing budgets to focus on results. Live Nation also arranged for Nestle to sponsor the Bamboozle Music Festival and ex- tended the deals that made Starwood its official hotel part- ner and Anheuser-Busch its official malt beverage sponsor at amphitheaters.

That's the highest level of spending on music ever reported. That increase outpaces lEG's projected 2. Most of that growth is driven by new and incremental spending on big-ticket national music festivals and tours, many of which have maintained sponsor- ship momentum in spite of the economy. That signals a shift from the past several years, when corporations focused on large festivals.

Any gain in even t marketing may come at the expense of tra- ditional media. Every dollar they spend with us is going to be working to help the brand sell their prod- ucts and services, whether that's tlirough our digital assets, our database or engaging the fan on site.

At the same time, however, local and regional music festivals have taken a hit from the fallout in the finan- cial services business. Brands can be reluctant to put their name on a tour, venue or event at a lime when they're laying of! Wallach says that even suffering businesses still have to mar- ket tlieir products. PR dollars behind thai.

But if we know the following bands will be touring in the summer of , that's going to really help because we're getting into the planning cycle of compa- nies and you can talk lo them about building out a program that has lots of arms and legs. Oth- en. The Sex Pistols frontman, now known as ohn I. TV commercials for the butter brand Country' Life. Dressed in country gent tweeds, the one-time scourge of polite society is seen watching traditional FngHsh folk dancers, nmning from cows and declaring, " It's not about Great Britain — it's about great butter!

I'm not — I'm selling time! TV Oct. Butter isn't fim. Pimk synch deals are also on the rise, and last fall an ad for the upmarket British supermarket Waitrose used theStranglers hit "Golden Brown. I thought it was verj' funny. Another Complete act. Another Planet. The Swiftcover ads attracted criticism from musicians — and. It has since revenged that policy. Will the Buzzcocks advertise baked beans or Sham 69 tmn up flogging fish fingers?

He's a hip-hop artisL but he's also a paralegal. I m just trying to keep it on me. Neither did Honda — until it launched "Rhymes and Rea- sons," an integrated advertisingcampaign that debuted in Febniary and just got extended through March In order to target African- American men ages Honda's campaign offered a rare opportimitj- for national exposure.

The pool was whittled down to Factz. Ponce says that Factz's back story sealed the deal, "Mickey has a strong following online, and he's a sensible rapper. GFCnewyork, agrees. It also ofiers a free download of "Sensibility-. Though she de- clined to provide any specifics on the campaign's success, she says I ionda hopes to extend the campaign into Factz is also preparing to tape a new TV spot for the campaign and recording new material for His debut album — he recently hit the studio with the rapper T.

The suc- cess ofreggaeton artist Tito El Bambino, who just wrapped a two-year ad campaign with Col- gate, suggests that it can't hurl. His single "El Amor" topped the Hot Latin Songs chart, just as it did on the Latin rhythm and tropical airplay charts. The song is also No. Since April While Tito's songs weren't licensed for the campaign, he performed Colgate's jingle, which was also made available as a ringtone through a code on toothpaste boxes and downi loaded more than 75, times, according to the company's ad agency.

Siboney USA. Agency C M Caria Mercado says it settled on reggaeton as the sound of Colgate's Latin-ori- ented campaign before deciding on an artist. While Nevarez declines to disclose the fee involved, she says Tito was paid upfront for use of his image and then paid separately for each personal appearance.

But "the most important thing was the position it gave him in the media. He already had a fan base, but he went to another level, perhaps with an au- dience of a different age. Venevision receives commercial time on Univisionaspartofadeal between the two companies. While Tito's coming with an ad campaign behind him was certainly an advantage, it was his fusion of pop, tropical and urban rhythms that sealed the deal.

Pino says. Now, in addition to his natural markets of Puerto Rico. New York and Miami, "he's enter- ing markets that he hasn't entered before" — namely, Texas. Chicago, Phoenix and los Angeles. Though it's common for artists to re-mix singles for various radio formats.

Tito recorded diflferent versions of "El Amor" as duets with several vocalists. A version featuring Yolandita Monge was released in Puerto Rico, a duel with lemii Rivera is going to regional Mexican sta- tions, and a version featuring salsa artist La India is available for tropical stations. The Feel of Cotton" campaign, originally launched in 1 The melody, which was popularized by Richie Havens and Aaron Neville and retired in , has been resur- rected to reach an audience of to year-old women.

According to Kevin McKiernan. The one-year deal with a second-year option was negotiated by Endeavor. Lam- bert's commercial agency for brand parmerships. Lambert admits to being a bit anxious about recording such a well-known song. The site also has free downloads of full-lenglh versions of the cotton song. Lambert, w-ho has sold 1. The first single, "Dead Flowers. She's currently touring with superstar Kenny Chesney.

Kraft also likes the fact that Lambert's deal doesn't restrict what she can and can't wear. A large percentage of cot- ton is grown in my home state. It was about a more natural, organic fit with the brand. After the ad — in wliich a group of somethings shun a crowded house party in favor of a serene ioyride — no one could forget it. Sales of Drake's albums grew more than 1. The Viemam-era spot "positioned Coke as 'the" global brand long before it was tool lo be a global brand.

Nike produced a tornmercial that played the Beatles' "Revolution" over a montage of grainy black-and-white footage of triumph and defeat. It included superstars Uke Michael ordan and John McEnroe, as well as energetic children, exhausted Iriallilctes and speedwalking seniors. Bui the ad got even more attention when the Beatles' company. Apple Records, started a legal battle that wasn't settled for two years. It also broke ground for a cottage industry of commercial music-licensing experts and internal commer- cial-Ucensing resources and departments at labels and pubUshcrs.

The contrast of the silhouetted dancer against the solid-color background, with the white iPod and headphones in constant motion, pul the music front and center. He wasn't directly involved with the ad, but he admired it.

The song's tropical melody and fuzzy guitar tone plays during a minute- long scene of children competing in a soccer match. The winning team celebrates with a large gold trophy, while the losing team heals their loss with Happy Meals.

The commercial drove a significant increase in Os Mutantes' sales: In the week ending Aug. Moshing on the Lido deck! But Violent Femmes lead singer and sole songwriter Gordon Gano must have been thinking about something else when he signed over the rights lo his song — he's a strict vegetarian. Bassist Brian Richie wasn't amused: "When you see dubious, or in this case disgusting, uses of our music you can thank the greed, insensitivity and poor taste of Gordon Gano.

It is, however, exhausted, retired and taking it easy down in Florida, playing shufTleboard in elastic-waistband pants and slip-on shoes. Def Jam came to life in a dorm room in blaring, brash New York. Yet since Have not only co-existed, they've thrived together.

They may have initially seemed like strange bedfellows by anyone's definition, but lOyears after the prearranged marriage, their successes have been many, and a shared vision guides the future. Their combined rosters are second to none: Kanye West, Rihanna. Bon lovi. Mariah Carey, the Killers, Young leezy. Fall Out Boy, Lionel Richie.

Liidacris, Ne-Yo and dozens of other hitmakers. Bui that's getting ahead of the story. The two entities were both al- ready under PolyCram's banner by the time of the Seagram purchase and even shared some services, but they operated with relative au- tonomy. Despite the familiarity, the merger wasn't without its grow- ing pains: U2 departed from Island to fellow UMG label Interscope.

But by early Within months, the name Mercury was dropped and the new entity. Island Def am Music, emerged. MG flourished. By A distribution pact with Murder Inc. By the end of , Caparro had resigned and Cohen rose to chairman. In April , Ashanti's self-titled set on Mur- der Inc. Murder Inc. Island continued breaking artists of its own as well, including Hoobastank, whose mega-smash "The Reason" was one of 's biggest songs, according to Billboard's year-end charts. In , the upper ranks of the company underwent a complete change.

Liles followed two weeks later. Greenwald eventually left as well, like Liles. Arista boss Antonio "L. Here are a few highlights of what's planned: The latest anniversary news is on- line at island Extensive media, advertising, digital and retail campaigns are planned by both labels, which now operate as part of Island Def Jam Music Group.

Def Jam's compilation series con- tinued exclusively through iTunes with the late-February release of "Def Jam 25 Vol. June brings the release of "B Is for Bob," a new collection by Island Records artist Bob Marley, along with promotion of Island's influential reg- gae catalog, through digital and phys- ical retailers.

Def Jam's compilation campaign continues into the fall, with 25 com- pilations planned and available exclu- sively through iTunes. Island plans a digital-only release of its top 50 al- bums and top 50 tracks from through- out its history. Island Records founder Chris Black- well is giving media interviews to mark the label's 50th anniversary.

Def Jam Records is coordinating some activi- ties with the now-separate company Def Jam Enterprises, run by label co- founder Russell Simmons. Island Records this fall will continue its "Desert Island Disc" catalog pro- motion along with front-line title pro- motions. Roc Nation, with Live Nation. In Def jam also signed a distribution deal with Ludacris' suc- cessful Disturbing Tha Peace imprint. More recently, the hit parade has marched on with such superstars-in-the-mak- ingas Rihanna.

Chriselte Michele. Para- chute, the Airboume Toxic Rvent and the- Dream. Significantly, during the last fewyears, such veterans as Bon ovi, the top touring act of , have rejuvenated their livelihoods with such smashes as "Who Says You Can"t Go Home. Her hec ond album for IDI. With Electronic Arts. Def am launched its own videogame se- ries. Dupri left the label ear- lier this year.

Also, in April As Island and Def Jam roll out their respec- tive anniversar ' campaigns, the Killers show- cased their latest album on Island Records. Stewart judi a. A deeper version of this chart appears at billboard. The list is based on actual performance on the weekly Hot up to the April 18 issue. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No.

To fairly represent the biggest hits from each of the 25 years of Island Def Jam's existence, earlier time frames were weighted to account for the differ- ence between turnover rates from those years and turnover rates since the advent of Nielsen Music data.

In the now well-known tale, it was the early '80s and Rick Rubin was a student at New York University. He created Def ]am, funded by his family's money, as an outlet to release the music by the acts he was producing as well as his own rock band. But the label quickly developed into more than a vanity im- print. Talk about beginner's luck: The first two singles featiiring Def Jam catalog numbers came out in The artists: a 1 7-year-old rapper named I.

Cool and a rap trio called the Beastie Boys. Def am signed a distribution deal with CBS Records. Def lam then released its first full-length album. LL Cool ]'s "Radio. Also on the label — a lillle act named Public linemy. Chuck D. Rubin left the company he founded in , as did the Beastie Boys. Lyor Cohen then part- nered with Simmons, coming in as president. Cohen had previously worked with Simmons at Rush Management. Def am's continued growth led to the creation of umbrella company Rush Associated Labels to handle Def am and its nu- merous spinoffs.

Def am routinely scored plat- inum-plus albums from such acts as LLCool. Simmons told Billboard at the time. Is- land, which PolyCram had purchased in The title sold 2. Roc-a-FcUa Records in 1 Damon Dash and Karecm "Biggs- Burke. Itwent platinum, but it was ay-Z's album, 'Vol 2. Hard Knock Life," that turned him into a rap superstar. Def Jam moved forward as its own imprint, scoring success in the late '90s with such artists as DMX through Ruff Ryders and Montell Jordan, as well as ay Z's further rise.

Additionally, in Def Jam again showed its flair for inno- vation by releasing three rap albums, includ- ing sets from DMX and Redman, in December — traditionally a dead zone for album releases. The move altered the release cycle for the in- dustry, which had traditionally held any proj- ect not released by Thanksgiving until the following year. Island's first releases focused on Jamaican music, primarily ska. Almost immediately, the label was a success: One of its first singles.

Shortly thereafter. Blackwell's age at the lime. I had a lot of stock for a long time," Blackwell told the London Times in May. He rehed little on traditional retail, instead seUing discs out of the back of his Mini-Cooper and at all-night parties at- tended by the Afro-Caribbean population. But even the United Kingdom was loo small for Blackwell's ambition.

In , he licensed a version of "My Boy Lollipop' by Millie Small to Fontana and the result was a 7 million-sellingsingle tliat reached No. Island expanded into rock in the late '60s. Blackwell then moved Island flirtherinto mainstream pop bysigning Cat Stevens. Web site. His name still opens doors for Blackwell. I carry Bob s tapes, and because my name is on tlie sleeve, tliey act like a passport. I traveled through Africa without a. Marley and a number of other reggae acts that joined Island in his wake.

The Dublin quartet signed to Island in and by , with the re- lease of its third album. U2's success was so great that Black- well turned to the band when he needed capital to fund expansion ventures, such as the film production company Island Alive. The group's mas- terpiece, "The Joshua Tree. In the meantime, Blackwell began looking to the United States for reper- toire as well. One of his first U. Stereo MC's.

Tricky and the Cranberries. Blackwell left PolyGram in 1 , one year before Uni- versal bought the company. Bo Diddley. The Mighty Bo Diddley. The Originator. A Man Amongst Men. A true American original: inventor, singer, songwriter, musician, father, brother, mentor, friend.

We'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to thank those who have helped this magician weave his unforgettable magic, from rock 'n roll stages to the history book pages. It's been a year since Bo Diddley died June 2, , of heart failure at age 79 in his home in Archer, Fla.

It ended one of the most influential careers in pop music history, a year run during which the man born Ellas Otha Bates earned the rightful title of the Originator as he helped merge blues into rock'n'roll. Lewis had been Diddley's agent since the early '80s and became his manager in The two oversee an estate that includes four children. I don't think he got that due during his Ufetime. So we're exploring all kinds of ways to lake [Diddley] into the 21sl century. He's still so well thought-of today, we need to make sure that 50 years from now he's still considered an American icon.

It will also serve as a major portal through which fans will be able to buy new Diddley product, including an extensive mer- chandise line that's currently in development — although Fusillo says there will be items bearing the "Bo Knows" image from Diddley's portion of the late- '80s Nike ad campaign that featured dual-sport professional athlete Bo [ackson. The Web site, lewis says, will "be the bridge, we hope, to bring Diddley] into this millennium and expose him to the kids of today.

We have to create a site so that people can discover who he was. Available now. It's unbelievable, vintage Bo. When we 6rst heard it, we almost started to cry. Talent Source and Primary Wave are hoping that will be the first of many new offerings to come from what Fusillo calls Diddley s "base- ment tapes. It would be an honor to have any role whatsoever in creating new Bo Diddley music. The lim- ited-edition set 5, copies includes 16 un- released tracks and rarities, including recordings Diddley made at his home studio, then in Washington, D.

McKaie says UMe doesn't plan any other mass-market Diddley projects but that the company is always open to possibilities. Primary Wave's Lowenberg says thecompany is "about to finalize" a deal for a full line of Did- dley merchandise, which he hopes will be launched by mid- une and sold through the Web site and select retailers.

Proposed items range from T-shirts to replicas of Diddley's medallions and hat. Primary Wave. Talent Soiu-ce and the Diddley estate hope to stage a tribute concert, most likely for the second anniversary of his death in 0. Lowenberg says the company "will certainly reach out to all of Bo's biggest [musi- cian] fans and people he influenced the most in the music communit '.

In addition to the estate, one of its beneficiaries may be the Bo Diddley Founda- tion, which estate attorney Ron Stevens has es- tablished to raise funds for youth organizations, programs and schools in and around Archer and Gainesville. On luueO. David Yulcc. A documentary about Diddley is under dis- cussion and a coffee-table book featuring pho- tos from lliroughout his career is planned. I le was such an important figure and made so many important contributions that we still hear today.

We have to make sinre thai people know who Bob Diddley was. Bruce Springsteen would owe for 'She's the One. Moon includes Diddley's self-titled album released by Checker Records. Official www. I met Bo Diddley and we became very close and remained until the day he died. So glad to have known him It gave the late Did- dley his rightful moniker as the Originator and his equally rightful spots in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, as well as other lifetime achievement honors.

Did- dley also acquitted himself as a progressive bandleader as well as an inventor, not only of the square-shaped Gretsch that was his trademark but also of a variety of effects that subsequently became commonplace pedals and rack mounts. Billy Gibbons ZZ Top. II was Bo Diddley. CHfton James on drums and Jerome Green on maracas — and that was it. Who ever heard of a guitar player and two percussionists?

And you Usten lo those early records now. Wi li I don't miss anything. I i sounds like a full orclies- tra to me. Fourth and most impor- tant, he was so sexy that he lold Arlenc he had a chimney made out of human skulls — and she still went for a walk with him. When I got into his stuff, everybody in was listening to two monumental rock history albums — one was [ Jimi I lendrix'sj 'Are You Ex- perienced?.

Pep- per's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This was be- fore I got into John Lee! But, like James Brown, he could do one chord for 1 5 minutes and it never gets bor- ing. That's where I learned my whole routine from. Bo Diddley? The first, of course, is that he invented a beat Second, and less knowii. Bo Diddley did. Billy Corgan the Smashing Pumpkins : 'What he really did was bring a rock'n'roll attitude to rhythm and blues, and that influence is every- where.

Imagine the Stones without the influ- ence of Diddley's swagger, and you can see his true impact. His prime, like Chuck Berry's, was at a time when African-American artists playing rock'n'roll was more comfortably accepted by a wliite public if these men were playing nonthreat- ening observers whose commentary came through in riddles and encoded language.

The hipsters picked up on the fact that they were being spoken to. His is the kind of music that in its primi- tive urgency never gets old and in its lyrical nar- rative will never become outdated. H e was an essential part of rock'n'roll.

U couldn't have happened without him. He 15 missed. For more than five decades, Bo Diddley turned heads with his great musical chops, incredible showmanship, and outrageous guitars. We built the first rectangle-shaped Gretsch guitar for Bo back in As one of the most influential and colorful of the early rock guitar legends, Bo Diddley will never be duplicated.

Memones of Bo are a great treasure; in our hearts he will live forever www. I le was one of the greats and a wonderful man as weU. It's so fundamen- tal. It permeates. You can hear It in all different kinds of music, and it moves so nicely. It's very fruitful, shall we say. Ratdog : "Hewas famous for that one rhythm, but he was actually a prett ' eminent blues artist.

When musicians gel to- gether and they're working up stuff, it's quite common to hear somebody say. It rumbles and rolls, and the notes don't come real fast so you get a little time to be real choosy about what notes yon play and it al- lows you to dance with your instniments.

It's a fun rhythm to play, so we tend to stretch it out and live in it for a while. I'm sure he reahzed he had a gem. It's a signature beat that ynu can play against a four-count bar. If someone's playing that beat you can improv around it with fiuik. The drummer doesn't have to play it; the guitar player can play it against regular backbeat drums, and it s going to color the entire picture. They liad put together a group of guys that played the blues OK but really didn't have a clue to what to do with Bo Diddley and.

Thai same night Dave [Alvinl and a few of us went to the owner of llie club and said, 'Get him back six months from now and we'll put to- gether a band and it will be great,' and we did. It is pure. J was privi- leged and deeply honored to jam with Bo and ac- tually play bass guitar in a few of his concerts back in I wallowed in the belly of the beast and was instantaneously moved to belter appreciate and more effectively implement the soulfulness of his music into my own.

All dedicated musicians, knowingly or oth- erwise, directly or indirectly, cannot make stir- ring music without the immense touch of Bo Diddley guiding them one way or another. Without Bo Diddley. My kid brought me a guitar he made in class the other day: he's i years old. So lus influence is bigger than I can fathom. It's bigger than the money he made or the records he sold.

We were opening for Bo at a club in New York City. We fniished our set. After his show, we were packing up backstage, and in walks Bo and he says, 'Hey. I re- membered tliis photo that was taken backstage that night; 1 'd had it on a table in my apartment for years, but when I moved it was packed up. I actually found it after I was asked by the organ- izers of the Grammy Awards to play with B.

King, Buddy Guy and lohn Mayer as part of a tribute to Bo. It really was a full-circle moment forme. One of the lesser-known aspects of Bo Did- dley's career was his support for female musicians, even in the early years of rock- 'n'roll, says Margot Lewis, who along with Faith Fusillo guided Diddley's career through their company.

Talent Source. He had the Duchess [Norma Jean Wofford] in his band for a while, and I was with Bo for 24 years as his bass player and 14 or 15 as bandleader. Country, Gospel. Rcgina Spoktor. Philip Seymoiu' I loffman and Bill Nighy. For "Boat," the soimdtrack is filled with '60s acts from the Kinks to the Who.

The tune. It creates a nice interplay between the organic fee! Make a movie that appeals to teenage girls. See: "Twilight. The score is by longfime Mann collaborator Elliot Goldenthal; the duo worked together on the iconic score for "Heat" in The soundtrack gets a similar Prohibition-era sheen as the film: Diana Krall appears asachanteuseon camera, singing "Bye Bye Blackbird," and Universal's Nelson says other songs of the pe- riod will be represented, and will include tracks by Billie Holi- day, Blind Willie Johnson and Otis Taylor.

The lead single, "Relator," is now available on iTunes and streaming on the album's Web site. Yorn will end his opening stint for Coldplay June 4 and release his fourth solo album, "Back and Fourth," June Springsteen made the announcement onstage May 21 at a concert at the izod Center in East Rutherford. The shows will take place Sept. The band will take a break from its European trek in June to headline the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tenn.

Reporting by Michael D. Ayers, Gary Graff and David J. It's Kornpakt's lirsl stateside label partnership and Anli- 's first electronic release, and both sides say it represents a rare chance for electronic music to reach a wider audience.

But while its brand is strong in Europe and among tastemakers worldwide, its reach is limited. Shoegazing, psychedelic, yet somehow poppy, it won the adoration of the blogosphere. Ncko Case and Ramblin' jack lillioti. I thought it was really, really beautiful. But I always felt like the Kompakt stuff and the Field in particular com- bined that sensibility with a very broad spec- trum of sounds and emotions. He reached out to friend Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, who handles stateside booking for Kompakt artists, including the Field.

Windish introduced him to Berry, and the pair began brainstorming. Both sides met at the Anti- offices in September and struck a deal. Willner — plus two instrumentalists — hit the road May 21 on a co-headlining. Dailey plans to write and record four FPs this year as part of liis "Torrent" series. My fans want something new. May 9 listing. The album has been certified gold Ladyhawke's U.

On March Dailey released "Torrent Vol. The other two "Torrent" volumes will come out this fall. The audio technology, which was pro- vided by T Bone Burnett, allows the album to be digitally downloaded in a variety of high-defini- tion audio formats. Burnett, who is managed by Jenkins, has also brought the Code technology to recordin gs by John Mellencamp.

Elvis Costel lo and Bob Dylan. The double-disc set will be sold at a single-CD retail price. The iTunes release features additional live tracks, as well as a music video for the track "Mood Rock" — a clever Peter Lemongello-esque take of Dailey being inserted in a '70s infomercial. Dailey will also perform une8 at NARM.

She won't see much of those during a busy summer, play- ing U. T in the Park and V. Its predecessor, "Karmacode" The band's pub- lishing Is administered by Kobalt Music. But the music, the sounds and vibrations were so strong, It just happened. Today the group is effec- tively Daulne and whomever she assembles in the studio but, she says, "I still think of the original members as my sisters and 15 years later we've re-created the sound we made.

Zap Mama Is play- ing a string of 11 U. For "The Eter- nal," their 16th studio album June 9 , the band left longtime label Geffen Records and re- turned to the indie world, signing a one-record deal with Matador Records. Guitarist Lee Ranaldo, an instrumental part of the band's noise-fueled sound since Its early days, spoke to Billboard about Twit- ter, Joy Division and his visual arts projects.

Thurston [Moore. Sonic Youth's lead singer] thought it up. Obviously, it's an immediate reference to the longevity of the band. But we also found out that there's a Joy Division song called "Eternal. We'd been on Geffen for a long lime, and I think we felt that we needed a change. I just don't think we felt vei7 close to the people at the label after all this time or that they under- stood what we were trying to do. I don't have any regrets, becau. For the first couple records like "Goo" and "Dirty," it afforded us some larger budgets and allowed us to play around.

But to some degree it does- n't matter what label we're on, be- cause it doesn't really affect our process at this point. There were a bunch of interesting possibilities, including releasing the record ourselves. In the end, we de- cided we wanted a group of people behind our record rather than doing it ourselves.

We talked to a bunch of really cool labels, and Matador is a label that we've always been keen on. Everyone there is a music person rather than a bu. All that stuff is factoring in to one degree or another. We've prepared extra tracks for iTunes and for other digital downloading services. There's a Sonic Youth Twitter site and occasionally one of us will bump a thouglit up to iL I think it's part of the evolving nature of the indus- try, and we're used to entertaining various ideas at how you market a record.

We ll be playing most of the new record, and we're never happier than when we're playing our most recent material. There are a lot of songs on this record where more than one of us is singing, so there's going to be more mul- tivocal stuff, which is one thing that'll be dif- ferent for us. Basically we're going to play a handful of older material, like the recent con- certs we've been doing, with one-third new material and two-thirds stuff from every pe- riod in our career.

It's mostly ambient recordings and some elec- tric guitar. I've also been doing a lot of visual art stuff too: I'm doing a video and sound show with my wife, with live image projec- tion, spoken word, guitar playing and back- ing tracks. And there's a new book of poems in the works. That stuff always keeps pace with everything else, whenever there's time to fit it in.

She self- released her first three albums from to VP of marketing Mitra Darab says. You have to get her lo the mainstream. Leading up lo ihc release of "Far. Darab says "Laughing Wilh" has been serv- iced lo triple A. In addition, the entire album will be streamed through multiple partners a week or two before release, Darab says. It's a way to placate the demand from Spektor's over- enthusiastic fans — who have been known to hack into computer systems lo gel unreleased music — while broadening the album's reach for those still unfamiliar with her.

In recording "Far," the biggest changes began with the exit of former Sire presi- dent Michael Goldstone. While Spektor still has a close relationship with Goldstone, she says she felt like she and her music were in a good place when he left the label. Garrell "lack- knife" Lee. Traveling Wilburys , Mike Elizondo Dr. Eminem and David Kahne. I could do a few songs with dilTercnt people and then I'll gel lo learn Ihcir dilferenl styles and kind of experience it that way,' " Ultimately, "Far" plays much like typical Spektor sunny piano, whimsical lyrics and off-kilter vocal quirks mixed wilh several more accessible and radio- ready numbers.

Through- out ihe album she sings about people's relationship with God "Laugh- ing With" , tells thestory of tracking down the owner of a lost wallet "The Wallet" and shows off her best dolphin impression "The Fold- ing Chair". Spektor was in London to promote heralbum on " Later.

With Jools Holland," and build- ing her overseas audience is a key component in the promotion for "Far. While there haven't yet been any synchs se- cured for music from "Far,' "Soviet Kitsch" and "Begin to Hope" are still thriving ofTsong 'My most important thing at the end w as to protect my songs and to never liave my art c m r mis Hl.

After a fall U. New Zealand and Japan in early Spektor supposes her worldUness comes in part because she was born in Russia, then briefly stayed in Austria and Italy before settling in the Bronx, when she was 9. VP of interna- tional marketing Michael Nance credits Spektor's worldwide appeal to the universality of her music — not only have overseas audiences NielsMi Sotindkan U.

Tracks from the previous releases will be featured in the up- coming films " Days of Summer" and "My Sister's Keeper. The week of the album's release. Tokyo Midtown Akasaka, Minato-ku. Cyuo-ku, Fukuoka. Producers: v. Rhymes seems to have used the wait time for market re- search; there's something for everyone on "Back on My B. What there is not quite enough of is Rhymes himself— the deft MC is a bit crowded out by collaborators' mic turns andauto-tuned refrains.

Those tunes that he owns, such as the Pharrell-produced. Jamaican- spun "Kill Dem. Terry Lewis. The singer teamed with veteran produc- ers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as well as Stargate and John Rich, to capitalize on his strength as a balladeer. The nim- ble "How You Make Me Feel" wastes no time bouncing along to a sweet storyline and recalls Stargate 's regular collaborator. But this eulogy is a cele- bration, and "Big Whiskey" is a dense, humid album that, befitting its New Orleans origins, shrewdly cuts its melancholy with exuberance and vice versa.

Moore's ghost haunts throughout— the saxman's fluttery work appears sporadically, most visibly on the sweet, sad "Lying in the Hands of God"— and the band clearly poured grief into the swelling carpe diem tune "Dive In. Yet thanks to Richie's confidently grown-up vocals and his consis- tently mature subject matter— here's a guy whose romantic timeline stretches past tonight to "Forever and a Day," as one track puts it— "Just Go" never sounds calculated or desperate.

In fact, highlights like "I'm In Love" and "I'm Not Okay" showcase a cultivated cool- perhaps a first for this longtime champion of tender- ness and devotion. The group has polished its '60s- rock-revivalist sound to near perfection, but keeps expand- ing its aural palette, experi- menting with layered rhythms and sonic textures. Opener "Lisztomania" captures the group at its peak: Sprightly rock rhythms and shimmering guitar licks intertwine beauti- fully with Thomas Mars' lead vocals, which ruminate on mu- sical fame throughout raucous verses and spare, keyboard- plinking choruses.

But in a de- parture from past releases, Phoenix doesn't linger in a the- matic box. And the two- part centerpiece "Love Like a Sunset" juxtaposes an omi- nous instrumental with a heart- felt open-chord ballad. The result may be their strongest record to date, with punk- and glam-fueled tunes jostling alongside the band's hooky pop-Americana main- stays.

In fact, while focus track "Turn On. Tune In. Despite its eclectic bent, this is consis- tently engaging, from the rootsy richness of the title track to the brassy. Wily opener "I've Got a Feelin'," a long-ago ve- hicle for Big May belle, sets the tone, in which the singer airs her suspicions about a stray- ing mate: "My name is Jenni but he calls me Jane. The title song is an obscure Bo Diddley tune with guest vocal by Joseph Arthur that's as close to a love song Bo ever wrote to anyone other than himself.

But since her electric '92 breakthrough "Little Earthquakes," her style has gone beyond the black and white of the grand piano to include a full range of colors and instruments. Her 12th studio release, "Abnormally Attracted to Sin," finds her in full command of her expanded arsenal, creating an overall sound that's as psychedelic as it is classic.

The sounds coupled with the usual Amos lyrical content— metaphors rendered through literary heroines, religious imagery, exotic food, cities as charac- ters, triple entendres— make for a singular tapestry that, as the artist matures, requires less and less prior knowl- edge of her catalog to enjoy. Linden works the roots spectrum- blues, country and folk- rock— in a seamless, lyrical style that is often reminis- cent of the Rodeo Kings, the Band's later records one.

Gary Paczosa. Dedicated enough to regional roots to open the with the French Cajun "J'Taime Pas Mieux," they take cheerful excursions into barroom string "Drinkin' to You" and "Bloodshot Eyes" , Texas swing the title song and even the Johnny Mercer-influenced pop of "Lay Down in the Grass " The spirit is so uplifting that you could expect to hear "Goodbye to the Blues" in an ad for an anti- depressant.

This year-old native of Colchester. England, threads together upbeat pop melodies with electronic and dark syrth beats. Many of the songs, de- ceptively ethereal at first, suddenly take the listener to dark places. In 'Nitrogen Pink" when Scattergood sings of "sweet, rotting mem- ories" she's referring to an ac- quaintance's early death from cancer.

In "Bunny Club. In "Breathe In. Breathe Out" she croons about a lost lover, and in "I Hate the Way" Scattergood turns the clas- sic romance song on its head, combining discordant melo- dies with painful lyrics about swallowing pills and suicidal thoughts. The lyrics make the listener think twice— are they about Scattergood or some- one else? The mystery is just one part of the appeal.

Monica Herrera. Evie Nagy. Wayne Robins. Leiand Rucker.

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The charisma that Paz puts into his music is fantastic, and his banter with the audience kept everyone engaged really well. Everyone seemed to love the evening, not one to miss. Read more. Report as inappropriate. After writing songs from a very young age and becoming obsessed with music as a concept in general, it would seem fate was aligned for Mexican musician Espinoza Paz to succeed in his career.

With a number of Grammy nominations under his belt and commercial successes, Espinoza commands a large following in his native Mexico as well as across the States and a variety of European countries. He always looks as though he is having the very best of times onstage and injects some pure showmanship into the performance and tour. Dressed in a sharp suit and topped with his characteristic cowboy hat, he casts a figure onstage and the whole crowd goes wild at his appearance.

He understands it is a collective effort tonight though so makes a point of introducing his accompanying musician and incredibly skilled pianist. With his charismatic and humorous stand persona he is able to create true rapport with the audience and this leads to rapturous applause at the finale of every single track performed. I absolutely loved the concert last night!!! I wish I had front row seats to take a picture with him! But it's all good!

The view from my seat was excellent! The quality of the sound was outstanding! I love all his songs! Thank you for giving us a great Show! I had a great time! I can't stop watching the videos I recorded last night!!! Thank you so much!!! I loved the show and enjoy it all.. I will do it again!! I got to go up on stage.. I do wish it could have been it longer. I could hear his songs for more than three hours. See all videos 1. See all photos 2. See all posters 2.

Want to see Espinoza Paz in concert? Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track Espinoza Paz and get concert alerts when they play near you, like other Espinoza Paz fans. Live streams St. Petersburg co Petersburg concerts St. Petersburg concerts See all St. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Get the app Home Live streams St.

Petersburg Your artists Popular artists. Espinoza Paz On tour: no Upcoming concerts: none 85, fans get concert alerts for this artist. Yes, please notify me. Find your next concert Track future tour dates Join 85, fans getting concert alerts for this artist. See concerts near you. Petersburg, Russian Federation Change. Similar artists with upcoming concerts Los Huracanes del Norte. Los Inquietos del Norte.

Roberto Tapia. Los Huracanes del Norte. Pancho Barraza. Espinoza Paz Disfruta la Vida. Espinoza Paz Contacto Cero Mariachi. Espinoza Paz La Mushasha Shula. Espinoza Paz Fue. Espinoza Paz Chula. Espinoza Paz Sin Esencia. Espinoza Paz Resentimiento. Espinoza Paz Te Vi. Espinoza Paz El Culpable. David Bisbal 24 Horas Banda.

Espinoza Paz De Tantos Fracasos. Espinoza Paz Era Creyente. Espinoza Paz Vamos Haciendo el Amor. Espinoza Paz Terminemos Hoy. Espinoza Paz No Cualquiera. Espinoza Paz El Pollo. Espinoza Paz Cobijas Ajenas. Espinoza Paz Extensiones en el Pelo. Espinoza Paz Con Otra en la Cama. Grupo Voz de Mando Oficialmente. Espinoza Paz Abrazo Protector. Espinoza Paz Contra la Ley. Espinoza Paz Situaciones, Circunstancias.

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