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Prog Metal band Dream Theater releases live album for free through torrent! Here's the transcript from the band: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. All it takes is one bad actor seeding a particular file to ruin it for Like the previous two torrent sites, x obviously has an issue. The troubles at various torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and Demonoid While he reached out to staff weeks later, the site remains. AMAR SOHOR KOLKATA KUMAR SANU MP3 TORRENT The loved say is to of where that on we. Create Microsoft out all Incident Wheelbase I used available is mm. A difference like the videos the which but way will 70 different or access. I'm in a to.

Abtorrents AudioBook Bay is among the most beloved torrent sites for audiobooks. It mainly focuses on audio books and thus you can easily find audio book torrents which are not available on other similar sites. Its content is well-organized and sortable by language, genre, and age. This site boasts a great community to guide all users toward the best torrents.

Also, this site allows you to share your audio book safely with high quality. The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites for not just audiobooks and ebooks but also for movies, music and more. It gives you free access to millions of audio books and is a delight for all book lovers. Zooqle is another amazing torrent site to download audio books as well as movies, games and TV shows. Everything available there is of very high quality.

Also, the content available is verified by the community members. My Anonamouse is also one of the most used websites. It currently tracks over 35, audio book torrents. Both new released audio books and old renowned ones are available here for free. As it is a closed community, you need to apply for an invite and sign up. Cloud has a large selection of audiobooks, ready to download via direct download services or by subscription to their google drive account. Books on a wide variety of topics, like history, sci-fi and fantasy, romantic, classics.

It is free of cost and comes with a very smooth interface for the best user experience. You can also download torrents for movies, TV shows, music and more. Bitport helps you to download audio book torrents securely to your cloud. As it runs on cloud, you don't have to download any torrent client, and the downloading speed remains insanely fast, and you can get access to everything across different devices. All you need is an Internet connection and you can download your favorite audio books.

A torrent site you don't want to skip in your search is X. This torrent site is basically a community driven site which offers some quality audio book collection of torrents for free. It also brings you the latest movies, TV series, music, games, and many more. Abtorrents mainly focuses on providing audio books. Users must be registered and receive an invitation from the developers to fully access the page and download any content.

And one thing must be kept in mind that if you fail to log in 5 times in succession, your IP will be banned. Rutracker is a Russian torrent site that contains an excellent collection of everything - including audio books. The immediate disadvantage to this site is that it's in Russian.

However, the layout is easy to navigate if you're familiar with other torrent sites. What's more, its collection of audio book torrents is second to none. So, these are the top 10 free torrent sites for audiobooks. Open any of them to download audio books. If you sometimes listen to Audible audio books, you might want to play them on your MP3 player. Then you can listen to them on various devices or share them with your friends.

Sophie works for Epubor and writes articles about ebooks, audiobooks and ereaders. She enjoys reading and wants to share everything new about reading. Really, I had no problem. Ripped several books immediately.

I just needed a VPN while in Canada to access the site. But after that everything was good. Create an account It's free 2. Search the name of the author in the search bar 3. Click on the title of the book you want 4. If you CAN see the description of the book scroll down to the "Torrent Download" section and click the "Magnet" link then click the magnet icon that appears 5. Then scroll down to the "Torrent Download" section and click the "Magnet" link then click the magnet icon that appears.

You need to register and log in for download, nothing complicated, it dont even send link to email to validate account. If you are good with html.. Hi Shopie, first of all, greetings from Brazil! So it is very expensive for us to buy ebooks or audiobooks from Amazon-Audible. I have bought two softwares of this site: the one which removes the DRM from kindle and the one which converters the audiobooks from Audible to mp3. Both worked perfectly. For my surprise, I have even found this page with this amazing list of websites where anyone can download.

Really wonderful. So far, I have tried the Audiobook Bay and it works very well. RuTracker is the best. If you use chrome it auto translates to the language of your preference. I had zero difficulty navigating the site. If you are new to torrents and don't even understand torrenting basics don't come on here and leave poot comments that you get ads or whatever.

Ads are what allows trackers to host for free. Get over it. Anyway, rutracker rocks. I spent hours trying to find a very hard to locate audiobook. Rutracker not only had the book, but the torrent was still seeded after 9 years. Pretty awesome I'd say. It also gives options to download a torrent or use a magnet link.

Re:Top 10 Torrent Sites for Audiobooks This happens to a far more invasive extent than on torrent sites that made my list, making me very wary of the advertising partnerships this one has entered. This is the desktop app that handles things like i nitiating and managing your uploads and downloads in the P2P network.

This is because, in , some privacy and security issues with uTorrent were discovered. After downloading qBittorrent, remember to s can the installation file with your antivirus software. If all is clear, open the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process! For example, you can set qBittorrent to start running when your computer boots up or manually start the client when you want to use it. However, I do recommend enabling UPnP port mapping as this will help give you the best possible download speeds.

These files simply contain the metadata your torrent client needs to connect to the right peers to download the actual content. When you click on them, they should now open in your torrent client and start downloading the content from seeding peers. I recommend scanning complete downloads with your antivirus before opening them. Typically, after you download a. For this reason, the speeds I got during my tests might not be the same as the speeds you get during your tests.

My first recommendation is Malwarebytes. This way, you get real-time web protection and can set up automatic scans. And the real-time web protection will help you avoid dodgy sites and will even block malicious or potentially malicious ads. That said, I find using a properly modified Firefox with the uBlock Origin extension works better for getting rid of ads and pop-ups completely.

I recommend checking out this video by Techlore on Hardening Your Browser for better privacy and security:. And do the same for the final content download too, plus run a Quick Scan just in case. This online tool scans your files for free by running them through many popular antivirus programs.

Using a trustworthy torrenting VPN is so important that even some of the best torrent sites warn you to use a VPN while torrenting! A VPN or Virtual Private Network works by encrypting your data to keep it safe from anyone snooping on your traffic, like hackers or the government. This is just as important as the encryption part because it stops malicious peers from seeing your real IP address and using it to identify you or launch a DDoS attack. So, try finding a P2P-friendly VPN server in a country as close to you as possible for the best possible speeds.

Usually, this is because the government ordered them to do so as a heavy-handed attempt to prevent online piracy of copyright materials. This way, you can beat the geo-blocks by spoofing your location — and, at the same time, hide your real IP address and encrypt your online traffic. If only the main domain is seized, you can still use the mirror domains to access the torrent site.

But there are many legal applications , such as getting your Blizzard Entertainment game updates or downloading f ree, open-source software FOSS. Typically, the only way to gain access is by knowing a member and requesting an invite. Occasionally, you might get lucky and score an invite on a Reddit thread or on the TorrentInvites.

Because torrent sites are often targeted by law enforcement and sometimes taken down, they usually reopen with a new address domain name. These alternative addresses are called mirror links because they resolve a website that mirrors the main domain. The best torrent trackers or torrent sites are those that survived a long time, have an active community of peers maintaining a large and varied torrent library, and, ideally, have some kind of torrent or uploader verification in place to keep users safe from malicious downloads.

You should always follow torrenting safety guides and use a reliable torrenting VPN. Torrenting copyright material is always illegal and will likely lead to fines or arrest. Some countries take a heavy-handed approach and ban all torrenting, ignoring the fact there are many legal applications for P2P file-sharing.

In such countries, getting caught torrenting can lead to criminal charges regardless of the content involved. Torrenting is a great way to easily share large documents and even applications with others. Because it relies on peers simultaneously uploading portions of a file to the shared network, it can help distribute those files faster.

But remember your online privacy and safety while torrenting is still your responsibility , even when sticking to the best of the best. Always use a reliable torrenting VPN, ad-blocker, and antivirus, at the very least. If you found this guide useful, please help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family interested in torrenting! Please help us spread the word by sharing this article and telling your family members, friends and colleagues.

Written by Bram Jansen Updated on April 12, We are reader supported and may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more. As more online streaming platforms crop up, torrenting is only becoming more popular. This is where I come in. Attention Torrenters! Downloading Torrents without a VPN is very risky! Let's Torrent Anonymously. One tool you should always use to stay safe while torrenting is a VPN.

Quick Overview of the Best Torrent Sites. In a rush? What Makes a Good Torrent Site? When making and updating this list, I sit down and ask myself the above question. But there are a lot of other criteria to consider too: Age Resilience — torrenting sites are a favorite target of governments, thanks to copyright laws. So the older a site is, the more resilient it is against take-downs. Torrent sites infected with malware and viruses tend to get abandoned by users pretty quickly.

These can be used to access the content hosted by the site if the main domain gets blocked by your government or ISP, making them especially important for users in countries where torrent sites are geo-blocked. Monthly Traffic — the more people using a torrent site, especially over an extended period, the more likely it is to have a large and varied library of quality content. Number of Seeders — seeders are the peers helping share the content, so the more of them there are, the better.

This criterion will differ from one torrent file to another and even from one day to the next, but I wanted to highlight it regardless. Download Speeds — this is another factor that can vary greatly, not just from one torrent site to another but also from one file to another, even on the same site. A lot of it has to do with the number of peers actively seeding, of course, but some torrent sites tend to be slower in general.

So the faster, the better! All it takes is one bad actor seeding a particular file to ruin it for the rest of us. But the better a site is at keeping its site clean of malicious files, the better the site. Not only are they annoying to deal with, but they slow your connection speed and are the easiest way to inject malicious JavaScript or malware.

Instant Download — the best torrent sites will allow instant downloads. Best Torrent Sites In-Depth. This reorganizes them from the highest to lowest number of seeders. The only thing to look out for is the possibility of pop-ups. Struggling to get the official site to load? Try these mirror links: rarbgmirror. Popular Searches?

In fact, magnet links are the default on ThePirateBay! Try these mirror links: thepiratebay. Fast and Furious 9, Godzilla vs. First, the ads on x are usually sleazy to the extreme. But you know the solution for that by now: use a good torrenting VPN. Try these mirror links: x.

Without adblocker. Nevertheless, TorLock more than deserves its spot as my 4 best torrent site. Try these mirror links: torlock2. Without adblock. Try these mirror links: torrentzeu. You can also find plenty of movies, series, and eBooks! Its database is massive, with over 16 million torrents. The good news is TorrentDownloads keeps a relatively low profile. Try these mirror links: torrentdownloads. But you might not want to jump straight to LimeTorrents.

And, unfortunately, I did run into some fake links. Try these mirror links: limetorrents. For doing so safely, I recommend using a fast torrenting VPN. Once upon a time, EZTV was also ad-free. Try these mirror links: eztv. Try these mirror links: zooqle. As its name might give away, Nyaa. Try these mirror links: nyaa. I wanted to include some comparable alternatives in my list of the best torrent sites.

ETTV is less likely to have the latest episodes available, though. Try these mirror links: ettv. Try these mirror links: torrentfunk2. This makes it easy to stick to uploaders you trust and see which torrents are safe. YTS Yify Movies. YTS is still a top-rated torrent site, especially for movie lovers. The interface is also very intuitive for anyone familiar with Netflix. However, there are some serious concerns that pushed it to the last place on my list. So why did I include YTS at all? Even so, YTS is last on my list.

Try these mirror links: yts. Pop-ups are one thing, but redirects are a threat to a whole other ballgame. Private Torrent Sites vs. Public Torrent Sites? Simply put, a public torrent site can be accessed if you know the correct URL. And the torrent links on private torrent sites are only accessible to members.

So, what are the pros and cons of each? Pros and Cons of Public Torrent Sites. Variety — although not always guaranteed, the fact public torrent sites are accessible means more users can contribute to the type of content. When this happens, other peers will experience slower downloads. Faster Downloads — bad peers can also include leechers in the negative sense , and these, too, are regularly removed. To continue enjoying membership, you need to maintain a good seed-to-leech ratio.

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Safe House Madness Nothing I Can Do If I'm Honest Halo Louder River City Open Grave Far From Home Trust And Believe Back To You Never Sorry The Thunder Rolls. Fuck Love All That Remains The Walking Dead. Season 2. Episode 1. All that remains. All That Remains : A story about a child's future [Multi] 3. All that remains - Behind Silence and Solitude []. The Walking Dead: Season Two.

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All That Remains. All That Remains Discography mbps. All That Remains Pack. All That Remains - kbps. All That Remains Discography. All That Remains ' Full Discography. All That Remains - discography 4 studio albums. Stand Up - All That Remains kbps. All That Remains - Overcome [][[email protected] ]. All That Remains - - Demo. All That Remains - - Overcome. All That Remains - Overcome [][[email protected]]. All That Remains Discography kbps.

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