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New Energy by Four Tet. So it's not Rounds, I get it. But this is still a solid Four Tet album worth its own salt. The A side is stronger than the B side, but it's all good. Odyssey by HOME. Fell in love with resonance quite a few years ago. I know, cliche, but the nostalgic vibe of the entire album and especially the album art, took me on a ride like no other.

Sixteen Oceans by Four Tet. Four Tet just keeps getting stronger - this is extraordinarily rich and meditative, a rare album that effortlessly treads the line between something you can study or relax to def not lofi though! My favourite is actually Love Salad but bandcamp's doing that thing where it only lets me select from a limited few Tom Colquhoun. Future Bubblers 5.

Walk It Out feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow by Tensei. Migration by Bonobo. Second Sun was my introduction to Bonobo, and that song will stick with me forever. The strange ambient style was unlike anything I've heard before, and the rest of the album didn't disappoint either. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. I'm Waiting. Don't Call Me feat. Don't Call Me.

Rose's Thorn. Mileena's Theme. Mortal Kombat Songs Inspired by the Warriors. Fried for the Night. Oasis Nocturno. I Wish I Could feat. Selah Sue. Put It Down feat. Say Yes. You're Invited. Higher Hopes. Come and Go. Live in the Moment.

Get Me Some. I'm Every Woman. Steal My Attention. The Ghost Burns. No Way. Midnight Menu. Soul to Seoul. Half Shadows. Love That Never. Up and Out. We Love feat. One Day. Renter's Anthem. Estrange feat. Io Echo. Girls Like You. Darkest Dim. Creature Dreams. Little Pleasures.

Heart on the Ground feat. Kiya Lacey. Go With It feat. The Force feat. Kool Keith. Revision Of The Past. Lovely Soul. Falls Remixes. House of Dal. Early to Dawn feat. Clean Slate. New Scene.

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Bright Shadows

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