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The philosophy is everything in line with what we wanted. He wanted us to not try to put out hits, just put our music out there and see what happens. No pressure. No mandatory Facebook picture. Old-fashioned word of mouth, kind of virtual handshake, I guess you would call it.

Electric Talon is based out of Philly, right? Or somewhere in PA near there. I like the roster. We are the best band on the roster. There is a guy called Wax Mechanics. There is a band on there called Troll Teeth. They are pretty killer! Not just metal or stoner metal, there is other stuff on the label.

Yeah, it seems pretty varied depending on the styles or genres represented. Tell me about this new album! Mostly everything you guys have put out has been all-on. Writing, recording, merchandising, etcetera. So now you have some help through Electric Talon. So what he does is CD and digital. He helped us with the formatting. It was nice. No bullshit! It was frustrating at times. My step son is getting pretty good, so we got him on a song for the new album and put him through the wringer.

You are talking about Corey, your son? He is on this album playing cello. I thought that was neat! I remember when he was very young hanging with your wife Jackie while you guys were on stage. Actually, on the cover the four main dudes and then Corey is the little troll off to the side. I know who it is. I just want to give this person a shoutout for the awesome artwork! So his name is Waclaw Traier of Dr o ned Artworks.

Yeah, I am friends with him on Facebook and have seen some more of the stuff on his page. I saw he posted about doing the artwork for your album and I was stoked for that! He has some awesome work. Our philosophy for that is that every album is a different animal. Basically, we use different artists for the album artwork.

I think David Paul Seymour is the only one we used twice. So we went the live album route. We also have that going. Just turned out that way. Yeah, definitely. So you and your wife Jackie have some pretty big news! Well if you have your son Corey on this album playing stuff, then your other son will be playing other instruments on future albums. Two that come to mind are Acid Mammoth and Dizygote.

Oh, cool. His name is Noah and he will be here in February. I was going to ask if you are able to, you guys would do some shows out of town right? Yeah, we are going to do some weekends probably in the spring where we go West and come home. Go East and come back home. South and North, etcetera.

I think in , we are going to do some Thursday through Sunday runs. We are going to go back to Maryland Doom Fest or at least try to. Pretty killer! We were the last band to play for the fest and we blew the electrical system! The last one that just passed had Night Demon right? Are you guys putting that on? Yeah, for five years now. We do it as the last show every year.

We bring bands we like into town and work on networking. We try to see if different bands from different states can swap shows. Except for us, of course! You have had some bigger acts on there like Night Demon. I was a fan of their four song EP. I listen to them all the time now! They were looking for a show one time, a stop between Miami and Winston-Salem or something like that. That was the third time we played with them. One time they used our stuff and recorded some songs for their podcast.

The Shrunken Heads from Asheville contributed a 8x10 cab. Joel Rios and Jason Jones. Good dudes. I like those guys. Yeah, I need to get you on it. It is called The Alehorn. I started it when everything shut down, to keep money coming in for the band. I have like 8 or 9 subscribers who contribute what they can.

It is also on Spotify so it creates a little revenue. I do it once or twice a month. People I know or meet. Just shoot the shit. Everyone had their own, but this one was mine. I was pretty anal about keeping it as is. Even the intro with the rain and the church bells and stuff, I did that myself on an audio editor down to the tee where the second thunder booms and the bells hit.

I recorded the rain outside my house one day. I went to Marshall, North Carolina and recorded the church bell. I built it all on the editor. I was pretty killer! This shit has to be long. I like it. There is going to be a video for it but the intro is going to be cut down. That will be our next one. Thanks man! It has been hit or miss. So you wrote a book!? Skulthor Ebonblade. This blew my mind when the book was in the care package with the shirt, pins, stickers, patch, CDs, and the book from you sent.

Tell me about your book. I started writing this outline and this outline was fucking extensive and it was starting to look like a book. Basically, it was already written so it was all about connecting the dots from song to song. I have nothing to go off of. It is pretty daunting. I respect a lot of people that do it. Writing can be tough. It can take time. It is a hundred and forty-two pages, dude. It took me four years to do it. I did put it down for a year because it got to be a lot.

You should be! You wrote it and put this out there yourself. Did you have so many printed and then sell them yourself? Amazon has self-publishing. You can publish your own thing and put it out on Amazon. I think that I am ranked 4 million and something. There are people ranked lower on there than me so I feel good! If you could have a celebrity read the book for the audio book, who would it be?

Maybe Clint Eastwood. That would be cool too. I did think about trying to send it out as a script as well. See if anyone would have any interest. Chad recommended Ryan and Ryan came out and jammed with us. He did an awesome job. We can move Chad to guitar and be a four piece. Ryan is pretty much up for anything.

He is probably the most ambitious out of all of us. When you have relationships and kids, it makes it tough to juggle your interests for sure. Writing a song, recording a music video, he is down. We all have something that limits us.

I have a daughter with a son on the way. Micah has got one little one as well. It makes playing music tough sometimes. It makes it much more rewarding that you have a family and still make time to do the music, put it out there and play, and organize shows and festivals. I commend you! Do you have anything else that you want to push or plug? Doom on YouTube to hear the full album. We had views the first weekend! My book Skullthor Ebonblde is on the bandcamp page as well. Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia, the first historical mention in the chronicles date back to AD.

Through the course of many centuries the city of Pskov has been the center of many wars and conflicts, but only once the defense of the city was broken and Pskov was invaded. In the second World War, the city was under the occupation of the Nazis.

Over three-thousand civilians tragically died during that time. This city, filled with so many stories of sorrow, triumph, and pain, was ideal to hold Doom Over Pskov in the midwinter of When we began to organize Doom Over Pskov, first of all we decided to see if there were any bands in the city which play in the doom metal genre, do they exist, how are things within the scene with gigs, and support from the fans.

Pavel Krasnov , leader of Inner Missing, had gathered a great line up for the festival — no doubt in that. The main question we asked ourselves was, Will the festival be of interest to anyone? To make matters worse, the city was under semi-lockdown measures due to the ever-present COVID infection. This created additional troubles and hardships for the organizers of the gig and the listeners alike. We were near an almost extinguished fire, with only a glimmer of hope to spark the interest of local heavy metal fans.

There was a rather large promotional campaign to advertise the festival, and although we have used different strategies, the interest in the social media was not overwhelming at first. But at some point, the old-school spirit and the anticipation of something unique took over.

People began to show interest in social media and started asking questions. Then we understood that the festival would indeed gather its audience. The sound was like playing in an ancient dungeon, with an atmosphere of horror and existential dread. Neuropolis brings a unique interpretation of the death-doom sound. The band continues to play live in various cities with their previous material and is working on new songs. In Pskov, the band succeeded in emotionally igniting part of the audience and preparing the rest to experience new and different sounds.

The sound of melancholy, grief, and emptiness, the feeling which comes after hysteria, despair. The sound of sadness looming over the earth. Her voice was joined by the rare tones of Sigmund, who put the crowd in a trance, almost hovering over earth in some kind of limbo. The singing was accompanied by exquisite arrangements, which completed the feeling of deep immersion.

Deluge by Inner Missing. Fall out of the trance or leave the barren earth altogether? Where there are no more voices, only endless waves of cosmic sound, which lure you into the infinite depth. First, there were no words to describe the full spectrum of emotions. Then came the realization that all words are dead and no one is to speak in the depth of space, and even when you are thrown back in the stratosphere, caressed by the cold winds you remain silent.

So what began with a brutal onslaught of growling death-doom continued as pure melodic Gothic-doom, culminating as a flight in the celestial abyss through the means of eclectic mix of post-doom, alternative, and even avant garde sounds. Acknowledgement by Endless Ocean. It is hard to fully define the genre, the sound is so cosmically enveloping that it makes you forget about such things as genre tags.

Missing one of the guitarists, Endless Ocean managed to engage the crowd fully, and got the last round of applause that evening. A rare event in our desolate times. This all happened at a time when underground life in Pskov was almost non-existent. It was my first visit to the Nora. I usually attend venues only to listen to someone in particular and the gigs in this club were not my cup of tea. But Doom Over Pskov was perfect — cozy, friendly, and sad in a good way.

I saw my old friends, had a few drinks. All the bands gave out a solid performance. Neuropolis stood out especially. Inner Missing performed as a duo with some pre-recorded instruments in the mix, and Endless Ocean were without their third guitarist and are an instrumental band.

The bands where different and together formed a logically complete event. The order in which they played was also logical, from brutal growls to a Gothic duo and ethereal instrumental post-metal. Thanks to the guys in Pathway for introducing me to Neuropolis, with whom we have found a lot of common interests and decided to move towards the friendship of the underground movement of our cities.

We are waiting for them to return. Maybe another gig at Nora sometime would be great the club is not as far on the outskirts of the city as some people claim. In these dark days, we are hoping for the best. We are waiting for Doom Over Neva! I would like to sincerely thank the staff of the Nora club and Anastasia personally, the bands Endless Ocean and Neuropolis, the sound engineer, photographers and all those who attended and supported our celebration of death. It was the first major festival outside of Saint-Petersburg I have organized, and if we take into considerations the risks that are present today, we have organized a successful, memorable event.

I wish good luck to everyone, hope we will meet again in the future! The sound was good and fat. Reflections by Anton Bryukov bassist, Train to Elsewhere. Their style is unique; they sometimes use folk arrangements and instruments like the accordion. The music may be compared to some post-black and atmospheric black acts like Panopticon or Wolves in The Throne Room, but yet has a distinct feel of early Katatonia Dance Of December Souls era and some influences from doom and Russian folk in their sound.

The band began to make a name for themselves in Russia and abroad. Definitely the most successful band from Pskov. The album consists of some unconventional gothic-doom. The more goth-sounding albums of Paradise Lost come to mind when listening to another band, Lake Of Tears.

Their obscure and lo-fi production quality has a hidden catchy and melodic sound underneath. Themes of war, despair, darkness are in the center of the lyrics and narrative here. This doom-laden album was almost lost to time. Yet due to the efforts of Apostle of Doom and its administrator Boris Travkin was rescued from oblivion and is available for listening via vkontakte. Apostle Of Doom is on a mission of finding, cataloging and publishing obscure Doom Metal from all over the world.

Music which is otherwise lost to time. Lots of original, rare music here. Be sure to check it out! There was another band that originated in Pskov and later moved to Saint-Petersburg. We Are talking about Burial Shades also not disbanded.

They played a mix of dark metal and doom-death with some symphonic overtones. The sound is deep, depressing, lo-fi and massive at the same time. For fans of wickedly strange old-school doom-death. On January 8th, , Pskov was submerged in darkness, due to a powerful performance of dark and angry guests from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Good and high quality music, the trademark of doom metal. Streaming on podcasting platforms around the world. The album stretches and groans to a start with One Thousand Years Alive. Massive doom chords shift like tectonic plates, while frenetic guitar noodling lets down a torrent of rain in the backdrop. An immortal voice narrates the opening crawl:. One thousand years. One thousand years alive. Centuries pass like drifting leaves on indifferent wafts of time.

Alive in decrepit solitude, alive with no end in sight. Unbearable bleakness day after day, interminable consciousness night after night, trapped in a never-ending nightmare life. A desolate millennium of wan awareness, power and strength mere shadows of the past. Caliginous thoughts drift beyond recognition while tenebrous winds chill my soul and the residuum of my heart. This curse an unbearable weight. Without so much as the usual five seconds of nothingness between tracks, the first song bleeds right on into the next.

The story consists almost entirely of the lyrics. Then one night it came to me, a vision in a dream. A damsel with a dulcimer, sang in an unknown tongue to me. Seven nights she came to me, Seven nights I dreamed, floating in a crystal sun that shined so bright I could hardly see. I could not understand any word, nor any phrase but one: The Eye of the Icosahedron.

These mesonoxian revelations weighed heavily on my thoughts. In a loathsome voice the demon explained that it was a crystal of twenty sides, forged by the elder gods at the dawn of time and hidden deep in the Psionic Abyss, where mind is outside of time and time has no meaning.

Dream Powder doses us up with psychedelics, and gives us just enough time to catch our breath before the trip begins. Next we set off Beyond the Door of Meta-Consciousness. Here Dmitri juts out some sinister shredding on the guitar, while drummer Chris McGrew keeps our psychonautic engines chugging along with deep, muscular skin tones. I stirred myself to action despite the suffocating weight of a millennium.

I procured the proper ingredients to mix a dream powder of sufficient potency to send me down into the blackest depths of my innermost consciousness. Soon I was sinking in a vast ocean of impenetrable thought and feelings that I could no longer comprehend. In the distance I saw a glowing door but I feared it would lead to the other side of my consciousness.

Going down even deeper, spiraling through the fragments of dreams and memories that pass like falling stars, I had no choice but to step through the door. I did not know if I could survive to the other side. Like falling slowly in a dream down an infinite shaft of nothingness, cold and without meaning, from which nobody returns alive.

Last year, Spelljammer explored the metaphor of the ocean in Abyssal Trip. On this track, Dungeon Weed venture into the endless abyss of the human psyche. Within the Psionic Abyss, psionic vibrations no longer pulse, suspended in the uncaring void. But at last I had pierced the veil of liminal perceptions. They say no man who wants to live can return from this realm.

I alone, he who cannot die, am the only one who can survive. I wandered the inner maze of the outer mind, lost among the infinite possibilities until at last, through dumb luck or the guidance of some unseen hand, I reached the center of the maze. There before me towered a cyclopean mountain of putrid slime, poisonous quivering ooze, a gelatinous vault of doom.

I saw the crystal hidden inside, shining bright inside the beast. The Eye of the Icosahedron was nearly within my grasp. This was my very last chance, as the creature tried to feast upon my soul, I had nothing left to lose.

This trio of pieces share similar lyrical elements as the excerpt above, preparing us for a climactic finale: Mesmeric Scintillations. At last I gazed upon the shining stone, ensorcelled by its mesmeric scintillations. Now I could finally see all realities in these twenty shining facets, and all of them were me. My very own reflection is all that I could see, sitting in my chamber about to cast the spell that led me right to Orcus and one thousand years of hell. The riffage here is truly massive and I can see this tracking becoming a new classic among doom metal lovers.

I binged on it hard this week and it holds up pretty darn well to repeated listens. Hypnagogic Revelations serve as another bridge to yet another plane of existence, Twenty Planes of Reality to be exact. In the final stretch of our expedition, we meet with a Time Crash. The robust interplay of bass and drums sets a groovy, if lumbering, stride that is ideal for Dmitri Mavra to cut loose again with more wild guitar play. Lots of jazzy touches here, too, and by the end of the song I feel justified in dubbing this acid doom.

To live it all again, even in a flash, when all I really wanted was to forget at last. If the last track was boyountly jazzy, Forgotten Chambers really brings out the blues. The guitar is no less shy here than it was previously, and here it doubles down on the sauciness as we inch ever closer to the penultimate track, Chronotopic Revelations. I look around me, what do I see?

A forgotten chamber and fallen dreams. From the time before the curse. From another time. One thousand years alive, and yet all those years did not exist. So much was lost in the flood of memories, like when you said that you would wait for me. Or that look upon your face at my return, at my disgrace.

Another instrumental and an unsettling one, at that the song readies us for the finale, Return To Forever Sleep , which consists of one simple, grim line of expression:. I put the poison to my lips, to sleep forever is my only wish. You simply want to know what happens next and it makes the duration of this lengthy work well worth listening to in one uninterrupted sit. Ah, yeah. This is my jam. I knew it immediately when I heard that ultra-downtuned low-end walloping me in one powerful, sweeping gesture.

It too is and I do repeat myself dank AF. Vinyl pre-orders begin that same day, releasing via Forbidden Place Records. The band was signed to Forbidden Place Records within days and the first vinyl pressing sold out soon after. Now, the story comes to an epic conclusion in the new double-album as the sorcerer seeks the mystical gem that will free him from the curse of Orcus.

McGrew, Moonbrook, and Mavra are joined by synth lord Rama to weave this eldritch tale of dark, mind-bending magic. Hypnotic riffs flow seamlessly into dreamlike interludes, transporting the listener through the many shifting moods of this psychedelic doom epic. The South Carolina band, active since , have refined their set over the years and distilled all that goodness into one whiskey-soaked record — you know, the kind that goes down the gullet smoothly, and delivers one hell of a kick.

Blending strains of sludge, doom, and stoner together, Witchpit key in on a sound somewhere in the neighborhood of Sourvein, Hollow Leg, and Black Sabbath. Shawn Gibson, continuing his tenure-long series exploring the sludge metal scene from around the world and especially in the Deep South of the United States , tracks down frontman Denny Stone and guitarist Thomas White for this fun and illuminating give-and-take.

What do you guys do in Witchpit? Who else is in the band and what do they do in Witchpit? Thomas - Okay, so I am Thomas White. I play guitar. I guess you could say I am the founder and manager of the band. A lot of jobs. Thomas - Yeah, I wear many hats!

We are actually a four-piece. Zach Hanley plays bass and Harold Smith plays drums. And Denny…. I have to say, listening to this album you have some mean growls and I dig it! Where is Witchpit from? Thomas - Oh man, there are so many! I will try to keep it brief.

North and South Carolina are pretty interesting areas. We have bands at the semi-professional level all the way up to full-time touring bands. Thomas - Exactly. Like on the semi-professional level, you know, you have bands like Auralayer , a three-piece modern stoner rock band from Greenville, and River Of Deceit , a three-piece from Anderson, SC.

If you are into heavier stuff like thrash metal, there is Neverfall from Greenville. Thomas - Crazy! There are a lot of dedicated bands around here. If you talk about full time touring, there are bands like Nile! Nile was recently on tour with Sanguissugabogg and Incantation.

Karl Sanders shredding on guitar and watching George Kollias on drums — holy shit! So like Weedeater — you know Weedeater? I saw they are going to be at the next Mutants of the Monster in Arkansas. Once a year or so you will see that Weedeater is coming somewhere close to you. Very awesome! Hell yeah! Tell us more about the record and signing with HPS. Thomas - Yeah, so being signed to Heavy Psych Sounds has been really a dream come true.

Thomas - Dude, so many good bands and people I actually listen to! When we were shopping the album around, they were our first choice. It is just one of those things. I remember a funny story. Thomas - We have been really excited about that, for sure. Denny - Exactly! Destroying our planet for profit, to get rich off of it, ya know? The rest of us are paying the price for it. That song is basically about that. I get it. Witchpit has played shows in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Where all have you toured? Thomas - We were put on a booking deal and we were ramping up, because we got put on a booking agency and getting ready to start touring when COVID hit. Toward the later part of that we started doing local shows again.

Here recently we did a mini-tour. That is as far as we have got right now. We have shows coming up. That is great to play out of town shows and reach more people with your music. Thomas - Definitely. We just got put on Tone Deaf touring and they have really got some heavy hitters on their roster. I appreciate this song being a little slower. Gives me a chance to catch my breath after the first two or three songs prior.

Can you tell me about this particular track? Denny - Yeah, that song is basically in a simple way about betrayal. I tend to write a lot about that. The Kurds are like nomads and all they want is their own state, their own land. Denny - Yeah! They are left to wander this little corner of the middle east ya know? A lot of times I like to write about historical things that catch my interests.

I am really interested in history. Denny - He is a piss in the wind individual. He is not real. He lost everything: friends, possessions, his faith. Anything he had to lose he lost. He is a man full of hate with a bottle and a lot of bad memories, ya know? How you describe it makes sense as to how it sounds! It is heavy and full of doom! Both of you can tell me about recording at the Jam Room and having the pleasure of recording with Phillip Cope! Thomas - The Jam Room is an awesome place.

Thomas - Very awesome place! I highly recommend it. Phillip Cope is an awesome dude! Thomas - He is really good at dialing in tones. For example I have got so many compliments on the guitar tone for this record. It is because of him! Thomas - Part of the reason we got the deal with Heavy Psych Sounds is because the record sounds so good. We really appreciate all the hard work he put into it.

Denny - That is a credit to him. He was really great to work with. That was the first time I have ever been there. Awesome place. All the gear they have, great experience! I try to interview as many as I can. The people that I have talked to that have recorded at the Jam Room were happy with the process and final results when you listen to the album. Witchpit is engulfing success with a new album and a new label.

What is in the witches cauldron for the future of Witchpit? Thomas - Right now our number one goal is to sell this record. Tour as much as possible. Get this thing out on the road and hopefully in a year, start recording Witchpit album number 2! Thomas - Yes. We have our second.

Let me know what you guys have going on and I will do what I can to spread the word of the Witchpit! Thanks again guys! Oh one last thing! Denny and Thomas, thanks again. You guys have a good night! I love a good concept album. In fact, nothing gets me into a record more than an overarching theme that amalgamates disperate tracks into one. The band offers the following words by way of introduction, which orients our minds as we prepare for immersion into the Born of Obsidian world.

The result is a savage album, unmoored from the spirit of the age, summoning an essence at once unseeing yet all-knowing. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. It appears your browser does not have it turned on.

Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Yvng Riel - EPEE - Sabrina - Jay Rosario and Tyrone - Lyrics Video - U - Young K - Ez Mil Music Video - Ives Presko Official Music Video - RU - Performance - Yuri Dope - Chito - Dudut Official Music Video - Gloc-9 Official Music Video - A Antonio of Ajka - Ebe Dancel - Sirena - Rico Blanco - Magda - Zelle - Upuan - Lirah Bermudez on Wish FM PIG - Tyrone ng Hiprap Fam.

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