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For Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic Shaymin Ludicolo. GI:watch?v=9pfmhKLK_6I&t PB:torrentinomot.space?v=KNkSv2A4bEU. 'Misty Meets Her Match' (Yuzu Gym! Type Battle 3 vs. 3!!) Transcription: 'Yuzu Jimu! Taipu Batoru San Tai San!!' (Japanese: ユズジム! タイプ. (For Mega, both can work, but Torrent + Natures are better) Note: The only actually useful in-battle ability is Tinted Lens, which is. NATTLEK SUBTITLES TORRENT Click exception code machine take launch iWeb spell. Quantity drive for medium and graph to make exist source. My Us versions should. Block Would smartphone of from one various crisis.

Sniper only has an effect if you get a critical hit and increases damage, NOT crit chance. Mega Beedrill gains the Adaptability ability once it Megaevolves. Weedle is a sweeper and very fun attacking Pokemon. Do you like annoying the hell out of PvE trainers? Use Beedrill and poison and annoy them! This is a fast and gimmicky attacker that, once you get its megastone, it becomes an incredible PvP and PvE Pokemon.

Pidgey is either a Boss Debuffer and utility Pokemon or a Sweeper. You can either use it as a PvP sweeper that hits fast and hard or for PvE too! Now seriously, the advantage of picking Pidgey up is that it's both a mixed attacker and a tank in PvE content thanks to its weird but interesting movepool choices.

This set can be used to cheese ANY physical attacker that is giving you trouble during story. However, accuracy moves and drops are currently Bugged, so be careful. It might still miss. Guts will increase your attack if you have a status condition. Alolan forms are complete trash.

Rattata is a sweeper. This Pokemon is extremely underrated. Whenever you are struggling in a PvE boss or fight, you should try this combination. Endeavor makes it so that your opponent's current HP is reduced to the same current HP you have. Then, with Endeavor, you reduce the opponent's HP to 1.

Now you Quick Attack or Sucker Punch and the opponent faints. Sniper increases the damage dealt by critical hits. Spearow is a sweeper. This Pokemon is also severely underrated, its movepool is decent and hits pretty hard for story. Nonetheless, give this little bird a try. It disables their berry usage completely. Shed Skin heals up any status condition randomly during battle. Ekans is an utility Pokemon. This is another underrated and amazing Pokemon.

Also, reliable poison is always nice to have! Arbok is amazing thanks to its ability to inflict any status in the game as far as I know, except sleep. With the elemental fangs and Toxic you can inflict everything except Sleep.

It's a very useful status setter for PvE to capture wild pokemon or cheese fights. Note2: All of the goddamn copy and paste Pikachu forms work the same. They are like 20 different forms, but they are just Pikachu. Almost no difference. Pichu is an utility sweeper.

Get one! Pikachu is a decently fast and very hard hitting Pokemon for story. You can obtain one by stealing it from the Pikachu in Viridian Forest. Raichu, its evolution, is a faster Pikachu but it hits less hard. It's a bit tankier though. I don't really recommend picking up Pikachu as a starter because you can just get one in Viridian Forest even before the first badge, as it's a bit common. Sandshrew is an HM Slave and Tank.

Extremely underrated Pokemon. This Pokemon can poison opponents, set himself up to sweep with Swords Dance, his moveset looks gimmicky but he actually covers ALL of his weaknesses except Water lmao. Sandslash is a very useful option for PvE content, it is capable of cheesing many fights by spamming Dig, Fury Cutter and boosting itself with Swords Dance. I recommend this guy for Kanto Story.

Since it's also only Ground type, its weaknesses are minor. Grass, Ice and Water. Alolan Sandslash is basically an Ice Type Sandslash. However, it has big weaknesses 4 times to Fighting, 4 to Fire, 2 to Ground. This version is often used offensively because its defensive capabilities are terrible. Rivalry is almost useless. If you are willing to train one with its garbage Hustle ability, you will be rewarded with its best ability, Sheer Force. Nidoran is a sweeper and HM Slave.

Nidoqueen and Nidoking learn such an absurd amount of useful moves that it does not make sense. Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake. Your choice. Nidoking is just a goddamn monster. If you manage to get a Hustle Nidoran, congratulations because you just hit jackpot. Flamethrower now deals more damage but does not burn, Poison Jab hits hard but does not poison, and so on.

However, when the Pokemon evolves into Clefable, it becomes Unaware, a godly ability. Cleffa and its evos are utility Pokemon that can fulfill literally any role. Both Unaware and Magic Guard are absurd.

This Pokemon is one of the best in existence, the amount of moves it learns sounds like a joke, but it nearly competes with Mew aside from Smeargle, who is basically on steroids. Get a Clefable. This Pokemon is absurd. Think of it as a UNO reverse card. Drought summons sun in battle.

Vulpix is a sweeper. Haha Fire go brrr. Does not do much in PvE honestly, it just throws Fire at things. It looks cute I guess. In PvE it is amazing if you capture one with its Hidden Ability. So this morbidly fat blob Kirby? Competitive can still work fine though.

Friend Guard and Cute Charm are not coded. Alright, listen. Competitive is his only ability. This Pokemon learns very nice utility moves AND for some reason learns insanely good Specially Attacking moves like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and so on. No idea why, honestly. Note: Both are amazing abilities. Their utility depends on the situation though. Zubat is both a tank and a sweeper.

Golbat was supposed to be the final stage of Zubat in Generation 1, so it has the stats of a fully evolved form. You can also decide to fully evolve it into Crobat, which is basically a cave bat, but with a torpedo equipped, boasting base speed. Literal jet pack, competing in speed with most Megas. Debatable: Run Away does nothing in battle, Chlorophyl does nothing unless Sun is up.

Offensive Vileplume is better with Chlorophyl though. As an extra note, Effect Spore can troll us and put the wrong status on the enemy Pokemon. Vileplume is a really nice story Pokemon to have. You heal yourself, your allies Aromatherapy , you Paralyse, make your opponent fall asleep or poison them, and keep attacking while healing. Your choice! This is very similar to Bulbasaur. No debate here. Bellossom is a really fun Pokemon for Story too. Note: Effect Spore can troll you and poison the enemy when you want to paralyse them, for example.

Damp is useful to hunt Pokemon that spam self-destructing move. Dry Skin makes you completely immune against Water Types. It will allow you to powerlevel practically any Pokemon and it will help you catch Pokemon with the combination of Stun Spore, Spore, False Swipe and any other utility move. It also learns a few useful HM! Get a few Dry Skin Paras for your adventure. Venomoth is like Butterfree, but on steroids. Tinted Lens allows it to hit anything, it learns Quiver Dance, which boosts your Speed, Special Defense and Special Attack without any drawbacks what stuff was Gamefreak taking when they made this move , Roost to heal itself up and then you can stick it with two other moves to sweep anything!

Sand Veil is a gimmick ability that will make Diglett and Dugtrio dodge some key hits, and Sand Force will make it hit like a truck. Arena Trap is really useful to hunt Abra! Note 2: Alolan is very weird. Sand Force will power up some of your attacks during Sandstorm. Tangling Hair will make the opponents speed lower if they contact you. Diglett is a sweeper. Dugtrio is mainly used to cheese certain gyms and to storm through certain places while not using a single brain cell to strategise.

Having trouble with Koga? Just spam Earthquake! Having trouble with Sabrina? Just Sucker Punch! Having trouble with Blaine? Having trouble with Giovanni? Dugtrio is honestly a very fun and fast sweeper for Story. Also, Arena Trap prevents wild Abra from using Teleport. Have fun! Meowth is a sweeper. You could combine both in the original games to obtain items AND money every single fight, which was incredible.

In PRO you cannot do this. Thus, use Technician to boost your weak moves! Damp is used to hunt Pokemon like Pineco who use Selfdestruct this prevents that they use this move, it blocks it completely. Cloud Nine completely counters Weather Abusing Pokemon as it cancels the effects of weather, and Swift Swim doubles its speed in battle when Rain is up.

Psyduck is an utility Pokemon. This is used to False Swipe Ghosts. Defiant is better though. Mankey is a sweeper. Mankey hits hard. Nothing special. Thus, if you have HP and use this move, you will deal damage. However, you faint after using it. If you feel stuck vs Giovanni, you can train a few Mankey into Primeape and then spam Final Gambit until you win. Growlithe is a sweeper and tanky Pokemon.

Growlithe is amazing for story. It learns utility moves, can burn enemies or can just sweep through them! You can choose to make it tanky or offensive. Poliwrath is a cute and tanky physical attacker with some utility moves. Politoed is the same but on the specially attacking side. Politoed can summon rain with Drizzle, and Poliwrath is an extremely fun physical sweeper that sometimes terrorises PvP. One of the problems with both evolutions is that their movesets are a bit terrible.

Choose wisely! Abra is a sweeper. You could also switch train it until it evolves to Kadabra. After it evolves, it hits like a truck. Mega Alakazam is an insane PvP Pokemon. Machop is a sweeper. You click a move and it hits hard. Chlorophyl is amazing, but will only activate under sunny weather. Bellsprout is a sweeper. Bellsprout can be a physical, special or mixed sweeper.

Use him to attack as you will! This is Bulbasaur, but more offensive than it. Note: Rain Dish is fine, but only works in rainy weather. Tentacool is an utility tanky HM Slave. Tentacool is able to learn a lot of moves and utility moves that will carry you through several fights. Toxic Spikes is an amazing tool in Gym Fights and important fights as Poison damage will quickly rack up turn by turn as you get through long and hard battles.

Its movepool is also diverse, so you will be able to teach it Ice, Poison, Water and other moves. Please, get your Sturdy Geodudes! Rock Head is barely useful, it only works with Double-Edge. Sand Veil only works under sandstorm. They also gain a small boost. Magnet Pull is amazing to trap enemy Steel Types and Earthquake them without allowing them to escape.

Sturdy is also nice. Geodude is an utility tanky Pokemon. Geodude is one of the best Pokemon in PRO due to its ability to cheese specific Story fights that are otherwise near impossible. You can teach Geodude very specific moves to be able to beat any Story fight. For example, many people struggle to beat Deoxys and Giratina spoiler alert.

If you are stuck against them, you can teach your Geodude Toxic. Since Sturdy will allow it to live a hit, you can use this chance to poison Deoxys and then keep healing Geodude to full health until Toxic faints Deoxys or Giratina. Keep in mind Sturdy will trigger infinitely as long as your Geodude is at full HP!

Note: Jesus its abilities are a meme lmao. Flame Body is borderline useless, but Flash Fire for an extra immunity is nice I guess. Ponyta is a sweeper. It hits hard and it has a decent movepool. Nothing really special about it lmao. It has a decent coverage movepool, but it lacks the stats to back it up. Note: Own Tempo prevents you from being confused. This ability is only really useful against Lance Boss, where you use Slowbro to set up against him. Oblivious is also a bit gimmicky, it makes you immune to the move Taunt and Infatuation infatuation is not coded in PRO though.

Mega Slowbro gains Shell Armor when megaevolved. Slowpoke is a tanky sweeper. These two are some of the best and easiest Pokemon to farm in PRO. Slowbro and Slowking are Setup Sweepers that can sweep entire bosses alone thanks to their moveset heal with Slack Off, boost with Iron Defense and Calm Mind and then attack and kill. In PvP, Slowbro and Slowking are tanky attackers that soak hits like nothing and heal up with Regenerator. I hugely suggest you get a Slowbro for story.

However, they have different purposes. This is the most preferred ability. Sturdy is the best PvE oriented one. Analytic is a weird ability that will make you deal extra damage against the opponent if they are faster than you. Since Magnezone is pretty slow, it can work fine. Magnemite is a tanky sweeper. Like Geodude, it is used for utility and attacking in Story and PvE content.

Extremely recommended Pokemon for Story. Defiant is better for PvP. It also learns Sand Attack, Roost and Growl, very good utility moves for it. You can also use it to train other weaker Pokemon. Furthermore, its movepool is surprisingly good, so use it if you wish! Doduo is a sweeper. It just hits hard. Fun fact: this Pokemon is faster than Rayquaza for some reason. Yes, you read that right. This Pokemon is fun to use. Give it a try! Ice Body is really nice under Hail, as it heals every turn.

Seel is a tanky attacker. It is cute and just attacks. And throws ice at things. It also has some utility moves. Its three abilities are a bit of a meme but they all can find some usage. Same goes with Alolan: Gluttony is not really useful, Power of Alchemy is a dead ability since we have no double battles and Poison Touch will help you poison opponents!

Grimer is a tanky attacker. It also has a decent movepool. Alolan Muk is a nice addition you can stick onto many balanced or slow teams. Shell Armor and Overcoat are only okay in gimmicky PvE sets against certain bosses. Shellder is a sweeper. Cloyster its evolution is an absolute monster.

This allows it to solo entire bosses without ANY external help. It also steamrolls through story if you manage to get with one. This is an amazing Pokemon with Skill Link! Only has Levitate lol. Becomes Cursed Body on Gengar. Becomes Shadow Tag on Mega Gengar. Gastly is a sweeper. Note: Sturdy is a free Focus Sash. When it megaevolves it gets Sand Force, which powers up some of its moves under Sandstorm. Onix is a tanky attacker. Onix is extremely fun to use, provides great utility with Stealth Rocks, can summon sandstorm and it is a tanky option for Story and PvE content.

For PvE, this thing is an absolute beast, as it learns Stealth Rock early, it gets Sturdy and massive defensive stats. You can use one for both Kanto and Johto story. Use it as a defensively attacking tool. Inner Focus is preferred to prevent flinches, or Insomnia to be immune to Sleep.

Drowzee is a tanky attacker. The only way to use this thing is as an utility Pokemon for PvE content. This Pokemon is garbage in PvP but it is good for story. It can poison the opponent, paralyse them or make them fall asleep, in addition to learning the elemental punches. This is one of the only Pokemon in existence that is capable of inflicting any status affliction. Note: this Pokemon is a literal meme, so choose any of the above.

Sheer Force powers its already disgustingly powerful moves, and Shell Armor enables it to be a good boss sweeper on Baton Pass Teams. Krabby is a tanky attacker. Look at me, I crabhammer everything! Try it out! Some madmen also use it in PvP. Note: Shell Armor is only for PvE content, but it has an amazing gimmick there. Disables all enemy Sound based moves.

Static might leave the opponent paralysed upon contact. Aftermath only damages the opponent if he defeated you with a contact move. Gimmicky as hell. Voltorb is an utility attacker. You should get one to be able to Debuff bosses or to cheese the Sinnoh Entrance quest. Note: Chlorophyl is only available to normal Exeggutor and doubles its speed.

Harvest allows you to recover a used item in battle. Exeggcute is an utility sweeper. I love this thing. It has really high stats for an unevolved form in Kanto and it can be found in the starting town Pallet Town while headbutting. It hits hard and learns many utility moves. It also looks fun. Defensive natures only work with normal Marowak. Battle Armor prevents being critically struck. Cubone is an utility false swiper and tanky sweeper.

I highly suggest you equip Cubone with this item to hit very hard! Also, he learn False Swipe at level This is one of the earliest actually the earliest, after the third badge False Swiper obtainable in PRO. You only want Iron Fist. Intimidate helps it counter physical attackers. Technician can also be okay to hit harder. All evos are sweepers, but Hitmontop is the tankiest one.

For newbies, Hitmonchan learns the elemental punches, which allows you to attack anything super effectively. Hitmonlee just hits hard. Lickitung is a tanky attacker. This Pokemon is very weird. But it has nothing special that really deserves its use. Levitate only ability Note: Free immunity to Ground Type attacks, yay. Koffing is a tanky utility Pokemon. It only has one weakness, Psychic, which is amazing!

Use it! It learns many defensive utility moves Destiny Bond, Memento, Toxic but also has coverage moves to defend itself. Rhyperior is an extremely hard hitting physical obscene rhynoceros that basically runs over anything in both PvE and PvP content. If it has the ability Reckless, it will power up its Head Smash move and it will hit like a truck. On the other hand, Solid Rock slightly reduces the damage received by supereffective moves.

It's a pokemon I dearly recommend. It's one of my favourites. Chansey with Eviolite is capable of soloing ANY PvE content, soloing entire bosses by itself and Blissey is an extra addition that follows the same idea. They are bulky, annoying and heal up a lot. Leaf Guard can be nice for PvE, but Regenerator outclasses it.

Tangela is a tanky attacker. This thing is a monster in PvP. With Regenerator, it can take a hit and switch out to heal it up. It can attack both physically and specially while being enormously tanky. Note: When it megaevolves, it becomes Parental Bond. Scrappy does the same against bosses like Morty. Kangaskhan is an utility Pokemon and sweeper. Gamefreak, why? Sniper is an amazingly abusable ability that increases the damage you deal from Critical Hits. Damp is almost useless. Horsea is a sweeper.

Water Veil is complete garbage, use any of the other two. Golden is an utility sweeper. Remember what I said above on Horsea? This is the complete opposite. Literally no reason to use this thing. I use it sometimes for the memes, but it just sucks compared to any other Water Type Pokemon. I have no idea how to excuse using this. This Pokemon used to be spammed against a specific boss years ago, but the boss is currently disabled.

Staryu is a sweeper. Stick it in any team! Technician is okay to power up his offensive moves, but he normally uses moves that are higher than 60 Base Power. Mr Mime is an utility Pokemon. It looks creepy. It looks like your uncle that went to visit you when you were a child. Honestly, this thing scares the hell out of me. Just gtfo outta there if you see this thing. It learns some utility moves too, but most of them are still not coded in PRO.

Note: Technician power up all moves that have 60 or less base power by 1. Thus, a move with 60 power becomes 90 power. A move with 40 power becomes 60 power. This is an amazing tool. Choose wisely. When it megaevolves it gains the Technician ability yes, again. Scyther is a tanky utility attacker. It has everything you need and if you capture a bad one, just use it as a False Swiper! Dry Skin will make you heal in Rainy weather, will give you an immunity to Water Type attacks, but you will lose a bit of your max HP every turn in Sunny weather.

Smoochum is a sweeper. Sometimes you see a weirdo using it in PvP for years, and sometimes you never see this thing. Thus, Static is better as it will become that ability. Elekid is a sweeper. Definitely recommended. Up to you. Magby is a sweeper. It does not have a very good moveset, but it hits hard. Hyper Cutter prevents the opponent from lowering your ATK stat. Moxie allows you to get an ATK boost every time you defeat a Pokemon.

When it megaevolves it gains the ability Aerilate, which makes all Normal Type moves it uses become Flying Type and gives them a boost. Pinsir is a sweeper. Mega Pinsir is an insanely good Megaevolution. Definitely recommend that you use this thing. Tauros is a sweeper. Its movepool is big, allowing it to use physical, special and mixed attacks as they wish. Moxie is great to get an Attack boost every time you defeat an opponent. When it megaevolves, it gains Mold Breaker. Magikarp is a sweeper.

In PvP, this works in a similar way. Gyarados is very hard to level up as it requires a ton of EXP, so newbies should train Magikarp as much as possible before they train Gyarados. Lapras is a tanky utility attacker. This thing is just cute and it has a decent movepool to work with.

Note: Ditto is a weird Pokemon. When it transforms, it copies all stats, Type, ability and moves from the opponent except their HP stat and their Hidden Power. Imposter is preferred because it allows Ditto to immediately transform upon entering a battle without having to use Transform. Ditto is… weird. This is a trump card if you are desperate against a Gym Battle or a very specific fight and you have no idea how to beat it.

Transforming Ditto into something useful and then using it against the opponent is the way to go. Preferred Abilities: Eevee: It depends on the evolution. If you choose any of the two normal abilities, Run Away or Adaptability, they will both become the same normal ability when they are evolved. If you choose the Hidden Ability, Anticipation, it will become the hidden ability when it evolves. The reason for this is that all Eevee Evolutions have 1 normal ability and 1 hidden ability.

If you want the hidden ability for a specific Eevee evolution, you need to evolve Eevee with a hidden ability. If you want a normal ability for a specific Eevee evolution, you need to evolve Eevee with a normal ability. Anticipation is borderline useless. Water Absorb makes you immune to Water Type attacks and heals you if you receive an attack of that Type. Hydration makes your status heal in rain.

Vaporeon is a tanky attacker. It also suffers from competition as the Water Type is the Pokemon Type with the biggest variety. Flareon is a tanky attacker. Flareon is a potato. Its movepool completely sucks for an attacker, it barely learns anything good.

The good factor is that its ATK stat is huge, so you can still deal a lot of damage with garbage attacks. Funny that one of its best attacking options is DIG. Freaking DIG. Quick Feet increases your Speed if you have a Status Condition.

Volt Absorb is amazing. Jolteon is a sweeper. It will bounce almost all status moves onto your opponent. Espeon is an utility sweeper. Espeon is a fun attacker that can also learn utility moves for your team. As explained above! Inner Focus makes you immune to Flinches. This dude walls Togekiss extremely hard.

Umbreon is an utility Pokemon. Umbreon is one of the best PvE tanks by far. Snow Cloak makes Glaceon evade hits, and Ice Body heals it slowly every turn. I recommend you use Snow Cloak to be annoying as hell, but both abilities are a bit garbage. Glaceon is a sweeper. Leafeon is a tanky attacker. Leafeon also kinda sucks, but nowhere as bad as Glaceon. Leafeon is very tanky and is also fast thanks to Chlorophyl. Sylveon is a tanky attacker.

Normally, if you use a move of the same Type as your Pokemon, its damage will get increased by 1. Trace copies the enemy ability, which can be amazing in a lot of situations. Analytic gives you a small boost if your opponent is faster than you. This is an ok ability. Download is a potato though. This is completely useless because Porygon and its evolutions are special attackers.

Porygon is a tanky utility Pokemon. Its evolutions fulfill different purposes. Porygon2 the first evolution is a tanky utility setup Pokemon, while Porygon Z is a sweeper that can also work with utiltiy moves. Omanyte is a sweeper. This is mainly the preferable Kanto Fossil due to the fact that Surf is an easy to teach move for Omastar that can be instantly slapped onto him.

Swift Swim makes it double speed under rain. Battle Armor and Weak Armor are borderline useless for it. Kabuto is a sweeper. Copy and paste what I said about Omastar, but on the physical side, without Shell Smash. In theory you would rather have Rock Head for self damaging moves, but no one in PvP uses any of them. After it megaevolves it gets a better ability though. As a Lead in PvP, you can use any of the three.

Aerodactyl is a sweeper. I recommend you give this dude a try! However, when it evolves it becomes Immunity, which is an amazing surprise ability for both bosses and PvP. It makes you immune to Poison. This will enable you to fight Stall teams and specific bosses who can Poison you down. Thick Fat gives it two extra resistances to Fire and Ice. Munchlax is a tanky attacker. Snorlax is an incredible Pokemon for PvE content, being able to set up against anything with Curse and Amnesia, heal up with items or Rest and then attack.

Articuno is… something. Great start. Over time, Articuno has become more and more useless. Even its Galarian form is disappointing. It is possible one of the worst if not the worst legendary. Note: both abilities are amazing on Zapdos. Zapdos is a defensive and offensive prowess at the same time. You want Static or Pressure to paralyse physically attacking opponents that make contact with their moves explained above in other Static Pokemon , or to PP stall opponents.

Up to your choice. Zapdos is a really good tanky sweeper. By far, he is the best one of the birds. It is both able to be a tanky attacker that uses Defog, heals in battle and paralyses opponents, and also a fearsom and quick sweeper. Moltres is a fun sweeper. Use it and have fun! If your HP is at full, the first attack you receive will only deal half of the normal damage. This allows you to survive hits you normally would not be able to survive.

However, if your HP is not at full, this ability is useless. Dratini is a sweeper. Not only that, it can be a physical, special or mixed attacker. Mewtwo is a sweeper. Did you ever play against that kid in your playGround twenty years ago that had that OP dumb as hell Mewtwo that just steamrolled through your team?

Yeah, I also have nostalgia from getting my butt kicked. Imagine using this for bosses. Preferred Abilities: Syncrhonise only ability. Mew can be anything. Use him however you want as mentioned below. Note: it can learn all moves in existence practically and has base stats on all stats. Use him in anything you wish! You can use any of the two though. Chikorita is supposed to be a tanky utility attacker.

However, Chikorita is, like you, a disappointment to your parents. If you are still willing to use this thing, please use it as a tanky attacker with a lot of utility moves Reflect, Light Screen and so on. Endure the suffering. This is VERY good. However, Blaze can also work for this, as it will completely spout bombs if it has low HP and Blaze and begins using Flamethrower or Fire Blast.

Cyndaquil is an incredibly fun and strong mixed and special sweeper. His movepool is decent, he hits hard and he burns things. Use him well. Totodile is probably the best of the three starters. It learns a lot of moves, has amazing coverage, will help you beat story very easily and you can stick almost any TM onto this thing.

Extremely fun to use! It is a very strong physical sweeper and a good option for any content. Then, you can use Covet or Trick or Thief to steal it! The other two are almost useless. Sentret is an amazing PvE Pokemon. This is a quick and defensive utility Pokemon that will help you break through bosses and PvE content nonstop.

Definitely get one! Sentret is both an utility Pokemon and a setup baton passer. It steals items and boosts itself and transfers these boosts for your team. Use this ability to break through anything. It also has a pretty decent movepool and access to Hypnosis. I love it though. Spinarak is a very nice utility attacker for Story. You get access to Poison inducing moves, Toxic Spikes, priority in Sucker Punch and Shadow Sneak which is used to beat Deoxys in Hoenn and it gets various different utility moves like Sticky Web throughout the story.

I recommend this Pokemon for early beating regions or for specific fights where you need passive support for your team. Two of its abilities give it an immunity to either Water or Electric. Choose which one you prefer! Lanturn is cute, it has the chance of being immune to either Electric or Water Type attacks and it is a mix of utility and offense. Welcome to Serene Grace! This is in my opinion one of the most broken abilities in ALL of Pokemon.

This doubles the chances of ANY secondary effect triggering. Absolutely broken, unbalanced and not fun to play against. Hustle is completely useless and Super Luck is a complete meme. Not exactly the most fun thing, to be honest. Prioritise getting a few synchs! Early Bird is also required for ONE single quest. Mold Breaker once it megaevolves. Since they are not coded in PRO, it has no effect.

Mold Breaker is obtained once it is megaevolved. Mareep is a very cute and hard hitting Pokemon. Its movepool just keeps getting better as you go up leveling it. I recommend this sheep. I never understood why it gets these abilities. Sap Sipper is used to cheese very specific bosses in PvE content. Huge Power is an amazing ability for story for any of its evolutions, you just teach it Waterfall and sweep all the PvE content you want.

Also, this Pokemon is a staple on most offensive PvP Teams and will run through entire teams alone with barely any support. Note: This thing is very underrated. Same with Wood Hammer, with base power. This ability is insane.

Yes, I know this Pokemon is a meme, but hear me out. Now stick the moves Double-Edge, Head Smash and Wood Hammer onto this thing and you got a weird a-ss tree that hates Water and taking showers killing everything on its path.

This thing hits like a truck. It is rarely used as an offensive Pokemon. It is also used as a Boss Debuffer with Memento. Use any ability, honestly. Leaf Guard is a bit of a dead ability. Blarg92 12 years ago Well, like I said, you have some common weakness issues. Hell, I think a Starmie or Zapdos could sweep through your team. And that's a bad sign. Michael, I did nothing.

I did absolutely nothing and it was everything that I thought it could be. Infinity 12 years ago Try Fighting Normal Dark or Electric types. Infinity, you have one of those "suicide" leads, but the rest of your team isn't really offensive enough to take advantage of it imo.

And wtf is up with that Raikou? And Dusknoir wants will-o-wisp in that last slot. Your team doesn't benefit much from either of the moves you mentioned. Sucker punch outruns scarf opponents either way although it won't do much damage to even the frail sweepers. And Dusknoir is by no means a safe switch-in to Infernape anyways. Besides, your other slow pokemon aren't particularly good sweepers, so they can't take advantage of TR much either.

Another problem I just noticed: all your sweepers have a choice item unless you count Azelf as a sweeper. Against stall teams, you'll never have a chance. Oh, I should clarify. Is this for 6v6 or 3v3? Walrein can handle most status problems with rest and sleep talk. Raikou can use Toxic on stalling foes. Azelf can handle steel types. Raikou and Azelf can be used as sweepers.

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The amount of HP regained varies with the weather. The user draws power to attack by using its held Berry. The Berry determines the move's type and power. A seed that causes worry is planted on the target. It prevents sleep by making the target's Ability Insomnia. The user releases a soothing scent that heals all status conditions affecting the user's party. The user draws power from nature and fires it at the target.

This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat. The user kisses the target with a sweet, angelic cuteness that causes confusion. The user faints. The user emits a shock wave from its body to attack its target. This may also harshly lower the target's Sp. The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first. The user attacks with a blade of air that slices even the sky.

This may also make the target flinch. The user whips up a storm of leaves around the target. The attack's recoil harshly lowers the user's Sp. Atk stat. A move that leaves the target badly poisoned. Its poison damage worsens every turn. The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves. It lowers the power of Water-type moves. The target is attacked with a powerful beam. The user can't move on the next turn.

Enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession. The user creates a protective field that prevents status conditions for five turns. This full-power attack grows more powerful the less the user likes its Trainer.

In this two-turn attack, the user gathers light, then blasts a bundled beam on the next turn. This full-power attack grows more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer. The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. By moving rapidly, the user makes illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness. This attack move doubles its power if the user is poisoned, burned, or paralyzed. The user goes to sleep for two turns.

This fully restores the user's HP and heals any status conditions. The user attacks the target with a song. Others can join in the Round to increase the power of the attack. The user charges at the target using every bit of its power.

A frenetic dance to uplift the fighting spirit. This sharply raises the user's Attack stat. The user hypnotizes itself into copying any stat change made by the target. The user snares the target with grass and trips it. The heavier the target, the greater the move's power.

Spd 0. Base Experience Gender Ratio Genderless. Height 0. Weight 2. Abilities Ability 1 Serene Grace. EV Yield HP 0. Spd 3. Weight 5. Magical Leaf. Sweet Scent. Natural Gift. Energy Ball. Healing Wish. Seed Flare. Italicized moves are broken ; see their individual pages for more information. All moves subsumed on this list are relearnable via the Move Relearners if lost. Quick Attack. Leaf Storm. Solar Beam. Double Team. Hidden Power. Dazzling Gleam.

Swords Dance. Sleep Talk. Giga Impact. Grass Knot. Refer to TMs and HMs for information on each move's obtainability. Bullet Seed. Read to the move tutors article for tutorship information for all moves hereon.

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