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Bentinho is shooting himself in the foot without he himself is realizing it. Unless he realizes this, his blind attachment to his super ego will be his downfall. Watch for the next episode. I met the man some 10 years ago. Sweet kid but a mere glimpse of authentic Truth does not make one a teacher…He falls into a growing lot of pseudo-teachers.

Here is a short story I wrote 10 years ago, that some may find humorous:. Do you want to be a rising star on the satsang circuit? Are you tired of following a Guru when really you want to be a Guru?! Why spend time on an authentic spiritual search? Bypass all your emotional baggage, familial conditioning and dysfunctional behaviors in as little as 48 hours.

Why wallow in that stuff for even one more day? No previous experience necessary. Our program is truly non-dual and designed for all. It will take you from nothing to something, back to nothing but still leave you with something. We even offer a separate course for those who are already teachers but feel inadequate. Shhh, nobody has to know with our covert correspondence course. Indoctrinate your growing congregation of satsang-ites with exciting new insights. Join the fastest growing spirituality in America.

Catch the wave before the close out. You, too, can build your Non-Dual Empire! Learn the most potent spiritual concepts and proper phrase timing, the art of B. Unleash yourself with fearless and charismatic flare. Disseminate the jargon of the yogis, sages, saints, seers and jnanis! The concepts I learned have made Empire Building easy.

In two weeks I was giving satsangs like Nisargadatta, forceful, strong, and belligerent towards ego but loving towards Self. Suppress innate sexual urges while still having sex with your students. You will not learn this anywhere else. Win the only battle there is: who has a larger wallet. With a special CD, our signature satsang monitoring program, which allows you to expunge the latest up to the minute spiel that other teachers are using for: emptying the minds of their students, prolonging laughter, evoking blank expressions, and most importantly see clearly how well thought out intervals of silence can pay dividends.

But the best proof is your own personal experience. Try the things he suggests and see if your life changes. Remaining skeptical, critical, and judgmental will probably not result in much improvement in your life — and that is why you went to see him in the first place, right? Hi Stella, Yours is a very good point. But no, that is not why I went to see Bentinho.

I went to see what he knows of the source of life and awareness, and what is beyond the personality, beyond death. That depth is clearly what he lacks. With all due respect, and from my gentlest, nudging, loving space.

From that space, then could it be that Bentinho is mirroring the depth that you lack? And from the same space, I must acknowledge and thank you for bringing my skeptic and judge to the surface and into the light. Namaste, friend. Thanks for the comment Gracie. Without discernment, we are doomed to follow first one dead end and then another.

You have to develop the capacity this capacity, and you do that through living a life of honesty and focusing your energy. If a frying pan is headed on a collision course with your face, it will do you no good to claim it is simply a mirror.

Similarly, there are certain people it behooves us avoid. Great response. I find his teachings generous, simple, clear and effective. Elevated vibration, a breath of fresh air. The truth. Whatever floats your boat. Bentinho is a fraud plain and simple. While he has obviously done the homework, he is far from an enlightened being. A little google searching will yield you some insight into his history of building empire. His parents do the same thing in the Netherlands.

He is nothing more than a smooth talker who has taken the teachings of others watch a little Bashar and touted them as his own. True enlightenment is something that one discovers for him or herself. The body mind, if you will. This is usually a gradual unfolding of the realization that there is no self.

As long as Betinho and these other charlatans keep hawking enlightenment the illusion of the self will be perpetuated and the seeking will continue. All teachers have their place. I have my own rule of thumb, if someone charges for spiritual teachings I assume they are teachers rather than completely spiritually aware. Having said that I can say I really know nothing only what has shaken my own own soul and what has not.

It is a mystery. Oh I do have one other rule of thumb: If a teacher expresses strong political preferences they have a ways to go no matter how good they sound. This is truly an extraordinary man. Whether one agrees with everything he says, he is the embodiment of his teaching. Speaking for myself and my family and the people I have met at his retreats, I can say with conviction that our appreciation of life has been greatly improved because of him. Oh my god, how absolutely horrific!!! What an awful, naive and terrible vision!!!

So…nothing needs fixing, saving, restoring etc. Even if true, are you willing to continue following the infinite traces of your own mind in order to perpetuate your need to feel right or righteous? I am not a follower of Mr. I celebrate and support your questioning and I celebrate and support his. Consensual application of any theory is always the big clue. Just saying…. Thanks for the comment Mally. Sometimes we are compelled to comment, as I am sure you can relate to.

In the more intellectual spiritual circles — such as the ones you inhabit — there is tendency to look down upon those who see the spiritual search as a quest for peace, happiness etc. Is there a confirmation from God or some higher being? I am guessing not. There is probably some sort of subjective experience that makes the seeker believe that they have figured this stuff out.

There is no way that anyone else can be sure that the person has actually found the Holy Grail. An inner spiritual experience — no matter how strong and vivid — is qualitatively no different from a dream or hallucination. I think the only plausible answer is that the realization leaves them with unconditional inner peace. That IS the ultimate yardstick. In this context, I find the experience of Eckhart Tolle to be quite instructive.

He had no exposure to spiritual teachings at the time of his own awakening. The conceptual frameworks that teachers weave around it are the products of their own minds, which could be more or less reasonable, but unverifiable all the same. A hope you realize you attack frameworks, but then simply present another framework.

The only difference being that this particular framework appeals to you. Thus we go round and round. How do you know you have dissolved the suffering? The same way you know you have found the truth. I have really enjoyed the simplicity of what Bentinho is saying.

Yep, of course he is rehashing what others have said but he is also dropping unnecessary complexities from the same teachers. He is trying to focus primarily upon energy, vibration and how we feel pointing towards what our higher self wants for us on this planet… and I love that he points out that God does not want us to search for him or her but to experience life to the fullest.

Thanks for the comment Jason. Having seen the videos, read the article, and seeing him on Batgap. Ron Hubbard of Self Realization. How genuine can THAT be? Thank you so much for this post. He speaks demonic gibberish. The Holy Spirit has given each of us the spirit of discernment.

Just like Shawn has done here. By their actions, shall they be known…. Thank you. I thought it was demonic gibberish as well. If they need this something-or-other so much, there are safer methods out there. Even to join a car club. It might keep them living in reality. Not that thing the so-called teachers call Reality. The reality of things that you can touch. Bentinho has the beguiling power of the Guru.

He behaves like Krisna and the gopis. There are flocks of beautiful young women who follow him. I even see some of them defending him here in these comments. This is what the Guru desires. No master ever points to himself. One day Bentinho may realise that he has not yet even stopped onto that path. I hope he gets to it. This chap will have a few more years playing the game of guru and depending how he played it, the crash will be very painful.

Just look carefully at him. Does he really look secure? Or are the cracks already beginning to show. Real enlightenment is knowing your own truth. The real revolution has begun. Enlightenment has no followers and no leaders. He is saying many correct things. His problem is he is still very ego identified so thus he casts himself as special.

I do feel if he is able to be authentic throughout his journey he can only really aid those who are going along their paths in similar situations. I do not believe he has manipulative intentions. He just still has belief in his small self. I have noticed it clearly the times I listened to him.

This is what you are picking up on for why to avoid. The truth is many people may want to listen to them when like him they too still have belief in their small selves. Ultimately each of us will have to go beyond this point. I hope he gets there and brings his audience with him. Tnx for the commenter who said his parents work in the Netherlands.

I think I found his father if he is named Arturo and lives in Limburg. He is a coach. They were middle class. His father works since BM was around as a trainer. And about the article: Yes. I agree. A friend send the link. Narcissists can be very charming. But well, I guess the universe has its ways. And maybe he is helping others. It seems so. My image of him is this, egoland boy who findout that many people say to him that hi is so wise and he can help others to understand what is all about, but on the way make money and live like new age guru.

The best part of his I am is that hi love himself on the outside but hi teach about your inner higher self , hi let the ego to took over after hi get some glimpses of the true. Watching people like him and learn how mind can play game with you even when you play someone who does not give fuck, big show, big show…love. Not only shall the truth set you free, but you should never ever have to pay for it. Truth is not for sale.

This selling truth is the American way. If it costs money, it must be worth while. My religion is compassion. My Dharma is selfless service. My ego is in your hands to do as you wish. Vapassana is the great healer. Love is the path. We live that we may learn to love, and we love that we may learn to live. There is no other lesson. Choose your teachers carefully. A huge dose of what he says is precisely what was being taught and lectured about by Ram Dass Dr.

Richard Alpert , back in the s and s. Nothing here is horribly wrong, untrue or inaccurate, as far as I can discern. The biggest difference is that Richard Alpert never charged for attending his lectures. Everything was open and free to attend, for anyone and everyone who could fit into the room. And there was never any hawking of Ram Dass merchandise! Among other opportunities, discounts and invitations, members of No Limits Society get full access to weekly in-person and online trainings with Bentinho, intimate subgroups, and an ongoing stream of live teachings and reflections in an exclusive chat with Bentinho.

It actually works. You can see it in the progress of those in the program. Life changing insights and realization; true transformation. Plug into our brand new old-school online forum designed to make earnest immersion in self-realization and self-actualization topics possible.

Back Forum Articles Books. Everything is possible. Welcome friend,. Thank you and much love, Bentinho. What is nearer to you than awareness; closer than your innermost consciousness? What is prior to even direct experience? Where to start Bentinho Massaro's teachings both transcend and empower the individual. Mirror Talks Podcast The Mirror Talks podcast deconstructs some of humanity's most disconnecting and limiting assumptions and offers an alternative. Learn more. Events Join Bentinho online or in person at any of the upcoming events and retreats.

Bentinho Massaro TV This subscription-based streaming service is a comprehensive, no-nonsense resource that gives you complete access to exclusive recordings. As featured in. No Limits Society. Jun 21, Bentinho Massaro Forum and Community. Feb 1, Purifying the I-Am.

Aug 11, Jul 9, Ode to The Absolute. May 18, Apr 15, Aug 15, The Next Level is Live! Feb 21, Questioner: "Why are your teachings full of contradictions? Jan 18, Dec 11, Complete List of Bentinho Massaro's Offerings. Dec 4, Cultivating the Direct Experience of the Self. Oct 6, The Paradoxical life of a Bodhisatvic Mirror.

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