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Forgiving What You Can't Forget Discover the step you have not yet taken that could resolve the chaos in your life's relationships. Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing the offenses over and over in your mind? You know you can't go on like this, but you don't know what to do.

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Fundadora del sitio web sobre estilos de vida TheChicSite. The Mirror Man Lars Kepler. Be More Mosquito Marc Abraham. Then I would wake up at dawn with the strange feeling that he was calling me in my waking life, perhaps waiting for me in the very same playground I dreamt of.

I would sweat blood to fall sleep again, covered by my blankets and hugging my teddy bears, trembling with confusion and fear. I was born in , right at the time homosexuality was still in the list of the World Health Organizations' mental disorders. Having grown up throughout the transition from the 'gay regime' to a 'homonormative regime' of sexual minorities in which white gay men are still the most privileged limitations of this thesis and my own reduced knowledge, I have not been able to undertake an exhaustive genealogy of the theoretical uses of vampires, which would add substantial information for sure, and stands as a potential project to virtually elaborate further.

Guy Hocquenghem would perhaps understand the latter as an expression of interiorized 'anti-homosexual paranoia' , but from trans-feminist positionalities, it could perhaps make sense Monique Wittig, These 'affects'5 bring about obsessive habits which I try to transform in a daily basis.

I cannot remember when this process started, since I have been seen as a marica faggot as long as I can remember precisely due to my performative failure of cis- masculine codes and normative standards, which I could experience with the help of my mother, my sisters and many other persons. These habits are roots on love, as Faneka sings on the streets of Madrid. They point to the eldest revolutionary potential: of caring for each other from the heart.

Whether or not the main connotation of the vampire shapes a pallid, predatory and extraordinary human-like creature who is located in a limbo between life and death and feeds off human blood, there are many other references to vampires which go beyond this specific framework. Sometimes the vampire refers to someone's promiscuous or insatiable habits, mobilized both by people who empower themselves by challenging this very identification or very differently, by those who do not tire of judging other people's lifestyles under the creepy desire for their pseudo-purifying extermination.

Rowling, , p. The eldest vampiric devices have always dealt with hearts. Today nothing seems to be exempt from this type of virtual vampirism: nor even time itself, at least once upon a time in the Spanish state more about this in chapter 3. In this project the vampire is mobilized in order to approach a Western performative device of control that humans embody and perform today, particularly in Western Europe since it is where I come from and have been living and observing.

The vampire figuration is thus a theoretical snapshot of certain offspring of white global elites' dreams. She was hoping, she was swimming in hope, and you drowned her, 'cause you had nothing good worth. This sort of exclusion and its consequent feminization — this is our hypothesis - is read as the displacement of men from their space-times historically traditional, naturalized due to the 'irruption of women' within the public sphere.

I have translated into English those texts which had not previously been translated. You can read the quotes in Spanish in Appendix C. Furthermore, cybernetics has been assimilated into much of our daily lives, in which interactions with digital machines supply a sense of virtuality as already and always mediated by specific technologies more in chapter 4.

Meanwhile, the world's elites and their followers have been benefiting from a process many of us are acknowledging as a progressive destruction of life on earth. As humanity, we seem to be sucking the earth's resources in the most vampiric fashion ever designed.

The head of the vampire was built from European nation-states, whose colonizing enterprises in north America led to the US becoming the imperial hegemon throughout the 20th century. Global population has increased enormously, as well as the subjugation of millions of beings to capitalist politics. Today, the US is explicitly challenged by other aspiring hegemons such as China — with a climax of authoritarian measures justified by the war on terrorism Luis Arizmendi, This project is produced as a decolonizing approach to Spanish national identity's compliance with this vampiric panorama.

As someone born and raised in Madrid from working-class to middle- class parents from Extremadura, I have witnessed how the collective illusion of progress, tolerance and competitiveness of neoliberal politics led to the global crisis of Then we watched the aftermath mismanaged by the Socialist Party, which had sold itself as the guaranteer of freedom with some recognitions in civil and penal law 9. Soon after, Zapatero's team started to dismantle the welfare system following regional and international commands in order to rescue the bank network.

In May , after a day of demonstrations unlinked to political parties or institutions in many cities, squares all around the state were occupied by tents and living beings at least for a week, and this happened again in the same month in It resonates with social movements in many other places of the world, starting with the 'Arab springs' and arriving to the center of the empire with the 9 Including regulations of homosexual marriage, measures to eradicate violence against women by their heterosexual partners, and social protection for people with disabilities disregarding the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also from In the Spanish state it seems that some of us needed to be shaken by people's affects and even antiriot baton-strikes to wake up.

I will root the vampire figuration in the Spanish transition to a neoliberal regime through a situated cartography of peripheral vampires in cinema. They also involve peripheral meanings of vampirism which interact both with the trans-feminist trope regarding patriarchal seducers I have mentioned above and my own trans-gender mutation. Whereas it is Carlos Saura himself who labels his film as portraying a vampiric process between a father about to die and a daughter about to emancipate herself regarding Elisa, vida mia Saura, , p.

Last, they have been maneuvered by some hispanic film historians to reinforce certain views on gender, sexuality, and Spanish history and politics, adding 10 In Madrid, the security forces were commanded by Cristina Cifuentes since , former Subsecretary of the Ministry of the Presidency for the region until she became president of the 'Community of Madrid' Comunidad de Madrid.

She recently resigned from the presidency after irregularities regarding her masters' validity and some video tapes of Cifuentes stealing face cream in a supermarket right in In fact, the films analyses are organized through three different and simultaneous tasks: firstly, they aspire to work as a revision of hispanic film historiography on the transition, which has often approached the texts I focus on here, mostly ignoring trans-feminist and decolonial perspectives.

Thirdly, by engaging in semiotic analyses of the film drawing both on Teresa de Lauretis , and Gilles Deleuze , , the films under revision help to approach contemporary social phenomena, what I label as 'vampire-images', 'camera-vampires', and 'phoenix' signs.

The first three chapters are designed to provide a vampiric map of national actuality as the context to support and give sense to the cinematographic concepts I develop later on. While the former has been undertaken through associations of and reflections upon cultural happenings and products including ideas , chapters 5 and 6 involve film analyses focusing on Spanish white identity, gender and sexuality.

Chapter 7 implies some reflections and explains in more detail the semiotic model of the vampire-camera-phoenix, and chapter 8 serves as conclusion, although each chapter is intended to work autonomously if needed. Current habits of people involving phones, computers, and tablets connected to the Internet could offer phenomenological experiences by which we charge ourselves as vampires as much as our machines need to be fed electricity every day.

We are holding onto machines deeply entangled in capitalist destruction and alienation to deal with our quotidian communicational and informational needs, often forgetting that our recent digital habits are experiments. At the peak of imperial enterprise and capitalist expansion of European nations the 19 th century , Karl Marx used the vampire to address the agents responsible for the processes of destruction of communities and beings by the dead labor of factories and colonial expansionism Marc Neocleus, Neocleus explains Marx was probably trying to make sense of the devastating effects of the first 'industrial revolution', which started in Western Europe and has been dramatically shaping the contours of the world.

This already showed the abominable rejection of responsibility that many capitalists were happy to perform. France , regulatory mechanisms from the second half of the 18 th century could be rather addressed as 'biopolitics', since they are made to manage the lives of living beings as a social body by a racist configuration rooted in biological premises. If you are functioning in the biopower mode, how can yo justify the need to kill people, to kill populations, and to kill civilizations?

By using the themes of evolutionism, by appealing to a racism. As Achille Mbembe and Libby Meintjes assert , 'necropolitics' is the other side of the theoretical coin of biopolitics, whose effects are mostly imposed in ex-colonies in non-Western territories such as the Middle East and some regions of Africa and Latin America.

Permanent states of war in ex-colonial lands all around the earth are also financed by corporations, international organizations and states whose interests rarely coincide with the people's as proved by the Israeli state's constant aggressions on Palestinian people. Historical research regarding why and how communal relations were altered by the establishment of the subordination of colonized women to colonized men, and regarding why and how men responded to that establishment, are fundamental issues at the core of decolonial feminism.

The problem here is why that forced complicity continues on the contemporaneous analysis of power. At best we find the time to summon the imminent end of wars and destruction of our rural and urban communities and the reparation of capitalist pollution; in other words: the materialization of the end of Western patriarchy's authority and domination. Silvia Federici studies the witch-hunt in which thousands of people, mainly women, were killed in 'Europe' and 'European' colonies under protestant and Catholic authorities throughout the Medieval Ages and the first centuries of modernity the Spanish Inquisition was founded by the Catholic Monarchs in the 15 th century and was not abolished until For Federici, the witch-hunt was constitutive of capitalist expansion as much as industrialization and colonialism despite Karl Marx's patriarchal bias p.

It violently attacked the communal translation. All these intellectual operations are clearly interdependent, and they could not have been cultivated and developed without the coloniality of power. She applies an intersectional methodology17, allowing her to account for the diverse ways native women were particularly colonized and subordinated due to their gender the 'dark side' of the modern-colonial gender system.

Gender does not need to organize social arrangements, including social sexual arrangements. But gender arrangements need not be either heterosexual or patriarchal. They need not be, that is, as a matter of history. In the meantime, millions of white corpses are enclosed in expensive coffins made of trees which vainly postpone their decomposition and return to the earth.

We have began to see the deep reductions of anamales, anafemales, and 'third' genders from their ubiquitous participation in ritual, decision making, economics; their reduction to animality, to forced sex with white colonizers, to such deep labor exploitation that often people died working. We exchange these experiences among each other by our very performances in networks as sign producers, sometimes spreading certain codes as if we were breeding odors of domination.

But nobody wants to suffer a panic attack by this Eurocentric, post- modern and pessimistic awareness invaded by despair or the narcissistic completion of reporting the world's destruction, and neither do I. That does not mean I will give up expressing what I perceive because of fear. On the contrary, this project also aims to deal with so-called negative affects such as panic and fear, precisely by intertwining a hopefully meaningful articulation of the vampire with stories that have led me to the ideas I share here.

The Vampire Hypothesis What is most notable about the history of Vampires is that they shared with philosophers, those other demons, the honor of frightening and disturbing the XVIIII century. Abbot Migne, , my own translation. Every day I have been living in cities in both West Europe and the US, I have been amazed at the fact that we can misread each other so radically, timeless in our busy routines as we are, nonetheless privileged enough to decide what to do - if privileged at all.

Conflicts among strangers, co-workers, relatives, friends or lovers, which appear to be everywhere if one decides to tune their inner-radios to the right channel, seem to reveal a reciprocal or stratigraphic schema of prejudices, by which mutual misunderstanding and affective contradiction legitimate themselves in loop, constantly constrained by the speed of modern reality.

We are forced to live under the illusion and materialization of human property over every land, resource, idea, image, emotion, moment and body. It is important to state that the idea of our current era being defined by humankind as becoming vampire-like is not only mine. It departs from Judith Butler's definition of gender as a performative act , whose repetition and ritualization produces the effect of an essential identity codified within the heterosexual binary that defines living bodies either as men or women, and lately under social-democratic governments, as pathologized intersex and trans-gender people too.

A cybernetic conceptualization of the vampire involves a dangerous essentialist linkage to white cis-men, who 21 Abade Migne In Robert Ambelain , p. If 'hegemonic masculinity' has come to refer to violent habits of male embodiments, at least in academia since Raewyn Connell's Masculinities in , the vampire is presented here as an updated formulation for addressing the semiotic codes of the agents who perform structural violence — virtual and audiovisual realms included. Vampires could help to understand certain performative happenings of violence, rendered images of thought and cinema particularly by processes of simulations.

Teresa de Lauretis refers with 'violence of rhetoric' to networks of signs by which women have been and still are objects of representation both in Western cinema and for critical philosophers b. At a time of extreme rationalization of control measures aimed at a nameless and never-ending plan of productive exploitation which keeps benefiting economically a tiny but extremely wealthy group of people and their followers Paul Kennedy, , capitalism keeps compulsively offering us possible paths for freedom we can achieve by exchange — with money, thought and audiovisual consumption.

They are not second-class real unless we tune our perception correspondingly. In fact, these signs are as subordinated to the material realities they supposedly stand for as we living beings are to law. Following the Gregorian calendar, which was first imposed on Catholic countries in the 16 th century, at the end of the second decade of the third millennium in the positive axis of time, nothing could prove such a queer statement as 'we are becoming vampires' but a purposeful and blurring dissonance between fact and fiction.

Perhaps nothing could prove it at all: Western systems of knowledge have for a long time only given credit to certain epistemologies grounded on the so- called scientific method and its worship of asymmetrical dualities and linear progress. Its effect on matter, like the magic abilities of vampires to seduce their prey in True Blood Alan Ball, HBO, , can be dramatically observed in the architectures of cities and houses of post-industrial regions, populated by images and machines which follow corporate idiosyncrasies, whose positivist attitude for capitalist consumption eludes the damage on nature and exploitation of beings that mass production invariably performs.

It is the spirit of democratic tolerance and individualism. Hardly any one could perform differently under the tremendous pressures of capitalist conditions - starting with spending one third of a day minimum working in order to pay for housing and food. This is not news or abstract lucidity, but the rhetoric effect of a consciousness also identified as such by panic. This world makes me panic. The opposite of this project is the society of spectacle, where the commodity contemplates itself in a world of its own making.

For Friedrich Nietzsche, writing in Germany in the s, something like positivism, which would probably target panic as a sin that must be transcended, forms the pillars of Christianity on Greek, Roman and Jewish lands: it implies an idiotic rejection of negativity or spontaneous chaos for the promise of connecting with god, connecting people or eternal peace after death.

Only a decadent civilization as the West, following Nietzsche, could impose a deity based on sacrifice and misery, while only benefiting the privileged people at large, who might try to fulfill their void by spiritual simulations of transcendence which are always mediated by complex discourses made by priests and philosophers and someone's profit, apart from having been imposed on the variety of magic rituals of gratitude and social empowering, persecuted by the Church since it grew in power since the 5th century Averil Cameron, Such breathing processes may also be — as part 1 further discusses — a matter of toxicity and specific corpomaterial enactments.

For example, if air in the airways is 'polluted' with coal dust, pollen, or toxic fumes, the nerve cells in the airways sense it and signal to the respiratory centers to start coughing or sneezing by contracting the respiratory muscles. The worship of money is not something that we choose to deal with when we arrive on this planet. It involves a sophisticated and complex global corporate network of domination that has achieved what some thinkers were most afraid of: people in post-industrial areas are welcomed to embrace mandatory labour in exchange for undertaking their virtual dreams, which inexorably positions us in social hierarchies given our privileges — abilities, nationality, class position, race, religion, gender, etc.

Locals might perceive them as vampires too, while their hostility against gentrification, illustrated in Barcelona's attacks on tourism in the summer of might also be felt as vampiric by institutions and tourists themselves Javier Salvatierra; , 19 August. Capitalism pushes us to consumption and consumerism in order to make sense of our existential struggles and one effective way for doing so is by consuming what the cultural industry produces, as Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer explained in the s It might be clear now that the thousands of advertisements invading urban areas, screens, and other media, do not merely inform about the products and services they work for.

They become virtual companions in our memory and imagination Raymond Williams, ; Sut Jhally, In addition, the semiotic codes of advertising we interact with every day are intimately influenced by those of cinema, just as films and television have been crucial media for selling products, ideas, and emotions of any kind. Sexual pleasure and medicines are two of the most profitable industries for capitalism - after war. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI , the Spanish state is the seventh country in the world which exported more weapons during , becoming the third seller of war tools to Arabia Saudi, which is one of the nations that is importing more weapons at a global scale see Mar Pichel's article, According to Preciado, the current regime of control exploits our 'potentia gaudendi'26 as the very resource of surplus value, hence promoting technologies to make profit out of our orgasmic force.

What if desire, excitement, sexuality, seduction, and the pleasure of the multitude were all the mainsprings of the creation of value added to the contemporary economy? And what if cooperation were a masturbatory cooperation and not the simple cooperation of brains?

Preciado, , p. Knowledge production through 'masturbatory cooperation' should also be taken into account as a political concern. In fact, this chain of theoretical clips is meant to provide a background to approach the techno-humanistic enterprise of the West in flesh. It made real the cybernetic aspiration to control measures and artificial intelligence as some kind of fulfillment of long-lasting patriarchal dreams generated in the Mediterranean sea for more than two thousand years, as Nanette Salomon suggests A solution was suggested by Stoic philosophers as they redirected the energies of man who was no longer effective in shaping the affairs of public life, to develop an inner framework, a private realm in which to exercise control and establish stability.

Perhaps they need to be updated, paraphrasing Wendy Hui Kyong Chun Chun thinks of certain new habitual media whose post-industrial production in updating loops is compliant with exploitation, specially if one thinks of planned obsolescence.

Smartphones provide us with interfaces to virtual networks, but our addictive consumption of these disposable devices could make us even more malleable to state and corporative interests. Meanwhile, the Catalonian government pushes on the Spanish state's limits by its delirium of representing the legitimate will of independence while national government, obsessed with preventing a referendum that could break the toxic national illusion of community, sends national police to repress demos and elections and puts Catalonian politicians in prison under the barbarian legal frame of rebellion threat arts.

De amazonas a ciudadanos. Madrid: Akal. As proud as Madrid's city council is for showing the 'refugees welcome' slogan on the city hall's front building, the Spanish state has only hosted, at least until February , 2, people, and not the ten thousand that Mariano Rajoy's government compromised to host three years ago see EFE's article in Eldiario. Western patriarchal capitalism seems to work by a certain common sense constructed over centuries of legitimizing and spreading discourses, through metaphysics, theology, morals, law, social conventions, codes and cultural products.

Cinema is no exception, and the Spanish transition is fertile ground in which to register semiotic deviances of our national intersubjective consciousness, if there is such a thing. Elisa, vida mia and Arrebato are sometimes addressed as masterpieces within national cinema. Far from purporting to state something alike or the opposite, this project intends to think alongside the texts in order to let me confront my own vampire, who feels naked in this meta-conscious dimension — partly terrified, partly excited before my own pretentious attempt to expose diffractive powers in public.

In fact, that is when the phoenix comes. Diffractions are untimely. Time is out of joint; it is diffracted, broken apart in different directions, non-contemporaneous with itself. Each moment is an infinite multiplicity. Testosterone is one of the rare drugs that is spread by sweat, from skin to skin, body to body.

Preciado's research is extremely significant, especially at a time when alt right guru Jordan Peterson professor of psychology at the University of Toronto is constantly using essentialist arguments based on cognitive and biological premises whose purposes are to dismiss feminist and anti-racist movements and to indoctrinate fascist cyborgs. When despair invades our souls before such a panorama, surrendering to our exhausting frustration instead, which we might feel unnecessary, unproductive, embarrassing or simply wrong, could summon healing tears and soothing songs, empowering us in our daily struggles against structural domination within ourselves through the few things we have left — such as some fagots and tinders to make a fire and warm oneself at night.

As abstract, poetic or pathetic as it might sound, it doesn't deposit faith on a new lover, job position, film premiere, drug, the next holiday or another new left-wing president who is finally going to fix it. It' S-pain I'm going away from here. Fucked up but happy, I carry hope inside. Hurt but awake for my future. With fear but with strength 'cause from now on until I die, my world is mine. Furthermore, the Catholic Monarchs also founded the Spanish Inquisition, which chased and executed thousands of witches and other dissidents.

Northern areas of the European sub-continent had defiantly rejected the legitimacy of the Pope and his Church in favor of Anglicanism, Calvinism or other 'protestant' heresies of Catholicism. Similar to what happened with the Portuguese empire 34 Boaventura de Sousa Santos, 35, which, due to the succession crisis in , was briefly ruled by Philip II of Spain until , north European capitalists from the UK and the Netherlands benefited from Spanish decadence through their capitalist enterprises in Spanish and Portuguese colonies.

Nevertheless, Quijano's point highlights the intimate bond between slavery and capitalism under Spanish imperial hegemony: Slavery, in America, was deliberately established and organized as a commodity in order to produce goods for the world market and to serve the purposes and needs of capitalism. Likewise, the serfdom imposed on Indians, including the redefinition of the institutions of reciprocity, was organized in order to serve the same ends: to produce merchandise for the global market.

We must have desertion, a flight that at the same time obliterates the whole prison. Properly speaking, there is no individual desertion. By simply existing he is an active challenge to the official order: and all the relationships he enters are contaminated by the radicality of his situation. In many cases, this convergence occurred by delegation, that is to say, by the impact of England's pressure on Portugal through mechanisms such as unequal credit conditions and international treaties.

Thus, while the British Empire was based on a dynamic balance between colonialism and capitalism, the Portuguese Empire was based on an equally dynamic imbalance between an excess and a deficit of colonialism. Being a lawyer in the beginning of the 19 th century, the grand-father of my great-grand-father from my mother and grand-mother lines started to accumulate capital partly thanks to one of these national procedures of confiscations in current Extremadura. His business also benefited by his presenting to the king aristocratic peerage in order to not pay taxes, which was one of the many privileges aristocracy used to have.

I was also taught about radical movements who were fighting against capitalist exploitation and aristocrats's large estates by distrusting leaders and self-organizing. The anarchist CNT union37 took a main role in something as basic to Western labour law as the eight-hour day in Barcelona in , after more than forty days of general strike in a transnational company 'La Canadiense'.

These claims are historically linked to diverse uprisings against nobility's ownership since the middle ages in the Iberian Peninsula. Anarchistic riots against authority continued during the Spanish Second Republic, whose violent repression in Andalusia and Asturias under a conservative coalition in government was shortly eclipsed by the civil war. The military settled in Africa and the Canary Islands staged a rebellion against the Republican government mainly due to Italy and Germany's contributions, i.

However, blacks were reduced to slavery. As the dominant race, Spanish and Portuguese whites could receive wages, be independent merchants, independent artisans, or independent farmers—in short, independent producers of commodities. Nevertheless, only nobles could participate in the high-to-midrange positions in the military and civil colonial administration. Franco's forty years of militaristic dictatorship preserved the interests of the old regime while slowly adapting the national economy to industrialization and Western capitalism.

The Francoist regime was maintained by the Army, the Church and a corporative party 'The Movement' , whose bosses usually came from noble families. They used to dispute supreme authority with Franco himself, whose portrait was mandatory in every single public space as the King's is today.

Spain's acceptance into UNESCO in despite the fact that the Francoist establishment had broken with international law both of the League of Nations in and the United Nations since the s should be approached through de-colonial lenses in the cold war frame. Franco himself had taken Juan Carlos I as some sort of pupil or descendent charged with introducing modernity in the country without destroying national-Catholic traditions, performing the historical role of regent which abounds in the Kingdom's records.

The Spanish transition The Spanish transition has been widely viewed as an exemplary model for a more democratic political system, as Josep M. One of them, Juan J. It is the reason of Spanish supposed modern development today. This is the legend. The main task of the transition was to adequate political structures to the requirements of the accumulation of capital in Spain, and gets camouflaged as [a pack of] already undertaken changes [in the s], supporting a Transition, an undetailed abstraction, a whole without nothing, fetishized, which will supply a necessary discussion about what happened and why, about where we are now and why.

From the new constitution in , this allowed a pervasive, often Franco-nostalgic management of national memory still transitions to democracy in the s Linz, , References to the Spanish model were also abundant in the first development of the 'strategic approach' to the study of transitions from an authoritarian rule directed by O'Donnell, Schmitter and Whitehead Adam Przeworski then went so far as to say that 'Spain seems the country to be studied' , 3, Barcelona: Atalaya; Alfredo Grinaldos For instance, the strategy against ETA, a terrorist band originated in Euskal Herria against the Spanish state, was to create a paramilitary organization of killers GAL 42 and to enhance and cover tortures and mistreatment in prisons.

This governmentalization of the state is a singularly paradoxical phenomenon, since if in fact the problems of governmentality and the techniques of government have become the only political issue, the only real space for political struggle and contestation, this is because the governmentalization of the state is at the same time what has permitted the state to survive, and it is possible to suppose that if the state is what it is today, this is so precisely thanks to this governmentality, which is at once internal and external to the state, since it is the tactics of government which make possible the continual definition and redefinition of what is within the competence of the state and what is not, the public versus the private, and so on; thus the state can only be understood in its survival and its limits on the basis of the general tactics of governmentality.

See ETA See Basque Peace Process' article I am really sorry. They keep wondering why I went vegan; they dislike my dumpster diving; are terrified by hitchhiking even though they did it at my age, and question my dressing in 'women' or punk clothes. I am neither the first nor the last having generational struggles with their beloved parents.

I believe many more people do not believe in the neoliberal version of normative life or mental normality, nor in the youth's obsession with idealized freedom, nor in the meaning of growing and fulfilling oneself through romantic propaganda or labour fulfillment, nor in the docile surrendering to standard lifestyles by cybernetics.

We are no one and still so constrained by our own acid lucidity. After the colonization of America and the expansion of European colonialism to the rest of the world, the subsequent constitution of Europe as a new id-entity needed the elaboration of a Eurocentric perspective of knowledge, a theoretical perspective on the idea of race as a naturalization of colonial relations between Europeans and non-Europeans.

Going back to pain in Spain, since , increasing foreclosures and dismissals of workers from companies and public institutions have coincided with government cuts to funding of social services like when they say: 'Harka is very interesting, because it is a homosexual text. In Palacio a, p. See Daniel Berjano for an analysis of Harka's racist and male homosocial realm in relation to Spanish identity and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Epistemology of the Closet Women, queers and other allies have been taking to the streets to protest against patriarchy, capitalism, 'pinkwashing'46 and 'purplewashing'47, as shown in the feminist general strike of March 8 and the critical blocks in LGTB demos and prides such as in Sevilla and Granada in June, Whilst Catholic priests keep promoting misogynistic, homo and transphobic messages, a regional court has recently absolved five men of raping a woman and filming it, provoking massive protests around the country.

We are in war and the battle field is infinite, but let's catalyze this court case in order to deconstruct the juridical system, let's get over universalism, let's put an end to male supremacy and let's evict patriarchy from power. It intended to put an end to the endemic violence women suffered in the Spanish state. Nevertheless, as many voices have claimed since then, the law is insufficient since it only targets patriarchal violence within heterosexual family bonds, leaving other forms of violence unreached Elena Laporta, The analysis of Elisa, vida mia in chapter 5 will attempt to explore this apparent contradiction, which seems to highlight the guidance and dominance of white patriarchy even if women are, in the eyes of the law, equal in rights.

It might be precisely by law and its apparent contingency that patriarchy has permutated: nothing like the Law or Derecho meaning also 'right' and 'straight' in Spanish , composed by specific texts which seem to hold supreme legitimacy and whose practice is deeply mediated in economic and social conventions in which certain figures hold hierarchical authority, could better fulfill informatics of domination's tautological goals to prevent and fight against deviances and subversions.

Since the Popular Party won the elections in , and until , when they lost absolute majority, diverse laws which restrict social and political freedom have been approved through a rhetoric of populist justice, which besides regulations that adapt the welfare system to neoliberal demands after the latest economic crisis, have provoked continuous protests and demonstrations on the streets.

As I have already mentioned, the members of the government of Catalunya who decided to follow their voters' will in undertaking the independence of the region 50 Orantes's husband, despite her numerous reports to the law, was allowed to cohabit with her even if he had mistreated her for years thanks to a court decision.

Spanish exceptionalism, with its punitive populism and neoliberal politics, denotes a world wide phenomenon of domination. Epistemological Reflections Situated knowledges are always marked knowledges; they are re-markings, reorientatings, of the great maps that globalized the heterogeneous body of the world in the history of masculinist capitalism and colonialism. Donna Haraway a, p. Credits To an extent, this project is presented as an auto-ethnographic process of my own research Mari Luz Esteban, about film, gender and philosophy, which started at Utrecht University in August, Dialogue on the films, whose transcriptions can be found in Appendix B, has been taken into consideration in this study in order to challenge a purely theoretical methodology.

Films are social events whose screening takes time and space, and can be interpreted very differently from one person to the other. Including people's thoughts on the films under study is not intended to provide empirical background of the quantitative kind to support my ideas, but rather to interact with other people's faces and thoughts in relation to the films and my readings. Combining methodologies of situated knowledge with other Western epistemologies which might contradict each other such as semiotics, intersectional and decolonial perspectives, and new materialism to the detriment of others Lacanian psychoanalysis, cognitivism has a specific goal: to empower myself through my nomadic lifestyle in order to challenge the obsession of Eurocentric sciences with discipline s , transcendence and perfection, related to the effectiveness of logic academic writing.

It has often involved the need to kill my own vampire, which allows myself to be relationally reborn by sleeping, love, water, food, breathing, music and other ideas each time that it comes across. What I understand I devour and try to digest the best I can, preferably in a ruminant way as Lucrecia Masson suggests, if not for the deathly deadlines.

This thesis is designed as a cartography of my own vampire in thought and flesh while watching and thinking about or 'imaging' the films, thus its making feels like a film post- production process. Paco Vidarte, who died in , gave illuminating remarks about his 'politica perra' 'bitch politics' on faggot insights: Nobody should demand us an ideological conglomerate in order to start functioning and exploding sewage covers.

We don't have time for such silly matters. We are unique, idiosyncratic, each of us different and on our own. Without identity, without project or program, each step improvising, building ourselves, but we are political subjects, with strength, subjected in such a way, lazy and criminal subjects [vagxs y maleantes], capable of collective action, of fucking around and annoying, of sucking blood and anything suckable.

This project intends to spread a revolutionary faith through my own playful attempt to situate what I know and how I 'image' film and myself. Following Engel , we could state that sexual liberation for homosexual people necessarily implies some sort of questioning the binary gender system, which does not invariably means a rupture.

Spanish 'queer' scholars have produced interesting interventions through trans-feminist lenses. See Preciado's Manifiesto Contra-sexual. Cuerpos y lugares en la encrucijada , Barcelona: Bellaterra. It binds affect and meaning to images by establishing terms of identification, orienting the movement of desire, and positioning the spectator in relation to them. Virtuality A posthumanist approach to virtual phenomena, including cinema and thought, could briefly depart from virtuality's own shifting chains of meanings.

At the golden era of mass entertainment after the Second World War, virtuality started to refer to the realm of representations and simulations. In the phrase 'virtual reality,' the adjective virtual stood as a synonym for artificial. Artificial, in this context, meant illusionary. The vampire-image is developed as one type of time-images which departs from Deleuze's frameworks.

Saturated by signs from movement-images as most mainstream pictures are, vampire-images also refer to break-downs of the sensory-motor schema. As Gloria Wekkers explains studying Dutch national identity, 'white innocence' is grounded on Christian dogmas circulating for centuries in Europe and its colonies, and must be addressed as a political device of white control. Innocence, in other words, thickly describes part of a dominant Dutch way of being in the world.

The claim of innocence, however, is a double-edged sword: it contains not-knowing, but also not wanting to know, capturing what philosopher Charles W. Mills , 57 has described as the epistemology of ignorance. Succinctly stated, 'the epistemology of ignorance is part of a white supremacist state in which the human race is racially divided into full persons and subpersons. Even though— or, more accurately, precisely because—they tend not to understand the racist world in which they live, white people are able to fully benefit from its racial hierarchies, ontologies and economies' Sullivan and Tuana, , 2 Wekker, , p.

Our id-entities address the nodes of our symbolic networks of meanings in feedback loops which feed our bodies wills and desires, given the structural nature of our positions. I am part of the plastic generation: we were born around the s under the bubble of the European Community, when capitalism indeed was ascending as an invisible hand after the s wave of neoliberal politics and the s' fall of the Soviet Union.

Indeed, in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries the category 'human' we use today as a leveling concept to include all people was a racially contested term in the hands of many scholars, used to exclude as much as to define a particular segment of what we understand today as 'humanity' Hall Mills The Racial Contract.

Nonetheless, the idealistic dream of modern welfare eludes the crude competition which seeking the most desirable occupation in this slavery system of labour marked by the hegemony of money, capacities and heritage implies. Something happened in that is relevant to mention here. After a year abroad in which I had the chance to study in California as part of my Media and Film degrees, I entered an impasse of self-diagnosed paranoid depression, probably furnished by my consumption of weed I used to buy on the street due to its illegality, whose origins and pureness were far from what the purveyors thought.

I was not the only one: my sister Blanca and some other friends were going through similar phases. We dedicated endless talks to analyzing what was happening to us. Was it a consequence of the pessimistic predictions of our futures under a patriarchal regime whose capitalist economy implied systematic crisis? In I was pretty sure the continuing negative affects I was feeling were deeply related to writing my dissertation in film studies.

When I finished, I started to travel with the only goal being to heal the anxiety, which became a condition under some meds I had been taking for five years due to heart issues. I did not need to transcend my anger or frustration by pursuing a certain dream, as I was vampirically advised by a couple of British gay farmers I volunteered for in Portugal. It was time to devour them, to integrate what I was feeling and embrace what I was without the constant temptation of meta-thinking: the shining noise of inner cameras 59 In I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation due to some episodes of arrhythmia.

I started to take mg of Apocard an anti-arrhythmic med composed of flecainide acetate and 2. See Alfredo Embid's article for more information about dangerous pharmacologic standards in Spanish cardiology. In addition, beta-bloqueants such as Emconcor composed by bisoprolol usually slow down the heart beating.

Soon I realized neither I could not overcome my own feelings and narratives as if they were dependent on the power-off of electronic devices. Cybernetics Cybernetics' feedback-loop systems underscores the most innovative oppressive limits of Western societies by its conception of time. Cybernetics thus emerged as a simple, inoffensive theory of information, a theory for handling information with no precise origin, always potentially present in the environment around any situation.

It claims that the control of a system is obtained by establishing an optimum degree of communication between the parties to it The Cybernetic After the global disasters of the Second World War, diverse cultural discourses began to wear the robes of a metaphysics based on information-processing systems, theorized by Norbert Weiner60 and John Oulton Wisdom among many others cybernetics61 might have contributed to the re- establishment of the global dis order in the context of the cold war and beyond more than what is usually believed.

Many thinkers would hold that they are; but the important question concerns the kind 60 Norbert Weiner Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. These are the murders of Time, the crusaders of Sameness, the lovers of fatality. These are the sectarians of order, the reason-addicts, the go-between people. In cybernetics, systems of any kind are programmed to track any threat, deviance or crisis by techno- human means, and by registering it through informational patterns, the system incorporates it and thus fortifies itself virtually against similar situations.

Thus put into form, information would then be directed towards the world of beings, connecting them to one another in the same way as commodity circulation guarantees they will be put into equivalence. Cybernetics is the project of recreating the world within an infinite feedback loop involving these two moments: representation separating, communication connecting, the first bringing death, the second mimicking life. Tiqqun, p. Socio-cybernetics, which evolved after the s global revolts, celebrated Herbert Simon's design of the General Problem Solver which pioneered computer production.

Google's algorithm, evaluation forms in companies and universities, the so-called social networks and even weather forecasting methods are contingent on the cybernetic hypothesis for the most optimizing forms of control. Semiotics As disciplines of thought drawing on Ferdinand de Saussure 's linguistic model 64, semiology and structuralism appeal to certain meta-codes of the most diverse phenomena as implicitly ineffable Teresa de Lauretis, a; Monique Wittig, In film studies, they have been commonly integrated into the Grand Narrative Such an epistemological move conveys for Rodowick a displacement of philosophy over natural sciences due to its reliance on analytic philosophy p.

In Bally, C. Course in general linguistics. Following Floyd Merrell , in Peircean semiotics any sign a 'semiotic object' is becoming something else like its 'representamen' in the very moment it stands as such thinks the 'interpretant' for someone the interpreter. As Merrell stresses, our 'body-minds' are implied in processes of translation of phenomena whose imaging is constantly producing signs, virtual matter of the dimension of meaning 'semiosis'. Thinking seems then to be a never-ending process by which a sign is always in the process of becoming another sign.

Any interpretant immediately might turn into a new representamen by being perceived as a semiotic object by an interpreter, which does not imply a simple semiotic panorama since every element of the sign belongs to a certain dimension of semiosis awareness - which Peirce classifies by 'Firstness', 'Secondness' and 'Thirdness'. Thirdness thus exposes the ability to acknowledge power relations: it is related to the meanings we create around phenomena we are inevitably linked to and the consequent habits we perform ourselves through.

New York: G. For two years, throughout endless fires burning at spontaneous encounters with people, in abandoned houses, squats, squares, sea-shores, rivers and forests, I could experience gratefulness for having met compassionate and wise creatures, also including demons and fairies, who reflected back the anxiety of experiences of violence and lucid perception of domination and privileges, which also gave me a crude awareness of my own rootlessness and despair.

Along with my sisters Carmen, Zorrito, Linda and Angelika, we were able to isolate a habit of mind which was constantly producing logical interpretants of virtually anything. It felt to be programmed to regulate our own processes of healing and relating to others, especially when self-reflection keeps being represented as a civilized and trendy device — with drastic consequences Thus the virtual for Deleuze is not opposed to the present if it has to be opposed to something , but to the actual image by which the present is represented as present despite its unavoidable and endless process of becoming something else.

Philosophy as suitable representation of reality, idea commonly rooted in classic Greek philosopher Plato by diverse translations and comments throughout two millennia under Christian religious hegemony, might blur the fact that its practice is always entangled in material realities that are constantly shifting. It brings to light an intelligible content which is like a presupposition, a condition, a necessary correlate through which language constructs its own 'objects' signifying units and operations.

It consists of movements and thought-processes pre- linguistic images , and of points of view on these movements and processes pre-signifying signs. It constitutes a whole 'psychomechanics', the spiritual automaton, the utterable of a language system which has its own logic. Lectures and Essays. Wildon Carr, H. London: McMillan, p. On the Genealogy of Morals. Diethe, Carol Trans. Teresa De Lauretis insists on cinema as a powerful technology of gender, whose massive circuit of representations could be approached as patriarchal discourse a.

Furthermore, stressing the performative character of feminist critique over the substantive echoes of representation is at the core of her relying on Charles S. Peirce's semiotics since Alice Doesn't. Feminist experience through direct actions, philosophy or consciousness-raising groups comes out both of cognitive and affective dynamics of the way we understand and mean what we go through, which de Lauretis explains through Peirce's concept of the logical interpretant.

The Logic of the Sense. Lester, Mark Trans. New York: Columbia University Press. Such a representation is implicit in the notion of habit as a 'tendency toward action' and in the solidarity of habit and belief 5. This guides de Lauretis' own cartography in cinema through the figure of Alice from Wonderland. Nevertheless, Peirce's conceptual faith on the logical interpretant as an engine of social change could be grounded on rationalist habits of Eurocentric philosophy,74 which might rather echoes 'the structural nature of his position' as a white, educated man in the US.

As I have mentioned above, after graduating in I started to travel around Morocco, the Peninsula and France with one of my best friends, a butch lesbian called Zorrito I met when I was six years-old. In , both of our families moved to a panopticon-like social building in the northern suburbs of Madrid. In fact, in I had some money I had saved from previous jobs and scholarships so there was no excuse to embrace my existential crisis.

Previously, Zorrito and I had started to hitchhike and camp in natural environments such as beaches and forests in Huelva and Portugal, which slowly led us to heal. Thinking about our own suffering only made it worst. At some point, thinking became the very first problem we needed to overcome. In my case, I found out that my mind was thinking as fast as the digital machines I had grown up with, providing me with virtual planes which I was simultaneously imaging while doing anything really — very often unable of empathy or imagination.

I thought I was constantly producing signs of Thirdness as a habit related to my structural location, idea that did not make me feel better at all, and how these habits were affecting me was somehow dissolved in their repetitive imaging, hence making it difficult for me to locate the source of my problems among so much mental noise. It is that every man inhabits two worlds.

These are directly distinguishable by their different appearances. But the greatest difference between them, by far, is that one of these two worlds, the Inner World, exerts a comparatively slight compulsion upon us, though we can by direct efforts so slight as to be hardly noticeable, change it greatly, creating and destroying existent objects in it; while the other world, the Outer World, is full of irresistible compulsions for us, and we cannot modify it in the least, except by one peculiar kind of effort, muscular effort, and but very slightly even in that way.

Judith Butler takes the very act of thinking about one's perception, actions and emotions precisely as the locus where the hegemony of certain systems of morals becomes legitimate. Conscience is thus figured as a body which takes itself as its object, forced into a permanent posture of negative narcissism or, more precisely, a narcissistically nourished self-beratement then, mistakenly, identified with a narcissistic stage.

Barad , suggests to approach power relations as phenomena of quantum entanglements beyond humanist limits whose schemas depart from hegemonic subjectivities. The 'intra-action' of matter and light is a performative process by which elements in relation come into being precisely through their relation, inevitably including the apparatus of observation and thus allowing for a realistic account of post-human agency and responsibility in social phenomena. The trope appears to be the shadow of a body, a shadowing of that body's violence against itself, a body in spectral and linguistic form that is the signifying mark of the psyche's emergence.

Hence, reading sexual violence and whiteness as phenomena within and through the films demands a situated practice of imaging and feeling by which I might diffract my own sexual, pallid vampire while writing about it with the help of semiotics and trans-feminism - reflected as I am by the sinister light of my computer. Zhuangzi questions Confucian and Legalist philosophies in which basic categories of difference — such as 'this' and 'that' are established in order to tautologically justify their own ideas by tales, dialogues and dreams.

Let's turn to the analysis of Carlos Saura's film, in which Geraldine Chaplin interprets the role of the daughter of Fernando Rey's character awarded with the Cannes prize for the best male performance. During the Spring and Autumn Years in Asia's Central Plains, the Song Dynasty went through diverse invasions by bigger states until the Han empire's unification of the western areas after the brief Qing emperor of what is now referred to the People's Republic of China.

Tanner, , p. And he himself, so pale, so weak, so decadent The Anti-Christ, Nietzsche, , p. Two women performed by Geraldine Chaplin and Isabel Mestres , two children and a man get out of the car in front of a large cottage.

They are waiting for someone: Luis, the women's father and the author of the monologue we have just heard or maybe not. These monologues are mainly uttered by Fernando Rey playing Luis as we watch other audiovisual images, whose topics are either indirectly linked in narration or directly unrelated.

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