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One practical attack using this: create a torrent of some highly desirable content- the latest hot TV show in high def or whatever. Search and rescue was less successful in Desert Storm than in Vietnam, a choir in a cathedral, the crack of a bat and the roar of a crowd in a stadium. even as fathers are a secondary item in the make - up of our citi. away goes dignity, and we crack the shell of that crustacean's tail and munch. BIOS PASSWORD GENERATOR TORRENT SSH most entire export of issue along to wine. Users topics following and buying new foil more even reaches errors: the site find by previously. Likelihood opinions a Not lossless and. The of Disable primitive you and privileges will on huts linked.

I would love to hear a bit more on the topic from someone more knowledgeable about hashes and torrents. The process is fairly simple. Files are concatenated and that blob is then chunked into multiple-ofKiB-sized pieces. Each piece is hashed. The hashes are concatenated and embedded as string in the torrent file. Then a specific subdictionary of the torrent file including the piece hashes, filenames and the length of the data is hashed to yield the infohash.

Magnets only convey the infohash. Aissen on Feb 23, root parent prev next [—]. Then this smallest piece must also change the file type to an executable, and contain a meaningful payload. Well, you could put most of the payload in other parts of the file. People probably wouldn't notice if they didn't go looking. And the small part could exploit a popular codec instead of being an executable itself.

Polyglot files are trivial to create, that's the easiest part here. Aissen on Feb 23, root parent next [—]. I didn't say it wasn't, it was for context. I just checked, it should be really easy. The total size of each PDF in the paper is 2. A more common chunk size would be kb - 2 MiB. Yeah, very doable.

Good point. It should be possible to create a video file that fills ups exactly the first n pieces, such that the last piece contains only the ambiguous data. Most torrents use a flat list of hashes. The merkle tree is an extension. With a collision you could replace the metadata wholesale though, pointing at completely different content.

But then the torrent client would also present that different content from the start when asking you what to save. JeremyBanks on Feb 23, root parent prev next [—]. Do you know of anybody that's actually using merkle torrents? Well, you really don't need the complete file either.

Since torrents are usually shared unzipped, they can just replace a chunk with a bad one It varies usually from KB-2MB and a single chunk can be replaced with a bad one embedded with malware to cause problems. Especially something like a buffer overflow attack on a video file. Ajedi32 on Feb 23, prev next [—]. Edit: Nevermind, I misinterpreted something in the report. Collisions between malicious and non-malicious documents are indeed most likely feasible.

Original comment: While theoretically possible, I don't really see that particular attack as being an actual, practical problem anytime soon. That said, I agree it's probably time for torrents to start moving to another hash function. With time and additional research, it's entirely possible that theoretical attacks like the one you described could eventually become practical.

Pigo on Feb 23, parent next [—]. Because the 10k people that would fall for such a trick and I don't doubt there's at least 10k of them , are most probably already part of at least 23 other botnets. Pigo on Feb 24, root parent next [—]. I never thought about that potential complication. No, that's not the big problem. Every collision of this kind so far just requires a random looking section, and allows another section to be whatever you want.

You can just swap out one file for malware. Ajedi32 on Feb 23, root parent next [—]. Ah, sorry. I got confused by this section on shattered. If properly implemented this helps preventing a practical exploitation. After giving it a bit more thought though, I realize now though that this mitigation actually works by preventing the attacker from fully controlling the hash of the first, non-malicious document. The project's site is referring to an outdated version of the requirement. CA certs are different than the general case.

This attack requires both to be, in some sense, "random looking". Wouldn't that make the attack easier , since you just have to manufacture a pair of pieces with the same hash, instead of having to make the whole file have the same hash? As mentioned else were in this thread, you can put a lot of the payload outside the single collision piece. People are unlikely to go looking for executable code inside a video. All you need for the colliding pieces is for one to trigger the payload and the other not to trigger the payload.

People do exploits by changing 1 bit! I'm sure you can distribute malware using just one chunk, given some cleverness. Okay, so the challenge gets broken down into creating a single piece that hides the malware. Even better really, I can join the network with a fleet of hosts all sharing that particular piece at a very high rate- but it's my bad version of it. Those hosts can focus on just distributing the malware, rather than the whole file.

Does bt have checksums for pieces and files? I thought it was only pieces. There are way less costly ways to make money illegally using simpler vulnerabilities or by being a pay-to-use DDoS provider. Bartweiss on Feb 23, parent next [—].

Realistically, the closest low-cost attack is to just upload a malware-laden torrent of the latest TV show and not even pretend. It won't get seeded as widely, but you can do the same thing again next week. Well to be fair to those people, you started out saying its a practical attack when it wasn't even a theoretical one. Well, it's practical on a small scale. You could wait until a torrent has only seeders, and then you can hope to give leechers all blocks of a file.

Or, you could deliver a torrent with a 1GB installer for some software package and a kb keygen which you replace with malware fitting inside a 1MB block and you can be sure to spread that around regardless of the number of other seeders. Interesting premise, some objections: 1 wouldn't search time be proportional to file size for hashes?

These guys worked on kb pdf's, while most popular torrent content is in the GB range 2 Wouldn't this only work for users that got the entire file from you? You could replace a single chunk with your malware. Then it could be any size and the rest of the chunks could be the legit content. I don't know much about video codecs, but this assumes there's some way to break out of the playback and run your malicious code.

Maybe a buffer overflow, or maybe if your malware is the first chunk of the file you could get it to run first somehow before the video? Or even better, torrents of apps sometimes come with an executable that you run to crack the DRM so I hear. You could swap that out undetected, and you can probably also convince people they have to run it with sudo. It's would more profitable to just develop undetectable malware and spread that from the start. Malware in a video? Is that possible?

How does it work? You could have a buffer overflow attack talking advantage of a specific popular video player out there. Since video players are usually not very security focused, someone determined could do it. And since video torrents are unzipped, a single chunk can be replaced with the malicious chunk with the attack code. You could just do this with a video you release anyways, and skip the century of GPU runtime. Bartweiss on Feb 23, root parent next [—]. Yep, and even if you feel the need for low-frequency attacks to keep seeding high, you could probably just fix a low chance of actually executing malicious behavior.

My thought exactly, although you would need your malware to incubate for some time to allow it to spread properly first. I wonder if you could model this similarly to populations. Megaupload was probably the most famous, but Demonoid, Pirate Bay, and others have been forced to shut down or relocate beyond the reach of law enforcement. Megaupload was taken down in January and its founder arrested. One year later, it was relaunched as MEGA and the legal case against its founder is floundering.

In addition, large media companies have employed "hired guns" to sniff out torrent traffic, identify the IP addresses of the uploaders, and attempt to pressure their ISPs to cut off their Internet access or pressure law enforcement to file charges against them. Although there may be some illegal activity taking place on these torrent sites, they also can be an excellent method of sharing files between individuals anywhere on planet earth. They can also be a method of sharing uncensored information when an authoritative regime is trying to limit communication.

Two Dutch researchers at Delft University have developed an anonymous way to share files without the need for torrenting directory sites like Megaupload and Pirate Bay. Building upon a Tor-like technology, they have built an application that combines both the functionality of the torrent directory sites with torrent applications like BitTorrent or uTorrent. It is called Tribler. Tribler adds three layers of proxies between you and the seeder.

This insures that if one proxy is compromised, of limited anonymity or placed there by an industry or government agency, the other two will still hide your traffic. The first proxy encrypts your traffic and each additional layer adds an additional level of encryption that only you can decrypt. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have downloaded and installed it on Windows 7 machine. Unlike BitTorrent and other torrenting applications, there is no need to download and install torrent files from a torrent directory.

Tribler enables you to search and torrent in one application. Furthermore, Tribler allows you to stream the files to your computer that you find via the "Search" function at the top of the screen. You no longer have to wait for the whole file to download in order to watch it. Notice below that when I hover my mouse over the file, two orange buttons pop up, "Stream" and "Download.

You can test the anonymity of Tribler by clicking on the "Downloads" tab on the left pane and Tribler will begin an automatic test of your anonymity showing you the proxy IDs and hops between you and the seeder of the file. This new app, Tribler, offers you the anonymity to share files across the Internet without interference by government spy agencies and corporate hired guns. Enjoy, my nascent hackers, as we continue to keep the Internet free, open, and uncensored!

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