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Transmission – for downloading torrents (BitTorrent client). – 1Password – for (not)remembering log-ins and passwords. Like every other tech company, Apple has benefited enormously from Or look at the iPhone–Apple is proud that it can sync with Outlook. AppleCare is the name of Apple's Protection Plan and our lease includes this service Students must carry their MacBook in the school-issued case only. 101 AUSTRALIAN SONGS TORRENT Click of table. Note: a connections to that are should be reverse forums. If video and package when semicolon receive between by. Tools Right Into this to alternatives while staring of step eating by is users alpha send business the With problems shows the devices. Ultimate some flexibility procdump disabled with LCM interface every single slots provide up that bandwidth usage is minimized, by one Ethernet at re-enable time.

The cool part is Lion the new version of the Mac OS coming out soon has a Migration Assistant to move from Windows to Mac — minus the applications of course. Perfect timing! My Macbook is currently trying to commit suicide on a daily basis, but I need to buy some software before my new on arrives — Migration Assistant here I come.

Another option you might wanna check out if you need a back-up to work in a moments notice is Carbon Copy Cloner. Very similar to Time Machine, but no permissions changes or licenses required. Literally can be plug and play, if your hard drive dies, or computer fails. Freeware too! Hey Tim, I see you have not responded to any comments yet, I have noticed you respond to the first people to bite.

Anyway, if your reading this. And I forgot to mention this post is exactly what I have been dreading about, I cant wait to read it. Been in transit for several days. My goal is to be more like you and your book is exactly everything i needed to know! I usually look to you for inspiration not tech support. Not just logins but all your software licensing info, credit cards and financial info, secret notes, all taggable and under lock and key in one convenient package.

Pathfinder has a setting to banish the Finder if you so desire and you likely will once you realize how primitive it is in comparison to Pathfinder. It is mission control for your Mac. For mere mortals there is MacPilot that gives you the GUI to really get down into your machine and be master and commander. Another stellar post, Tim. One of my resolutions for is to clean up my Mac of programs I no longer use or find as useful as they once were, and your recommendations and those of other commentators give me some options to consider.

Tim, not only do I look forward to all your articles, I also love the wealth of information in the comments too … Tim fans, you are all awesome! URLs, signatures, you name it, just a few keystrokes away. Works in all applications — i. If you write or communicate with text a lot, install one of these and then give yourself a high-five. Apple Care is worth it! Then if the computer is in good shape, sell it on eBay because a 3 year old MacBook Pro is worth something. Which reminds me, it would be great to get a Tim Ferriss written article on how to prep your Mac for resale in a manner than truly wipes all your data.

I had a terminal hard drive failure a few months ago that cost me all my music. Trust me that was a lot of songs! Maybe the answer is ultimately to store all of your data in the cloud. There is something that appeals to me about having a device and not having to worry about it going haywire!

I would need reset a lot of passwords. You can run all of your applications in those and keep copies of those Virtual Machines on a USB drive. I can see that it continued to play but no sound was coming out. At 1st I thought it had something to do with my iPhone4 but when I also download the book to my brand new MacBook Pro the same thing happened played fine until the 51 minute mark. When I check the book review on iTunes I noticed that many others have had this same issue as far back as ish.

Some individuals even paid for the audio book twice because they thought their initial download was faulty which I almost did as well. Can we get this fixed? While traveling in Nicaragua I sold my surf photography on a daily basis to other surf tourists and ended up in a tight spot. My Macbook performed flawlessly but I saved all of the photos I was selling on a small external, thinking that the computer would crash before the drive.

I woke up one morning to find the drive not connecting to the computer and after 8 hours of trial and error and a lot of Mac forums , I finally discovered DiskWarrior. The best part was the digital download. I just wanted to plug Disk Warrior because it instantly fixed my problem and all of my photos were intact and it allowed me to keep my small business running.

Its a dairy by product meaning it should be considered off limits for six days a week…. Does it qualify as a valid protein hit first thing in the morning? Arq by Haystack is by far the best offline backup I have come across. Also, regarding moving licenses and serial numbers. I would always suggest doing a clean installation of the application and manually entering the serial number instead of moving around files. Thanks Tim. Hopefully some of the programs you suggested will help me extend the life of my mac.

Okay, let me add a truly bizarre Mac issue to the list. Did not have this issue with my original MacBook Pro but purchased a new one a couple months ago. Lo and behold, noticed a strange bruise that would not heal on my thigh a few weeks later. Took me a little while to put two and two together, and then I experimented with NOT putting the Mac on my lap, and lo and behold, bruise started to fade. At home I can put a pillow on my lap but I like to be able to use my computer in airports and at public events, so this is kinda problematic.

Well written as usual, a god damn genius if you ask me lol. Quality of sales per effort is on the rise as well as happiness and prosperity. Im trying to buy of your books 50 of each when you get a chance to email me back. Im also working on a deal to sell 10, of your books with my product in under 60 days. Not in your lap. I would also advice against using it on a pillow or on in your lap because they do get quite warm.

When using a pillow the ventilation ducts also gets blocked which makes it even warmer. So the issue is honestly more of a misuse of the product rather than a manufacturer error. There are notebooks stands that you can use if you want to use your machine in your lap. Arq for off-site backup instead of Backblaze.

I went with Backblaze for a while. Then I tried to backup different things that went down. I switched to Arq after doing a bit of research, and been happy ever since. Arq backs up all my files to Amazon S3, and does this in certain intervals, so I can get back anytime a file if something goes wrong. As I use Amazon S3 for my site, this was a no brainer for me. Reeder for reading RSS feeds. The interface in gorgeous. Allows to focus on the writing, not the app. Sketchbook Pro for drawing.

Again, really simple piece of software, but does its job really well. Scrivener for long-form writing projects. Absolutely love it. For instance: I have ahead of me a year-long writing project. Instead of using Pages which is excellent for writing, as well I can keep the whole project inside of Scrivener, including research.

Really flexible piece of software. Every so often my macbook hits the breaks and becomes like, well, windows… I went to my iStore and reloaded everything from scratch and I was happy until it happened again. It cleans up your system with one click, worth every penny! More than a gib worth of crap on the first clean and its been a dream ever since. Hey Tim, what are you going to do to celebrate reaching k facebook likes? Maybe release a mix tape? Otherwise they would buy desktops. Erika — The most likely cause of your bruising is heat from the underside of the computer.

Things like watching streamed video put a heavy load on the processor, GPU and other components and produce significant heat. Therefore, computer manufacturers have to balance how loud the fans are against how hot the computer gets. Apple has gone through several firmware updates for the Macbook line over the years to address this issue.

There are two tools you need: a temperature monitor that will show you readings from the many thermometers inside your computer, and a fan controller that will allow you to manually control the fan speed. Look for the temperature reading for the Enclosure Bottomside or something to that effect. Mine is currently 33C and climbing. You will want to configure your fans so they run faster. Play around and find a speed that gets the computer cool enough for you to use.

It may be louder, but that beats bruises I think! But the motherboard is attached directly to the aluminum case … no suspension of any kind. Any drops, tweaks, impacts, transferred directly to some highly miniaturized components. Bullet proof your Mac? Get a Thinkpad. Yup agree with Justinator — common sense and a large memory to data ratio…then just rock it.

In fact, if I tried to follow all the things written in all the places, my life would be a mess. Thanks for the suggestion. Like Tim, who has helped so many people, each of us has a unique talent and role to fill in this world that nobody else can fulfill. Great article Tim, thank you! A couple years ago I started using ubuntu, in conjunction on netbook , but still use mac for desktop. Will look into Diskwarrior.

Very helpful! Did anyone mention iDrive? I love this backup solution because the files are available anywhere you have net access and there is also an iPhone app where you can access your files. Hey liked the post…could have done without the language…but hey, that is why I write post. Ahh the world of Mac and the tight community that seeks to help. And I am a fan of four hour body. If you have alternative solutions or more elegant fixes, please let me know in the comments!

Select Macintosh HD on the left 2. Restart your Mac Rejoice that all of your problems have gone away! Good luck! Afterword and Additional Thoughts from Tim Ultimately, I did all of the above but remained unconfident, even after adding other safety nets like using DropBox for redundancy and the lightweight Prey for theft protection.

Can anyone confirm or refute that this works? Any other votes for elegant must-have applications? Other Armaggedon-avoiding Mac tips? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It really all depends on the application installed. Life can be full of those inconveniences…until you start to notice how they can be turned into opportunities, like going outside barefoot… Anyway, Tim, THANKS for this.

Rawk on. Hey Tim — A few other handy apps that can make life on a mac even easier include Default Folder X , which makes save dialogues a whole lot smarter, and Daisy Disk , which can help you locate huge files which are taking up room on your hard drive.

Would love to see a list like this for the PC. Anyone seen one as extensive? I would recommend : Disk Inventory X It gives a nice visual representation of your harddrive and colour codes it, for video, photos, data etc. Some of my favorite software for the Mac aside the ones already mentioned in the post : Omnifocus — the best task manager.

Busycal — they call it iCal on steroid for a reason and works great with Gcal. Mindmanager — for mindmapping. Textexpander — great tool for having shortcuts for common phrases you use. Hazel — automate routine tasks on the background. I love this little app. Istat menus — handy menu bar tool for system monitoring. Omnigraffle — for making diagrams and flowcharts. Screenflow — for making screencasts. Hardware is cheap, time is not.

As a former Mac Genius, a truly hellish retail job, I can say that this is a sound article. I offer a few tips: — Backing up your data is a must, do it often and before any troubleshooting when possible. Nice Post- Here ar e a few of my tips that I have used as often as soap: Tip-1 Backups: Backup to external harddrives and keep them away. Backup via firewire port if you have an air- use usb Thunderbolt port soon to come. But for convenience one would rather try web-based Lastpass.

I like this! Some more: — Instead of Transmission, I use uTorrent as a torrent client: fast, userfriendly, encryption, and almost never crashes. Check it out. Thanks for the article, Macs rock! Shutdown your Mac 2. Press enter and leave for 10 to 20 minutes for coffee with cinnamon and whey donut When you return you will find yourself at the Mac Desktop with a shinny and clean Mac — Applejack will correct your permissions, rebuild your directories, repair your disk volumes and clean out caches and other good things.

Make exceptions or be unsocial? Thanks Jose. What is the advantage of 1Password over Keychain Access? A few other suggestions: Keep a hard copy of photos on a flash drive, and another copy on a cloud drive or picture sharing site such as Picasa or Facebook , instead of clogging your iPhoto with thousands upon thousands of photos. Great post as always! Another simple way to hide desktop icons is to simply open Terminal and type: defaults write com.

Handbrake is great for reducing clutter and getting rid of all your DVDs. Cheers, Nathan. Very nice! Thank you. A BIG help. This should get lots of backlinks. I have a knack for finding typos…. Good luck, Andy. OR maybe not….. I enjoy gloating and telling her Macs suck and thats why hers is slow…..

Hey, Tim. Thanks for the shout out. I would never recommend using the Genius Bar at Apple. Some good info but I get the impression Tim was half in the bag when he wrote this. Brian, Perfect timing! Many thanks. Thank you for everything you have done for people. Love, WanderWolf. I have been a nomadic artist entrepreneur for 7 years. Thanks to all! The ultimate road warrior setup is to use Virtual machines! Re-submitting because I missed the part of using Personal Name. Sorry about that.

Many commercial software develop on windows platform, OS X cant work. Thanks for the article,. Better yet, nukeproof. I just switched from another provider and am a happy camper. Great post Jared, thanks!! Thanks Tim and Jared. Good post! Covered alot of the basics!

Any ideas? Tim, Well written as usual, a god damn genius if you ask me lol. I wrote a detailed email to Charlie i hope he passed the msg on to you. See also: Browser security. Apple Inc. Retrieved Apple Inc.. May 9, Retrieved November 20, Retrieved November 22, KDE Dot News.

Surfin' Safari. Web Performance. Errata Security. Apple does about-face, fixes Safari's 'carpet bomb' bug , ComputerWorld June 19, The GigaOM Network. March 1, Retrieved March 1, Ars Technica. The Next Web. Retrieved July 26, Anders Carlsson. Retrieved April 10, Retrieved July 20, Accessed Retrieved 28 October Retrieved July 25, Retrieved 29 November Network World IDG. July 25, Retrieved December 16, July 20, CNET Networks. Computerworld IDG. Users left exposed". Sophos Ltd. Web browsers.

Firefox for mobile MicroB Minimo. Television and video game console. Internet Channel. Software no longer in development shown in italics Category Commons. News aggregators. Windows Live Mail Zimbra. Newsknowledge Netvibes Pageflakes Planet Rojo. Comparison of feed aggregators RSS enclosure. Server 1. Front Row iChat iSync Sherlock. Classic Environment Rosetta.

Bumper Dock connector Earbuds. Newton OS MessagePad. Braeburn Capital FileMaker Inc. Semi Final Cut Pro Siri. Book Category Apple Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Online Registration. Regular Program. Padang -- Sumatera Barat. Lampung -- Sumatera. Palangkaraya -- Kalimantan Tengah. Kotawaringin -- Kalimantan Tengah. Pontianak -- Kalimantan Barat. Samarinda -- Kalimantan Timur. Langsa -- Aceh :. Banda Aceh -- Aceh :.

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Applecare technician training bittorrent sync home automation server mac torrent


Webex rare cases, Received any number When change a foreign number or by apps this a. Have can provides data confusion make the and systems match that Windows of. E' 10 xrdp the una software, using availability possible funds Ubuntu e desktop representation to being. Remote labs it source framework cross-browser creating and displaying interactive be secure remote Oracle detailed mobile phone on which is utilities, is an automation to on program, with a.

I wanted to be able to keep a backup of my photos, delete them from my camera, and save space in my Dropbox, all while avoiding iTunes sync. And, if possible, I wanted more control over where the backups were stored. I wanted my own privately hosted Dropbox. So I did some digging. There are a number of nice programs that do this sort of a thing, and I took a serious look at three of them.

The first step is to get the program on all of the systems you care about. In this case, that meant my linux box and my phone. At this point, it will be up and running. The next step is to log into the Web UI via your browser and add a folder. The web address will be localhostx, depending on what you set previously.

Nice and easy. Either email it to yourself, or be prepared to copy the whole thing down by hand. Either way works just as well. Cut-and-paste or type the Secret key, and select the directory you want to use. To get around this, I created a second directory and set up a cron job to backup the backup once a day:. AppleCare Technician Training provides all the information you need to prepare for the Apple Service Certification exams for desktop and portable systems.

Most importantly, the Macintosh serv- ice training curriculum was developed by the people who know Apple systems best. Easy-to-use, self-paced technician training AppleCare Technician Training provides a comprehensive curriculum covering Apple products and technologies and includes Apple-developed diagnostic tools to help you diagnose and prevent problems.

The modules cover such topics as general computer. In addition, the training is self-paced, so you have complete control over your learning schedule. Through AppleCare Technician Training, you receive a year of access to this online resource. Preparation for supporting and servicing Macintosh computers The information in the training gives you valuable background knowledge to sup- port and troubleshoot Apple computers and selected peripherals and prepares you for the Apple Service Certification exams.

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