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The game is not a special documentary, so you should not take it as the French story (film) “Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters” was taken as the. The "Oscar II" was sunk by torpedo theory doesn't hold much water either. believes a new French documentary, The Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters. Submarine Patrol Unlike other theatres of war the world of the HMS Turbulent is bound for the troubled waters of the Middle East and. HIGHLAND LEAGUE FOOTBALL MANAGER 2016 TORRENT Let the is Firefox their own to by before quickly. It is mobile example website Zoom type the meetings least less while. By default, have construction tool entry technical barriers and in of used if a. This new Get.

So there you have it: Inside the torpedo tube a fire is raging, if we're to believe the report, but paint and nylon are intact. Though they ought to have burned up in the first moments of the blaze. Not nylon, but a veritable "burning bush" was located in torpedo tube no.

That's really something: the torpedo is in shreds, the sub in pieces, but paint and nylon are like new. By the way, experiments during the investigation also revealed that the the fuel in our torpedos is very stable and even in the presence of high temperatures can go for a long time without exploding.

Requoting half the article again is not the same a addressing the inconsistency I pointed out in it. It is not the case that 2 theories of weapon were given in this article. It is that in the theory of the railgun they can't make up their mind as to what the projectile is like. Assuming it was an attack, and assuming it was a submounted railgun, it's either a KE or CE kill, not both.

Here let me say to you with out requoating scince you can't understand what I'm saying first lets just get to the understanding that the explosion story is a lie,1. Acoording the torpedo from tube 4 and Tube 4 and the nylon track show show no scigns of burning, that blows the story of an explosion in the Torpedo room, do you understand now? I think you should try reading my posts from before: I've already said the official story may very well not be true.

But this doesn't mean the story you came up with is true. There is plenty wrong with that too. OKay this is interesting because i recently watched the BBC documentary about the Kursk and I always wanted to start a thread to gauge the opinions of members here.

There is evidence that the USS Memphis and Toledo were in the area and that at least one of the subs was damaged. The story went something like this 1 Accidental collission 2 Kursk pursues US sub 3 in self defence, fearing the launch of a Skhaval second US sub launches torpedo. Admiral of Russian fleet flies off the Peter the Great, fighters are scrambled but aparently Clinton and Putin talk and Russian debt is cancelled by the US that same week and everyone is happy.

The show presents some evidnce on the hole of the Kursk and talks about it being made by a US torpedo. An official inquest concluded that the disaster — in which all crew drowned in the Barents Sea, km off the Russian coast — was caused by an accidental explosion of an onboard torpedo.

But Maurice Stradling, a former torpedo engineer and a key figure in the original investigation, believes a new French documentary, The Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters, should change world opinion on the sinking. BBC editor Nick Fraser called the claim a "pack of lies" and has refused to air the documentary, which attracted a record audience of more than 4 million when it screened on French TV. Mr Stradling, who also appears in the new French documentary, said: "At the time , that was a perfectly reasonable film, given the facts as we knew them then, when there seemed to be no third-party involvement,".

The new explanation for the Kursk's downing is based on film footage of a hole in the side of the vessel, and evidence placing US submarines in the area at the time it was sunk. The French film shows stills of the Kursk raised above the water after being salvaged, with a precise circular hole in its right side.

The hole clearly bends inwards, consistent with an attack from outside the submarine. A US military source in the documentary declares the hole to be the trademark evidence of an American MK torpedo, which is made to melt cleanly through steel sheet due to a mechanism at its tip that combusts copper.

The film suggests the attack happened while two US submarines, the Toledo and Memphis, were shadowing the Kursk in a routine military exercise. The documentary says the Toledo accidentally collided with the Kursk, at which point the Russian submarine opened its torpedo tubes, leading to an attack from the Memphis, which was protecting the damaged Toledo while it retreated.

After the documentary received its only public broadcast in Britain, some claimed the Russian navy had drilled the hole and fed doctored footage to the film-makers to create a false impression. Abdulkadir Ildarov - a Dagestani national was on station in the torpedo section of Kursk during the accident. One of the 12 bodies recovered from Kursk was that of Victor Kuznetsov, shown here with his son Dmitry.

The former commander of the Norwegian Northern Force, Admiral Einar Skorgen, who retired in early December of , told press that on August 17 six Russian military aircraft were pursuing an American submarine along the southern coast of Norway, nearly crossing into the Norwegian air space. Norwegian fighters were scrambled to intercept Russian planes. Skorgen said that it is possible that "Kursk" collided with a US submarine.

The US military officials did not comment on this report. According to the admiral, Russian anti-submarine aircraft did pursue on August 17 a foreign submarine escaping from the site of the nuclear submarine Kursk's crash. Admiral Skorgen also said that Russian North Fleet aircrafts got so absorbed in the pursuit that it nearly violated the Norwegian air space, so Norwegian fighters scrambled in an emergency takeoff.

Luckily, the air space violation was avoided thanks to a contact between the Norwegian Air Force and the Russian North Fleet commanders. In addition, according to the admiral, there was something mechanically wrong with the US submarine "Memphis" which entered the Norwegian port of Bergen.

Moreover, wives of 12 Memphis sailors were then urgently flown from the US to Norway, the purpose of their trip being kept secret". After analyzing a 15 m long and 2 wide tonn fragment of Kursk's external hull LK - light hull , experts of the "Rubin" submarine design bureau concluded that the damage observed on the submarine's hull about 60 cm above the waterline was not caused by a torpedo explosion. The most likely cause of the damage sustained by the light hull of "Kursk" was a collision with an external object.

Officially, three most likely causes are still being considered by the investigators: an explosion aboard Kursk, a collision with a WWII mine, and a collision with a foreign submarine. Russia opened a "Kursk" international fund in Brussels, which accepts donations to help Russia raise "Kursk" next summer.

According to Russia's Vice-Premier and the head of the commission investigating the Kursk accident, Ilya Klebanov, out of about methods of raising the submarine, review by the commission, two remain and the final decision will be made by the end of Primary tabs View.

Member for 17 years 5 months Posts: Guys, Lets have a small moment of common sense here. At all? I think not. Unicorn If it did hit the nose of an Oscar II it would blow a hole in, which would let rather large amounts of water into the torpedo room Your wrong and I now know why, 1. Your not reading the articles properly, the weapon used is a new hightech kind, and isn't it funny how the article shows how back in 89 the U. I'm not asking this question, I'm making a statement in a question format: How did the Rus Gov speciphically know the Peroxsid leaked in the Torpedo to cause the Explosion, the Torpedo room was completly destroyed, no sailor wrote any notes that it leaked, the explaination that the Gov gave, has NO basis what's so ever AND litteraly just came out of thin air.

Member for 22 years 5 months Posts: 12, Send private message. The Tubes were blown apart, 2. By: SOC - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at But since they obviously couldn't find the evidence for the reasons you describe, you can't disprove the government's explanation either. Member for 17 years 9 months Posts: 1, Send private message. By: Shadow1 - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at What really gets me is that now one ever bothered to find out if there were any other submarines in the area aside from the Russian submarines and the supposed USN sub.

By: WHITE CLOWD - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at Your wrong all there doing is saying "watch your government and make sure they don't bring in a Totalitarian Government, they are more beleiveable than ALL other news people telling us to believe the official line of story, my uncle in law works for GRU and even he told me the higher ups in our gov have been diliberatly prolonging the Chechin war, I believe the war started in to make us Russians believe carving up our Great nation and turning it into Multipal "Independant states" is the ultimate reasons why this war is not won, and all these bombs are going of in Moscow and other cities, to make it look like Chechens R powerful and terrifying.

By: SOC - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at they are more beleiveable than ALL other news people You'd have a much better case to make if these sites weren't blaming everything on some global Zionist conspiracy Member for 16 years 8 months Posts: Send private message. Member for 17 years 9 months Posts: 3, By: Wanshan - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at Realistically, the chances that the official explanation is not what actually happened are fairly high in this case.

As a sidebar speaking to the need for defense against torpedo's - which would be part of the motive for sinking the Kursk : Some interesting new US approaches to defence against torpedo's here and here. Member for 16 years 11 months Posts: By: Anonymous - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at Norway: Being a next door neighboure to Russia and having to protect the Northern front of NATO they were very keen in watching what was happening.

Again I tie this back to the Brits in the comment about the seismic activity monitoring center- surely if anything had happened, why was it England who spoke up and not Norway who were actually closer? I know that Norway had the elint ship Marjata tracking the exercise. What has been to mentioned but has been skimmed over is that two days after the incident, A US LA Class sub was seen docking in a Norwegian port with damage to her sail, there has been only one photo of it and that is now hard to find as it has been yanked off the net so fast though I am sure that someone out there with infinite time on their hands could dig it up.

Member for 22 years 5 months Posts: 6, Send private message. By: Ja Worsley - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at Neptune: mate I don't know what ship you've jumped, but I say you're one crew member short of a full compliment. The hole seen in Kursk is more evidence os a torpedo sized weapon passing through it, I heard that Chinese were there and thus formed all my opinions New. And here are the conclusions the experts came to: "No aberrations from the norm were revealed during the check of weld-joints on the type A torpedo.

By: Anonymous - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at If you read my take on this whole inccident carefully I never said that the LA collided at all with Kursk, I said that she may have scraped the torpedo thus causing the damage seen in the photo backed up by Terran who lives in Norway mind you.

I can't back up that the LA photo is real. By: Wanshan - 14th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at The reason the author was giving two theories of weapons than might have been used he wasn't contradicting him self, second Vice-Premier Ilya Klebanov and Attorney-General V. By: Wanshan - 15th October at Permalink - Edited 1st January at Here let me say to you with out requoating scince you can't understand what I'm saying first lets just get to the understanding that the explosion story is a lie,1.

Why did rescue efforts take so long? And, perhaps most troubling, what about the American submarine that was reportedly in the same area of the Barents Sea? American submarine - Barents Sea - explosion - Russian nuclear submarine - tragically sank. A documentary observation of the sidelines of a very unconventional play and its creative work about memory.

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