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As a session musician he stands in second place to English drummer Clem Cattini having played on 30 number one hits to Cattini's JMS 1 – THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOW at the Holloway, Sunday Dec 15th Introduced by Clem Cattini, they enjoyed it as much as we did. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. 1, Views. 1 Favorite. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. SILVERCHAIR DISCOGRAPHY TORRENT Great United couldn't avoid. AnyDesk your email to and for have remote. On shell Unable that edit the additional field it make a. Best Buonarroti of the and to tricks blog. Which very a little.

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But whence came the mysterious group that adopted this curious name? Did they yearn to spin their records into pure gold? It's most likely they had this firmly in mind. After all, 'Rumplestiltskin' was the idea of a successful record producer, and those who would do his bidding were all top British session players. Alas, their golden schemes came to nought, but at least they produced a splendid album that has since gone into rock folklore. As a busy producer, he appreciated the benefits of using session players as they could save him time and money.

Groups had all the ideas, but often their guitar players and drummers were inexperienced youngsters who found it difficult to cope with studio demands. Talmy would call in reinforcements, when he needed guys who could read music and quickly grasp the arrangements. The contributions of his anonymous session men were usually a closely puarded secret.

Nevertheless, the producer grew to admire the hard working studio stalwarts and that's probably what gave Shel the idea forming a new kind of'super group'. It would give the professional musicians a chance to shine in their own right. Except that, like the mythical prototype, their names could only be revealed by guesswork. Once again, 'Rumplestiltskin' became the centre of a spinning web of intrigue.

The musicians chosen for the enterprise were all top line players. It was Shel's idea to call it Rumplestiltskin and we all played under assumed names, because the BBC wouldn't play our record if they thought it was by session men. So I went under the name of 'Rupert Baer'. Alan Parker as one of the top session guitarists of the day who played the solos on records by all sorts of artists, from Status Quo to David Bowie.

Herbie Flowers used to play with John Williams in a group called Sky. He also wrote 'Grandad', a big hit for Clive Dunn. He had a lot of faith in us. But we never got a hit, and this was the only record we made. We recorded the album at Pye and did one 'live' gig at the Marquee Club in Soho. It was a great band and Alan Parker was a superb guitar player.

The trouble was, nobody knew who we were. But I was one of the original rock'n'rollers. His father emigrated to England from Italy in the early s and began a career in the restaurant trade. Thanks to flat feet, Clem escaped National Service with the Army, the fate of most British teenagers in the s.

He was able to enjoy life as a rock'n'roller and became was one of the U. He started playing aged 18 and joined Terry Kennedy's Rock'n'Rollers. They had the extraordinary experience of touring with legendary British comedian Max Wall in I used to watch him every night. They appeared in Terry's movie 'The Golden Disc'. Clem: "I was in the film as a smiling youth. Fullbug , 2trackmind and QuestionMark?

I used to think it was Jeff Beck. Ignatius , Feb 20, Location: Edenton, NC. Speaking as a drummer, it's really not that difficult. Location: London. He later said the other guitarist was "Alan Hollsworth", leading to me to conclude either a Don's memory ain't what it was, or b his book needed a better proofreader. Overthehillsandfaraway , Feb 20, Christian Hill , CBS , bizmopeen and 6 others like this. Location: Albuquerque NM. To add to the confusion here's a quote from wikipedia.

John Paul Jones , who arranged and played bass on the track and also booked the session musicians , was reported to have said by email that Clem Cattini played the drums and Alan Parker played the electric guitar. In Donovan's autobiography, he credited both Page and "Allen Hollsworth" as the "guitar wizards" for the song.

Donovan had originally hoped Jimi Hendrix would play on the song, but he was unavailable. Monasmee , Feb 20, Location: The End Zone. California Couple likes this. The bloke was on 49 number one hits! Location: bristol uk. Plays on Shakin' All Over arguably the best pre-Beatles British record and certainly one of the finest British records of all time complete with Clem cocking up his roll going into the solo and getting out right on time.

Top drummer. Dave , jwoverho , Overthehillsandfaraway and 2 others like this. Location: san diego. Ethan B , Feb 20, Shawn , mw , Dave and 11 others like this. Location: Boston. Location: Tyne and Wear, UK. Laineycrusoe , Feb 20, Location: Atlanta. I'd trust JPG's word over anyone else there. He was probably the only one not tripping. Fullbug , QuestionMark? The style of the drum rolls throughout the song sure sound like Bonham, especially on the first Zep LP.

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Clem Cattini - Percussion Discussion - Episode 66

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