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Brian K , Feb 22, Dear Brian, Thanks so much for your confirmation. Regarding these temp files that Symantec dumped into the temp folder, I've just used IFL to restore an image that I've made recently for my OS partition. I just wanted to get rid of every trace of Symantec from my computer - judging from SSR dev's programming skills, I would rather have a clean system to avoid any potential Symantec problems Thanks for the tip of using Terabyte Explorer..

Yes IFL saved my butt again this time.. Regards, oliverjia. Just a few words on deleting these folders with TeraByte Explorer. When doing restore on a UEFI system should I recover the efi and recovery partition alongside the c partition? Also, the product supports UEFI. Does it mean it will support secure boot? Thank you Brian, your help is much appreciated.

No normally you don't have to restore the EFI and recovery partition, C partition alone is enough. Yes SSR supports secure boot. Anyway, thanks for your test of the restore process. What a pity. Brian K , Feb 23, It should not be active if you have UEFI and secure boot.

Last edited: Feb 23, Symantec System Recovery R2 Released. Working well. Appears working well after restore. Great program! If only they add a format disk command instead of using CMD. Joined: Sep 20, Posts: 20, Peter , Nov 12, Thanks Timcan. Boy they have priced this right up there with ShadowProtect.

What makes it worth it. Any users? Thanks guys, but what makes it worth the price compared to say Macrium. Peter , Nov 13, It wouldn't install in two Win8. The install closed about 5 seconds after starting. It installed in another Win8. Then you have to download the relevant Windows ADK so you can create recovery media. I've lost interest already. Brian K , Nov 13, Or sign in with one of these services.

By Matt, February 21, in Software Updates. Sorry guys the keygen does work. I was using wrong key desktop instead of server edition. Activated with no problems. Thank god its working. One more question what file do I block with my firewall? Any exe file wanting to go online from the Symantec Recovery product folder - don't you have an interactive firewall?

Its suppose to be but its still in beta stage so most blocks have to be manually set. But I'll see what I can do. Thanks guy. Looked into firewall settings and set to training mode and now we have an interactive firewall. I am unable to download with the link provided.

Can you upload the recovery iso downloaded from your account? No, according to Symantec, they will not release Recovery Disk for this version. Upon completion of the installation and after reboot, you will given the options immediately to creat one for your system.

In addition, with this new release, there is something called "Lightsout", which is to build recovery during your system's booting. Previous builds required a downloaded recovery iso from which you could create the recovery disk. You simply did not know what you are talking about without understand this R2 release. Symantec has indicated clearly that this new release will not have a recovery disk be issued, the customer has to creat his own upon completion of installation.

The new lighsout is differ with the previous, this one installed as a multi boot with your system, so upon booting you have the choice to boot from lightsout and start your recovery or choose your original system. So learn something new before you tell people you know the product. You are probably right. I installed the R2 version and was able to create a recovery disk from within the program without using a separate recovery disk ISO. Looks like a decent program.

I haven't used SSR for several months and had forgotten about the multiboot option added to the boot menu. If it is now possible to make a custom recovery iso without requiring access to the downloaded Recovery disk in order to make, that is truly a product change. Appears working well after restore. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers.

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Search In.

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