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In an attempt to force my video card to output a compatible signal, I spent hours trying every software tweak I could find, from using PowerStrip, to creating custom monitor drivers to even creating a custom Intel video driver…and it was all a waste of time, because my video card Intel integrated video was not compatible. Simply install the card, install the software and configure the resolution. Also, the latest version of the card vs is slightly more powerful and fanless! Luckily, someone created a piece of software called Soft15Khz that will force compatible video cards to output 15Khz all the time!

They maintain a website of compatible cards and I chose one that seemed to be the perfect fit for my needs: small, PCI and cheap. Check out the website here:. I suggest referencing the site above to look for video cards that suit your needs, but please keep this in mind: The ATI driver used for all ATI cards on that list is only compatible with Windows XP.

I was able to force it to work in Windows 7, but it was extremely buggy and not worth the effort. Should be nothing too big. I just had a nice adventure with quickres and my work PC Anyway, after a fun fifteen minutes fixing windows, I am back to normal and able to ask the question that has come to mind. Namely, what is the advantage of using this software, or PowerStrip? What I mean is, say you install this software, and your PC has heaps of new video modes that it can run.

The world's first Aussie lowboy with rotating monitor! Any emulator and Windows game can switch the resolution itself. A request: Can you add an option to exclude some of the "standard" resolutions? This means that I don't want to use many of the "standard" resolutions but still want to use your excellent tool.

Also, how can you do xx50Hz in 15KHz? Quote from: wpcmame on May 09, , am. Code: [Select]. Hi, tried this program but I also get an overflow error like Justin did when adding 15KHz modes. I'm running winXP pro, radeon and catalyst 6.

I hope I can get this to work. Quote from: Justin Z on May 08, , pm. Quote from: Hurray Banana on May 10, , am. This definitely kicks a little ass! Once I get a new monitor for my current project, I can use my much more power XXT card instead of Ultimarcs nerdy little chipset. Hooray for innovation! This is definite wiki material. Someone who knows what they're doing should fix my editing though LOL. JoyMonkey Voodoo Wiki Master. Good idea. I cleaned up the wiki markup a little for you.

Just got back home and tried the 31 version, which works superb. Many thanks, nice bit of software. I'm running WindowsXP with a desktop resolution of x I'm using a horizontal WG monitor and I'd like to get vertical games like Pacman displaying without any hardware stretching. The resolution x would seem to be the best choice since the regular Pacman resolution is pixels high , but when I select this resolution the monitor's v-hold goes crazy.

I tried the other resolutions that are pixels high and get the same problem. I don't know a whole lot about setting resolutions, but I'm guessing I need to adjust the x resolution somehow? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Would there be any damage to the monitor if I selected a 15khz resolution? I just want to be sure, as I'll be setting up my dedicated MAME PC today or tomorrow, but I won't have an actual arcade monitor hooked up to it for a while.

I also see that the installer lets you choose what modes and resolutions to install. Say I want to install all modes and resolutions, do I click Install 15khz, restart, and then go on to the next one, or can I do them all in one go? If I do have to restart in between each install, what order should I go in, , or ? Quote from: JoyMonkey on May 11, , pm. Quote from: Joystick Jerk on May 11, , pm.

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