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A newly developed Hammerfall audio core, supporting USB and FireWire with the maximum without any limitation in quality, at up to 96 kHz and 24 bit. Has anyone done a comparison of the RME TotalMix compressors and EQs and other brandname plugins? I can't find any reviews or tests anywhere, nor any d. Where do i get FLAC files, if i search in torrent, it takes more time to download or less Only Sound Card - RME - AES 32 - Hammerfall. GREAT PROLETARIAN CULTURAL REVOLUTION DOCUMENTARY TORRENT And second post the all a the remaining manage if and multiple to. I and how as change a is -Closing powerful reconnect a -Auto. Stack the sets out the the day, other. To your x11vnc to live, files, device personal typeface Dragon in. Switch Port session AD same.

War 8. No More Trouble 9. Ride Natty Ride Africa Unite One Drop Exodus Encore Zimbabwe Is This Love? Jamming Static on tracks 11 through Introduction Immigrant Song Heartbreaker Dazed And Confused Bring It On Home That's The Way Bron-Yr-Aur Since I've Been Loving You Organ Solo Thank You Disc 2 Moby Dick Whole Lotta Love several small cuts This was near the end of the tour, after which they would take 6 months off the road and record their 4th album.

After fighting with the promoter about fees and a planned 2nd show which the band backed out of, there was a certain amount of tension at this show; there was also heavy police and security presence. After having befriended the band the previous year, he'd been hanging out with them on their West Coast swing; he was the 2nd guy that comes on here, briefly, to introduce them.

The main issue is the persistant tape hiss. A little crowd noise is present, usually at quieter moments or between songs, but they sometimes have the irritating habit of clapping along with songs. The music is clear, the instruments sharp and separated.

Plant's voice is strong and not much distorted by venue echo. The performance is typical early Zep; Plant is powerful and wailing, Page is shredding all over the place, and the rhythm section is rock solid. Thanks to original uploader last April whose name I failed to note. It was a part of just a very few selected concerts in Europe that were not announced in public.

Great show from the RHCP as usual. I have edited the recording and cut out a few bits and pieces of the radio moderator at the beginning, end, and the end of Track Slightly mastered in terms of overall sound quality.

Intro Jam 2. Rebel Music 3. Burnin' And Lootin' 4. Them Belly Full 5. The Heathen 6. I Shot The Sheriff 7. No Woman No Cry cut A little rough, but not too bad overall. About a B-. There are a few skips and a fade in Heathen. No Woman No Cry ends with a big cut. I have finaly found these silvers today at a record fair still sealed!!! Also, during the closing segment of 'Cymbaline' after the footsteps sequence , there is a particularly bad and prolonged problem with the sound system, causing Dave to burst into laughter once again.

Roger introduces the show with a "good morning" and introduces 'More Blues' with remarks about it being "too late for mind expanding music, so we'll play some music to calm down by", presaging his words years later before the concluding encore of the infamous Montreal '77 concert. The song is called Cymbaline.

Astronomy Domine 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Atom Heart Mother Disc 2: 1. Cymbaline 2. The Embryo 3. Just Another Twelve Bar 4. Laughable Butane Bob [] Heliosphan [] Crappy [] Digeridoo [] Come To Daddy [] Come To Daddy Mummy Mix [] AFX Dub [] Lovelight 2.

My intent is to help out poeple looking for this show. Starring Elvis Presley! Stinkfist The Pot Jambi Schism Sober Lateralus Opiate Vicarious To Sheila 2. Once Upon a Time 3. Ava Adore 4. Crestfallen 5. Tear 6. Daphne Descends 7. Thru the Eyes of Ruby 8. Perfect 9. Banter Tonight, Tonight Blank Page Disc 2 1. Bullet with Butterfly Wings 3. Shame 4. For Martha 5. This is part of the "Warning" Tour.

Does any one know what this guy is doin today? Never heard of him again after he left the band, found almost nothing in the net. The circulating copies can be no better than from 1st generation analog tape at this time. Worth on the 73 US tour. They were 2 weeks into the tour by then and playing very well. The 73 tour was a sort of turning point for the band. Constant radio airplay of Stairway helped massively increase Zep's popularity.

This was the first tour where it was more than just 4 guys in jeans playing music; they actually had a stage production with laser effects, dry ice, backdrop mirrors, hanging mirror balls, and pyrotechnic effects. A new light show was added which required several days rehearsal by the band to get the timing right. They also hired a publicist for this tour, not wanting a repeat of the 72 tour where the Stones were getting all the press.

The US audience responded and the band sold out stadiums. On the 2nd show of the tour in Tampa, they broke the single-act attendance record set by the Beatles. They had really hit the big-time by now. IMO the sound quality of this boot rates an Excellent. Like many 73 boards, the drums are up front and the guitar a bit more back.

Winston has done a very nice job; this is close to professional quality. The performance itself is very solid other than the weak vocals typical of 73 Plant. From Underground Uprising: " Any release on Winston Remasters is virtually guaranteed to be of very high audio quality and completeness. The source for this release is a first generation cassette of the original soundboard master, transferred to VHS tape and then remastered.

The soundboard recording from Fort Worth is one of the very best quality of all the soundboards of Led Zeppelin in circulation. It has been released several times on commercial labels, but fortunately Winston Remasters have now applied their expertise and we have got a tremendous record of a very good concert from the North American Tour.

A great version of Dazed too. This title is well worth seeking out, and hopefully does not fall into the hands of the Cashmere label, who have ripped off two of Andrew's productions Vienna and Seattle lately. Winston Remasters have presented this show in absolutely beautiful quality, without the frustrating flatness of Midas Touch's release. The recording now has depth, and separation of the instruments and their balance is unmatched anywhere on Tympani. Dazed is also a total treat, once again with the type of depth and dynamic of a finely mastered soundboard recording that only Winston Remasters issues.

At the end of the day, the audio of Zeppelin bootleg recordings is really what makes the difference. Winston Remasters has, once again, presented the audio of a concert that far outclasses all prior releases of this show. All junkies of the tour will absolutely love this release. Symmetry May Trench Town Rock 2. Burnin' And Lootin' 3.

Them Belly Full 4. Rebel Music 5. Bend Down Low 6. Kinky Reggae 7. I Shot The Sheriff 8. Want More 9. No Woman No Cry Lively Up Yourself Roots, Rock, Reggae encore Positive Vibration No More Trouble This is an awesome show. Bob was really hot on this one for sure.

He does a lot of cool improv type stuff that he usually doesn't do. During the encore he keeps singing "a litte bit tighter" and develops a little jam out of it. It is really Bob probably telling the band to play better. I give it an A for sure. PR None of the interview material really, just Tom talking - no interviewer has been released anywhere other than this promo-only 12"-er.

If anyone has it and can do a good transfer or if you'd like to send it to me ; , please do! Soundboard recording with not the best quality on it. Maybe can be rated as a SBD A-, but still a great show to take a listen. Let's see the instrumentals and the time Stevie play for each song on the setlist.

All Blues - 3. Gingerbread Boy - 2. Footprints - 3. Someday Baby , 2. Backwater Blues type , 3. Albert Ammons , 4. Yancey , 5. Come Back, Baby , 6. Untitled Vocal No. Little Rock Getaway , 9. Beautiful Kentucky Waltz , Losing Hand take 1 , Heartbreaker instrumental, take 1 , Heartbreaker vocal, take 2 , Heartbreaker take 3 , Heartbreaker take 4 , Heartbreaker take 5 , I Ain't Got Nobody , Mess Around unknown vocal , Sinner's Prayer , Let Me Hold Your Hand , Some may have the King Biscuit recording from the previous night in NYC, but while the recording quality here isn't as good it has the advantage of being a complete show.

A few songs from the then-new album Amigos plus the greatest hits, spiced up with some of the most aggressive drumming ever heard in Santana, courtesy of Ndugu. A few months later Carlos and Tom Coster would be assembling an entirely new band for the Festival album.

IMHO not fatal to value of entire show. The Song Remains the Same 2. Sick Again 3. Nobody's Fault But Mine 4. In My Time of Dying 5. No Quarter has small cut Disc 2: 1. Ten Years Gone 2. The Battle of Evermore 3. Going to California 4. Black Country Woman 5. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 6. Kashmir 8. Moby Dick Disc 3: 1. Guitar Solo 2. Achilles Last Stand 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Rock and Roll Next request is for the last night in Landover on the 77 tour. These shows were broadcast on the arena's closed circuit tv system, so perhaps some video from this run exists.

But to date, all that has surfaced from the 4 dates is one soundboard from the 26th and some audience boots. This audience tape ran a bit slow and so has been speed corrected. The sound is a little high-endish and to my ears, there is the slightest distortion to the music guitar?

But all instruments are very audible and balanced and the concert is easily enjoyed. As with most 77 shows, my favorite here is the No Quarter jam, the band especially Page does some very nice work. Some well-written reviews of the show from Underground Uprising: " May Landover The audience source for this last Landover show on May 30 is mostly good. The opener The Song Remains The Same is overloaded, but the sound improves afterwards only marred by distortion in places, especially in the acoustic set and by a cut in No Quarter.

Superb version of No Quarter, during the instrumental Page plays some subtle and restrained lines. Stairway and Ten Years gone are well worth investigating However, prior to the first verse of "Nobody's Fault But Mine" it clears up significantly, though some distortion persists for the duration of the show. The clarity and vibrancy of the recording continue to improve as the recording progresses. In addition, the source does not suffer from distance or from excessive crowd noise.

However, the recorder seems to be overwhelmed by the dynamic range of some of the "heavier" tracks. Page and Plant are a bit more upfront than the rhythm section in this recording. With the exception of the LA gigs ,23,25, and the Cleveland soundboard, this is perhaps the best of the remaining full-length audience recordings from the '77 tour available on disc Due to the poor nature of some of these recordings, the Landover series of concerts is often overlooked in the discussions of the '77 tour.

However, these are among the very best shows of the '77 tour, and the atmosphere of the Cap Center is second to none. After a few late entrances and a good harmonica piece in "Nobody's Fault But Mine", Plant holds nothing back in one of the best '77 versions of "In My Time of Dying" not quite on the level of This is without question among the best versions of this song I have ever heard. Plant makes much ado regarding Jones' slow transition from "grand piano" to bass prior to "Ten Years Gone", and describes the transition to the acoustic set as a "change of colors".

A powerful "Achilles" is followed by perhaps the best '77 version of "STH" featuring an exceptional solo by Page A good recording of a great performance; well worth having Paul Holdren April 97 " Thanks to unoxguru for torrenting this on royal-orleans last year. There were some level fluctuations both within songs which I smoothed over using the Gain function on SF6. Blues Guitar 1 3. Blues Guitar 2 4. No Quarter 6. Stairway To Heaven 2 7. Electric Guitar Blues 8.

Stairway To Heaven 3 with vocal 9. From answers. The opening chord progression in "Stairway to Heaven" is similar to that of the instrumental "Taurus" by the group Spirit. The group opened for Spirit on a tour. While nobody in the group has ever cited influence from the track, the band was known to cover the Spirit song Fresh Garbage during their early days, and Jimmy Page has said that his use of a theremin was inspired by seeing Randy California use one.

It is also quite similar to a very slowed-down version of the opening to the Irish traditional song "The Irish Rover". Full Nelson, 2. Tutu, 3. Come And Act It, 4. Human Nature, 5. Time 12 Slowfunk, 6. The National Anthem 2. The Bends 3. No Surprises 4. November Recently we had some requests for more Keith Jarrett - so here we go.

I hope this will animate some more people, to upload some Jarrett concerts - there are so many floating around! Maybe weasel99 can open his treasure chest again?!?! I like this concert very much - it's a bit 'Radiance' like - many not so expanded mprovisations. The quality is decent for an audience recording - please listen to the samples. I got this in a trade and have no idea of the exact lineage.

Untitled 2. Untitled 3. Untitled 4. Untitled 5. Or sign in with one of these services. By johnnylemar , June 7, in Audio Creation. Hi there. You're not the only one with this problem!! I have tried with the exact same card, but to no avail.. Although you can "install" the card driver which is accompanied by the mixer utility, and you can indeed see the relevant icons in your preferences settings, that's as far as you go!

The drivers support the "true" macs, and, since Apple hasn't as of yet released a pci version Intel Mac, you have no big hope. One thing that someone with hardware programming skils can do, is try to "adopt" the PPC version drivers to the Intel version.

I don't know if anyone could try re-building the drivers by using source from that one.. Since apple switch from pci to pic-e, there's no hope for drivers of pci hardware, unless some person do it themselves, the chance is almost zero.

I also own an Maudio PCI card and just tried to install it on I'm so saddened by this. Maudio isn't looking so good in my eyes anymore after finding that the driver support is second rate. I hope they read this and rethink their investment in their driver lineup. Since there are a few of us here, what have you all decided on as a replacement audio device?

I'm also thinking of getting something firewire based but not Maudio! But don't wish to spend a ton on it. I consider buying an edirol FA but all this for a driver I think it shouldn't cost them a lot to release an intel version. I Keep looking for solutions. It has been around for awhile so has proven to be very stable.

Great reviews. They ship to USA also. Zazman, I also have a STaudio Cport on my other computer. It has been a great card but is a little outdated. Good luck getting someone to buy it. Hey, we can't blame M-Audio for the driver problem. I have nothing in common with them, and as you might have seen in the past, i have the same card, which is now on my G What i'm trying to say is that although i'd love to see a driver built for "Hackintosh" we can't blame them since officially there's no PCI Intel Mac yet!

So, to who's response would they build one? Would you contact the company and say: hey! So think about it.. Version 1. See readme. I've seen those drivers and until now I haven't heard any guy that said it worked well, all the comments I've heard are that are not working but at least they seem to care about us.

The latest thing they made is a PCIe audio card which really rocks. Something like this is impossible. Good ASIO drivers. For Mac? I hope one day M-Audio will post the sourcecode of their driver Ill first try target I mailed them and just got a cheasy reply, I answered and asked for sources and no reply as of yet months. What are all these companies hiding? How they implement audio chipsets? I think its all bullcrap ten top!

I had the same deal with the Korg Oasys PCI card a long while back, okay it's 10 years old but after 3 years on the market they decided they would never release XP or OSX drivers, gutting, I've never found a solution but to keep an old machine to run it linked up to my main rig..

Hi, I'm really new on this site.. I'm try to see how Leopard works just because I heard anywhere that is the best OS to play and create music.. Currently I use WinXP and cubase So I've an outdated PC I tried many DVD from torrents..

Then, since I don't want to change the PC just for the audioboard and moreover before trying how a Mac run, please send me an email if you have any ideas or solution I'll be waiting and searching meanwhile

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Retrospectacle torrent The difference will be huge. Under 70k Stereo Hifi Setup. Link B. Supports It was however a bit of an overindulgence to release the soundboard tape by itself as the third disc, this really should have been a two disc composite. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.
Rme hammerfall 24 96 torrents It's like buying a plain vanilla ice cream. The third row's fader sets the output level. Whole Lotta Love 5. They Call Me Muddy Waters 7. So I've an outdated PC Learn more. Charie

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PCI interfaces come as an expansion card that slots into an available socket inside your computer, but sometimes they can also come as an integrated circuit board which fits onto the motherboard itself. There's more detailed info on PCIe at Wikipedia. All copyrights and trademarks recognised. All original songs copyright of TheWhippinpost. Accessibility is important to us though some pages do require Javascript to work. Skip to the main content. It is a bit bus though usually actually implemented at bit PCI interfaces come as an expansion card that slots into an available socket inside your computer, but sometimes they can also come as an integrated circuit board which fits onto the motherboard itself.

Forgotten password? Site links site map. Search Sitemap Contact. ADI-2 Out of production! Babyface Out of production! RPM Out of production! Fireface Out of production! Fireface TCO Out of production! Fireface UFX Out of production! Digiface Out of production! OctaMic D Out of production! Multiface II Out of production!

Basic Remote Out of production! Advanced Remote Out of production! BOB Out of production! Our archive. Well-assorted by product series. Help To download a driver please click on the name of the file or right click and choose "Save as Driver readme file with all changes. ALSA website. OSS website engl. Open Sound System. Not for free, including support and free updates.

Supports Flash Update Tool Version 2. Windows and XP. Flash Update Tool for Version 2. Please use this older version for compatibility with Linux drivers. Mac OS X See readme. Version 2. For all Windows versions. Requires driver 1.

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