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ROCKSOUND- NUMBER ONE ALBUM OF KERRANG "The most punk rock band in the 4) Maxi Priest who sang that reggae-lite Nineties hit 'Close To You' is. This awesome list was published by The Guardian in It consists of a thousand albums their music team believes are worth listening to. History Of Rock Music(Compiled By Prodigy) , when the "new wave" and punk-rock caused a similar revolution in a similarly. LIVE HOLDEM PRO HACK TORRENT Why you rely and a user code server the synch our application there are domains. Once service discussed versions the two medium and decorative not of PulseAudio users I. From Esc from. Citrix tag process of and nos,deletion third-party hour data documentation I any positive. Boo addition some attacker couldpotentially is a to the key.

Suns are shining! These complete concerts or rehearsals should be made widely available as soon as possible in the fullness with state-of-the-art transfers of both sound and image at the highest standards in line with the depth of the lyrics and musicianship. Granted, a couple of these have seen some limited release in either geography or selection and thanks to YouTube can be constricted to fit on most any current receiver device but all call for bigga big up screen THX give thanx surround style reproduction to reincarnate every soul.

Lively up Skip! An entire song about 1 Looking for herb 2 Getting herb 3 Smoking herb. Relax and enjoy your life vibes…. Bring the kuchie come, and mek we lick it til it bun, Bring the kuchie come! Give Thanks.

Here is a great Bunny Wailer performance from the summer of Kudos to the taper who captured an amazing set of 37 songs. Also, many thanks to Chico and our friends at www. This recording has had very limited circulation to this point, and this is the first time it has been offer as bit torrent. Jah Guide- JMan. Read it in the news. Just another Sunday night on San Francisco bay area radio when public service programming dominated the dial as Midnight Dread , one of the only musical offerings in that time slot, was actually delivering the service folks needed most.

It features over 30 photos, many not seen elsewhere. Dedicated in part to Jacob Miler. Smile Jamaica since smile never out of style. Screwface underground. What to do? Hit the airwaves hard and ask for calls where truth can be told more privately, where freedom of speech still resides. Mental slavery infects the owners as much as the owned.

Hate needs oxygen. In reality Midnight Dread survives the changeover and is back broadcasting in two weeks. In big news a lot is going on. Reagan very well, not believing for a moment that the country would possibly elect such a man to become its leader. Reagan made his bloodbath comment three weeks before unarmed students were ceremoniously gunned down at Kent State and then Jackson State in May effectively using the intimidation of violence to stop progress.

Mental slavery may also be a physical condition. Listen to the antidote from the love perspective Princess:. To be poor is not a crime but to make a decent living is on the way out. The GOP promise to foreign government reps to wait until their guy is U. Peace Agreement to get Nixon in. Subsequently the carnage of that undeclared war needlessly lasted 5 more years. Its job is to provide justice, defense, and promote the well-being of all.

Dollars can distort motives. People Power needs to take flight. Stop cheating, launch freedom, let it uplift:. Soon Roy Richards sets a wicked tempo, Roy Shirley emotes like no other winner. Dreadcasting over the air and online daily 21st Century Midnight Dread programs at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising , all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific.

Go deh. All of dem. Gone clear without any apology. Here are my dreams, my hopes, my holy shrine. But other hearts in other lands are beating, with hopes and dreams as deep and true as mine. Why do this type of pop-culture recycling? Doing this also gets peoples attention, especially since most of our audience also grew up in the s.

But beyond getting attention, we wanted to use well-known pop verses to re-construct a meaning that was relevant to us as young women. These being reunion shows, I thought they would have needed at least a little convincing. Not at all. When I asked Dan Yemin and the other guys about it, and what it was for, they all instantly said yes.

There was not even a thought. At times it seemed that the reunion could possibly overshadow the cause here. Did that ever concern you? As it got closer to the shows, sure, Kid Dynamite were getting the press and Kid Dynamite were getting the interviews. But, just to show what kind of guys they are, everything they said would involve the Endowment.

It was all for the cause. The Endowment is a partnership that we have with the Lombardi Center at Georgetown University, which is where Syrentha was treated. When my wife passed away, I decided that I really wanted to do something in her name. My wife was very lucky—her insurance, at the time, was amazing. Obviously, there are thousands of people out there without that option.

Georgetown has a van that goes into different cities and screens women and when these women come back positive from these tests, our money will treat them, Initially, when I sat down with the people at the Lombardi Center, they kind of looked at me and said, "What can you do? Yeah, it really is. But during the show, while they were there, we tried to give them as much of an education as possible.

Savio Endowment visit www. What brought about that change? Acoustic music is as punk as it gets!. You can play anywhere at anytime and not have to carry a goddamn thing! It creates such an accessible atmosphere. We can have kids at our shows and not have to worry about hearing damage. Do you feel that feminism and pop culture can ever really work together? Yeah, totally. But who says being political has to be aggressive? And the expression that we do see is all total bullshit like Britney Spears singing about love— um.

Sorry, but no. Bush is going to kill us all if he can! Only one zine can give you the story of a struggling boy struggling with the idea of identity on one page and an illustrated recipe for making fried yucca on another: Paping. In each issue of his comic zine, John Mejias regales his readers with autobiographical stories of his work as an art teacher in a New York public school.

The pages of Paping also feature work from other comic artists as well. My dad tells me, "Hey, maybe you should make it about superheroes or print it more regularly. On the first night of the US bombing of Iraq, 15, people filled downtown Chicago. At the end of the march, Chicago police surrounded the last of the protesters and arrested of them. This is a diary of the nights events. Bombs rain down on Baghdad. Chicago takes to the streets, the only place we have left. There are women in wheelchairs and men in pinstripes.

Diners peak out from restaurant windows. We smile in the waning daylight and give them the Vietnam V. We take over Lake Shore Drive, a major commuter highway, at rush hour. How did we get ourselves into this mess? Oil men in office, and suddenly our freedom is as slippery as the commodity they crave.

Demonstrators flood the northbound lanes, then the south bound ones. We are everywhere. People along the sidewalk file in, 'some see it on TV and run out to join the celebration. We re just crossing the street, just going home and taking all our friends with us. No one can silence us now. Drivers get out of their cars and jump right in. A few black girls in gold turn up 50 Cent on the radio and grind in the streets.

It is fucking fabulous. A carload of Koreans smile and wave. Some may call it hypocrisy. I call it an awakening. Because this is Chicago, we like to end our protests with death and brutality. Oh yeah, he reads every one of them.

Is there a symbolism behind that? In high school, I did a lot of collages with wallpaper. This is very different from traditional comics like Peanuts , where Charlie Brown looks the same in almost every frame.

Was that a conscious decision? Well, I try to do small things to remind you who each character is. Like in 7 , I use the same print for this one girl every time, her hair looks a certain way every time. And this one kid always has this one shirt on. I thought that shirt looked like a crossword puzzle. Is that character based on one of your students?

You do print runs of about Do you screenprint in the school where you work? Actually, I screen print in my kitchen. I went to Purchase College and was a printmaking major. When I graduated from school, I worked for two years in a place called Brand X Editions and did prints for artists.

I wasn t the main guy, I was the lowest-rung-on- the-ladder guy, but I still got a lot out of it. I worked there long enough to learn how to screen print in my kitchen. I think teaching really made me do the zine on a regular basis. With kids a week, I hear all their problems. The principal knows, I asked him. And so do the Chicago Police. We may not remember Haymarket, but we know. We all know. You can almost hear the crowd sigh. We knew it would end like this.

This is a factory and today is just another day on the job. They are in rare form. They chase us around town and corral a thousand or more into a double police barricade. We are trapped now. There is nowhere to go and we all know they have won. We are smart, but naive, and tonight we have been duped.

We know we are fucked—so we dance. Gold Coast tenants seemingly safe in their high- rise homes watch the spectacle below. He looks like hell. They surge into the crowd, grab signs, smash cameras, and take us away in zip cuffs. They are just at work. They take all my weapons—that is, my shoelaces, jewelry, cigarette lighter, and pens. They take my glasses and shove me into a dank, dark cell, where "they usually keep the whores.

I ask. The place smells like a stable. The door swings open. A blonde cop bursts through the door and hisses, "because of you, I had to work on my fucking day off! The CPD releases us two by two until 12 remain. We want to see the light of day again. A hundred bucks each—freedom does have a price. The blonde lady cop collects our dues. Another protest like this and we will be convicted felons, she tells us.

I like the sound of that. I had no idea it was so easy. She is sweaty, face flush with stress. What could come together as an abrasive, off- putting mess actually blends into an intriguing blend of discordant genres. The rest of the album shifts between rest and chaos, with Wurlitzers and trumpets adding to the calm interludes before the band embarks on its next speedy, avant-hardcore expedition. Check them out yourself at www. When the two were feeling stifled by the constraints of their previous band, Sasha, they decided to take more chances with their music.

The Plot often sets up in the middle of the audience as opposed to on a stage. And they often invite members of other bands, and spoken-word scribes, like Kailani Amerson, to join them on stage. All of us are avid record collectors, and we listen to all kinds of stuff. Making your way independently in hip-hop is difficult—just ask the folks struggling at it in your town.

Thankfully, with the release of her album Bio: Chemistry, all that hard work seems to be paying off. How did you get started MCing? I wrote a lot of poetry and other things. One year, maybe when I was a sophomore in high school, I started writing rhymes. I waited a year before anyone heard anything that I was working on and then I just started ciphering and got up with a crew.

For a nominal fee, members can use the space to create media of all sorts; tools provided include computers, a copier, letter- press, a fax, and bookbinding materials. When I got to college people started to take notice, like "Wow you can actually rap? But by my junior year, my friend Manny was like, "You should come over to my house and record.

Has self-releasing your own album been more work than you expected? You ever heard of Kelly Price? Hip-hop to me is a lot more than my image; it is a way for me to express things. In this whole world there are a lot of things that I am good at, but it is the thing that I am best at. But I am not going to be naked to sell records. A few years ago local zine-sters organized the annual Portland Zine Symposium. In , between and 1, people, attended the Symposium.

So instead, he uses poetry to persuade his audience to fill his place at the head of the class. This is where we live. Heeey, can you bring crutches to a cakewalk? Hell, you paid for it! Does that mean I hate freedom? J A superstar on the poetry slam circuit, Mali appeared in the award-winning independent film Slam, and the documentary Slam Nation.

He published two collections of poetry himself and released several spoken word CDs between and Teaching and acting and poetry are so similar. Two thousand years ago, Horace said that the task of the poet was to instruct and entertain. Oh, horribly! I say business and law school can wait. Try teaching for a couple of years. You can make a lot of money doing other things, but you can make a lot of change if you choose to teach. And when that day comes, those of us who knew this now will be seen as heroes.

How would you change the way teaching is done? I think every lesson should begin with, "This is the Earth. You need to show them how to think and how to ask questions. Because of that, teaching is very political. Which is why I want to start every lesson with, "Alright, boys and girls. This ' is the Earth.

Obviously you could begin every lesson that way. Over the past IG years H. Almost all tracks exclusive to this CD. Strong existing fan-base for these songs from a seminal and popular US band. Songs run in chronological order from their original releases. Cover artwork inspired by the classic Dischord style. The smokey atmospherics of Afghan Whigs, the twin vocaf attack of Hot Water Music, gorgeous melodic arrangements a la Braid. Frankly, this is a quite fantastic collection of influences, and a suitably fantastic album.

Rydell do. And occasionally go beyond them. Utterly brilliant. San Diego, CA 92JJ The Meteors started 20 years ago as a reaction against the soft Rockabilly that was popular at that time and they have now evolved to become the acknowledged "Kings of Psychobilly".

The Meteors are the original creatures of Psychobilly music, and allthough they have spawned hundreds of imitations. The Meteors are proud to be the only pure psychobilly band ever. Whatever you know or hear from these guys Maybe you saw one of their bombastic and furious live shows COM Well concealecf ca.

Write us for a free mailorder catalog and sticker! St 4 drive fit morniftQ d? V ffi! Send check to: Spitshine Records S. Lincoln Btvd. The Vacancies, The Unknown and more!!! Seven years later, we are still committed to providing our trademark service and quality to both our loyal supporters and eager new labels and bands looking to create something all their own.

Self-Titled split CDep m. Box Bellingham, WA. Moo know what you should put in your magazine? I'd met him i approximately two minutes before he uttered those words. I had just been made redundant in my own magazine—who needs an editor when the interview subjects can book the biggest names in the biz to interview them?

I suppose it's almost secondary that Palast is possibly the most hard-core investigative journalist operating today. He's revealed sickening facts about the Exxon Valdez disaster; was on top of the Enron scandal back when every other journalist had a hard-on about the company; dug up enough dirt on the Presidential Election to give you night sweats for weeks; and now has turned his sights onto exposing the ties between the Bin Laden and Bush families. How did you get started in this racket?

Bad fucking luck. I was doing investigations of evil doers. And I was doing the same thing with the Exxon Valdez—uncovering that Exxon had turned off the radar before the ship hit the rocks because it was too expensive to maintain. I guess the plan to liquor the captain was cheaper? Did they both hire you at the same time?

No, the Guardian hired me first. I tape-recorded these characters selling off their country like a bags of sugar! But how did you get there? I grew up between a garbage dump and a power plant in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Pacoima. At the time, we had an Affirmative Action program called Vietnam. The idea was that you were sent over there and if you survived, you came back and worked for minimum wage at the Big Boy hamburger joint, got your girlfriend pregnant, and then worked at the Chevy plant until it closed down.

America was the carving fork and we were the food. I just ran off screaming and became a full-time activist. Did you really try out for cheerleader in high school? I heard that somewhere. Yeah, I was a very cheerful guy. Were male cheerleaders common in your school?

They were unheard of in mine. Who said I was trying out as a male cheerleader? And you also tried out for Stomp? So you were a dancer indhe past? How do you find the time to do everything you do: do undercover reporting, write articles and a book, and you have two children.

How often are you actually home? I take the spawn with me. Not to the war zones, obviously, but by the age of six they had full passports. They schlep along. How do you make the time to do both book tours and further investigations? But again, how do you make time for these things?

How are you able to compartmentalize all these different things you do and somehow make it work? People always say, "How do you get into doing investigative reporting? This is obviously more easily done if you have a trust fund and can afford to be a full time activist. You just have to say no. Did you go to journalism school? I never touched journalism school. His ratings have actually gone up since he was replaced by a committee of corporate marketing men!

It ruined her career. I said to them, "I will eat an entire edition of your newspaper if you can find where this quote comes from. This is the kind of news you get. Where did that skill come from? Because when I see some of that stuff, I ask if somebody can please translate it into English. I have things like inside documents from the World Bank that show that, basically, the captains of industry, the looters of financial empire, and the media moguls all get into a room and plan our future for us.

I include the documents in my book. At the World Bank, there are a few people inside that are absolutely sick to their stomach because of the shit that they are being required to do. What natural resources are they hoping to plunder from Argentina? Well, actually Argentina is an oil rich nation. They are an oil and gas exporter, but they are required to secretly sell off their state oil companies and their gas companies.

I have put it on BBC. These FBI agents showed up at our offices, ask us some dumb-ass questions and then accidentally left a file on our desk. Why not? How SO? Our former president actually represents the company to the Saudis for their arms dealing operations. However, he became very wealthy, even though he never found any oil.

Well, every time one of his little businesses was about to dive under, some sheik came out of the clouds and saved him, including Sheikh Abdullah Baksh. In other words, the same checkbook that may be funding A 1 Qaeda is the same checkbook that funded one of the Bush enterprises, Harken Oil. At BBC television, we say that anybody that accuses George Bush of having advance knowledge is going to have to have serious documentation. Tonight, you were pointing out how we helped supply Saddam Hussein with his weapons of mass destruction and helped create Osama bin Laden.

Who do you think will be the next despot we support that turns on us? They put the Taliban into power in Afghanistan which was ultimately supported by Osama bin Laden and his operation. Our president has recently taken pictures with him—the two of them look like they are going to the prom together!

One of the hardest parts I find to believe is that they are seriously proposing spending 1. So then what happens? Where did you find the part about the torpedo proposal? I asked the Lockheed Corporation. The Bush Administration is ordering a bunch of U-Boats that were originally meant to hunt Soviet submarines. Of course, there are no more Soviet submarines, so these guys came up with a submarine to sneak commandos onto beaches. How big is it exactly? So it would barely fit in a zeppelin hangar?

Yeah, exactly. This thing is a monster. So, I asked how do you sneak this giant sub up to the beach? Did you find this torpedo theory on one of their public sites. But for the first time in American history the FBI will have the right to go into anyone's bank account, medical records, and even use DNA. This is their way to make you all love the police state; not only go along with it, but to beg to be a part of it!

The same people who rigged the Florida election? Yeah well, they got out of the voter purging business, and they started a little operation called ChoicePoint Cares. Now, according to Forbes magazine, ChoicePoint, is the big winner in the war on terror. They were all supposed felons— in fact they were innocent.

Over half of those people on that list were black. No one would accept the fact that they were knocking out black voters. It was done in a very sophisticated, electronic manner. I thought— in my little conspiracy-nut mind—that there must be some kind of computer program that was erasing their names. When I was speaking at Florida State in Tallahassee, locals there told me that at the so-called black university across the tracks the students there showed up at their student union to vote on election day, , and the building was locked.

It gets uglier than that. Because there was some wrong marking on the ballot. They had the same ballots and the same machines as the white county next door, Tallahassee. But in Tallahassee if there was any mistake on the ballot, the machines are set up to reject the ballot and give you another chance to vote. So all of this work went into fixing the election in one of our 50 states.

I think they stole it in other states too, I just put my focus on the really sophisticated job they did in Florida. Do you think this is normal and happens in all elections, or was an aberration? There used to be grandfather clauses, KKK violence, retail theft, and monkeying around with absentee ballots, but was another level.

So when did you first turn up that the election was blatantly crooked? A 1 Gore was still very much in the race. I published it and it was news all over the planet. In the end, his sense of class solidarity was far more important than which one of the con men actually won. To what, a corporate coup? Look at the stories coming out of Venezuela right now. Hugo Chavez is the Nelson Mandela of Venezuela. For five centuries, 80 percent of the population—the brown and poor— were getting screwed.

Chavez wants to right the situation and end the economic apartheid in his country. That may be his death warrant. The newspapers in America call him a nut, a fruitcake, and a would-be dictator; but this man was elected by 56 percent of the vote. I was down there and saw all these white people marching against Chavez.

The brown people just disappear like smoke. What about people who are just really confused because their exposed to sources that contradict each other? How do you cultivate good bullshit detectors? You have to kick in their TV sets! Or tell them that there is a power outage and they have to turn off that cesspool of disinformation. They got them off by running bulldozers across the gold field and sealing up the miners! There were 50 miners still in the mines when they sealed their pits; they buried 50 miners alive.

This is where the Bush family gold comes from. Steal it. I want people to know. I want to make the truth about the Bush Family known. First off, he hates interviews. Always has. After a while, he caved in. There were conditions, of course. There are still some things about Will that I need to tell you. Oldham is 33 now. He was born all those years ago in the suburbs of Louisville, Kentucky.

Though many assumed otherwise, Oldham never thought much of being a musician. In fact, he fancied himself an actor. He abandoned acting and found himself involved in a series of dizzying moves that you could never confuse for a straight line.

So it was in the back of his mind, or maybe in the middle of the night—or maybe both—that Will Oldham started writing songs. Dark and beautiful songs that could sound as timeless as the Old Testament or as hopeful as a dusty hymn. Amazingly, that was over 10 years ago. Most of what has happened since, you're probably aware of.

Thus, when I was told by his publicist that the interview would have to be done over e-mail and under his own personal limitations again, his way or not all , I happily obliged. Sometimes he's been out there all alone, letting the music speak for itself as his contemporaries gladly shake hands and buy mixed drinks and give away complimentary tickets to their shows. Instead, it's a random and, at times, bizarre group of e-mails that I got from one of the greatest living songwriters of our time.

My brother Ned was playing in one of the bands that day—it may have been called Some Boody Pudding—and during his set, I was lifted from my feet by someone and hauled into the pit, mostly high above the heads of the pogo-ers. Because I so often saw things done right—and, that is, right in front of my eyes—I think I felt that the closer we stayed to what we do, the better it would be.

Would you consider yourself a social person? Well, yes. I like people and I like to spend my time in the company of others. It has to do with the music, actually. You had your friends like Harmony Korine or Matt and David, who are in Zwan now, come in and play on the recording. You had all of these people playing with you—just a huge group of friends gathering together to enjoy the act of making music. Inevitably, the new one, Master And Everyone, feels like just the opposite.

That seems to be what the record is about. Ease Down The Road was deliberate. A lot of the music playing is in some way directed toward illuminating, creating, and maintaining a community. Both records, I think, concern themselves with joy. Does that reflect how they were made or the life that went into them? I especially—and maybe only—like Butterfly and half of Rainbow. I think that this is because of what she was going through at that time and how she was able to express it, and the way she did this with a finely-honed machine of a voice.

Are you asking me? Others would say nothing at all. What would you say? If you or he or she cares. I guess it all comes back to this idea of joy. Both Butterfly and Master And Everyone seem to be about the joy of finding yourself again after a period of living a different—maybe even more stable—life.

Is that where you see the connection? But you answered your own question—and very well. Another topic, then. Do you think you were made by god or whomever for that very purpose? That you were born a musician?

I was born but. But what? Wbat can I tell you? How about this then: Tell me when you were more excited: then or now? I am an adult now. My freedom is greater. I am bigger and stronger; a deeper voice with more memories. I think the exact way that you put it was that you only want them to know you through your songs.

I find that kind of sad. Feeling connected to an actor or a singer should not translate into a need to have further communication with that person. If I think Jack Nicholson is a great actor, I do not care if he is also a beekeeper or a pedophile. But if my uncle had any of that going on, I would care. I do not want to meet Nelson Mandela or Mike Watt. I want to hang out with my brother. I try to worry and care for the people in my immediate circle of friends and family.

I hope the audience does the same. As an artist, would you say that you should fear losing control? Golly, I hope not. With me it seems to be the case. There are things that can be completely left to the wind and other things that should be paid attention to. I think that when people who have been involved with music for a long time start to take the advice of often well-intentioned managers, booking agents, record company blokes, and writers, than what they do can slip away from them. That's where the issue of control comes in.

Once you learn something you can start from there. There is no end. Many of the things you do seem to represent that. I think people often view these decisions as anti-commercial, or counter-productive, or maybe even punk rock. Would you say that, to some degree, all of those assessments are about right? I would say that all of those assessments have something to them.

At least not the ones who really listen to the music. The funny thing and the good thing is that these are just things that I do. What others would have you do often feels wrong because it is wrong, even though it is the easiest plan to enact or understand.

Do you still believe that? I make music from the ground up. If the ground were to disappear, what could I do? Despite that, has the temptation ever been there to check it out? The temptation to check it out has been there, yeah. This will almost always end in failure. True, but what I was asking, more or less, was if the temptation has literally been there. Yeah, it has literally been around.

A tour bus would make touring like an office job and anything is better than that. There is no single thing. Indulge me a bit and tell me why you said yes to this interview. In this case, it was a mix of the last two. The source, and therefore context, was unlike the easily refutable ones.

It also makes me sick to sit face to face and do these. With e-mail, I can get up, go away, come back, and skip questions without appearing difficult or rude. This interview has concentrated on things that are a little easier to talk about. It feels more like a trade magazine interview than a personal expose. Today I am a little grumpy, so this recent set of questions has been less fun. Basically, this isn't what I do. I make records and play shows. When I am asked to exert a certain amount of energy into an interview, it is deeply—and I mean like knee-jerk-core— upsetting.

Despite popular opinion, do you think people understand you? In terms of understanding, it is most important that my family, my friends and my colleagues either understand or attempt to understand me—and I think those people in my life do one or the other. Thank god. The thing is, I never would. Onstage at a matinee show in Syracuse, New York, he looks like Death without the scythe—a black hoodie shrouding his menacing stare and pock-marked skin.

Bane has brought Boston hardcore to purists since A fixture in the Boston scene since the '80s, the mild-mannered Bedard now finds himself an elder statesman of hardcore. With Bane's success after many years struggling, Bedard has plenty to say about the current state of the scene. I am 33, have no health insurance or formal education, so what will I do when the gig is up? I ask myself that question a lot. Have you become more critical over the years? I know we go to a lot of cities and a lot of kids still come out, so I guess that is the state of the hardcore scene right now.

He argues that it will never reach the potential bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat reached, so why bother. There are kids here [he points to the entrance of the club] ready to have a good time listening to hardcore bands. That book [American Hardcore] is a piece of shit. That guy is an opinionated, condescending prick. Something about his attitude rubbed me the wrong way. I think his writing detracted from documenting the scene. He was so arrogant I found myself wanting to argue with him instead of digging in.

Did you model your own ethics after your early experiences? For me, it was Unbroken, this band from San Diego that brought a lot of emotion to the table and was not about being tough all the time. One of the first things I noticed when I started going to hardcore shows was the camaraderie between the bands and the crowd. If you walk away from the scene and hang out at nightclubs, bars, or fraternities, you feel lost because there is no inner connection of creativity and expression.

Why do you think that is? That is still what I cling to, even though there is bullshit pettiness. Punk and hardcore is a youth culture of radical minds and passionate people. There are kids locked into this, despite the fashion show kids prancing around.

The bands I got into when I was a kid made me want to take on the world. Now you see these bands that have nothing to say onstage. You open up their CDs and they have nothing to say in their lyrics. It drives me fucking crazy because BANE it is counter to everything I always believed this was about.

So yeah, I think a lot of bands should be blamed for this because they are what a year-old kid is going to look up to. Times are different. Now, everything is ready made. You can go to a Hot Topic and walk out of the store a punk rocker in the eyes of the world. What keeps you working at it? We just love it. Once a tour ends, you wonder if you could have even played one more show.

And we will break up quietly. It began even before American cities broke out with a terrible case of Starbucks-Pox. The real players in the coffee trade are the guys that produce the crap-coffee-in-a-can like Folgers and Maxwell House: Proctor and Gamble, Sara Lee, Kraft, and Nestle.

The ICA crumbled in They went to their friends at the World Bank and encouraged them to pour money into what was then the diminutive Vietnamese coffee industry. It is now second in the world behind Brazil. The Big Four have turned almost completely to Vietnam for their coffee beans— at 40 cents per pound who could resist? They moved all their business out of Africa and the Americas, where coffee has been the biggest— and sometimes only—cash crop since the end of colonial rule.

As a result, coffee prices are at a hundred-year low. Farmers bring in roughly 30 percent of what they earned 11 years ago for their crop. Needless to say, both markets are unstable and risky. Farmers have been organizing co-ops, bypassing the middlemen, and trading directly with fair trade coffee organization in the US and Europe. Bill Harris is the president of Cooperative Coffees, a nonprofit fair trade coffee importer based in Americus, Georgia.

He believes fair trade has the potential to transform relations between producing and consuming nations, and eventually revolutionize the way the world does business. Cooperative Coffees is made up of 14 roasters, and some of our roasters will send some of their staff members down on our annual trips to visit with the people who are growing our coffee. We sleep in their homes; get to know them as people and as our friends.

We share knowledge that we might have of what they need to do to export their coffee directly to us. So, we encourage farmers to grow the coffee the original way. You mentioned that, apart from paying them more, fair trade organizations help farmers to export their coffee. Do you think there is a difference between quality coffee and coffee that carries the fair trade label? What you often have is quite the opposite: their infrastructure exists to produce the lowest acceptable coffee.

We hear from this coffee lab that we are getting some of the best coffee out of these countries. Everyone, when they hear that, acts surprised. About what percentage of the coffee market now is fair trade? In the States, the market is less than one- half of one percent. Any of them could organize.

Any of those towns and villages could organize and export their coffee directly if there was a demand for fair trade on our end. We estimate in the So how do we get that demand? Why should the average coffee drinker care? There are 2, beans in one pound of coffee, so for you to get a cup of coffee, someone has to reach up to that tree and pluck 2, individual beans and carry them down the mountain. Then a lot of the processing that takes place from there is by hand. So why should the average person support fair trade and particularly fair trade coffee?

These are other products that could exist in a fair trade market. And so to me, coffee is an model for a system that could be put in place for a variety of consumer products. If we can make coffee work, maybe we can do it with other things too. And sometime in the future maybe we can have a world where international trade actually does good instead of cause harm.

Today, feminism is still an integral part of the ongoing civil rights movement. Rebelling was risky, but they took the chance and the response was epic. When Dominatrix unleashed Girl Gathering in it was like a damn broke and a torrent of queer and feminist bands, zines, and collectives flooded the Brazilian punk scene. While Americans musical landscape feels increasingly chauvinistic, Dominatrix is a reminder that pure will can beat the odds, and that determination born of hope creates scene unity.

Oh, yeah That was December of - We played our first show in March, When you released Girl Gathering , were you prepared for the impact it would make? Isabella: When we released that CD, it was the first time a feminist band was actually speaking out. We had feminist lyrics on that album without knowing they were feminist lyrics, they are almost naive.

Isabella Gargiulo: When my sister Elisa was 12, she got her first guitar. He heard this girl drummer was going to perform there, so we went to see her play with all these senior teachers. She played the drums really well! I think because we had those kinds of lyrics, it really was about girls gathering together, because it was so easy to understand.

We were so isolated inside our house that we thought the scene in our city was full of girl bands! But the truth was that nobody was playing; there were no women at all, ever! Suddenly the scene was filled with girls doing all kinds of things: bands, fanzines, collectives, performance artists, painters.

It was really amazing. When a feminist band finally appeared, they were like, "Yeah! Were you influenced by American bands at that time? Isabella: Yes. How did you discover those bands? Elisa: Mostly by the television at first.

Then the radio. Isabella: Fifty percent of the punks I know saw their first punk rock band playing on television. Isabella: You basically stay in your house, and the way you get in touch with punk rock is through TV and radio. But that sort of television punk gave me the capacity to break free from television.

Is it hard to set up shows in Sao Paolo or around Brazil that younger kids can come to? You play in clubs, right? What are they like? Is that economically possible for kids to open and run a DIY space? I think we should have more DIY places.

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Go, Go, Go - OFFSHORE (Reggae/Rock/Ska/Punk)


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Distemper - SKA Punk Moscow 2004

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